Pakistan in England, 3 T20I Series, 2020

England vs Pakistan - 2nd T20I

Venue: Old Trafford, Manchester

Date & Time: 30 August 2020

England 199/5

RR: 10.38 | England beat Pakistan by 5 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Tom Banton lbw Shadab Khan lbw Shadab Khan 201601
Jonny Bairstow c Imad Wasim & b Shadab Khan c Imad Wasim & b Shadab Khan 442442
Dawid Malan not out not out 543661
Eoin Morgan c & b Haris Rauf c & b Haris Rauf 663364
Moeen Ali c Babar Azam (C) & b Shadab Khan c Babar Azam (C) & b Shadab Khan 1200
Sam Billings c Fakhar Zaman & b Haris Rauf c Fakhar Zaman & b Haris Rauf 10520
Lewis Gregory not out not out 0000
Chris Jordan
Tom Curran
Adil Rashid
Saqib Mahmood
Extras 4 (b 0, lb 1, w 2, nb 1)
Total 199 (5 Wkts, 19.1 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
66-1 (Jonny Bairstow,6.2), 66-2 (Tom Banton,6.3), 178-3 (Eoin Morgan,16.5), 182-4 (Moeen Ali,17.4), 195-5 (Sam Billings,19),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Imad Wasim3 0 30 0 10.00
Shaheen Afridi3.1 0 44 0 14.19
Mohammad Amir2 0 25 0 12.50
Shadab Khan4 0 34 3 8.50
Iftikhar Ahmed3 0 31 0 10.33
Haris Rauf4 0 34 2 8.50
Babar Azam 0 0 0 0 0
Fakhar Zaman 0 0 0 0 0
Mohammad Hafeez 0 0 0 0 0
Shoaib Malik 0 0 0 0 0
Mohammad Rizwan 0 0 0 0 0

That's all from this game then! And guess what! Not a single drop of rain to force any stoppage in the game. That has to be an achievement, isn't it. England 1-0 up. One more to go, that is going to be played on this venue as well. However, rain might have some say in that game which will be played on Tuesday, 1st September 2020. It will begin at 1800 local (1700 GMT). Join us for the game. Until then, it is goodbye!

The winning skipper, Eoin Morgan, is also the Player of the Match. Tells that he has been batting well and hopes he will play a few more knocks like these. Says that it was a good game overall. Feels both the teams have not played T20s for a while and maybe they were a bit rusty. On bowling in the Powerplay, Morgan says that it is tough, especially when there are two set batters. Praises the performance of Malan. On the upcoming T20 World Cup, Morgan says that they have not found all their men for the tournament but hopes they will do so in time.

The Losing skipper, Babar Azam, says that they got a very good score in the first innings. Feels they made a few errors with the ball also credits the stand between Morgan and Malan. Says that he has learned a lot from this game and would look to apply the learnings in the next game.

A few good performances in the game! First up, Babar Azam, a fine half-century and then Hafeez's half ton that took Pakistan towards a massive total. Apart from Rashid, none of the England bowlers looked threatening. And then, Bairstow provided the breezy start and Morgan and Malan with superb hands took England home. Who's your pick for the Player of the Match? Stay tuned to find out.

There was hardly any support off the surface for the bowlers in the first innings and that was evident in the second as well. Mohammad Amir's hamstring injury didn't help Pakistan's cause at all. None of the bowlers could deliver in the Powerplay. They got two wickets in two balls, courtesy a superb Shadab Khan over but that was it. He didn't get any support from the other end eventually Morgan and Malan went berserk to force the bowlers on the back foot. After Morgan's dismissal, Shadab and Rauf did manage to get a couple of wickets but they came a little too late.

Like Pakistan, the English openers, Bairstow and Banton started superbly. It was Bairstow who was the catalyst during their 66-run stand. He fell to Shadab Khan for a well-made 44 in just 24 deliveries. Banton fell on the next ball and Pakistan would've sensed an opportunity. However, captain, Morgan, walked out with real intent. He got an able partner in the form of Dawid Malan. The duo just didn't give an inch away and smashed the Pakistani bowlers all over the park during their superb 112-run stand. Morgan fell on 66 but he had taken the side very close to the victory. Malan, eventually, with his unbeaten half-century took England home easily.

Job done then, with 5 balls left. A thorough professional run chase from England. A little cameo from Billings that made sure there was no drama in the end. He fell too but Malan finished it in style. England go 1-0 up in the 3-game series with 1 game left.

S Afridi to D Malan, FOUR! That is it! Malan finishes the game with a boundary. Low full toss outside off, Malan finds the gap between cover and point and gets a boundary. ENGLAND WIN BY 5 WICKETS!

Lewis Gregory is in now! Malan will face though. Shaheen Afridi to bowl the final over. Scores are level already.

H Rauf to Sam Billings, OUT! Caught! Would you believe it? Just a run needed and Billings has found the fielder to perfection. Back of a length ball around off, Billings hits it uppishly straight to backward point. Fakhar Zaman there takes a simple catch.
H Rauf to Sam Billings, FOUR! Just one needed now. Length ball on off, Billings smashes it straight down the ground and gets a boundary.
H Rauf to Sam Billings, FOUR! Well read and executed. Back of a length ball outside off, Billings comes inside his stumps and paddles it to the fine leg region for a boundary.
H Rauf to D Malan, Fifty for David Malan. He has played a very good knock and will look to finish this off. Full on off, Malan plays it to cover and gets a single to reach his milestone.
H Rauf to Sam Billings, On the pads, Billings turns it to the leg side and gets a single.
H Rauf to D Malan, Full on off, Malan squeezes it to cover and gets a single.
S Khan to D Malan, Flighted on off, Malan milks it to cover for a run. 12 needed off 12. Shadab finishes with 3/34 from his 4.
S Khan to Sam Billings, Tossed up on off, Billings milks it to long off and gets a single to get off the mark.

Sam Billings is in.

S Khan to M Ali, OUT! Soft dismissal! Moeen departs and is there a twist in the tale? Moeen's poor run with the bat continues. Short and slow on middle and off, Moeen looks to pull but he is way too early in his shot. He ends up lobbing it straight to Babar Azam at short mid-wicket. 14 needed off 14.
S Khan to D Malan, Tossed up on middle, Malan reverse sweeps it in front of square on the off side and gets a single.
S Khan to D Malan, Floated on off, Malan hits it wide of long on and gets a couple.
S Khan to M Ali, Tossed up on off, Moeen lofts it over mid off. It falls in no man's land. Single taken.

Shadab Khan to bowl out. 3-0-28-2 so far. Can he do some magic?

H Rauf to D Malan, Play and a miss! Excellent over from Rauf. Shortish slower ball around off, Malan is early in his shot and misses out.

Moeen Ali is in.

H Rauf to E Morgan, OUT! CAUGHT! Wicket for Pakistan. Morgan departs. Can Pakistan force something here? A fuller ball on middle and leg, Morgan looks to slam it over deep square leg but fails to time it that well. He ends up giving a simple chance to Khushdil Shah, the sub there. He accepts the catch calmly to end a terrific knock from the England skipper. 18 more needed.
H Rauf to D Malan, Fuller and around middle, stroked to long on for a single.
H Rauf to D Malan, Dot again! Slower short ball outside off, Malan fails to read it and ends up leaving it alone. Appreciates with nod of his head.
H Rauf to D Malan, On the pads, Malan looks to pull but gets an inside edge on the pads.
H Rauf to D Malan, FOUR! And he is welcomed with a boundary. Excellent from England. Short and on middle, Malan rocks back and pulls it to the deep mid-wicket fence.

Haris Rauf returns now!

I Wasim to D Malan, On middle, turned towards square leg for a single. 23 needed in 24 balls.
I Wasim to D Malan, FOUR! Goes inside out now and bags another boundary. Malan wants to finish this real quick. Imad tosses it full and outside off, Morgan lifts it over extra cover to bag another boundary.
I Wasim to D Malan, FOUR! Slammed! Excellent shot from Malan. 100-run stand is up in just 57 balls. Short and wide outside off, Malan waits on the back foot and crunches it through point.
I Wasim to E Morgan, Tossed up outside off, Morgan runs it towards short third man for a quick single.
I Wasim to D Malan, Full and outside off, pushed to deep cover for a single.
I Wasim to D Malan, Shortish and around off, Malan mistimes it back to the bowler.

Imad Wasim returns. 2-0-19-0 from him so far.

S Afridi to E Morgan, BOTTOM EDGE AND FOUR! When things go your way, everything goes your way and when they don't nothing does. That is what is happening here. Morgan is enjoying the former while the latter is happening to Pakistan. Full toss outside off, Morgan looks to flat-bat it on the off side but he gets a bottom edge and the ball goes towards the third man fence. Hattrick of boundaries to end the over. A very expensive return for Shaheen. 20 off his over.
S Afridi to E Morgan, FOUR! Captain Morgan in cruise control here. Fuller ball on off, Morgan is playing with the field here as he lofts it over mid off effortlessly and gets a boundary.
S Afridi to E Morgan, FOUR! Another good shot! Good length ball around off, Morgan pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a boundary.
S Afridi to E Morgan, Good length ball on middle and off, Morgan looks to play but gets an inside edge onto the pads. The ball goes to the off side and Morgan comes out for a run. Malan sends him back. Shaheen runs and tries to show his footballing skills but his kick misses the stumps.
S Afridi to E Morgan, SIX! Captain Morgan reaches his fifty in style. His 14th in this format and the England skipper is leading from the front here. He came in at a difficult time but he has steadied the and taking it to the shore. Low full toss on middle and off, Morgan gets under it and smokes it over the mid-wicket fence. He raises his bat as his teammates applaud his effort.
S Afridi to E Morgan, Wide! Close call. Shaheen bowls it wide outside off. It is very close to tramline. The umpire thinks it is on the wrong side and signals it as wide.
S Afridi to D Malan, Full and coming in with the angle on middle, Malan strokes it to mid off and gets a quick single.

A bit of conference going on! Pakistan wants to figure out if Amir can bowl right now. He is off for a moment. So, the umpires and skipper has a word. It is Shaheen Afridi who will bowl the next over.

S Khan to D Malan, On the pads, Malan turns it to mid-wicket and keeps the strike. 12 from the over. 54 needed off 36.
S Khan to D Malan, WIDE! Quicker and down the leg side, Malan looks to flick but misses. Rizwan takes it and does well. He appeals but the umpire stretches both his arms to signal it as wide.
S Khan to D Malan, SIX! Malan joins his skipper in the party now. Tossed up on middle and off, Malan gets down on one knee and slogs it over the biggest boundary on the ground with minimum of fuss.
S Khan to E Morgan, Floated on middle, Eoin milks it to long on and rotates the strike.

Right when the first T20I started to get interesting, the rain gods decided that would be that and due to heavy rainfall and a wet outfield, the match was abandoned. But on the bright side, there are two more T20I matches remaining in the series (although, they are being played at the same venue and with the English weather, you just never know). Pakistan captain, Babar Azam must be pleased with his team's performance and the little comeback that they staged towards the end of the English innings before rain decided to play spoilsport. Even Eoin Morgan would be content with the performance as they started off really well before falling like a pack of cards, this is understandable as well due to the players coming out to play competitive cricket after a long lay-off due to Covid-19. This match was like a pendulum of sorts, with the odds moving to and fro between the two teams. For England, Tom Banton was the one holding the baton as he made a quick-fire 71 in just 42 balls, playing some sweeps, reverse sweeps, sometimes also playing it over the keeper's head. Dawid Malan and Eoin Morgan did chip in with runs, while most of the other players got out on single-digit scores. Malan and Banton did have a very significant partnership for the 2nd wicket, before Malan had to depart. England were cruising at 109-3 and just in a couple of overs, they were struggling at 131-6, Eoin won't be too worried as the rustiness of the players will be a factor in the starting couple of games, but the middle order will be something he will be looking out for in the 2nd T20I. Coming onto Pakistan, they started off well as they removed the very dangerous Jonny Bairstow right in the first over as Babar wanted to start off with spin, giving the new ball to Imad Wasim who struck. The pacers toiled well throughout the match but their efforts were not rewarded with wickets. Nevertheless, the skipper of Pakistan, Babar will be really pleased with the effort shown by the pacers in their line and length as they were really lethal in that department. It was their spin department that shone as both their spinners Imad and Shadab struck twice each, not letting any batsmen to get settled on the crease. All in all, it looks like this will be a very interesting battle going into the 2nd T20I which is going to be held at Old Trafford again. The positive thing is that the match will be played in the afternoon. The weather forecast looks cloudy, with little to no chance of rain. It does look like we will finally get a match without any interruptions due to the rain.

England Team Squad -Dawid Malan,Eoin Morgan,Jason Roy,Joe Denly,Tom Banton,David Willey,Lewis Gregory,Moeen Ali,Tom Curran,Jonny Bairstow,Sam Billings,Adil Rashid,Chris Jordan,Saqib Mahmood

Pakistan Team Squad -Babar Azam,Fakhar Zaman,Haider Ali,Iftikhar Ahmed,Khushdil Shah,Imad Wasim,Mohammad Hafeez,Shadab Khan,Shoaib Malik,Mohammad Rizwan,Sarfaraz Ahmed,Haris Rauf,Mohammad Amir,Mohammad Hasnain,Naseem Shah,Shaheen Afridi,Wahab Riaz