Trans-Tasman Trophy, 2019-20

Australia vs New Zealand - 3rd Test

Venue: Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Sydney

Date: 03 January-06 January, 2020

New Zealand 136/9

RR: 2.84 | Australia beat New Zealand by 279 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Tom Latham lbw Mitchell Starclbw Mitchell Starc11500
Tom Blundell c Nathan Lyon & b Mitchell Starcc Nathan Lyon & b Mitchell Starc21000
Jeet Raval c Tim Paine & b Nathan Lyonc Tim Paine & b Nathan Lyon121710
Ross Taylor bowled Pat Cumminsbowled Pat Cummins224220
Glenn Phillips c Tim Paine & b Nathan Lyonc Tim Paine & b Nathan Lyon0400
BJ Watling c Pat Cummins & b Nathan Lyonc Pat Cummins & b Nathan Lyon1910800
Colin de Grandhomme c Joe Burns & b Nathan Lyonc Joe Burns & b Nathan Lyon526851
Todd Astle c James Pattinson & b Nathan Lyonc James Pattinson & b Nathan Lyon171820
William Somerville bowled Mitchell Starcbowled Mitchell Starc7510
Neil Wagner not out not out 0000
Matt Henry absent hurt absent hurt
Extras 4 (b 3, lb 1, w 0, nb 0)
Total 136 (9 Wkts, 47.5 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
3-1 (Tom Blundell,2.5), 4-2 (Tom Latham,4.3), 22-3 (Jeet Raval,9.5), 22-4 (Glenn Phillips,11.3), 38-5 (Ross Taylor,18.3), 107-6 (Colin de Grandhomme,42), 128-7 (Todd Astle,45.4), 136-8 (William Somerville,47), 136-9 (BJ Watling,47.5),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mitchell Starc9 3 25 3 2.78
Pat Cummins11 3 29 1 2.64
James Pattinson6 3 8 0 1.33
Nathan Lyon16.5 4 50 5 3.03
Marnus Labuschagne5 0 20 0 4.00
David Warner0 0 0 0 0
Joe Burns0 0 0 0 0
Steven Smith0 0 0 0 0
Matthew Wade0 0 0 0 0
Travis Head0 0 0 0 0
Tim Paine 0 0 0 0 0

So that is it from this game and this series. The Kiwis will actually be relieved this is over. They have not only gone through a bad time on the field but also off the field. They though now have time to regroup and prepare for another stern test which awaits as they will be playing India in just less than a months time. The Aussies on the other, hand have dominated the home season in some manner. They can be very pleased with how things have gone for them. However, it is now time for them to take their mind off the longer format as they will be heading to India for an ODI series which will begin in a few weeks. For now though, you can follow the South Africa and England Test or the Big Bash which will begin shortly. Till then, take care and goodbye!

The Trans-Tasman trophy has been handed to Paine and now his teammates have been asked to join him to celebrate. The Australian players are pushing Labuschagne ahead and they went him to lead the side over the podium but he probably is too shy to do so and it is Cummins who goes up the stairs first and then the rest follow. They are now seen posing with the trophy. All happy faces and rightly so.

Victorious Australian skipper, Tim Paine, is jumping and running to give the interview. On the double series whitewash, Paine feels that he is very lucky to be the captain of such a team. Observes that the batting has become very consistent while the pace attack just keeps getting better and better, marvelling at the fact that in spite of Josh Hazlewood injured, there was someone stepping up. Praises Nathan Lyon for his support as well. On Australia's improvement over the last 12 months, Paine believes that they were getting 20 wickets before as well but were not scoring runs - something which has happened in this series and is happy to see the competition. Stresses that in the last 12 months, they were relying too much on too few individuals but this series has probably thrown up a few options. However, he is cautious to say that the away series coming up will be a true test of his team's character. On the contributions by the players to the bushfire victims, Paine says that the group realizes as a whole that the firefighters are doing a tremendous job in trying to save the victims, who are very unfortunate to be a part of those fires. Adds that his team is lucky to be just playing cricket and not be out there, needing to brave the dangers.

New Zealand series skipper (he was not playing this match), Kane Williamson, says that he is feeling much better in terms of health. Praises Australia for their clinical display, right from the first Test of the series which pushed New Zealand on the back foot, from where they were never able to recover. Hopes to take the learnings from this series into the future. On being asked to point the weak links, Kane says that it is not just one thing but plenty as Australia outplayed them in all departments. For starters, he says that his bowlers were not able to get wickets in clusters and then with the bat, they could not forge partnerships. Wants the individuals in his group to regroup and come back collectively as a stronger unit. Feels fantastic, he says, to see the depth in the Kiwi squad and as a captain, to have so many options. Admits that plenty of guys in his side were playing in Australia for the first time, so it was very tough, very disappointing and very frustrating. Feels that after months of terrific work before this series, they did have hopes of doing well here but sadly, it did not pan out that way.

MARNUS LABUSCHAGNE HAS BEEN NAMED THE PLAYER OF THE MATCH AND THE SERIES. Feels that it has been an amazing summer for him and his team - the bowlers and the batsmen, coming together as a group. On getting his maiden double Test ton in front of his family, he thanks them for their infinite support which has helped him get thus far and also thanks them for coming here to watch him play. On the reason for his success, Marnus feels that he has learnt to concentrate harder and not commit silly mistakes. On the upcoming tour to India, ML believes that it is going to be a great opportunity, IF he gets the opportunity to play there.

David Warner is now up for a chat with Kath Loughnan. Credits the team for starting the summer the way they did and then build it against Pakistan and finally end it here. Praises Nathan Lyon for the way he answered his critics. On his own ton in this Test, David says that he always maintained that he was never out of form and was hitting the ball well in the nets. Feels that the hard work just paid off and is happy to have contributed to the Jane McGrath cause. On Pattinson's catch, Warner laughs and says that he was actually comparing it to the one taken by Glenn McGrath in 2004/05. On Joe Burns' contribution, Warner admits that Joe Burns has not quite done well as per his expectations but expects him to bounce back hard, since there is the Big Bash to follow and later on, the Sheffield Shield before the tour to Bangladesh.

Kath Loughnan is interviewing Nathan Lyon. On Australia becoming the number 2 Test side, Nathan Lyon feels very happy to see the team getting back to the top slowly. On his own bowling, 'Gary' says that it is a special feeling to perform well in front of his own crowd. Feels even more special to have contributed to the Jane McGrath cause. Lyon says that there is a good gelling within the group and they want to be the number 1 side in the world but admits that there is a lot of work to be done prior to that.

The Kiwis had another opportunity to show their mettle, nobody expected them to chase this down but at least they were expected to make the Aussies work hard for the wickets but that was once again not the case. They were bundled out for a mere 136 within 47.5 overs with Lyon once again bagging a fifer.

The hosts though decided not to enforce the follow-on and they played an attacking brand of cricket. Batted for around two and a half sessions before declaring. Warner's ton was the highlight and because of him and Labuschagne's half ton, the Aussies gave the visitors a huge target.

In reply, the Kiwis started off well, they had a wicket-less session on Day 2 and it gave the feeling that their battling line-up has finally arrived and they might just give Australia a run for their money but that was not the case. The Aussies bowlers were all over them on Day 3 and blew them away even before they could avoid the follow-on. Nathan Lyon and Pat Cummins were the tormentor-in-chief with the offie taking a fifer.

The story has been the same right from the Day 1 of this series and it continues to be the same in this Test too. Australia dominated this game right from the word go. They won the toss, elected to bat, posted a huge total on a wicket which was not that easy to score. Marnus Labuschagne was the star for them with the bat with a double ton.

To be honest this series has been a real disappointment, everybody expected it to be a cracker but New Zealand have surrendered in all the three Tests. Even in this one, let alone the margin of defeat but the manner in which they were beaten was actually embarrassing. A little less than two sessions is what they had to play out to take it into Day 5 but they failed to do that too. Except for Watling and Colin de Grandhomme no batter showed any fight. The rest just had no answers to this excellent Australian bowling attack.

The teams are seen shaking hands which means that Matt Henry won't be coming out to bat. Australia have won the Test match, they have completed the whitewash and it is another emphatic victory for them. They have blown away the visitors for the third time in a row!

N Lyon to Watling, OUT! CAUGHT! BJ Watling falls and that might be the end of the game as well. Yes, the players are shaking hands. That means Matt Henry is not going to come out to bat. Full and down the leg side, Watling sweeps it but hits it straight to Pat Cummins at short backward square leg. The catch is taken and that is it. AUSTRALIA WIN BY 279 RUNS AND SWEEP THE SERIES 3-0!
N Lyon to Watling, Floated delivery on middle, Watling nudges it towards the leg side.
N Lyon to Watling, Bowls it outside off, Watling shoulders arms to this one.
N Lyon to BJ Watling, Full delivery on off, Watling drives it to mid off.
N Lyon to Watling, Tossed up delivery on middle, Watling flicks it towards the leg side.

Neil Wagner comes out. Is he the last man?

Starc to Somerville, OUT! BOWLED! Lock, stock and barrell. That is a Mitchell Starc special. Tail-enders and fast bowlers. Special relation. Keep targetting the body and then the stumps. Give them a whiff that you are going to hurt them by banging it in. Keep pegging them on the back foot and then fire in a yorker. Right at the base of the stumps. The woodwork is shattered. 15 minutes left for the close today. Guess the game will be extended by 30 minutes if New Zealand don't get bowled out before the allotted time of Stumps.
M Starc to Watling, On a length on middle, Watling flicks it towards square leg for a single.
M Starc to Somerville, Full and outside off, Somerville drives it through point. Labuschagne chases it, slides and does well to stop it before the ropes. The batsmen get three runs.
M Starc to Somerville, FOUR! Good shot. Short and outside off, Somerville cuts it over point for a boundary.
M Starc to Somerville, On a good length on off, Somerville taps it to point.
M Starc to Somerville, Full delivery outside off, Somerville looks to drive but misses it.
N Lyon to Watling, Tossed up delivery on off, Watling blocks it well.
N Lyon to Watling, Flighted delivery on middle, Watling flicks it to mid-wicket.

William Somerville is the new man in.

N Lyon to Astle, OUT! CAUGHT! Why would you play this shot when there are 20 minutes left for Stumps? Very very uncharacteristic from Todd Astle. Is he the same Astle who faced 95 balls for his 25 in the first innings? Brain fade. Flighted delivery outside off, Astle looks to play the slog sweep, aiming to drag it but gets a top edge. Now, initially, it looks like the ball will land in between. Short mid-wicket runs back while James Pattinson at mid on rushes to his right. He gives it a good chase, clearly indicating that he wants to go for the catch. Keeps his eyes on the ball and then dives full stretch to his right to take a stunner. Superbly done. 23 minutes left on Day 4, Australia need 3 wickets. Or 2, if Matt Henry does not bat.
N Lyon to Astle, Loopy delivery on off, Astle looks to defend but gets hit on the thigh pad.
N Lyon to Astle, Tossed up delivery on middle, Astle blocks it off the back foot.
N Lyon to Watling, Flighted delivery on off, Watling drives it towards point for a run.
M Starc to Astle, On a length on off, Astle plays it to covers.
M Starc to Astle, Full on off, Astle plays it through point. The batsmen get two runs.
M Starc to Astle, Good length delivery on off, Astle blocks it off the back foot.
M Starc to Astle, Full delivery outside off, Astle plays it towards backward point. The batsmen get two runs.
M Starc to Watling, On a length on middle, Watling flicks it towards square leg for a single.
M Starc to Watling, Starc bowls it down the leg side, Watling looks to flick but misses it.
N Lyon to Astle, Fires it full and on off, Astle pushes it to mid off.
N Lyon to Astle, Now brings out the slog sweep, once again the timing is not that great, it goes towards deep mid-wicket for two.
N Lyon to Astle, Quicker and on off, Astle goes back and keeps it out.
N Lyon to Astle, Just over! Not sure what mind-set the Kiwis have come out to bat with. Astle has played at least 4 attacking shots in the balls he has faced till now. Comes down the track this time but does not quite get to the pitch of it. Still goes ahead with the loft. Just about clears the mid on fielder and bags two.
N Lyon to Astle, Slower through the air and outside off, Astle watches it carefully and makes a leave.
N Lyon to Astle, Floats it up on off, blocked.
M Labuschagne to Watling, Floated delivery on leg, Astle flicks it towards fine leg. The batsmen get two runs.
M Labuschagne to Astle, Tossed up delivery on leg, Astle sweeps it towards square leg for a single.
M Labuschagne to Astle, FOUR! Poor delivery from Labuschagne. Full toss on leg, Astle sweeps it through square leg for a boundary.
M Labuschagne to Astle, That is a beauty! Labuschagne just bowled one Shane Warne use to. It lands outside the leg pole in the rough and then turns square. Astle goes back to defend but the outside edge is beaten.
M Labuschagne to Astle, FOUR! No one in the deep and a boundary! A brave shot though. This lands in the rough outside the leg pole. Astle plays the sweep shot against the turn, hits it well and bags a boundary in the mid-wicket region.
M Labuschagne to Astle, From around the wicket, Labuschagne bowls it full and on leg stump, Astle works it to mid-wicket.