The Ashes, 2019

England vs Australia - 4th Test

Venue: Old Trafford, Manchester

Date: 04 September-08 September, 2019

England 197/10

RR: 2.15 | Australia beat England by 185 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Rory Burns c Travis Head & b Pat Cumminsc Travis Head & b Pat Cummins0300
Joe Denly c Marnus Labuschagne & b Nathan Lyonc Marnus Labuschagne & b Nathan Lyon5312360
Joe Root bowled Pat Cumminsbowled Pat Cummins0100
Jason Roy bowled Pat Cumminsbowled Pat Cummins316740
Ben Stokes c Tim Paine & b Pat Cumminsc Tim Paine & b Pat Cummins11700
Jonny Bairstow lbw Mitchell Starclbw Mitchell Starc256110
Jos Buttler bowled Josh Hazlewoodbowled Josh Hazlewood3411140
Craig Overton lbw Josh Hazlewoodlbw Josh Hazlewood2110520
Jofra Archer lbw Nathan Lyonlbw Nathan Lyon1900
Jack Leach c Matthew Wade & b Marnus Labuschagnec Matthew Wade & b Marnus Labuschagne125110
Stuart Broad not out not out 0300
Extras 19 (b 9, lb 8, w 0, nb 2)
Total 197 (10 Wkts, 91.3 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
0-1 (Rory Burns,0.3), 0-2 (Joe Root,0.4), 66-3 (Jason Roy,25), 74-4 (Ben Stokes,30.2), 93-5 (Joe Denly,39.2), 138-6 (Jonny Bairstow,53.1), 172-7 (Jos Buttler,74.2), 173-8 (Jofra Archer,75.5), 196-9 (Jack Leach,89.5), 197-10 (Craig Overton,91.3),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Pat Cummins24 9 43 4 1.79
Josh Hazlewood17.3 5 31 2 1.79
Nathan Lyon29 12 51 2 1.76
Mitchell Starc16 2 46 1 2.88
Marnus Labuschagne4 1 9 1 2.25
Travis Head1 1 0 0 0
David Warner0 0 0 0 0
Marcus Harris0 0 0 0 0
Steven Smith0 0 0 0 0
Matthew Wade0 0 0 0 0
Tim Paine 0 0 0 0 0

That ends the fourth Test coverage at Old Trafford. It is Australia who are 2-1 up. Ashes is theirs, will the series be as well? England will want to say something about that in 4 days' time. Join us on Thursday, 12th September, 2019 at 11 am local (1000 GMT) for all the action from the 5th Test at The Oval. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

STEVEN SMITH HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH (Is anyone surprised?) 10 days ago, he was sitting in the dressing room, watching the agony of his side not being able to clinch a win. But here, come Old Trafford, a new dawn has been set.

Ohhh... with the Ashes over (even though the series is not over yet), the interviews keep coming, don't they? Josh Hazlewood trots up now. Hazlewood says it is a fantastic feeling and feels all the bowlers bowled really well. Further adds Cummins is a huge engine and Lyon was good too. States you need to be ready when the skipper calls you on and feels Marnus Labuschagne too contributed with an important wicket of Jack Leach. Tells he is still feeling pretty good now but might be a little sore tomorrow. Mentions another great Test match was visible. Informs his heart was definitely beating fast towards the end but he is pleased they got over the line. Ends by saying they would still be eager to win the series here and would go all out in the last game.

Marnus Labuschagne now comes up for a chat. Labuschagne says it means a lot to bring the urn back to Australia. States it is one of the best series he has played and it is even better since it is won in England. Further adds Test cricket was at its best as wickets came quickly but England's lower order played really well. Says the Brits will always come hard which was visible here. On him being given the ball by Paine and then getting the breakthrough, Marnus states he wanted to trust himself with the ball. Cheekily says that he dragged the previous ball before the wicket one down but then kept telling himself to believe in himself. Adds he is lost for words at the moment. Ends by saying it was a privilege to play for Australia, the opportunity that came to him, wasn't how he expected it to but he is delighted he did well then.

Time for some interviews. Steven Smith first up. Smith says it feels amazing that the Ashes is coming home now. Further adds he has come here a few times but things never went their way. States winning the Ashes here is one thing which he wanted to tick off his bucket list. Informs the boys were getting a little bit tired out there towards the end. Tells England fought really hard especially Overton, who was really good but fortunately the boys got the job done. Says he feels absolutely delighted with how he has performed in this series especially after what he has gone through.

England then. Playing with one bowler and 10 batsmen. But probably, there is some lack of application and lack of patience as well. They have batted better than Australia but the Aussies have been able to eke out mistakes from the hosts' batsmen. But they have done well in tiring out the Aussie bowlers, the effect of which could be seen in the final Test with not much of a gap. The Ashes cannot be regained but the series is there to be drawn.

Australian bowling. Was Mitchell Starc missed? Did he prove to be the difference? Probably not so much in the second innings. But he was a handful in that first innings with the bat and ball, scoring a half century and taking a 3-fer. Hazlewood and Cummins bowled well tirelessly but they did miss Nathan Lyon. That finger of his is hurting him and he is definitely not the offie we have been used to seeing. Had he been even half of his best, Australia might have even won this with a day to spare.

Where did the game and the urn go away from England then? Probably that second Test where Joe Root overbowled Jofra Archer. The third and fourth Tests have seen him whimper away without much pace and the effect has been seen on the Australian batting and the English bowling. Only Stuart Broad was the most consistent one, picking up wickets without anyone to support him. Steven Smith's 211 got Australia to a position from where they could not lose and England found it too tough to face a rampaging Australia.

There were very few doubts at the start of the final day as to what could happen. Australia were predicted to win and they won. But they had to huff and puff. Roy and Denly hung around for a while but then things started to happen. Wickets started to fall and at one stage, when Bairstow was dismissed in the 54th over, it seemed like the game would be over before Tea, with 51 overs left in the game and 4 wickets pending. But we were destined to be a part of another humdinger.

Take a bow, both Australia and England. The Aussies obviously, for winning it but England, wow. Hanging in there. Fighting it out. Keeping Australia at bay. The last 4 wickets added just 59 runs but FACED 230 BALLS. 127 between Buttler and Overton. 84 between Leach and Overton. Given the numbers, Craig might have almost seen his side over the line.

Phew. How do these two teams manage to do it? Nerve-wracker after nerve-wracker after nerve-wracker. First at Lord's. Then at Leeds. Now here at Manchester. Enough to give three heart attacks!

J Hazlewood to Overton, OUT! LBW! Three reds and Overton is a goner! Marvelous scenes out there as AUSTRALIA HAVE RETAINED THE ASHES! Overton's fighting innings comes to an end. It is Josh Hazlewood who gets the last wicket. A good nut. It lands on off and jags back in. Overton looks to defend but misses to get hit on the front pad. A huge appeal. It looked a touch high but up goes the finger. Overton has no choice but to review. He signals the 'T'. Time for the replays. Ultra Edge shows no bat. Time for the Ball Tracker and it shows the ball to be hitting the leg pole. Australia continue to celebrate. THEY WIN BY 185 RUNS AND LEAD THE SERIES 2-1!

Is that the game? Overton has been adjudged LBW. He has taken the review immediately. Hit on the knee roll. Is it a bit too high? Nothing on the Ultra Edge as the ball goes past the bat. Three reds on Ball Tracker. THE ASHES STAY WITH AUSTRALIA!

J Hazlewood to Overton, A short one and on the body, Overton looks to duck again but the ball hits him on the body. That must have hurt but you need to brush it off and continue.
J Hazlewood to Overton, Good length and on middle, this is defended.

Bowling change, again! Just one over for Marnus Labuschagne to break the stand. Hazlewood is on now. His numbers so far, 17-5-31-1.

N Lyon to Broad, Loopy ball on off, this one is pushed to covers. Both the balls are played out.
N Lyon to Broad, Negotiates one! This is just outside off, it is left alone.
N Lyon to Overton, Very short! Overton works it down to fine leg. It is going towards the fence. The fielder from square leg jogs after it. The ball though stops near the fence. The batters take only one. Just the two balls to face for Broad.
N Lyon to Overton, Shorter and outside off, the batter goes back and works it to short leg.
N Lyon to Overton, On middle again, it is kept out.
N Lyon to Overton, On middle, this is worked to mid-wicket.

Nathan Lyon into the attack! 28-12-50-2, his figures so far.

M Labuschagne to Broad, A full toss, may have caught Broad by surprise. He pushes it back to the bowler.

Stuart Broad is the last man in. Memories of Cardiff, 2009. Monty Panesar and Jimmy Anderson had to play out 11 overs to stave off a draw against Australia then. Broad and Overton have 15.1 overs. Are we in for an encore?

M Labuschagne to J Leach, OUT! Catch it... gone! No. 9 is down. This should settle some nerves that was building in the Australian side. Leach's resistance comes to an end. Excellent bowling change by Paine. I had written it is a surprise to many but he has delivered by ending this frustrating stand. A masterstroke by the skipper. Once again, Labuschagne lands it in the rough outside off. It pitches and turns back in sharply. Leach looks to work it on the leg side but due to the extra bounce, it hits the handle and lobs towards Wade who takes it nicely at short leg. Australians are elated. One wicket away now and 91 balls to go.
M Labuschagne to Leach, Another tossed up ball outside off, Leach keeps it out.

Sanchit Shetty - 'I have a funny feeling that this will go all the way down to the last over and both wickets will fall in that one!' @SS - Well, credit to these two and the England lower order for hanging in there. Australia haven't bowled badly but haven't been able to finish the job either.

M Labuschagne to Leach, Shorter and quicker and on the pads. JL looks to flick but misses to get hit on the pads.
M Labuschagne to Leach, Lands it in the rough outside off, this one turns back in sharply. Leach looks to defend but gets an inside edge onto the pads.
M Labuschagne to Leach, A leg spinner on middle, Leach looks to flick but it goes off the pads towards short leg. A muted appeal but nothing from the umpire.

A bit of leg spin now! Marnus Labuschagne is on. Trying everything here is Tim Paine. A surprising change to a lot of people.

M Starc to Overton, A shorter one on middle, Overton keeps it out nicely.

Starc comes running in! Overton though is not ready. Starc has to reload.

M Starc to Overton, Nicely played! This is shorter and around off, it angles away. Overton initially looks to defend but then bails out.
M Starc to Overton, Slightly fuller and outside off, the batter lets it be.
M Starc to Overton, Another solid defense! Less than 100 balls left now. Shorter and on off, Overton keeps it out.
M Starc to Overton, Attacks the stumps this time, Overton defends it onto the ground.
M Starc to Overton, A short one on middle, Overton ducks under it.

Mitchell Starc is back on now! His figures 15-1-46-1.

N Lyon to Leach, Slashes and misses! Not sure that shot is needed at the moment. This is shorter and outside off, it skids through. The batter looks to cut but is beaten.
N Lyon to Leach, The batsman defends it from within the crease.
N Lyon to Leach, Slower through the air this time on middle, Leach prods forward and keeps it out.
N Lyon to Leach, A little fuller and on middle, Leach blocks it easily.
N Lyon to Leach, Beauty! This is slightly shorter by Lyon and it is quicker. On middle, it pitches and turns away. Goes past the outside edge of Leach's bat.
N Lyon to Leach, Loopy ball on off, the batter prods forward and keeps it out.
Pat Cummins to Overton, Good length and on off, Overton manages to defend it nicely again.
Pat Cummins to Overton, Back of a length and on middle, Craig defends it nicely onto the ground.
Pat Cummins to Overton, One more bumper, Overton sits under it with ease.
Pat Cummins to Overton, NO BALL! Goes fuller but he has overstepped! Maybe he is pushing too hard, for that extra mile. This is on a length and outside off, Overton looks to defend but is beaten.