The Ashes, 2019

England vs Australia - 2nd Test

Venue: Lord's, London

Date: 14 August-18 August, 2019

Australia 154/6

RR: 3.24 | England drew with Australia


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Cameron Bancroft lbw Jack Leachlbw Jack Leach164020
David Warner c Rory Burns & b Jofra Archerc Rory Burns & b Jofra Archer51110
Usman Khawaja c Jonny Bairstow & b Jofra Archerc Jonny Bairstow & b Jofra Archer2600
Marnus Labuschagne c Joe Root & b Jack Leachc Joe Root & b Jack Leach5910080
Travis Head not out not out 429090
Matthew Wade c Jos Buttler & b Jack Leachc Jos Buttler & b Jack Leach1500
Tim Paine c Joe Denly & b Jofra Archerc Joe Denly & b Jofra Archer41710
Pat Cummins not out not out 11700
Peter Siddle
Nathan Lyon
Josh Hazlewood
Extras 24 (b 8, lb 14, w 1, nb 1)
Total 154 (6 Wkts, 47.3 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
13-1 (David Warner,3.3), 19-2 (Usman Khawaja,5.3), 47-3 (Cameron Bancroft,14), 132-4 (Marnus Labuschagne,36), 138-5 (Matthew Wade,37.1), 149-6 (Tim Paine,41),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Stuart Broad7 0 29 0 4.14
Jofra Archer15 2 32 3 2.13
Chris Woakes3 0 11 0 3.67
Jack Leach16.3 5 37 3 2.27
Ben Stokes3 1 16 0 5.33
Joe Root1 0 7 0 7.00
Joe Denly2 2 0 0 0
Rory Burns0 0 0 0 0
Jason Roy0 0 0 0 0
Jos Buttler0 0 0 0 0
Jonny Bairstow 0 0 0 0 0

That is all we have from this 5-day-cum-4-day match. Australia manage to cling on to the urn and series lead but one will believe that with Smith potentially ruled out of the next Test, England have the momentum and the arsenal to level the series. But then, Australia had the momentum coming into this one. Probably it will be best if we leave it to the players to get us a wonderful game of cricket. Join us on Thursday, 22nd August, 2019 at 11 am local (1000 GMT) for all the action from the third Test at Headingley, Leeds. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

BEN STOKES HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. It was his century which brought the game to life. England will hope that it spurs him on for the rest of the series.

Coming to the bowling. Two bowlers who were playing their first Test in this series - Josh Hazlewood and Jofra Archer - the latter playing his debut Test - lit up the Lord's. Hazlewood rocked up England's top order while Jofra Archer went for the head of every batsman. He kept reminding us of the fiery Caribbean pace of the 70s and 80s, hitting the Aussies hard and making them hop around like rabbits. Regardless of this result, one just feels that the Ashes has just begun for the English. Archer is probably the difference between the two sides and with 3 games to go, this series is waiting for a turnaround.

In cricket, they say that nothing is over till it is really over. Joe Root took a controversial catch to dismiss Marnus Labuschagne and the game turned. Next over, Matthew Wade was dismissed. 3 overs later, Paine threw his wicket away. Boy, the game was truly alive and kicking. But Cummins and Travis with a cool head managed to see off the remaining nervous moments and ensured that the Aussies still stay in the series lead.

Normally, with 10 wickets to play out 48 overs, you do expect the batting side to see those off. But Australia were reeling even before the first ball was bowled, as Smith was not there. They were reduced to 19/2 and then 47/3 before Marnus Labuschagne and Travis Head staged a 85-run stand and almost saw the team home to stuff out a draw. ALMOST.

England were rocked early in their second innings as well, being reduced to 71/4 but then lives given to Ben Stokes - twice in 4 balls by David Warner let them off the hook. The scenario changed this morning when it was announced that Smith will miss the rest of this Test match. A new vigour came into the hosts' camp. They pummeled the bowling to all parts, with Stokes raising a century to remember.

That fourth day saw a lot of action. Steve Smith taking matters into his own hands and then that contest between him and Jofra Archer. Hit on the elbow, hit on the neck, felled over, concussed and eventually retiring hurt, before coming back on. He has been ruled out of the next Test as well but that is for now. What if he says he is fit on the 21st?

This Test match had all the ingredients. Rain robbed us off 5 sessions. Out of a potential 15. But in the 10 that we got, fantastic cricket was played. Australia's decision to bowl first surprised all, but their bowling unit got that in their favour by dismissing England for 258. But their own batting could not come to terms again and fell 8 runs short.

Well, umpire Aleem Dar takes the bails off. Australia have 4 wickets left, 3 balls left in the day and the time has ticked past 7.24 pm local time, which was the last permissible limit till when play could have gone on. Root walks over solemnly and shakes hands with Cummins. The second Test ends in a draw. We go 1-0 into Leeds.

J Leach to Cummins, Full and around off, Cummins lunges to smother the spin.
J Leach to Cummins, Around off, watchfully blocked out.
J Leach to Cummins, Full and around off, watchfully defended past short leg.
Joe Denly to Head, Fullish ball on off, Head drives it firmly through covers. The ball was going towards the fence but no one runs. Why would Head not take a single? As fate would have it, the ball stops near the ropes as Broad hares after it. That means Cummins would face the next over. Poor thinking from Head.
Joe Denly to Head, Another fullish ball from Leach which doesn't land on the rough. Head blunts it nicely.
Joe Denly to Head, Another fullish ball outside off, Head punches it towards mid off to get a couple.
Joe Denly to Head, Blocks it from the crease to this fullish ball.
Joe Denly to Head, Beaten this time! Fullish ball on fourth stump line. Head has a poke at it but is beaten.
Joe Denly to Head, Fullish ball on off, Head drives it straight to cover.
J Leach to Cummins, Full and around off, watchfully defended.
Jack Leach to Cummins, The batsman has offered no stroke to an incoming delivery.
Jack Leach to Cummins, NOT OUT. Missing off. Review in excitement and desperation. Pitched around leg, from over the wicket, Cummins pads it away. He is hit on the pads and Leach appeals. Root immediately goes for the review. Ball Tracker confirms that it was spinning away.

Root has gone for a review! Did the ball do enough to come back in? Cummins did not offer any shot. Here comes Ball Tracker. Missing off. Reviews done and dusted for England.

Jack Leach to Cummins, Outside off, left alone.
Jack Leach to Cummins, Full and around off, watchfully defended.
Jack Leach to Cummins, WAS THAT A CATCH? Probably. Full and outside off, Cummins comes forward to drive and almost spoons a catch to Rory Burns at silly point. Burns dives but cannot hang on!
Joe Denly to Head, Head blocks this well again to see off the over.
Joe Denly to Head, Fuller one on off again, Head pushes this to the cover fielder again.
Joe Denly to Head, Good shot but straight to the fielder. Fullish on off, timed it straight to the cover fielder.
Joe Denly to Head, Fullish one this time, taps it to the slip fielder.
Joe Denly to Head, Blocks this fullish ball from the crease.
Joe Denly to Head, Starts with one outside off on a fullish length which lands on the rough, Head looks play at it but is hit on the pads.

Interesting. The umpires feel that it is too dark right now. They reckon that Jofra Archer cannot bowl as his pace is too quick for the batsmen under this light. It has to be spin and Joe Denly it is to bowl.

J Leach to Cummins, Fuller this time, Cummins blocks it well to see off the over. 4 more overs to go.
J Leach to Cummins, Another good length ball to which Cummins blocks off his front foot.
J Leach to Cummins, Left that ball outside off.
J Leach to Cummins, Lunges and blocks this by coming forward.
J Leach to Cummins, Good length ball outside off, Cummins pushes this one towards gully.
J Leach to Cummins, Fullish one on the middle from Leach, Cummins blocks it well.
J Archer to Head, Another bumper on the hips from Archer. Head looks to work it down the leg side but is hit on the hands.
J Archer to Head, Another back of length ball on middle and leg, Head pushed it towards the fine leg fielder.
J Archer to Head, What was that? Shortish one outside off, Head looked to sway away at first but eventually played at it to get beaten.
J Archer to Head, Another bouncer! What a spell this is from Archer. This is on middle and off, Head leaps in the air to block this one to the point fielder.
J Archer to Cummins, In the air... just short! A length ball down the leg side, Cummins nudges it towards leg gully. Ben Stokes comes charging in but the ball lands in front of him. He is unable to stop it but has the presence of mind to duck as he understands that the batsmen are going for the single. Bairstow quickly gets across and has a shy at the striker's end but misses. Head was well in.
J Archer to Cummins, A short ball, outside off, Cummins sways away.
J Leach to Head, Beaten! Gets this one to land on the rough and beat the outside edge of the left-hander. Kept slightly low as well. Bairstow removed the bails but Head never went out.
J Leach to Head, Good length on middle and kept slightly low. Head did well to block.
J Leach to Head, Fuller on off again as Head lunges to block.
J Leach to Head, The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery.
J Leach to T Head, FOUR! Another fullish ball on off, Head leans into the shot and drives this beautifully. The ball races through mid off for a boundary.
J Leach to Head, Fuller ball on off, Head blocks it off his front foot.