Pakistan in South Africa, 5 ODI Series, 2019

South Africa vs Pakistan - 3rd ODI

Venue: SuperSport Park, Centurion

Date & Time: 25 January 2019

South Africa 187/2

RR: 5.66 | South Africa beat Pakistan by 13 runs (D/L method)


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Quinton de Kock run out run out 333640
Hashim Amla c Babar Azam & b Hasan Ali c Babar Azam & b Hasan Ali 253030
Reeza Hendricks not out not out 839082
Faf du Plessis not out not out 404231
Rassie van der Dussen
David Miller
Andile Phehlukwayo
Kagiso Rabada
Beuran Hendricks
Dale Steyn
Tabraiz Shamsi
Extras 6 (b 0, lb 1, w 5, nb 0)
Total 187 (2 Wkts, 33.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
53-1 (Hashim Amla,9.2), 79-2 (Quinton de Kock,14.3),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mohammad Amir7 0 36 0 5.14
Shaheen Afridi6 0 37 0 6.17
Imad Wasim8 0 34 0 4.25
Hasan Ali6 0 33 1 5.50
Shadab Khan6 0 46 0 7.67
Imam-ul-Haq 0 0 0 0 0
Fakhar Zaman 0 0 0 0 0
Babar Azam 0 0 0 0 0
Mohammad Hafeez 0 0 0 0 0
Shoaib Malik 0 0 0 0 0
Sarfraz Ahmed 0 0 0 0 0

That's it from this one. A tough night to forget for Pakistan as they did most things right, but the rain changed the situation and one bad phase pegged them back. South Africa lead the series 2-1, but there are plenty of things they'd like to right in the fourth game in Johannesburg. It takes place on Sunday at 1000 local (0800 GMT). See you for that one. Goodbye!

South Africa captain, Faf du Plessis, says they were below par with the ball and quite flat in the field. Goes on to say that the guys are trying their hardest though and pushing for that World Cup spot. Adds that Ngidi's injury has given them the chance to look for that extra/back-up fast bowler to go with the three they already have and these games are good opportunities to check that out. On the team combination, Faf admits that many players (Like Markram and Hendricks) fighting for one spot, and that even Duminy is yet to return, are all one of those good problems to have. Continues saying that every series is a learning curve and they are becoming quite composed as a batting unit, in realizing when to go for it and when to take a step back. On the bowling, he says there's room for improvement. Ends by saying that the main area they need to focus on is the fielding and that's what they'll try to improve in the next game.

Man of the Match, Reeza Hendricks, says he is happy to have contributed and be on the right side of the result. Reckons that their mentality was good but despite the rain, they only focused on their game and not the DLS calculations. Says that he's been feeling good and scoring a few boundaries early helped him settle in well and find some rhythm. Adds that he only tried to take it slow, letting himself ease in and then taking it from there. States that he doesn't think about the World Cup spot in the team and just wants to do his best in each game he plays.

Pakistan captain, Sarfraz Ahmed, says his batsmen did really well but his bowlers couldn't get the wickets which is why they lost. Credits how the South African batsmen played but laments the poor showing of his bowlers on this surface (after the rain interruption). Mentions that they will work on their weaknesses and try to do better in the next game.

Earlier in the day, Pakistan had a superb outing with the bat after electing to bat. Imam-ul-Haq, who silenced his critics with a finely-crafted ton, was the nucleus of the innings as everything revolved around him. He had two people in Babar and Hafeez, making their fifties along the way, as the opener made vital partnerships with them. Wasim came towards the end and his fantastic cameo catapulted his side to a good total, but Pakistan were eventually undone by the rain gods.

The two rain interruptions were like two sides of a cassette, and on both occasions, Pakistan couldn't wait to get back out for different reasons - the first one came before the 20-over mark and a no-result would have been disappointing for them. And the second time, it was after Hendricks and du Plessis blew them away with their brisk century stand and the hosts were ahead of the DLS par score. The wet conditions didn't help as the ball came nicely onto the bat. It eventually proved to be enough as the Saffas got the victory.

An unfortunate end to what was shaping up to be a close and exciting contest. South Africa started off well with Amla and de Kock fluently going about their business, but the former's soft dismissal off Hasan Ali's bowling and some brilliant work in the field from Shadab to get rid of de Kock brought the momentum back in the visitors' favour.

Update 2138 local - The official word is in. It's not one anyone is going to like. No more play can be possible and as a result of that, SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 13 RUNS ON DLS METHOD.

Update 2105 local - Here's the deal - the rain had stopped, the covers were off, some overs were reduced and we were about to begin, but the heavens opened up again and literally rained on everyone's parade.

And.... it happens! The covers are brought on by the groundsmen. Raining pretty heavily now. The players have gone off the field. We're in for another frustrating wait. By the way, the DLS par score is 180, and South Africa are comfortably ahead.

I Wasim to R Hendricks, Hendricks stands in his crease and pushes it to the mid-wicket fielder. The rain is getting heavier here.
I Wasim to du Plessis, A flatter and quicker one on middle, Faf is on his knees, makes room and cuts it away to deep cover for a single.
I Wasim to du Plessis, Flicked away to square leg for no run by the SA skipper.
I Wasim to R Hendricks, Short of a length on middle and off, Reeza goes back in his crease and punches it to deep cover for a single.
I Wasim to R Hendricks, Well bowled! Imad sees the batsman coming down the ground and bowls it short purposely. Hendricks adjusts and plays it safely to cover.
I Wasim to R Hendricks, Flatter one on the pads, RH misses his flick and gets hit on the pad. The ball was going well down leg though.

Coming down really hard now. Might be just a matter of time before play is stopped again. In the meantime, Imad Wasim is back on to bowl.

M Amir to du Plessis, A length ball on middle stump, Faf drives it back down the ground to mid on.
M Amir to R Hendricks, Punched off the back foot to deep cover for a single by Reeza.
M Amir to du Plessis, Effort ball from Aamir, lands this on half track. Du Plessis is early into his pull but adjusts well and takes a single to deep square leg.
M Amir to R Hendricks, Quick single down to mid off, a fuller length ball that Hendricks comes ahead and pushes it down and sets off for a quick one.
M Amir to R Hendricks, Length ball on off, pushed towards the cover fielder.
M Amir to R Hendricks, Play and a miss! A length ball outside off and Reeza swings across the line but fails to make any connection on the ball.
H Ali to R Hendricks, Leans ahead to this fuller ball and turns it to deep mid-wicket for a single.
H Ali to R Hendricks, Behind a good length, on off stump, blocked from within the crease.
H Ali to du Plessis, Short ball on middle, du Plessis pulls it away with authority and finds deep mid-wicket. Single to the total.
H Ali to du Plessis, The 100-run stand comes up. These two have motored along with complete control and no trouble at all. Faf du Plessis flicks this through mid-wicket and comes back for the second.
H Ali to du Plessis, Wanted the run but then decided against it. Faf taps it in front of covers and takes off, before eventually being sent back.
H Ali to R Hendricks, No luck for Pakistan so far. A short ball in banged in, Hendricks pulls and gets a top edge over the keeper's head, towards fine leg. One run collected.
M Amir to R Hendricks, Shaping away from outside off, Hendricks plays it off the outer half to third man for one run.
M Amir to R Hendricks, Keeps very low. Length delivery outside off, it goes off the inside edge, quite low on the bat and deflects on the pads.
M Amir to R Hendricks, A tad straight in line, worked off the inner half on the leg side.
M Amir to R Hendricks, Plays this with soft hands and that's what saves him. Length ball outside off, Reeza plays away from his body and edges it behind where Sarfraz dives to his right to stop it on the bounce.
M Amir to R Hendricks, FOUR! Fuller and too far outside off, Reeza picks it spot early and gets his shot away with perfect execution. Cuts it behind point and finds the fence.
M Amir to R Hendricks, Beaten! Amir switches to around the wicket and lands it on a length around off, it angles in and then shapes away late. Hendricks looks to go big downtown but misses.
H Ali to R Hendricks, The batsman works it down the leg side. They pick up a single.
H Ali to du Plessis, Length delivery on middle and off, turned through square leg for a single.
H Ali to R Hendricks, Angling in at first, wristed wide of mid-wicket for a brisk run.
H Ali to du Plessis, Plays this late. Runs this down to third man with an open face and jogs across to the other end.
H Ali to du Plessis, Short of a good length outside the line of off stump, blocked safely.
H Ali to R Hendricks, Direct hit! Similar to the Quinton de Kock dismissal, but the only difference is that Hendricks is well in. Reeza taps it down in front of point and takes off. Shadab from point moves to his right and fires it at the bowler's end. He scores a direct hit, but to no avail.
M Amir to du Plessis, Skidding off the surface, a good length delivery on off, it's cut to point.
M Amir to du Plessis, Back of a length, just outside off, defended from the back foot.
M Amir to du Plessis, FOUR! Two in two! Getting a move on. Faf du Plessis looking so confident, as always. Extremely full and outside off, Faf clear his front leg and bangs his past mid off to send it across the boundary line.
M Amir to du Plessis, FOUR! Amazing. What a shot. Full and wide outside off, too much room to work with and du Plessis puts this away. Reaches out to it and smashes it through the covers for a boundary.
M Amir to R Hendricks, Back of a length outside off, Reeza stands tall and punches it through to sweeper cover for a run.
M Amir to R Hendricks, Full delivery outside the line of off stump, defensively pushed down the ground towards mid off.

Mohammad Amir to bowl again. Also, it has started to rain again. Uh oh!

S Afridi to du Plessis, Flicked with the wrists straight to the man at short mid-wicket.
S Afridi to du Plessis, Fullish in length, well outside off, played to covers for no run.