South Africa in Ireland, 3 T20I Series, 2021

Ireland vs South Africa - 2nd T20I

Venue: Civil Service Cricket Club, Stormont, Belfast

Date & Time: 22 July 2021

Ireland 117/10

RR: 6 | South Africa beat Ireland by 42 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Paul Stirling c David Miller & b Tabraiz Shamsic David Miller & b Tabraiz Shamsi192311
Kevin O'Brien c Bjorn Fortuin & b Bjorn Fortuinc Bjorn Fortuin & b Bjorn Fortuin0200
Andy Balbirnie c Quinton de Kock (W) & b Beuran Hendricksc Quinton de Kock (W) & b Beuran Hendricks6710
George Dockrell c Aiden Markram & b Tabraiz Shamsic Aiden Markram & b Tabraiz Shamsi202011
Harry Tector c Bjorn Fortuin & b Aiden Markramc Bjorn Fortuin & b Aiden Markram3300
Shane Getkate c Temba Bavuma (C) & b Tabraiz Shamsic Temba Bavuma (C) & b Tabraiz Shamsi241812
Lorcan Tucker bowled Bjorn Fortuinbowled Bjorn Fortuin121020
Simi Singh stumped Quinton de Kock (W) & b Bjorn Fortuinstumped Quinton de Kock (W) & b Bjorn Fortuin1300
Mark Adair not out not out 151610
Craig Young c Wiaan Mulder & b Beuran Hendricksc Wiaan Mulder & b Beuran Hendricks0400
Josh Little bowled Lungi Ngidibowled Lungi Ngidi91110
Extras 8 (b 0, lb 4, w 4, nb 0)
Total 117 (10 Wkts, 19.3 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
1-1 (Kevin O'Brien,1), 23-2 (Andy Balbirnie,4.2), 46-3 (Paul Stirling,8), 51-4 (Harry Tector,8.5), 56-5 (George Dockrell,10), 87-6 (Shane Getkate,13.2), 92-7 (Lorcan Tucker,14.1), 93-8 (Simi Singh,14.5), 99-9 (Craig Young,16.2), 117-10 (Josh Little,19.3),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Bjorn Fortuin4 1 16 3 4.00
Lungi Ngidi3.3 0 14 1 4.24
Beuran Hendricks4 0 28 2 7.00
Wiaan Mulder2 0 24 0 12.00
Tabraiz Shamsi4 0 14 3 3.50
Aiden Markram2 0 17 1 8.50
Temba Bavuma 0 0 0 0 0
Quinton de Kock 0 0 0 0 0
Janneman Malan0 0 0 0 0
Rassie van der Dussen0 0 0 0 0
David Miller0 0 0 0 0

Right then, that's a wrap to this one-sided game! South Africa have taken an unsurpassable lead in the 3-match series and would be aiming for a clean sweep now. Can Ireland stop them from achieving it? The third T20I is on Saturday, 24th July 2021 and the first ball will be at 4 pm local (3 pm GMT). But you can join us in advance for the build-up. Cheers!

Temba Bavuma, the captain of South Africa, says that the way they started a lot of people would have written them off. Praises David Miller for his knock and taking them to a respectable total. Adds that the pitch had something in it for the bowlers and they have the bowlers to defend any total. Tells that they knew something brilliant was coming from Miller and it's good for their middle order. Regarding the three players who came in the XI for this match and performed, Temba replies that all of them have been waiting for the opportunity and they are raring to go. States that there is massive potential in a lot of guys in their squad.

THE PLAYER OF THE MATCH IS DAVID MILLER! Says that it was nice to contribute and it's a great win for the boys. Tells that wickets falling up front never helps. Adds that Wiaan Mulder batted brilliantly and showed his usefulness with the bat. Feels it was a good rebuild and then a great finish. Mentions that the bowling has been phenomenal and adds that the guys are coming through beautifully. Tells that they are building nicely and going game by game and the T20 World Cup is in a few months, so really exciting times ahead.

Andy Balbirnie, the captain of Ireland, is visibly disappointed. Says that he is disappointed with the batting but they bowled and fielded really well. Feels that they didn't apply themselves with the bat. Adds that Simi Singh was brilliant and it's a batting thing that they need to address and bounce back on Saturday. Wants to put up a few good performances before the T20 World Cup.

Stay tuned for the presentation...

Earlier in the match, Ireland turned on the heat with the ball and pegged South Africa back very early in the match. At 58/5, they had the touring team on the mat but failed to land the knockout punch as David Miller was dropped on the score of 19. That moment proved to be costly as Miller went hammer and tongs in the death overs and powered South Africa to 159/7. Eventually, his efforts proved to be the decisive factor as South Africa crossed the line quite comfortably.

South Africa's bowling was once again brilliant as they mostly maintained accurate lines and bowled according to the field. Temba Bavuma employed three spinners and they did wonders for him. As always, Tabraiz Shamsi was too hot to handle for Ireland as he picked up three wickets while Bjorn Fortuin and Aiden Markram combined for four wickets. There were some early mishaps in the field as they dropped a couple of catches but the tourists quickly pulled up their socks and then took some really great catches. Overall, a good result for them after a nervous start to this match.

Yet another abysmal batting show by Ireland. After the high of the ODIs, their batting has surrendered in consecutive games now. It was a challenging target put on the board by South Africa but once again the hosts faltered at the start. Kevin O'Brien's mediocre form with the bat continued while Paul Stirling didn't pick his battle smartly and fell to Tabraiz Shamsi. After his departure, the chase never got going for the Irishmen.

Lungi Ngidi to Josh Little, OUT! TIMBER! That's the match and the series in the bag for South Africa! Ngidi bowls a really nice slower yorker on off stump, completely beats Little who is through his attempted slog sweep very early. The bails are off and de Kock is relieved that they have managed to pick the final wicket in this match. SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 42 RUNS!
Lungi Ngidi to Mark Adair, Slower length ball around off, punched towards deep cover for one.
Lungi Ngidi to Josh Little, Back of a length ball on middle, hit down to long on for a single by Little.

Lungi Ngidi to bowl the final over.

Beuran Hendricks to Josh Little, Pitched up in the slot and Little swings it away on the leg side from the inside half of his bat, just short of wide long on, for a single.
Beuran Hendricks to Josh Little, Short ball on middle, Little tries to play the cut but misses.
Beuran Hendricks to Mark Adair, Shortish ball on off, Adair pulls it down the ground towards long on for one.
Beuran Hendricks to Josh Little, Pitched up on middle and hit down to long on for a single.
Beuran Hendricks to Josh Little, FOUR! CLEVER! Short ball on middle, angling across, Little just waits for it and opens the face of his bat to ramp it wide of short third man. A boundary for Ireland.
Beuran Hendricks to Josh Little, Length ball on top of off, swing and a miss from Little.
Lungi Ngidi to Mark Adair, Back of a length outside off, just pops up off the surface a bit, Adair is through his slog sweep early and misses again.
Lungi Ngidi to Mark Adair, Shorter one outside off, Adair tries to fetch it from there and whack it across but misses the ball.
Lungi Ngidi to Josh Little, Length ball on middle and leg, hit down to long on for a single.
Lungi Ngidi to Josh Little, Good bouncer, just outside off. Little looks to upper cut this one but it's too quick and he misses.
Lungi Ngidi to Josh Little, Back of a length on middle, angling in, Little looks to heave it on the leg side but misses and is hit on the thigh pad.
Lungi Ngidi to Mark Adair, Slower, short ball outside off, guided nicely to deep point for one.
Beuran Hendricks to Mark Adair, Short ball around off, Adair gets on top of it and pulls it in front of square on the leg side for a single.
Beuran Hendricks to Mark Adair, FOUR! CHEEKY! Very full outside off, Adair opens the face of the bat and squeezes this one behind point and into the boundary.
Beuran Hendricks to Josh Little, Length ball, tucked away onto the leg side for a single.
Beuran Hendricks to Mark Adair, Fuller ball on middle, driven down to long on for one.

Josh Little is the last batsman. Can he again provide some resistance, this time with Mark Adair?

Beuran Hendricks to Craig Young, OUT! CAUGHT! Short in length and around off, angling away, Young tries to fetch it from there and pull it over mid-wicket but it takes the top edge and flies behind square leg. Mulder circles underneath it and reverse cups the catch. The end is nigh for Ireland.
Beuran Hendricks to Mark Adair, Length ball on off, Adair makes room and lofts it high and over mid off. The ball lands safe and the batsmen take three runs, excellent running.
Tabraiz Shamsi to Mark Adair, Straying down leg and Adair flicks it towards backward square leg for on. Shamsi has bowled out, 4-0-14-3 are his amazing figures.
Tabraiz Shamsi to Mark Adair, Flighted outside off, Adair does get the connect on the sweep shot but straight to mid-wicket.
Tabraiz Shamsi to Mark Adair, Tossed up again on middle this time, Adair looks to sweep this time but gets hit on his thigh pad.
Tabraiz Shamsi to Craig Young, Leg Bye! Flighted around off, Young looks to sweep again but gets it onto the pads. The ball deflects towards point for a leg bye.
Tabraiz Shamsi to Craig Young, Tossed up around off, Young looks to sweep but misses.
Tabraiz Shamsi to Mark Adair, Dragged down on middle, pulled to deep mid-wicket for one.

Craig Young is the new batsman.

Bjorn Fortuin to Craig Young, Quicker full ball on off, Young tries to defend but it takes the inner half and rolls to square leg.
Bjorn Fortuin to Simi Singh, OUT! Simi Singh departs! Tossed up ball landing full around middle and leg, Simi shimmies down the track for a big shot but gets an inside edge onto the pads as the ball rolls behind. De Kock is quick to react and picks up the ball to break the stumps. They appeal, it's referred upstairs and after watching a few replays, the third umpire sbows the red signal.

Stumping appeal! It's been referred upstairs. It looks like Simi Singh is gone.

Bjorn Fortuin to Mark Adair, Short ball on middle, Adair pulls it to deep mid-wicket for one.
Bjorn Fortuin to Mark Adair, Slightly flighted on off, Adair watchfully keeps it out.
Bjorn Fortuin to Mark Adair, Shorter ball on off, tapped back to the bowler.

Mark Adair is the new batsman. 68 needed off 35 balls.

Bjorn Fortuin to Lorcan Tucker, OUT! TIMBER! Fortuin darts this one in the line of the stumps but it's not that quick. Tucker looks to move across and cut but misses the ball completely. It leads to his dismissal as he loses his stumps.
Tabraiz Shamsi to Lorcan Tucker, Tossed up on off, Tucker leans forward and pushes it to long off for one.
Tabraiz Shamsi to Simi Singh, Shortish again, Singh tucks it to deep mid-wicket off the back foot for a single.
Tabraiz Shamsi to Lorcan Tucker, A bit shorter on middle and leg, turned away to deep square leg for one.

Simi Singh arrives in the middle.