Sri Lanka in Pakistan, 3 T20I Series, 2019

Pakistan vs Sri Lanka - 2nd T20I

Venue: Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore

Date & Time: 07 October 2019

Pakistan 147/10

RR: 7.73 | Sri Lanka beat Pakistan by 35 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Babar Azam bowled Nuwan Pradeep bowled Nuwan Pradeep 31000
Fakhar Zaman bowled Kasun Rajitha bowled Kasun Rajitha 6410
Ahmed Shehzad bowled Wanindu Hasaranga bowled Wanindu Hasaranga 131601
Sarfaraz Ahmed bowled Wanindu Hasaranga bowled Wanindu Hasaranga 261631
Umar Akmal lbw Wanindu Hasaranga lbw Wanindu Hasaranga 0100
Asif Ali bowled Nuwan Pradeep bowled Nuwan Pradeep 292730
Imad Wasim lbw Isuru Udana lbw Isuru Udana 472980
Wahab Riaz c Minod Bhanuka (W) & b Nuwan Pradeep c Minod Bhanuka (W) & b Nuwan Pradeep 7510
Shadab Khan c Dasun Shanaka (C) & b Isuru Udana c Dasun Shanaka (C) & b Isuru Udana 0100
Mohammad Amir not out not out 5310
Mohammad Hasnain c Wanindu Hasaranga & b Nuwan Pradeep c Wanindu Hasaranga & b Nuwan Pradeep 1200
Extras 10 (b 0, lb 2, w 8, nb 0)
Total 147 (10 Wkts, 19.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
9-1 (Fakhar Zaman,2.1), 11-2 (Babar Azam,3.1), 51-3 (Ahmed Shehzad,7.3), 51-4 (Umar Akmal,7.4), 52-5 (Sarfaraz Ahmed,8), 127-6 (Imad Wasim,15.5), 136-7 (Wahab Riaz,17), 136-8 (Shadab Khan,17.1), 145-9 (Asif Ali,18.3), 147-10 (Mohammad Hasnain,19),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Kasun Rajitha3 0 11 1 3.67
Nuwan Pradeep4 0 25 4 6.25
Isuru Udana4 0 38 2 9.50
Wanindu Hasaranga4 0 38 3 9.50
Lakshan Sandakan4 0 33 0 8.25
Danushka Gunathilaka 0 0 0 0 0
Avishka Fernando 0 0 0 0 0
Bhanuka Rajapaksa 0 0 0 0 0
Dasun Shanaka 0 0 0 0 0
Shehan Jayasuriya 0 0 0 0 0
Minod Bhanuka 0 0 0 0 0

That is it from this game. Sri Lanka have turned the tables and have sealed the 3-match series 2-0. They would now be looking to whitewash the best side in T20Is in their own backyard. Pakistan, on the other hand, will be looking to give their fans something to cheer about and will play for pride in the 3rd and final T20I of the series. That match will be played at the very same venue on Wednesday, 9th October. The match will begin at 1830 Local (1330 GMT). Join us for that one. Till then, cheers!

Victorious Sri Lankan skipper comes for the interview. Shanaka says they played some quality cricket and hence they were able to achieve the result. Credits Rajapaksa for his brilliant innings and adds he had good support out in the middle. Shanaka hopes that the youngsters to get more chances after the series but he also says that he is aware of the senior players coming back.

Pakistan skipper, Sarfaraz Ahmed is up next for the interview. Sarfaraz admits that they did not play well and were second best to Sri Lanka. Adds they need to look at themselves and feels there were moments in all three departments which saw them wanting. On the poor bowling performance in the series, he says that they tried hard but were not able to execute their plans. Takes out young Mohammad Hasnain as a positive. Sarfaraz feels they were unable to take wickets in the middle overs and that hurt them. On the reason for former players being called up again, Sarfaraz tells that they had performed really well and deserved their call-ups.

For his magnificent 77 off 48 balls, Bhanuka Rajapaksa has been named the Man of the Match. Rajapaksa says that initially he had to pace his innings. Admits it is not easy to come to Pakistan and win a series but credits the coaching staff for helping them. Tells he was just happy to be in the side and it is a real joy to defeat the No.1 side in T20Is.

Stay tuned for the presentation.

Earlier in the day, Sri Lanka posted a mammoth total of 183 courtesy of a brilliant 77 from Bhanuka Rajapaksa and cameos from Shanaka and Jayasuriya. The total was too good for the visitors to chase down. Imad Wasim was the pick of the bowlers for Pakistan picking up a wicket and conceding just 27 runs.

It was a collective effort from the Sri Lankan bowlers. Wanindu Hasaranga was expensive but his 3 wickets in one over made the target a lot more difficult for the hosts. But the real star with the ball was Nuwan Pradeep who held his nerve and showed his class. His 4/25 ensured that even though there was a fightback from Imad and Asif Ali it was not enough. Udana and Rajitha took two and one wickets respectively.

Needing 183, Pakistan got off to a terrible start losing both their openers inside the first 4 overs. The hosts tried to find stability with their skipper, Sarfaraz Ahmed taking the aggressor's role. But 3 wickets in one over from Wanindu Hasaranga looked to have killed the tie. Imad Wasim and Asif Ali though had other ideas. The duo added 75 runs but the task in hand was too much as once Imad fell owing to the scoreboard pressure, it was just out of reach for Pakistan's lower order to get and in the end they fell short by 35 runs.

Stop the press! Sri Lanka have broken the duck. They have got their first series win against Pakistan in T20Is. The Sri Lankan players are up in joy.

N Pradeep to M Hasnain, OUT! CAUGHT BY WANINDU HASARANGA AND SRI LANKA HAVE WON THE SERIES! Good length ball on middle and leg, Hasnain looks to hoick this one over the long on fielder. However, he cannot get the timing he desired and the fielder in the deep, Wanindu Hasaranga takes an easy catch. This young group of Sri Lankan players have played in fantastic fashion as they gain an unassailable lead in this series.
N Pradeep to M Amir, The batsman flicks it away with a wristy shot. One run added to the total.
N Pradeep to M Hasnain, Full ball angling in, Hasnain looks to smash it but the ball goes off the inside edge towards the fine leg fielder. The batters take one.

Mohammad Hasnain is the last man in.

N Pradeep to A Ali, OUT! TIMBER! Sri Lanka one wicket away from winning the series now! Full ball, slower one from back of the hand just outside off, it nips back in. Ali looks to heave it towards long on but misses. However, Pradeep hits the off pole and Asif Ali has to take the long walk back.
N Pradeep to A Ali, Full ball around off, driven towards the mid off region. No runs taken.
N Pradeep to A Ali, Full ball angling into the batsman, he looks to heave it towards the on side but misses to get hit on the pads.
I Udana to M Amir, Fuller on off, Amir pushes it towards cover. 38 needed off 12 balls now.
I Udana to M Amir, FOUR! Amir showing his skills with the bat here. Length delivery outside off, Amir thwacks it through covers with little to no foot movement for a boundary.
I Udana to A Ali, Full outside off, Asif looks to play the paddle but the ball goes to the on side off his pad for a leg bye.
I Udana to A Ali, High full toss but the square leg umpire is happy. It is outside off, Asif swings his bat but gets nothing on it. He looks at the square leg umpire hoping to get a no ball but the umpire signals nothing.
I Udana to A Ali, FOUR! Asif Ali will have to do it by himself here. Fuller on middle and leg, Asif paddles it fine down the leg side for a boundary.

Mohammad Amir is the new man in.

I Udana to S Khan, OUT! Caught! 47 were needed in 18 balls. Shadab had no choice but to go after it from ball one. He tries to do just that but gets nothing on it. Full ball on off, Shadab looks to go over covers but ends up slicing it high in the air and straight to Shanaka.

Shadab Khan walks out now.

N Pradeep to W Riaz, OUT! CAUGHT! Wahab Riaz departs and things looking bleak for Pakistan now. Fullish on middle and leg, Riaz looks to scoop it over short fine leg but he gets just the top edge on it. The ball goes high up in the air, towards Minod Bhanuka, the keeper. He settles under it and takes an easy catch. Pakistan 7 down now.
N Pradeep to W Riaz, On the pads, Riaz flicks it towards mid-wicket for a couple.
N Pradeep to W Riaz, FOUR! Fabulous improvisation! Nuwan Pradeep misses his mark this time, bowls a full toss. Riaz opens the face of his bat and guides it over the short third man fielder for a boundary.
N Pradeep to A Ali, Third yorker in a row, Ali jams this one out towards long on again for a single.
N Pradeep to W Riaz, Beautiful bowling! Consecutive yorkers! This time on middle, Wahab Riaz jams this one at the last second towards long on for a single.
N Pradeep to A Ali, Yorker on the leg pole line, Ali jams it out towards long on and the batters take one.

Nuwan Pradeep is back. 2-0-14-1, his figures so far.

I Udana to W Riaz, Excellent end to the over. Full and straight outside off. Wahab looks to play it but misses. 10 off the over but more importantly the big wicket of Imad Wasim.

The new man in is Wahab Riaz. He can hit the long ball too.

I Udana to I Wasim, OUT! LBW! Udana has the last laugh and the fans have gone silent once again. Udana shows courage and bowls it full, fast and straight on off. Imad looks to play the sweep once again but this time he misses. The ball hits him on the pad. The Sri Lankan players put in an appeal and the umpire raises his finger. Pakistan has no review left so Imad has to walk back. But what an innings this was from Imad. The game was gone but he has managed to keep his side in the hunt. 56 runs more needed though. Can Pakistan still get it?
I Udana to I Wasim, FOUR! Back to back boundaries. Imad is playing a gem here. Good length ball outside off, Imad gets down on one knee and sweeps it from outside off towards deep mid-wicket for a boundary.
I Udana to I Wasim, FOUR! Brilliant execution. Slower ball outside off, Imad sees that the fine leg is up so he just lofts it over the man and fetches himself a boundary.
I Udana to A Ali, Full and straight outside off, Asif Ali manages to squeeze it towards long off for a run.
I Udana to I Wasim, Slower ball on a length. It is on top of middle and off, Imad punches it with power to sweeper cover for one.
K Rajitha to I Wasim, Fuller on the stumps, Imad sweeps it with power to deep square leg for a single. 66 needed off 30 balls.
K Rajitha to A Ali, Pradeep is a lucky man. He serves a full toss on the pads. Asif looks to take the full toll of it but misses. The ball hits high on his thigh pad and goes to the on side. They take a leg bye.
K Rajitha to I Wasim, Good length ball on off, Imad punches it towards cover for one.
K Rajitha to I Wasim, FOUR! Imad continues his onslaught. Slightly overpitched on off, Imad swings his bat at it and smashes it through mid off for a boundary.
K Rajitha to I Wasim, Full on off, Imad drives it wide of extra cover. Shanaka there dives and saves runs for his side.
K Rajitha to I Wasim, Smart bowling. Slower ball down the leg side. Imad moves early to play the paddle and that is why Pradeep delivers there. Not a wide as Imad was moving.

Kasun Rajitha is back on.

I Udana to A Ali, Full and on off, Asif Ali pushes this one towards long off with ease. They are looking to take just the single but the fielder there fumbles and the Pakistani batters are quick to pounce on that as they snatch a second.
I Udana to A Ali, Fabulous fielding in the deep! Full ball wide outside off, Ali creams it towards the cover region. The ball is racing to the fence but Wanindu Hasaranga at sweeper cover makes a diving stop to his right to keep the ball in play. It looked like a certain boundary but he has saved two runs for his side. However, Asif Ali makes up ground, puts in a dive and gets his bat in before the keeper dislodges the bails.
I Udana to A Ali, Yorker outside off, Ali looks to jam it out but misses it as the ball carries to the keeper.
I Udana to A Ali, Wide! The ball is way outside the off stump, easy leave for the batsman. The umpire has signalled a wide.
I Udana to A Ali, NOT OUT! Ali puts in the dive and that has saved him! Another full ball outside off, Ali looks to loft it towards the off side but does not time it well. It falls between cover and sweeper cover, in no man's land. The fielder there picks it up and throws it towards the keeper's end. Ali did not expect such a strong throw and was slow in reacting.