Pakistan in Zimbabwe, 2 Test Series, 2021

Zimbabwe vs Pakistan - 2nd Test

Venue: Harare Sports Club, Harare

Date: 07 May-10 May, 2021

Zimbabwe 231/10

RR: 3.4 | Pakistan beat Zimbabwe by an innings and 147 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Kevin Kasuza bowled Nauman Alibowled Nauman Ali227321
Tarisai Musakanda c Mohammad Rizwan & b Shaheen Afridic Mohammad Rizwan & b Shaheen Afridi81310
Regis Chakabva c Babar Azam & b Nauman Alic Babar Azam & b Nauman Ali80137132
Brendan Taylor c Mohammad Rizwan & b Shaheen Afridic Mohammad Rizwan & b Shaheen Afridi4931100
Milton Shumba c Imran Butt & b Nauman Alic Imran Butt & b Nauman Ali164130
Luke Jongwe c Mohammad Rizwan & b Shaheen Afridic Mohammad Rizwan & b Shaheen Afridi377070
Donald Tiripano lbw Nauman Alilbw Nauman Ali0600
Roy Kaia c Sajid Khan & b Nauman Alic Sajid Khan & b Nauman Ali0100
Tendai Chisoro bowled Shaheen Afridibowled Shaheen Afridi81220
Richard Ngarava bowled Shaheen Afridibowled Shaheen Afridi0100
Blessing Muzarabani not out not out 42410
Extras 7 (b 1, lb 5, w 0, nb 1)
Total 231 (10 Wkts, 68.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
13-1 (Tarisai Musakanda,4.2), 63-2 (Kevin Kasuza,21.5), 142-3 (Brendan Taylor,36.5), 170-4 (Regis Chakabva,45.3), 188-5 (Milton Shumba,52.3), 196-6 (Donald Tiripano,54.3), 196-7 (Roy Kaia,54.4), 205-8 (Tendai Chisoro,57.5), 205-9 (Richard Ngarava,58), 231-10 (Luke Jongwe,68),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Shaheen Afridi20 5 52 5 2.60
Tabish Khan11 3 46 0 4.18
Hasan Ali10 7 9 0 0.90
Sajid Khan6 1 32 0 5.33
Nauman Ali21 3 86 5 4.10
Imran Butt0 0 0 0 0
Abid Ali0 0 0 0 0
Azhar Ali0 0 0 0 0
Babar Azam 0 0 0 0 0
Fawad Alam0 0 0 0 0
Mohammad Rizwan 0 0 0 0 0

Right then, that's all we have from this Pakistan's tour of Zimbabwe. The T20I series was quite competitive and the home team even managed to upset the visitors once. However, in the longer format, the hosts didn't have the wherewithal to compete with Pakistan. Now, there will be a bit of a lull in international cricket from hereon. Do join us when action resumes again. Cheers!

Babar Azam, the skipper of Pakistan, says he is very satisfied with both the series. States the batters did really well and the stand between Azhar and Abid was important as it set the tone and the others kept the good work going. Credits the way Nauman batted towards the end. Babar feels that this inning was very necessary for Abid Ali and it will give him and his team a lot of confidence, especially at the top, in the coming series.

Brendan Taylor, the captain of Zimbabwe, says that he would have liked a bit more positives from this Test. Mentions that they have a lot of things to address, particularly the mental side of the batting and wants more discipline with the bat. Adds that when he went to bat in the second innings, he changed his game plan as Pakistan are very skilful with the ball and surviving while defending would not have been easy, and that's why he decided to attack.

HASAN ALI IS THE PLAYER OF THE SERIES! The speedster says that it's been a good tour for him. Mentions that the pitch wasn't good to bowl as it was getting slower with every passing day. Shares that his plan was to bowl the stump-to-stump line and praises all the bowlers who supported him. Tells that he is very happy and talks about the hard work that he has put in the recent past after returning from injury.

ABID ALI IS THE PLAYER OF THE MATCH! The Pakistan opener says that his plan was to form a partnership with Azhar Ali. Tells that the pitch was a bit slow earlier and their attempt was to stay in the middle and maximize the stand. Adds that he has self-belief and succeeded in playing a big knock. Mentions that his knock is a big achievement for him and his family and credits his coaches. Shares that scoring 60 odd runs in the first Test gave him the confidence.

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A couple of positives for Zimbabwe would be the batting of Regis Chakabva where he showed application and desire to spend time in the middle. With the ball, they were more or less flat but the spell with the second new ball from Blessing Muzarabani was exceptional and that had Pakistan in a little spot of bother then. The hosts still have a long way to go in this format and can take the positives from this series and move ahead.

As is the case in Test matches, batsmen can score runs but if the bowlers can't pick 20 wickets, you can't win. Nothing of that sort happened with Pakistan though. Hasan Ali led them superbly in the first innings with yet another fifer in his last few innings. Zimbabwe were shot out for only 132 in reply and were forced to follow-on. There were some counter-attacking knocks from the likes of Chakabva and Taylor in the second essay and the Pakistan spinners bore the brunt of that. However, Nauman Ali bounced back superbly to claim a fifer and destroyed Zimbabwe's middle order. Shaheen Afridi took the responsibility this time around from the pace department and picked up a 5-fer. All in all, a clinical performance by Pakistan to register a big win.

Summarizing this Test match, it was mostly about Abid Ali and his daddy hundred. He showed his character at the top as hitting a double century at any level and against any opposition is not easy. It requires focus and a truckload of patience. Abid showed everything during his 407-ball stay and has emerged as one of the secured options as an opener for Pakistan. Azhar Ali also struck a century to return to his best form and his double century stand with Abid threw Zimbabwe out of this Test match very early. The rest of the work was done by Nauman Ali's quickfire 97 which in a way deflated the hosts completely. 

As expected, Pakistan have not taken long to pick the last wicket to seal the Test match and series. Yet another comprehensive victory for them as they handed Zimbabwe an innings defeat once more. Once their batsmen piled up 510 runs in the first innings, the writing was on the wall. The hosts faced an imminent defeat from the third day onward as we already knew about their batting abilities. Still, Zimbabwe could have fought more, something they managed in their second innings but even that was too small a fight to bother the Asian team.

Shaheen Afridi to Luke Jongwe, OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! Pakistan finally manage to take the last wicket. Shaheen Afridi it is who also gets a fifer. He will be really pleased with this fifer. The pacer was really frustrated in the first innings as he was struggling to pick up wickets but has comeback brilliantly and finished with career-best figures. Shaheen continued to probe from 'round the wicket angle and served a length ball outside off. It moved away a hint after landing as Jongwe decided to drive away from his body. But all he managed was an outside edge and it's taken by Rizwan. PAKISTAN WIN BY AN INNINGS AND 147 RUNS!
Shaheen Afridi to Luke Jongwe, Missing leg! Angled into the pads. Jongwe looks to flick but misses to get hit on the pads.
Shaheen Afridi to Luke Jongwe, Outside off, left alone with ease. The two batters have not looked troubled as of now.
Shaheen Afridi to Luke Jongwe, A short one and on middle, it is evaded.
Shaheen Afridi to Luke Jongwe, On middle, it is kept out.
Shaheen Afridi to Luke Jongwe, No ball! Afridi has overstepped. Fuller and around off, Jongwe looks to drive but it goes off the outside edge. Lands well short of second slip.
Shaheen Afridi to Luke Jongwe, Beaten! Length and on off, this pitches and then angles away. Jongwe is beaten as he tries to defend.
Tabish Khan to Blessing Muzarabani, FOUR! What a shot to get off the mark! A top order batter will be proud of that. Length and around middle, this is cracked down the ground. The mid on fielder tries to get across and stop it with a slide but it evades him and runs down to the fence.
Tabish Khan to Blessing Muzarabani, Tabish needs to be a little fuller here. He is a little too short again. It is angling into the pads. Blessing fails to put the bat on the ball and is hit on the pads. A stifled appeal for an lbw dies down quickly.
Tabish Khan to Blessing Muzarabani, Angled into the middle pole, Muzarabani pushes it to mid on. 
Tabish Khan to Blessing Muzarabani, Another one on a length and around off, blocked.
Tabish Khan to Blessing Muzarabani, Once again this is outside off, it is not played at.
Tabish Khan to Blessing Muzarabani, Shorter in length and outside off, it is evaded.
Shaheen Afridi to Luke Jongwe, No he can't! Shaheen looks for a yorker but ends up serving a full toss. It is hit to mid off. Blessing Muzarabani will be on strike for the next over.
Shaheen Afridi to Luke Jongwe, Another one on a length and around off, Jongwe looks to defend but gets a slight outside edge. It rolls to gully. One ball to go, can he take a single?
Shaheen Afridi to Luke Jongwe, Good length again and on off, Jongwe defends it nicely. He's really been solid.
Shaheen Afridi to Luke Jongwe, Fortunate runs! Shaheen comes around the wicket and angles this near off. Jongwe looks to leave it but does so late. It hits the bat and goes through backward point for two.
Shaheen Afridi to Luke Jongwe, This one is well wide outside off, Jongwe does not fiddle with it.
Shaheen Afridi to Luke Jongwe, Back of a length and on middle, blocked.
Tabish Khan to Blessing Muzarabani, That made a good sound after meeting the bat! Length and around off, it is guided right off the middle but straight to point.
Tabish Khan to Blessing Muzarabani, A short one, it does not bounce a lot and it is outside off. Left alone.
Tabish Khan to Blessing Muzarabani, Angled into the pads. Blessing works it to mid-wicket.
Tabish Khan to Blessing Muzarabani, Beaten again! This is another length ball outside off. Stays low and skids through. Muzarabani throws his bat at it again but is beaten.
Tabish Khan to Blessing Muzarabani, Length and outside off, skidding through. Blessing slashes but misses.
Tabish Khan to Blessing Muzarabani, Good length and on off, blocked.

Tabish Khan will bowl from the other end. He would like to pick the last wicket and finish things off here.

Shaheen Afridi to Luke Jongwe, FOUR! Off the mark in style today. Fuller and on off, it is driven down the ground for a boundary at long off.
Shaheen Afridi to Luke Jongwe, Very full and on middle, it is played back to the bowler.
Shaheen Afridi to Luke Jongwe, Good length ball on middle and off, Jongwe blocks it.
Shaheen Afridi to Luke Jongwe, Yorker! It is on middle and off. Jongwe does well to jam it out. 
Shaheen Afridi to Luke Jongwe, Shortish and outside off, Jongwe pushes at it and taps it down wide of gully.
Shaheen Afridi to Luke Jongwe, Outside off, it is left alone to the keeper.

We are all set for the action to begin! The last batting pair for Zimbabwe, Luke Jongwe and Blessing Muzarabani walk out to the centre. Shaheed Afridi to bowl.

Hello and welcome to the coverage of Day 4 of the second Test between Pakistan and Zimbabwe. In this game of uncertainties, one thing is for certain and that is Pakistan’s win today. One wicket is all they need. How long will they take to pick it? Less than 10 balls or more than that? We will find out.

... Day 4, Session 1 ...

Nauman and Afridi ran through the middle and the lower order. Just the one wicket was needed and Azam took the extra 30 minutes which was, in the end, played out by the last pair and the bad light also helped them in stretching this Test match by a few more overs. So now the question is, how long will Pakistan take to pick the last wicket? We will find out, do join us for all the action on 10th May 2021 at 0930 local (0730 GMT). Till then, take care and goodbye!

After bowling Zimbabwe out in the first session itself, they enforced the follow-on. The visitors did get two early but then Taylor and Chakabva surged a fight back. The two added a good stand but both were unfortunate to miss out on their respective milestones. Once Chakabva fell the procession started.

Another day which belonged to the visitors. We did see some glimpses of fight and character from Zimbabwe but it was all about Pakistan.

So, we will be having a Day 4! Just the one wicket is what Pakistan need to win the series 2-0.

Nauman Ali to Blessing Muzarabani, Nicely flighted ball, outside off. Left alone. The umpires converge and decided that the light is not enough to carry on. That is Stumps on Day 3!