West Indies in Sri Lanka, 2 T20I Series, 2020

Sri Lanka vs West Indies - 2nd T20I

Venue: Pallekele International Cricket Stadium, Kandy

Date & Time: 06 March 2020

West Indies 158/3

RR: 9.29 | West Indies beat Sri Lanka by 7 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Lendl Simmons bowled Angelo Mathews bowled Angelo Mathews 9800
Brandon King c Lasith Malinga (C) & b Lahiru Kumara c Lasith Malinga (C) & b Lahiru Kumara 432162
Shimron Hetmyer not out not out 434230
Rovman Powell c Shehan Jayasuriya & b Dasun Shanaka c Shehan Jayasuriya & b Dasun Shanaka 171720
Andre Russell not out not out 401406
Nicholas Pooran
Kieron Pollard
Fabian Allen
Dwayne Bravo
Oshane Thomas
Sheldon Cottrell
Extras 6 (b 0, lb 0, w 6, nb 0)
Total 158 (3 Wkts, 17.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
23-1 (Lendl Simmons,2.3), 69-2 (Brandon King,7.2), 103-3 (Rovman Powell,12.4),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Lasith Malinga3 0 46 0 15.33
Thisara Perera3 0 20 0 6.67
Angelo Mathews4 0 26 1 6.50
Shehan Jayasuriya1 0 11 0 11.00
Lakshan Sandakan2 0 17 0 8.50
Lahiru Kumara3 0 28 1 9.33
Dasun Shanaka1 0 10 1 10.00

That's all from this game and the series. Sri Lanka won the ODI series while West Indies bounced back to claim the T20I series for themselves. Now, Sri Lanka face England in a two-Test series starting on March 19 while the West Indian players go back home. They have their next international series in June but before that, few of their players will take part in the Indian T20 League. Until then, cheers.

Kieron Pollard, the West Indies skipper, says he is very satisfied with the team's performance. Adds that they weren't relaxed and played both the games with the same intensity. States that it was a complete team effort, King laid the foundation brilliantly, the bowlers were excellent in the first essay. Says that execution with the ball was important and they did that in the T20I series and could not do so in the ODI series and the experience in this team helped them do that.

Lasith Malinga, the Sri Lankan skipper, says they needed to get something around 160 or 170 but the wicket was slow, however, Hasaranga's injury did not help their cause. Adds that they needed early wickets but they did not get many and they weren't good at the start. He thanks the Lankan supporters for their support. Goes onto say that they need to get more consistent and that is what they are looking for going ahead. States that Perera and Mathews have good experience and there is a mixture of youth and experience in the side. Finishes by saying that the side is working on their fielding and hence, they have improved in that department.

Man of the Match and Series, Andre Russell, says he was just trying to get the runs, further adds it was a good team display and he is happy they won the series. Mentions they are peaking at the right time but they still have a few areas to work on and they are focused for the competition ahead. States that they did not start the ODI series on the right note. Says that they lost a close game in the first ODI and in the second they were beaten quite easily but they did well in the T20I series.

Brandon King is down for an interview, he says the guys did really well and it is his job to get the team to a good start in the Powerplay. Adds that the series win is very important and it is a good motivation factor. On Russell's innings, King says that it is great to watch him hit the ball like that.

It was the Windies bowlers who set the win up for them though. They did really well in the first essay of the game and restricted the Lankans to a moderate total which they chased down quite easily in the end.

The Lankan bowlers did not have a lot of runs to defend but their bowling was also not that great. They managed to bowl well in patches but defending a below par total, you need to hit the right lines and lengths on consistent basis and they failed to do so. To make matters worse, they lost Hasaranga without even him bowling one ball. due to an injury. A lot was then expected from Sandakan and Malinga but both failed to deliver. Overall, it was a poor performance with both, bat and ball from the hosts.

A very convincing win for the visitors to seal the series! 156 was always termed under par and the Windies made it look that way. Just the 17 overs they took to gun this down despite getting off to a bad start as they lost Simmons early. King though continued playing his shots and got the away side off to a flier. Once he departed, run scoring seemed a little tough for Hetmyer and Powell. The two added something around 30 but it came at a slow rate. When Powell was dismissed, Sri Lanka had a sniff but then, it was the Russell show, he plundered the bowlers to all parts of the ground, hitting six sixes to make a mockery of this run chase.

A Mathews to A Russell, SIX! Russell finishes it off in style! Takes his helmet off and kisses the the badge on it. All smiles in the Windies camp as they have WON THIS GAME BY 7 WICKETS AND THE SERIES 2-0! The last ball of the match is a short one and on middle, Russell pulls it over the mid-wicket fence for a biggie.
A Mathews to A Russell, A length delivery, it rises after pitching. Russell keeps it out by taking one hand off the handle.
A Mathews to S Hetmyer, A single now! On middle, this is hit down to long on for one.
A Mathews to S Hetmyer, Slightly shorter in length, Hetmyer pulls but to mid-wicket. A dot.
A Mathews to A Russell, On the bounce! Just a single! Shorter and on middle, Russell smashes it but on the bounce to the deep mid-wicket fielder. A single taken.
A Mathews to S Hetmyer, Slightly shorter and Hetmyer guides it through point for one. Russell on strike, can he finish it with a biggie? 6 more needed.
L Malinga to A Russell, SIX! That is colossal! Wow! He has hit that with all his power. Malinga misses by a little and pays the price. Russell whips him high and handsome over the deep mid-wicket fence for a big one.
L Malinga to S Hetmyer, Full ball on middle, Hetmyer flicks it towards mid-wicket and takes a run.
L Malinga to A Russell, Another brilliant yorker. Once again Russell does well to flick it towards mid on for a single.
L Malinga to A Russell, A jaffa from Malinga now! It is an inch perfect yorker from Malinga. Russell does really well to dig it out. Smiles exchanged.
L Malinga to A Russell, SIX! Dre Russ on the charge! He is not going to spare anyone, not even to Malinga. Malinga bowls it full and outside off, Russell reaches out and powerfully hammers it over the bowler's head. 26 off 8 by Russell and the ball has been lost. 15 more needed now.
L Malinga to S Hetmyer, Full and just outside off to begin the over from Malinga. Hetmyer drives it towards sweeper cover for a single.

Lasith Malinga is back on. He has been expensive in his first two overs. 31 runs came of it.

T Perera to A Russell, SIX! Where has that gone? Out of the park. Russell is killing the run chase here. This is just brute power from Dre Russ. A length ball around off, Russell just uses all his power and hammers it over long on for a massive six. The Sri Lankan fans in the heart cannot believe it. A 107-meter biggie. 22 more needed in the final 5 overs.
T Perera to S Hetmyer, Slower and fuller one on middle, Hetmyer tucks it behind square leg for a run.
T Perera to A Russell, Full and wide outside off Russell strokes it to long on for a run.
T Perera to A Russell, Another swing and a miss from Russell. He is going really hard at the ball but ends up doing it early. He is beaten once again.
T Perera to A Russell, Swing and a miss! Good length ball outside off, Russell swings early but misses out.
T Perera to S Hetmyer, Full and on the pads, Hetmyer flicks it towards mid-wicket and takes a single.
L Kumara to A Russell, SIX! That is the power of this man. He has just swatted that away. Another back of a length ball around middle and leg, Russell moves back and slaps it over deep mid-wicket for a flat six. 19 from the over and the required run rate is under 6 now.
L Kumara to A Russell, SIX! That has gone miles in the air and it just clears the man at long on. In the slot for Russell. He clears his front leg and hammers it high in the air. He gets a lot of height on this one but also the needed distance as it clears the leaping long on fielder.
L Kumara to S Hetmyer, Slower short ball around off and middle. Hetmyer spots that well and pulls it to deep square leg for a single.
L Kumara to S Hetmyer, Landed around off on a fuller length, pushed towards covers.
L Kumara to S Hetmyer, Goes full and bowls it on the pads, Hetmyer tucks it behind square leg and scampers back for a couple. Excellent running once again from Hetmyer. He ran the first one hard and completed the second with ease.
L Kumara to S Hetmyer, FOUR! Pummeled! Short and around off, Hetmyer stays deep inside the crease and powers it to the deep mid-wicket fence.

Lahiru Kumara is back on. 2-0-9-1 are his figures so far.

D Shanaka to S Hetmyer, Landed around off on a length, Hetmyer clips it behind square leg for a single. End of a successful over for Shanaka and Sri Lanka.
D Shanaka to S Hetmyer, WIDE! Good length ball wide outside off. Hetmyer lets it be. The umpire signals it wide.
D Shanaka to A Russell, Good length ball around off, Russell taps it towards point and takes a quick run.

Andre Russell is the next man in.

D Shanaka to R Powell, OUT! CAUGHT! Wow! What a presence of mind from Jayasuriya. He certainly has taken a blinder. This is an excellent piece of work. A back of a length ball around off, Powell pulls it towards deep square leg. Jayasuriya there is slightly inside the crease. He spots that the ball is going a bit behind so he runs back and takes the catch. The momentum is taking him behind as he falls down. He though manages to lob the ball in the air before getting in contact with the rope. He then quickly gets away from the fencing and holds onto the catch. He takes the catch and starts celebrating. The umpires though refer it upstairs. The soft signal is out. The replays roll in and confirm that Jayasuriya has done really well to hold onto the catch. 53 more needed in 44 balls.

Has Jayasuriya taken a blinder at the ropes? Third umpire has been called in to confirm. The soft signal is out.

D Shanaka to S Hetmyer, Bouncer outside off, this one is hammered to long on for a single via a pull shot.
D Shanaka to S Hetmyer, FOUR! That is hit with brute force. 100 up for the West Indies. Shanaka pitches it right up in the slot of the left-hander. He whacks it to deep mid-wicket and the ball races away to the fence.
D Shanaka to R Powell, Short ball on off, Powell looks to pull but it takes the inside half of the bat and the ball goes to deep mid-wicket. A single.
D Shanaka to R Powell, WIDE! Shanaka starts with a wide ball outside off. Powell lets it be. Wided by the umpire.

Dasun Shanaka is into the attack.

T Perera to S Hetmyer, Dot to end! A fuller ball around off, Hetmyer looks to drive but ends up getting a bottom edge back to the keeper. It just missed the off pole.
T Perera to S Hetmyer, On the pads, Hetmyer looks to flick but misses to get struck on the pads.
T Perera to S Hetmyer, Another couple! A length ball around off, Hetmyer guides it through point and takes two.
T Perera to S Hetmyer, Excellent running once again. A length ball angled into the pads, Hetmyer does well to push it towards mid-wicket. The fielder from long on charges to the ball but can't keep the batters from taking two.
T Perera to R Powell, Another full ball outside off, this time Powell drags it from outside off towards long on with his heave. A single taken.

The first T20I of the series is over as West Indies defeated Sri Lanka by a convincing margin of 25 runs. The hosts will be looking to bounce back in the 2nd T20I and end their 7-match winless streak with the ICC T20 World Cup looming large on the horizon. In the first T20I, West Indies showed their prowess in the shortest format of the game as they destroyed the Sri Lankan bowling line-up. Only Wanindu Hasaranga could come out with some credit to his name. Andre Russell came back into the team at his destructive best, while Lendl Simmons also played an excellent knock. The Sri Lankan batting faltered in the run chase as Oshane Thomas ran riot in the Powerplay. He took a 5-wicket haul and broke the Sri Lankan back early on. However, Kusal Perera and Wanindu Hasaranga combined to form an 87-run stand to put Sri Lanka back into contention, but Rovman Powell struck at crucial points to derail the run chase. In the 2nd T20I, Sri Lanka will be looking to give themselves a chance by not crumbling at the start. Their bowling also looks weak except for Lasith Malinga and Wanindu Hasaranga. Other bowlers need to step up and pile up the pressure on the Windies batters. As for the tourists, the first T20I performance was just what the doctor ordered, and they will be looking to repeat that. The bowlers too performed well, and skipper Pollard would want that to continue. What is in store for us in the 2nd T20I at Pallekele? Let's hope it is a cracker!

Sri Lanka Team Squad -Avishka Fernando,Kusal Mendis,Angelo Mathews,Dasun Shanaka,Isuru Udana,Shehan Jayasuriya,Thisara Perera,Kusal Perera,Niroshan Dickwella,Asitha Fernando,Lahiru Kumara,Lakshan Sandakan,Lasith Malinga,Wanindu Hasaranga

West Indies Team Squad -Brandon King,Lendl Simmons,Rovman Powell,Shimron Hetmyer,Andre Russell,Dwayne Bravo,Fabian Allen,Kieron Pollard,Nicholas Pooran,Shai Hope,Hayden Walsh,Kesrick Williams,Oshane Thomas,Sheldon Cottrell