South Africa in Pakistan, 3 T20I Series, 2021

Pakistan vs South Africa - 3rd T20I

Venue: Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore

Date & Time: 14 February 2021

Pakistan 169/6

RR: 9.05 | Pakistan beat South Africa by 4 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Mohammad Rizwan lbw Tabraiz Shamsilbw Tabraiz Shamsi423052
Haider Ali bowled Tabraiz Shamsibowled Tabraiz Shamsi151311
Babar Azam bowled Dwaine Pretoriusbowled Dwaine Pretorius443051
Hussain Talat bowled Tabraiz Shamsibowled Tabraiz Shamsi5600
Asif Ali c David Miller & b Tabraiz Shamsic David Miller & b Tabraiz Shamsi7800
Faheem Ashraf c David Miller & b Bjorn Fortuinc David Miller & b Bjorn Fortuin10801
Mohammad Nawaz not out not out 181121
Hasan Ali not out not out 20712
Usman Qadir
Shaheen Afridi
Zahid Mahmood
Extras 8 (b 1, lb 0, w 6, nb 1)
Total 169 (6 Wkts, 18.4 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
52-1 (Haider Ali,6.1), 73-2 (Mohammad Rizwan,9), 84-3 (Hussain Talat,10.5), 112-4 (Babar Azam,14), 117-5 (Asif Ali,14.4), 137-6 (Faheem Ashraf,17),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Bjorn Fortuin4 0 30 1 7.50
Dwaine Pretorius3 0 33 1 11.00
JJ Smuts3 0 20 0 6.67
Andile Phehlukwayo2.4 0 37 0 15.42
Lutho Sipamla2 0 23 0 11.50
Tabraiz Shamsi4 0 25 4 6.25
Janneman Malan0 0 0 0 0
Reeza Hendricks0 0 0 0 0
Pite van Biljon0 0 0 0 0
Heinrich Klaasen 0 0 0 0 0
David Miller0 0 0 0 0

So that is it from this match and also this tour! Pakistan wins the T20I series and will be very happy with their show. We enjoyed bringing the coverage to you and hope you had fun too. We hope you join us for the games coming ahead. Until then, goodbye and cheers! 

The Pakistan skipper, Babar Azam is in for a chat too. He says that his bowlers bowled well and he credits David Miller for his outstanding innings and that they wanted to take the match deep, with the bat. Feels that it is satisfying and the boys responded well and the confidence shown reflects. On him batting at Number 3, he mentions there was no plan as such and they wanted to send Haider Ali up the order. Praises the fans for their support on social media and also South Africa as they have come to Pakistan for this tour. 

Mohammad Rizwan has been awarded the Player of the Series Award. He says that his hard work is the most important thing and that he is happy the management and the captain have believed in him. Feels that it was difficult for him since he came in the lower order but now that he is coming up the order, it works out for him. 

Mohammad Nawaz is the Man of the Match. He says that it was tough but he was prepared for this and he tried to do well. Feels that there was pressure and says that bowling was not that tough today and he was trying to make the ball spin too. Adds that batting was tough but he tried to stay out there till the end. 

Heinrich Klaasen, the South African skipper, starts by saying that it is tough to take and praises Miller and Shamsi for their show but it was not enough in the end. Says that the dew is not an excuse and they have the tools to ensure that can bowl well with such a ball. Opines that they got it right in the second game and he feels that they are going in the right direction. Says that this is some good experience for the boys in a sub-continent region. Praises Pakistan and says they are friendly people and the security was good too. 

Hasan Ali is in for a chat. He says that he is very happy with his performance. Says that Miller is a very good player and he can hurt you anytime but says that they took early wickets and that was good. Tells that they wanted two boundaries when he came out to bat and the conditions were also not that tough.

Earlier in the day, after a batting collapse by the batting line-up of South Africa, David Miller's 85 ensured that they finished with a competitive total. The bowling by Pakistan was top-notch for the most part but they lost their way towards the end when Miller went bonkers. In the end, it would not be enough as Pakistan scaled the target down with 8 balls to spare.

Not a bad performance with the ball from South Africa but with dew setting in, it would always be an uphill task. They had to fight at the start as Rizwan and Haider Ali got off to a good start but a brilliant show with the ball from Shamsi saw them have a slight sniff but some good work by the Pakistani tail and some poor death bowling saw them miss out.

Wow, what a game of cricket! It was not an easy chase but in the end, Pakistan has done it and has wrapped up the series well. South Africa fought hard but it was not enough. Rizwan and Babar were their mainstays again as they went about their business very well. Rizwan fell first and then Azam followed him back after looking good. It was looking tough after that since, they lost their two key players but some good cameos from Nawaz, Hasan Ali and Ashraf saw the game through for them.

Andile Phehlukwayo to Hasan Ali, SIX! THAT'S THAT! Hasan Ali finishes this one off with a bang. Andile Phehlukwayo goes for the full toss again on middle, Ali needs no other invitation as he powers this one over deep mid-wicket for a biggie. PAKISTAN WIN BY 4 WICKETS AND ALSO WIN THE T20I SERIES 2-1! 
Andile Phehlukwayo to Hasan Ali, EDGY FOUR. Not what he wanted but he will not care. Length and outside off, Ali looks for the biggie and swings his blade but the ball takes the top edge and goes over the short third man region and into the ropes. Only 2 more needed now.
Andile Phehlukwayo to Mohammad Nawaz, Length and outside off, Nawaz crunches this one over backward point for one more run. Pakistan are now once biggie away from a victory. 
Andile Phehlukwayo to Mohammad Nawaz, WIDE. Andile bowls a full toss way outside the tramline. Will be a wide. 
Andile Phehlukwayo to Hasan Ali, Fuller, outside off, Ali bunts this one to long off for one. Only 8 more needed now. 
Andile Phehlukwayo to Hasan Ali, NO BALL AND SIX! Oh no no no no no! Why would you bowl something like that, Andile Phehlukwayo ? Game should be Pakistan's now. A full toss on middle, Ali swivels and hooks this one over the deep square leg region for a biggie. Also, a no ball since it was above waist height. Free Hit coming up. 
Dwaine Pretorius to Mohammad Nawaz, FOUR! A vital boundary to end the over now. Dwaine Pretorius bowls this one a length and outside the off pole, Nawaz waits for it and then slashes it over backward point and into the ropes. 16 more needed off 12 balls now.
Dwaine Pretorius to Mohammad Nawaz, Fuller and outside off, Nawaz leaves it thinking it will be a wide. Not given by the umpire. 
Dwaine Pretorius to Mohammad Nawaz, FOUR. Much needed for Pakistan. Yorker on off, Nawaz looks to dig this one out but the ball takes the bottom edge and goes through short third man. Into the ropes too. 
Dwaine Pretorius to Hasan Ali, Slower, around off, played to long on for one run. 
Dwaine Pretorius to Hasan Ali, On off, length, banged towards deep covers for a brace. 
Dwaine Pretorius to Hasan Ali, WIDE. Way outside off and on a length, Ali leaves it be. Wided. 
Dwaine Pretorius to Hasan Ali, Wide and on a good length, Ali looks to slash this one away but misses. 

Hasan Ali comes out now! Can he help his side over the line?

Bjorn Fortuin to Faheem Ashraf, OUT! CAUGHT! Faheem loses his wicket now and also at a crucial stage. Miller gets another catch. Bjorn Fortuin goes fuller and outside off, Ashraf goes on his knees and looks to slog this one over long on but he does not time it well. This is straight into the bread basket of Miller at long on. Another one falls for the hosts. 28 needed in 18 now. 
Bjorn Fortuin to Mohammad Nawaz, Guided to short third man for a single. 
Bjorn Fortuin to Mohammad Nawaz, SIX! CLOUT! Nawaz takes on Bjorn Fortuin and gets the better of him. Flighted, on off, Nawaz powers this one over long on for a biggie now. Much needed for Pakistan. 29 more needed now. 
Bjorn Fortuin to Mohammad Nawaz, On off, played towards mid off.
Bjorn Fortuin to Faheem Ashraf, Full toss outside off, worked to square leg for one. 
Bjorn Fortuin to Mohammad Nawaz, Short, on off, Nawaz punches to point for one run.
Andile Phehlukwayo to Faheem Ashraf, Good length, on off, Ashraf looks to push this one away but the ball takes the inside edge and goes to the keeper. 37 needed off the last 4 now.
Andile Phehlukwayo to Faheem Ashraf, WIDE. Full and way too outside off, Ashraf lets it be. Wided. 
Andile Phehlukwayo to Faheem Ashraf, NOT OUT! Length, slower, on off, Ashraf looks to go big but slices it towards mid on. Luckily for him, it lands safe and the batters come back for the second. The fielder collects and throws it to the keeper who whips the bails off. The third umpire is called for and replays show that Faheem's bat was in. 

The third umpire is called to check this run out. Looks safe. 

Andile Phehlukwayo to Faheem Ashraf, Goes for a full and wide ball this time, Ashraf is not able to dig this one out. 
Andile Phehlukwayo to Faheem Ashraf, SIX! Right in the slot and it is dispatched. Fuller, around off, Ashraf gets his bat underneath the ball and powers this one over long on. 
Andile Phehlukwayo to Mohammad Nawaz, BYE. A slower good length ball outside off, Nawaz looks to swing his blade at this but misses. The keeper spills it and allows the batters to pick up a bye. 
Andile Phehlukwayo to Mohammad Nawaz, Fuller and outside the off pole, Nawaz looks to drive this one but fails to get any bat on this one. 
Tabraiz Shamsi to Faheem Ashraf, On off, tapped towards point. No run on the last ball. 47 needed in 30 balls now.
Tabraiz Shamsi to Mohammad Nawaz, Pushed through mid off for a single, to get off the mark. 

Mohammad Nawaz comes out now. 

Tabraiz Shamsi to Asif Ali, OUT! CAUGHT! Miller takes the catch and Shamsi gets his fourth wicket of the game. Full and floated on middle, Ali looks to loft this one over the long on region but he does not get the required elevation on this one. Holes out to David Miller, who takes a good catch. 48 needed in 32 balls. 
Tabraiz Shamsi to Asif Ali, Shorter, on the pads, Ali tucks this one to deep square leg for a brace. Good running. 
Tabraiz Shamsi to Faheem Ashraf, Loopy, on off, pushed through mid off for one. 
Tabraiz Shamsi to Asif Ali, On middle, Ali bunts this one to the long on region for one run. 
Tabraiz Shamsi to Asif Ali, WIDE. Down the leg side, Ali misses his flick. Wide siganlled. 

Faheem Ashraf comes out now. 

Dwaine Pretorius to Babar Azam, OUT! TIMBER! Now South Africa get the big fish. A very big moment in this game and Azam walks back. Dwaine Pretorius bowls a good length ball on off and middle, Azam looks to work this one across the line. Misses and the ball says thank you very much before disturbing the castle behind. 53 more needed in 36 balls.
Dwaine Pretorius to Babar Azam, Short of a length, around off this time too, Azam hooks this one to the deep mid-wicket region for a couple of runs. 
Dwaine Pretorius to Asif Ali, Punched to the long off region for one by Ali. 
Dwaine Pretorius to Babar Azam, Good length and on middle, whipped to wide long on for one now. Good to rotate the strike after two boundaries.