The Ashes, 2019

England vs Australia - 1st Test

Venue: Edgbaston, Birmingham

Date: 01 August-05 August, 2019

England 146/10

RR: 2.78 | Australia beat England by 251 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Rory Burns c Nathan Lyon & b Pat Cumminsc Nathan Lyon & b Pat Cummins113310
Jason Roy bowled Nathan Lyonbowled Nathan Lyon285840
Joe Root c Cameron Bancroft & b Nathan Lyonc Cameron Bancroft & b Nathan Lyon285730
Joe Denly c Cameron Bancroft & b Nathan Lyonc Cameron Bancroft & b Nathan Lyon111620
Jos Buttler bowled Pat Cumminsbowled Pat Cummins12500
Ben Stokes c Tim Paine & b Nathan Lyonc Tim Paine & b Nathan Lyon62810
Jonny Bairstow c Cameron Bancroft & b Pat Cumminsc Cameron Bancroft & b Pat Cummins6810
Moeen Ali c David Warner & b Nathan Lyonc David Warner & b Nathan Lyon42800
Chris Woakes c Steve Smith & b Pat Cumminsc Steve Smith & b Pat Cummins375470
Stuart Broad c Steve Smith & b Nathan Lyonc Steve Smith & b Nathan Lyon0100
James Anderson not out not out 4910
Extras 10 (b 4, lb 4, w 0, nb 2)
Total 146 (10 Wkts, 52.3 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
19-1 (Rory Burns,9.5), 60-2 (Jason Roy,21.2), 80-3 (Joe Denly,25.5), 85-4 (Joe Root,29.1), 85-5 (Jos Buttler,33), 97-6 (Jonny Bairstow,37), 97-7 (Ben Stokes,37.1), 136-8 (Moeen Ali,47.3), 136-9 (Stuart Broad,47.4), 146-10 (Chris Woakes,52.3),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Peter Siddle12 2 28 0 2.33
Nathan Lyon20 5 49 6 2.45
James Pattinson8 1 29 0 3.63
Pat Cummins11.3 3 32 4 2.83
Steve Smith1 1 0 0 0
David Warner0 0 0 0 0
Cameron Bancroft0 0 0 0 0
Usman Khawaja0 0 0 0 0
Travis Head0 0 0 0 0
Matthew Wade0 0 0 0 0
Tim Paine 0 0 0 0 0

So that is it from the first Test of this year's Ashes. It is Australia who take a 1-0 lead and they also win the first game of the World Test Championship. The whole Test match was a roller coaster ride. If this is anything to go by, it is going to be a cracking series. The second Test is to be played at Lord's on the 14th of August 2019. It begins at 1100 local (1000 GMT). Till then, take care and goodbye!

MAN OF THE MATCH - Steve Smith for his magnificent tons in both the innings. There was absolutely no doubt about him being given the award. It is because of him, Australia won this game.

Day 5 though saw the Aussie bowlers blow away the England batting line-up. Cummins and Nathan Lyon being the star with both sharing 10 wickets amongst them. An outstanding display of character was shown by the Aussies in this game. They were booed and bullied throughout the game by the English fans but they never let it get into their heads and they came out on top that too convincingly.

Despite that fightback, England batted extremely well and ended Day 2 on 267 for 4 with Rory Burns scoring a ton. They would have surely eyed a lead in excess of 150 but the Australian bowlers bowled brilliantly on the morning of Day 3 and ensured England did not take their lead past 100 which saw the game evenly poised. However, three wickets even before the deficit was wiped off, surely made England favorites. Yet again though Steve Smith and another comeback man, Matthew Wade, batted Australia out of the game with tons. Australia managed to score 487, giving England a target of 398 which was impossible to chase on the last day but a draw was on the cards.

Now then, the scorecard suggest, Australia won by 251 runs but the game was never so one-sided as it suggests. Instead, for the first three days, it seemed like, it would be England who would take a 1-0 lead. They had Australia on the mat after the visitors elected to bat at 122 for 8 courtesy a fifer from Broad. However, the comeback men, rose to the occasion. Smith showed why he is one of the best going around with a brilliant ton. Siddle hung around with him and his knock also proved to be very handy. Also, a crucial last wicket stand saw Australia get to a competitive first innings score.

What a performance from the Australian bowlers today! They have breached the Edgbaston fortress. Well, one would assume there might not be a lot of difference in a 4th day wicket and a 5th day wicket but it seemed like Australia bowled on a completely different surface than what England bowled on yesterday. They managed to take 4 wickets in the first session and 6 in around an hour and 30 minutes in the second. The star with the ball for Australia - Nathan Lyon. Credit has to be given to Pat Cummins as well as he was brilliant on a wicket which did not assist the pacers a lot.

Pat Cummins to C Woakes, OUT! Caught! That is it! Woakes' lone battle comes to an end! Cummins bangs one short, Woakes looks to leave but the ball is close to the body and he ends up playing it late. The ball lobs off the upper half of his bat towards second slip. Fittingly, the last catch is taken by Steve Smith! Australia win the first Ashes Test by 251 runs.
Pat Cummins to Woakes, Bouncer! Woakes plays a no-look-pull but he plays it in a controlled manner towards backward square leg. They do not take the run.
Pat Cummins to Woakes, Good length ball on off, Woakes pulls it to mid-wicket.

Pat Cummins is back into the attack.

N Lyon to J Anderson, EDGED AND FOUR! Flighted on off, James looks to defend but the ball takes the fat outside edge of the bat and runs wide of first slip and to the third man fence for a boundary.
N Lyon to Woakes, Woakes comes down the track and whips it to wide long on.
N Lyon to Woakes, Short outside off, Woakes looks to cut but misses.
N Lyon to Woakes, On the stumps, Chris keeps it out.
N Lyon to Woakes, On the pads, CW turns it wide of short leg.
N Lyon to Woakes, Floated on the stumps, Woakes defends it off the front foot.
P Siddle to Woakes, Fuller on off, Woakes defends off his back foot but it goes off his outside edge and Smith dives to make a half-stop, Woakes takes a single to keep the strike.
P Siddle to C Woakes, DROPPED AND FOUR! Good length ball outside off, Woakes goes chasing after it. It takes the outside edge and goes to second slip. Smith, who has not put a foot wrong in this game, manages to make one error and drops the catch. The ball goes through him for a boundary.
P Siddle to Woakes, Full on middle and off, Woakes defends it towards mid on.
P Siddle to Woakes, Woakes continues the battle. He defends it off the front foot.
P Siddle to Woakes, Good length ball outside off, Woakes keeps it out of his back foot.
P Siddle to Woakes, Length delivery outside off, Woakes has a push at it but misses.
N Lyon to Anderson, Anderson negotiates Lyon! Flatter on off, James defends it off the outer half of his bat towards backward point.
N Lyon to Anderson, Tossed up on off, James blocks it out.
N Lyon to Anderson, Floated on off, Anderson does well to keep it out.
N Lyon to Anderson, The cheer continues as Anderson pushes this shot ball towards mid on.
N Lyon to Anderson, Huge cheer from the crowd as Anderson blocks this one off his front foot.
N Lyon to Anderson, Flighted on off, Anderson does well to defend it.
P Siddle to Woakes, Good length ball outside off, Woakes taps it towards point and gets through the over. No chance of taking any quick run considering Anderson's calf problem.
P Siddle to Woakes, Very full on off, Woakes does well to defend it to mid off.
P Siddle to Woakes, Pacy ball on the pads, Woakes looks to flick but gets hit on the thigh pad.
P Siddle to Woakes, Length delivery just outside off, CW defends it to cover.
P Siddle to Woakes, Fuller on off, Woakes pushes it to cover.
P Siddle to Woakes, Good length ball outside off, Woakes has a poke at it but misses.
N Lyon to Anderson, BEAUTY! This lands on off and then turns away. Anderson looks to defend but is beaten. What an over from Lyon. 2 wickets and a run from it.
N Lyon to Anderson, No hat-trick! A good solid block by Anderson. On middle, JA lunges and keeps it out.

James Anderson walks out at number 11. He will come out to face the hat-trick ball from Lyon. 6 catching fielders around the bat for this ball!

N Lyon to Broad, OUT! Caught at slip! A golden duck for Broad. Two wickets in two balls for Lyon. He has 6 now. Another left-hander falls prey to him. He floats it on off and gets this one to turn away too. Broad plays the original trajectory. The ball kisses the outside edge and this time Smith at first slip takes it. Australia a wicket away now and Lyon is on a hat-trick.

Stuart Broad is the next batsman in.

N Lyon to Ali, OUT! TAKEN! Any guesses who gets Moeen Ali? It can't be that difficult for you to guess. I'll give you a hint, he has dismissed Moeen Ali 8 times in Tests before this one. Nathan Lyon it is. His fifth wicket. His 15th five-fer in Tests. It was him who Australia were going to rely on today and he delivers. Lyon tosses it up on middle, it pitches and turns away. Moeen Ali does not account for the turn. An outside edge which goes straight to Warner at second slip.
N Lyon to Woakes, A little too full this time outside off, Woakes strokes it through covers for one.
N Lyon to Woakes, WOW! That is some delivery. It lands in the rough outside off. Woakes goes back and looks to defend but the ball turns back in sharply and hits the batsman high on the pad.

Nathan Lyon is back on! Just the single over for Smith.

P Siddle to Ali, On the fourth stump line, Moeen lets it carry to the keeper.
P Siddle to M Ali, IN THE AIR...BUT JUST WIDE! Fuller ball on off, Moeen drives it on the up. He does so uppishly as the ball sticks on the surface. Luckily it goes wide of Siddle's outstretched right hand to mid off.
P Siddle to Ali, Length delivery on off and middle, this is the one that moves away. Moeen does well to defend it. Ohhs and ahhs are the shout from the Aussie players.
P Siddle to Ali, Good ball and a good leave. It pitches outside off and comes in. Moeen though is aware of his off pole and leaves it alone.
P Siddle to Ali, On off, Moeen strokes it through covers and gets a couple.
P Siddle to Ali, Full on off, Moeen pushes it to mid off.

Drinks Break! Australia continue to dominate this final day. They have got three wickets in the first hour of the second session and are just 3 wickets away from a memorable win at Edgbaston. Woakes and Moeen have put up a fight but the question is how long can they continue this?