Pakistan in England, 3 Test Series, 2020

England vs Pakistan - 3rd Test

Venue: The Rose Bowl, Southampton

Date: 21 August-25 August, 2020

Pakistan 187/4

RR: 2.24 | England drew with Pakistan


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Shan Masood lbw Stuart Broadlbw Stuart Broad186620
Abid Ali lbw James Andersonlbw James Anderson4216220
Azhar Ali c Joe Root & b James Andersonc Joe Root & b James Anderson3111420
Babar Azam not out not out 639280
Asad Shafiq c & b Joe Rootc & b Joe Root215900
Fawad Alam not out not out 0900
Mohammad Rizwan
Yasir Shah
Shaheen Afridi
Mohammad Abbas
Naseem Shah
Extras 12 (b 0, lb 9, w 0, nb 3)
Total 187 (4 Wkts, 83.1 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
49-1 (Shan Masood,23.4), 88-2 (Abid Ali,49.5), 109-3 (Azhar Ali,61.2), 172-4 (Asad Shafiq,79.4),
BowlingO M R WEcon
James Anderson19 3 45 2 2.37
Stuart Broad14.1 5 27 1 1.91
Chris Woakes8 2 14 0 1.75
Jofra Archer14 8 14 0 1.00
Dom Bess21 4 54 0 2.57
Joe Root6 0 17 1 2.83
Dom Sibley1 0 7 0 7.00
Rory Burns0 0 0 0 0
Zak Crawley0 0 0 0 0
Ollie Pope0 0 0 0 0
Jos Buttler 0 0 0 0 0

That's all from this game and the series! England end up winning it 1-0 and it has been a terrific Test summer for them. All credit to Pakistan, they gave a tough fight in all the Test matches. Now, we move onto the T20I series which will be played at Old Trafford, Manchester. The first T20I begins on 28th August, 2020 at 1800 local (1700 GMT). Join us for that. Until then, cheers.

England skipper, Joe Root says that he is happy with the boys for their performance and for the win. On what was said to Anderson, Root says that he said to enjoy and celebrate and adds Broad said some things and compared this cold windy Wednesday night in the Premier League. On the young players, Root says Crawley's work ethic and reading of the game has been there to see and hence he is not surprised by his performance. Adds the way he played spin and seam was fantastic. Tells they knew they had to play well to win the series. Ends by thanking everyone involved in the series.

Pakistan skipper, Azhar Ali says that he regrets the final session of the first Test but congratulates England for winning the main session of the Test and playing good cricket. Adds they were good and were competitive and credits his boys for that. Tells there is always room for improvement but credits his boys for staying together and sticking together with each other and also for showing a fight in the games. On his personal form, he says that it was important for himself and also for his side as they were in trouble. Adds that an innings like that can boast the confidence of any player.

Pakistan's Man of the Series, Mohammad Rizwan says that he was practicing some drills before the series and that helped him. States that he was told by his teammates that keeping is tough in England and he tried to practice it here and that worked. Says that it is difficult to stand near the stumps to Abbas but it has been nice to play in England. Goes onto say that he looked to play a compact innings and it is difficult to play with the tail but that is the beauty of Test cricket.

Player of the Series for England, Jos Buttler says when asked about Anderson that his variety and skills makes him stand out along with his longevity and adds he is an inspiration for all the boys in the dressing room. Adds it was a shame that there was no crowd to witness it. Says he was confident and kept his calm which is important in both success and failure. Tells anytime he can hit one past the bowler makes him feel like it is his day. Adds it was a good pitch and he was happy to make a contribution. On Crawley and Pope, he says that they have a good future and is excited to watch them bat. Adds Sibley and Burns also have a great future. Admits he is happy to go out of the bubble as it has been long and hard. Thanks the Pakistan side for coming to play in these tough situation.

Man of the Match, Zak Crawley, says that he cannot believe that he has the 10th highest score by an England player and says it is a huge honour. Tells that he was happy to get off to a start and ease the nerves and says he was happy to cash in on the start and get on a big score. Tells he had a very good preparation and he was preparing for these bowlers when he was out of the side. Says Stokes coming back in the side later on was not on his mind and when he got past 100, he wanted more. Tells it has not sunk in yet but he is sure that it will give him confidence.

England enforced the follow-on but rain had started to dominate and the pitch too had started to slow down and became flat like a biscuit. The openers took their time and with some luck built a 49-run stand. Azhar Ali then joined Abid and the pair did what they had to do, eat away the balls and ensure they get closer to rain. Abid's 162 balls 42 helped them get closer. Azhar Ali and Babar Azam then ensured there was no more damage at the end of Day 4 before rain came down heavily and killed all hopes of an England win on Day 5. The final day became more of a formality and about Anderson's unbelievable milestone which he got when he got rid of the Pakistan skipper. Asad failed to make the most of the formal day and got out to another low score before both sides decided that a result was not possible. Not much to talk about England's bowling. It was hard and they tried their best. Archer and Bess bowled their hearts out but to no success. Anderson got his 599th and 600th wicket while Root and Broad finished with one to their name.

Pakistan in reply got off to a terrible start and were staring at an innings defeat with the team struggling at 75/5 but the skipper, who was under tremendous pressure gave them hope along with Rizwan. The duo stitched together a 138-run stand and ate away a lot of deliveries. Azhar stayed unbeaten on 141, though that was not enough to avoid the follow-on but it was good enough to drag the game to days which had rain forecasted. The fine-wine, Anderson was the star for the England side as he finished with yet another 5-wicket haul. His partner-in-crime, Stuart Broad finished with 2 while Woakes and Bess had one apiece.

A little recap of this rain-marred Test, after winning the toss and opting to bat, England did not get off to a good start but a marathon 267 from Zak Crawley and a superb 152 from Buttler took the game away from the Asian side. The pair added a 359-run stand and took their side out of a danger position from 127/4. The hosts declared for a gigantic total of 583/8. It was a tough job for the bowlers with Mohammad Abbas going wicketless while the trio of Yasir Shah, Shaheen Afridi and Fawad Alam getting two. Asad Shafiq and Naseem Shah bagged one each.

That is it! The players are shaking hands and that is the end of the Test match and the series. It was another day marred by rain but this day will go down in history as Jimmy Anderson became the first-ever pace bowler to get to 600 wickets. A result was always unlikely after so much of the day being washed out by rain and wet outfield. England have won the series but with another draw, Pakistan add 13 points in their World Test Championship kitty.

S Broad to Azam, Full delivery outside off, Azam offers no shot to this one. Both the teams shake hands and THE MATCH ENDS IN A DRAW! ENGLAND WIN THE SERIES 1-0!
J Anderson to Alam, Full delivery outside off, left alone.
J Anderson to Alam, Outside off, not played at.
J Anderson to Alam, Back of a length ball on middle, Alam blocks it back to the bowler.
J Anderson to Azam, Good length ball on middle, Azam flicks it through square leg for a single.
J Anderson to Azam, FOUR! What a shot that one! Full delivery outside off, Azam drives it through the covers. The fielder chases after it but fails to stop it.
J Anderson to B Azam, FOUR! Beautifully flicked! Full delivery on the pads, Azam flicks it to the deep square leg region for a boundary.
S Broad to Alam, Full delivery on middle, Alam plays it towards mid on.
S Broad to Alam, An appeal for LBW turned down! Good length ball on the pads, Alam looks to flick but gets hit on the pads.
S Broad to Azam, Full again on middle, Azam flicks it through square leg for a single.
S Broad to Azam, On a length on the pads, Azam looks to flick but gets hit on the pads. The ball rolls to the leg side and the batters pick up a couple of leg byes.
S Broad to Azam, On a length on middle, Azam defends it out back to the bowler.
S Broad to Azam, Good length ball outside off, Azam looks to defend but fails to get any bat on it.
J Anderson to Alam, Good length delivery on off, Alam offers a solid defense on this one.
J Anderson to Alam, Outside off, Alam offers no shot to this one.
J Anderson to Azam, Full delivery on middle, Azam flicks it through mid-wicket. The batsmen get three runs.
J Anderson to Azam, Outside off, Babar offers no shot to this one.
J Anderson to Azam, Back of a length on off, Azam defends it off the front foot.
J Anderson to Azam, Length delivery outside off, Azam shoulders arms to this one.
Joe Root to Alam, Floated ball on middle, Alam defends it back to the bowler.
Joe Root to Alam, The batsman rocks onto the back foot and punches the ball.
Joe Root to Shafiq, OUT! Caught! A wicket against the run of play. Root has a wicket to his name. Asad's poor series comes to an end. Had a chance to get some runs today but he has failed to take that. Tossed up delivery on middle and off, it spins in a bit. Asad looks to defend but the ball takes an inside edge, clips the pad and goes low to short leg. Substitute Bracey takes a very good catch. 4 down, the new ball around the corner and anything can happen here.
Joe Root to Azam, Loopy ball on middle, Azam defends it out.
Joe Root to Azam, Floated ball on middle, Azam defends it out.
Joe Root to Shafiq, The batsman has driven it through mid-on. They pick up a single
Dom Bess to Azam, Loopy ball on middle, Babar blocks it out.
Dom Bess to Shafiq, Flighted on middle, Asad flicks it to deep square leg for a single.
Dom Bess to Shafiq, On off, defended out.
Dom Bess to Shafiq, Tossed up ball on middle, Shafiq defends it back to the bowler.
Dom Bess to Shafiq, On middle, flicked to square leg.
Dom Bess to Azam, Floated on the pads, Azam flicks it to deep mid-wicket for a single.
Dom Sibley to Shafiq, Flighted on middle, Shafiq defends it back to the bowler.
Dom Sibley to Shafiq, Tossed up on middle, Shafiq defends it to mid on.

77.5: Dom Sibley to Shafiq, NO BALL! On off, defended out solidly. Another No ball.

Dom Sibley to Shafiq, The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground.
Dom Sibley to Shafiq, Loop ball on middle, Shafiq flicks it to mid-wicket.
Dom Sibley to Shafiq, No Ball! Floated on off, Shafiq pushes it to cover.

77.2: Dom Sibley to Shafiq, Full delivery on middle, Shafiq pushes it to mid on.

77.1: Dom Sibley to Shafiq, Full toss outside off, Shafiq drives it through extra cover and picks up a couple.

77.1: Dom Sibley to Shafiq, Starts with a rank long-hop but gets away with it! He bowls a short ball outside off, Asad punches it towards the cover region for a couple. No ball signalled.