Sri Lanka in South Africa, 5 ODI Series, 2019

South Africa vs Sri Lanka - 2nd ODI

Venue: SuperSport Park, Centurion

Date & Time: 06 March 2019

Sri Lanka 138/10

RR: 4.26 | South Africa beat Sri Lanka by 113 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Niroshan Dickwella c Quinton de Kock (W) & b Kagiso Rabada c Quinton de Kock (W) & b Kagiso Rabada 61000
Avishka Fernando bowled Lungi Ngidi bowled Lungi Ngidi 10911
Kusal Perera c David Miller & b Anrich Nortje c David Miller & b Anrich Nortje 82300
Oshada Fernando lbw Anrich Nortje lbw Anrich Nortje 314530
Kusal Mendis run out run out 243120
Dhananjaya de Silva c Faf du Plessis (C) & b Kagiso Rabada c Faf du Plessis (C) & b Kagiso Rabada 152620
Thisara Perera c David Miller & b Imran Tahir c David Miller & b Imran Tahir 232321
Akila Dananjaya c Wiaan Mulder & b Kagiso Rabada c Wiaan Mulder & b Kagiso Rabada 41600
Kasun Rajitha lbw Imran Tahir lbw Imran Tahir 0100
Lasith Malinga c & b Lungi Ngidi c & b Lungi Ngidi 1400
Vishwa Fernando not out not out 2600
Extras 14 (b 0, lb 4, w 10, nb 0)
Total 138 (10 Wkts, 32.2 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
11-1 (Niroshan Dickwella,2.3), 29-2 (Avishka Fernando,5.1), 52-3 (Kusal Perera,10.1), 92-4 (Kusal Mendis,19.3), 92-5 (Oshada Fernando,20.1), 116-6 (Dhananjaya de Silva,26.2), 134-7 (Thisara Perera,29.3), 135-8 (Kasun Rajitha,29.5), 135-9 (Akila Dananjaya,30.5), 138-10 (Lasith Malinga,32.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Kagiso Rabada9 1 43 3 4.78
Lungi Ngidi5.2 0 14 2 2.69
Anrich Nortje7 0 25 2 3.57
Wiaan Mulder2 0 13 0 6.50
Imran Tahir9 1 39 2 4.33

That's it from this match. Johannesburg done. Centurion done. The action moves to Durban now where the third ODI will be played. Do join us at 1000 local (0800 GMT) for all the action. Cheers!

South African skipper, Faf du Plessis says that it was a perfect game for them. Adds that they probably would have wanted 30-40 runs more but is all praise for the way they bowled and fielded. Lauds his pacers for bowling with great intent. On Ngidi, he replies that he hits the deck hard and always provides the initial breakthroughs. Has a word of praise for Nortje as well and says that he bowled a long spell and showed good control over his line along with high pace. On his own batting form, he states that it's about the transition from a good player to a great player and it has been a mental shift. On being 2-0 up in the series, Faf replies that it gives them the chance to try a few things regarding the team composition. Hints that Dale Steyn might come back for the last two games and also mentions about JP Duminy who is supposed to return soon.

Man of the Match, Quinton de Kock praises the pitch for playing good and is happy to provide a great start to the team. Adds that they try to play the ball and not the bowlers. They just try to play the ball on merit, de Kock further adds. On his pacers bowling with fire, de Kock replies that Rabada came out with great intent and cranked it up. Smiles and says that he gave a chance to Miller to keep and he has been working with him on his keeping.

Sri Lankan skipper, Lasith Malinga (on 31/6) says that they hung in there well by varying their lines and lengths and he considers it a really good effort from the bowlers. Adds that the batsmen need to understand their value. For the next match, Malinga replies that the players need to realize that this opportunity won't come every day and they will have to value it.

Earlier on in the evening, South Africa were off to a brilliant start after being put in to bat. They though did not capitalize and after being 220/4 at one stage, ended up at 251. Quinton de Kock and Faf du Plessis both made half-tons but the former was especially in top form today. He would be disappointed that he missed out on the ton but happy that the team won despite them ending up with a par score. Presentations to follow...

Oshada departed soon too and from there on, wickets fell at quick intervals. The only hope was from Thisara Perera but he too failed as the away side folded for 138 runs. A disappointing batting show from the Lankans. In fact, there was not a single 50-run stand in the innings for the visitors. A superb bowling performance from the home side though, every bowler who bowled except Wiaan Mulder got at least 2 wickets. Kagiso Rabada, especially, was exceptional. He picked up 3 wickets and the Sri Lankan batsmen found him too hot to handle.

The hosts have won this game by a huge margin and how. Despite having just a par total on the board, the Proteas' bowlers have crushed this Sri Lankan reply and ensured a 2-0 lead in the 5-match series. Starting off with not much required, the away side did not plan their chase well. Rash shots from the openers and the top order saw them go on the back foot. That was mainly due to the fiery spell from Kagiso Rabada and Lungi Ngidi with the new balls. Three wickets were lost around the 10th over mark and from there, it was always going to be difficult for the Lankans to come back in the game. Oshada Fernando and Kusal Mendis were stitching a partnership and it looked like the boys from the Emerald Isle were in with a chance, but a moment of madness saw the game go further into the hosts' grasp as Mendis was run out.

L Ngidi to L Malinga, OUT! All over! SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 113 RUNS! Ngidi digs in a heavy ball outside off at 137 kph, Malinga goes back and tries to smash it over the infield on the off side. But all he manages is to hit it aerially from the toe end of his bat and straight into the hands of Steyn (sub) at covers. The South African players are ecstatic and the crowd is also very happy. Time for the customary handshakes.
L Ngidi to V Fernando, Edged! Good length delivery outside off, Fernando flashes his bat at it and edges it down to third man for a run.

Lungi Ngidi is back on.

I Tahir to V Fernando, A pat towards the off side from Vishwa and he steals a quick single to keep strike.
I Tahir to V Fernando, Defended towards the bowler from the crease.
I Tahir to V Fernando, Miller is not bad with the gloves! A flatter one outside off and turns away sharply from the right-hander. Vishwa looked to slog it away but misses the ball. David collects the ball in his gloves and immediately takes off the bails in good stylish fashion. Not bad! Appeal takes place but the feet was firmly in the crease.

David Miller is wicket-keeping now for SA, without any pads.

I Tahir to V Fernando, Flatter one on the middle stump, defended onto the ground by Vishwa.
I Tahir to L Malinga, Lofted in the air over cover for a single to wide long off.
I Tahir to L Malinga, Flatter one on middle, Malinga looks to defend the ball from the crease. The ball takes the inside edge and goes onto the pads. Appeal from Tahir but the umpire says no.
K Rabada to V Fernando, Excellent delivery on middle and off, Malinga looks to defend but gets hit on the gloves. He winces in pain.

Vishwa Fernando is the last batsman.

K Rabada to A Dananjaya, OUT! Caught! Rabada gets his third. Back of a length delivery on off, Akila looks to play across the line but mistimes his pull shot completely. Ends up chipping it towards the mid-wicket fielder. Wiaan Mulder there takes a very easy catch running to his right. Dananjaya showed fight but cannot do much and South Africa are just a wicket away now.
K Rabada to A Dananjaya, Length delivery on off and middle, Dananjaya pulls it to the mid-wicket fielder.
K Rabada to A Dananjaya, Bouncer on middle and off, Akila looks to play the upper cut but misses.
K Rabada to A Dananjaya, Fuller delivery outside off, Dananjaya drives it beautifully to mid off.
K Rabada to A Dananjaya, Good length delivery on middle, Akila defends it uppishly towards mid off. The ball is way too short of the fielder there.
I Tahir to L Malinga, Flighted on middle, Malinga manages to keep it out towards square leg and ends the over.
I Tahir to K Rajitha, OUT! There goes the Imran-train again! Rajitha is a one-ball visitor. Tahir bowls the zooter to the tail-ender. Rajitha does not keep the ball out as the bat comes down late. Raps him on the pads first and the umpire's finger goes up immediately. On a roll are Imran and his team. They just need 2 wickets to win now.
I Tahir to A Dananjaya, Outside off and full, driven along the ground to deep cover for a single by Akila.

Kasun Rajitha walks out at number 9.

I Tahir to T Perera, OUT! Final nail in the coffin for Sri Lanka. Tahir is on his bike and up in celebration. Even after conceding a biggie on the previous ball, Tahir dares to flight this ball. He serves a googly which lands full and wide outside off. Thisara latches onto it and tries to play a powerful shot over the off side but doesn't account for the away spin. Ends up slicing it in the air towards sweeper cover where David Miller moves across to his left and takes the catch safely.
I Tahir to T Perera, SIX! Perera is done with the waiting game. Flighted delivery on off and middle, Thisara frees his arm and sends it over the mid-wicket fence to the crowd for a maximum.
I Tahir to T Perera, Brilliant fielding. Flighted delivery on off, Perera hits it hard and straight. Hendricks at long off runs to his right and saves a certain boundary with a dive. Two runs taken by the batsmen.
K Rabada to A Dananjaya, Back of a length delivery on off and middle, Akila jumps and blocks it to see off the over.
K Rabada to A Dananjaya, Length delivery on middle and off, Akila looks to drive it but gets an inside edge onto his pads.
K Rabada to A Dananjaya, Good length delivery on middle and leg, Dananjaya shows us his batting skills and confidently blocks it off his back foot.
K Rabada to A Dananjaya, A very well directed short ball. It is on the body of Akila and to his credit he does manage to keep it away from danger.
K Rabada to T Perera, Length delivery on off, Thisara punches it to deep cover and takes a single.
K Rabada to T Perera, Bouncer on leg. Perera sees it early and ducks under it.
I Tahir to A Dananjaya, Flighted on middle and some leg spin on that ball, Akila comes ahead and defends the ball onto the ground.
I Tahir to A Dananjaya, Full toss on middle, Akila sweeps this one in front of square for a couple of runs.
I Tahir to A Dananjaya, A flatter and quicker one on middle, zips off after landing on middle. Dananjaya had no idea what that one was going to do and almost makes a mess of his defense. The ball goes on the inside edge and then onto the pads.

Even Aleem Dar finds it funny! Tahir looked to appeal there and almost thought he had a wicket but Dananjaya brought his bat down at the last moment. The umpire is seen smiling sheepishly.

I Tahir to T Perera, Short this time wide outside off, Perera cuts it hard but straight to deep cover. Single taken.
I Tahir to T Perera, Another one flatter but this time closer to the off stump. Thisara stands tall and defends the ball onto the surface.
I Tahir to T Perera, FOUR! From the moment it left the bat. A flatter ball from Tahir wide outside off, Thisara drives it really powerfully wide of cover for a boundary. His side needs a lot more of those though.
K Rabada to A Dananjaya, Back of a length delivery on middle and off, Akila blocks it to see off the over.
K Rabada to A Dananjaya, Bouncer. Outside off, Dananjaya sways away from it and lets it go to the keeper.
K Rabada to T Perera, In the air...but safe. Good length delivery on off, Perera is half way into his drive and sends it uppishly wide of mid off for a single.
K Rabada to A Dananjaya, Smart thinking this. Gets a short leg in place making Akila think it will be a bouncer but bowls a yorker on middle. Akila does well to get his bat down and guide it towards covers for a single.

Akila Dananjaya walks in next, at number 8. He has an ODI fifty to his name, his team would love one tonight as well...

K Rabada to de Silva, OUT! Caught! Another soft dismissal for Sri Lanka. Full length delivery on middle and leg, de Silva flicks it uppishly and straight to the Protea skipper at short mid-wicket. The writing is on the wall for the visiting team. Rabada has bowled brilliantly today and gets his second of the match. South Africa into the Lankan tail now.