Pakistan in Bangladesh, 3 T20I Series, 2021

Bangladesh vs Pakistan - 3rd T20I

Venue: Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur

Date & Time: 22 November 2021

Pakistan 127/5

RR: 6.35 | Pakistan beat Bangladesh by 5 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Mohammad Rizwan bowled Shohidul Islambowled Shohidul Islam404321
Babar Azam c Mohammad Naim & b Aminul Islamc Mohammad Naim & b Aminul Islam192520
Haider Ali c Najmul Hossain Shanto & b Mahmudullahc Najmul Hossain Shanto & b Mahmudullah453832
Sarfaraz Ahmed c Mohammad Naim & b Mahmudullahc Mohammad Naim & b Mahmudullah61200
Iftikhar Ahmed c Yasir Ali (sub) & b Mahmudullahc Yasir Ali (sub) & b Mahmudullah6201
Khushdil Shah not out not out 0000
Mohammad Nawaz not out not out 4110
Mohammad Wasim
Haris Rauf
Shahnawaz Dahani
Usman Qadir
Extras 7 (b 0, lb 3, w 3, nb 1)
Total 127 (5 Wkts, 20.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
32-1 (Babar Azam,7), 83-2 (Mohammad Rizwan,15.1), 117-3 (Sarfaraz Ahmed,19.2), 117-4 (Haider Ali,19.3), 123-5 (Iftikhar Ahmed,19.5),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mahedi Hasan4 0 19 0 4.75
Taskin Ahmed3.1 0 16 0 5.16
Nasum Ahmed4 0 20 0 5.00
Shohidul Islam3.5 0 33 1 9.43
Aminul Islam4 0 26 1 6.50
Mahmudullah1 0 10 3 10.00

We are done and dusted with the 3-match T20I series and now the action will shift to the 2-match Test series involving these two teams. The first Test starts on 26th November 2021 in Chattogram. The match will begin at 10 am local (4 am GMT) but you can join us in advance for the build-up. Cheers!

There is no trophy handed to Pakistan as it will be given to them after the completion of the Test series.

Babar Azam, the winning captain of Pakistan, says that every individual performed and credits his boys for showing the fight and winning the matches. Adds that they need to keep improving and is happy with the way their fielding has improved. He wants to reduce the mistakes. Tells that they will take this winning momentum into the Test series.

MOHAMMAD RIZWAN IS CHOSEN FOR THE PLAYER OF THE SERIES AWARD! Says that he is happy with his performance in this series as his knocks have helped Pakistan win. Adds that the pitch was tricky and especially when you play away, the pitch would behave differently but says that they assess the situation and conditions and look to stick to their plans. States that he has worked on his keeping from the past year. Ends by saying that he appreciates the fans as they have supported them well.

PLAYER OF THE MATCH IS HAIDER ALI! Says that the conditions were tough for batting and appreciates Rizwan for helping him. Feels that it got close towards the end but is happy that Pakistan won the match. Tells that they were picking their bowlers and trying to keep the scoreboard ticking.

Mahmudullah, the captain of Bangladesh, says that the batters of both Bangladesh and Pakistan struggled as it is not too easy to bat on this wicket and once you get settled in, only then can you capitalize. Says that Afif and Naim batted very well and they tried to build the pressure on Pakistan. Mahmudullah appreciates the way Taskin came back after getting injured and is happy that all the bowlers stuck to their processes.

Presentation time...

Pakistan cricket team's interim head coach Saqlain Mushtaq comes up for a chat. Says that it was quite close and Pakistan held the nerves nicely and credits Bangladesh also for fighting right till the end. Tells that when you go out of the country, you need to figure things out but he feels that his boys have executed the plans well. Opines that Pakistan are taking things seriously and are ticking all the boxes and are trying to help each other in the dressing room too. Says that it is a great thing for Pakistan that they have a passionate bunch of players and they are all pushing each other.

The Pakistan bowlers bowled with great control and skills to restrict Bangladesh to another mediocre total. They made quite a few changes in their bowling lineup for this game but the debutant Shahnawaz Dahani and others were on target and delivered what their captain asked them to at the start of the innings. The bowling was particularly impressive at the death as they gave away just 35 runs in the final five overs. On the batting front, they started on a cautious note as Babar and Rizwan started accumulating runs. Babar looked a little out of touch and once he departed Rizwan and Haider put on a solid partnership. Rizwan fell in the 16th over but Haider took the game deep and with wickets in hand, they were looking as favourites to win this one. There was a major hiccup in the last over but the visitors crossed the line courtesy of a biggie from Iftikhar Ahmed and a boundary from Mohammad Nawaz. 

The same story was repeated in the third T20I as well, as Bangladesh ended up on the losing side again. The same batting issues keep haunting them as their batters once again failed to put a reasonable total on the board. They lost an early wicket in the Powerplay and tried to consolidate after that. They did that and had wickets in hand during the last 5 overs. But, their perennial issue of lack of power-hitter in the middle order cost them again as the innings never got the kick it needed. On the bowling front, though, they were on target and despite defending a low total bowled with a great heart. They didn’t take many wickets and Pakistan needed 8 runs with 8 wickets in hand in the last over. Mahmudullah's last over did set the cat among the pigeons but in the end, Mohammad Nawaz kept his cool and hit a boundary on the last ball of the game to take Pakistan home.

Hats-off to the Bangladesh skipper for that brilliant last over. An eventful final over which included three wickets and a six and a boundary, and Pakistan just managed to get over the line in this thriller of a game. It is the first time Bangladesh have tasted a whitewash on home soil in this format in a series with at least 3 games.

One ball to face, two runs to get and Mohammad Nawaz has become the hero this evening by scoring a boundary. A blazing shot from him to seal the deal and Pakistan have completed the whitewash in the 3-match T20I series. What a pulsating match! Well played, Bangladesh. Well fought but once again their batting let them down. The crowd has gone silent but they know that Bangladesh showed a great fighting spirit till the very last ball. Incredible.

Mahmudullah to Mohammad Nawaz, FOUR! PAKISTAN HAVE WON THIS! Mohammad Nawaz keeps his nerve this time. Too many stoppages and that could have unnerved him but he keeps his cool. Mahmudullah hurls across a fuller ball, outside off this time, Mohammad Nawaz skips out, gets to the pitch of the ball and smacks this one over covers for a boundary. PAKISTAN WIN BY 5 WICKETS AND WIN THE SERIES 3-0! 

Hang on! This time Mahmudullah pulls out. Khushdil Shah immediately parks his bat inside the crease at the bowler's end. Mind games. 

Drama, more drama! Mohammad Nawaz is not ready and Mahmudullah has delivered. It breaks the stumps but Nawaz has his hands raised to show that he was not ready. Tension. Pressure. No argument done by Bangladesh. Mahmudullah gets ready to reload.

Mohammad Nawaz is the next batsman and he will be on strike. Super Over, anyone?

Mahmudullah to Iftikhar Ahmed, OUT! TAKEN! This game does not fail to surprise us even more. With just 2 needed, Pakistan have lost one more wicket. Mahmudullah comes over the wicket and serves a fuller ball this time, slanting away outside off, Iftikhar Ahmed gets low and looks to smack this across the line, but he only connects this with the outside edge. The ball loops up towards the point region and Yasir Ali (sub) pouches this easily. 2 needed to win and one needed for the Super Over. Who will keep their nerve?
Mahmudullah to Iftikhar Ahmed, SIX! WOW! Iftikhar Ahmed delivers for the visitors! No hat-trick for Mahmudullah and Ahmed completely smashes this one. This is bowled fuller now, around off, Iftikhar Ahmed gets low and smokes this one over the bowler and well over long off right now. 2 needed in 2 now! 

The crowd is going bonkers. This place is buzzing. Mahmudullah is on a hat-trick. Khushdil Shah is the new batsman but Iftikhar Ahmed will be on strike as the batsmen had crossed.

Mahmudullah to Haider Ali, OUT! CAUGHT! Two-in-two and Pakistan are falling apart right at the end. The skipper is delivering and Bangladesh are well on course to win this game. Mahmudullah comes 'round the wicket and serves a slightly shorter ball, around middle, Haider Ali backs away and tonks this one towards long on. It does not look like it has been timed all that well and it goes straight to Najmul Hossain Shanto, who takes it, the ball pops out, but he manages to hold on. 8 needed in 3 now and Mahmudullah is on a hat-trick now! 

Iftikhar Ahmed arrives but it will be Haider Ali on strike.

Mahmudullah to Sarfaraz Ahmed, OUT! TAKEN! Bangladesh are not going to make this easy for Pakistan as Mahmudullah gets a wicket now. The pressure is on the visitors right now. Mahmudullah bowls this slightly shorter, around off, Sarfaraz Ahmed gets on his knees and slog-sweeps it towards deep mid-wicket. It looks like it has gone all the way but Mohammad Naim right near the ropes gobbles this one up. 8 needed in 4 now! 
Mahmudullah to Sarfaraz Ahmed, DOT! What a start for Mahmudullah. Slightly fuller, tossed up, around off, spins in slightly with extra bounce, Sarfaraz Ahmed looks to sweep it away but misses and gets hit on the body. 

Who will bowl the final over? Mahmudullah has taken responsibility. Bold move.

Shohidul Islam to Haider Ali, Yes, he does finish things well but Pakistan get two off the final ball of the penultimate over. Right in the blockhole, on middle, dug out through mid-wicket and two runs are taken comfortably. 8 needed off the final over! 
Shohidul Islam to Sarfaraz Ahmed, Slower ball again, back of a length, on the body, pulled to deep square leg for one. Can Islam end the over well?
Shohidul Islam to Sarfaraz Ahmed, DOT AGAIN! Well bowled this time. No pace on this delivery, it's served on a fuller length outside off, Ahmed looks to crack this through the line but fails to connect. 
Shohidul Islam to Haider Ali, Fuller, outside off, drilled to sweeper cover and only one is taken. Not much damage done to Bangladesh on the Free Hit! 
Shohidul Islam to Sarfaraz Ahmed, NO BALL! Poor from Islam. He serves a waist-high full toss on the body, Ahmed works this wide of short fine leg and takes one. He wants another but slips at the non-striker's end. Free Hit coming up now...
Shohidul Islam to Haider Ali, Back of a length, outside off, Haider Ali flat-bats this one but without much timing. It falls safely at mid off and they take a run.
Shohidul Islam to Haider Ali, DOT! A back-of-the-hand slower ball this time, outside off, stays low this time, Ali misses his shot to the off side this time. A good start by Islam! 

Long discussion. Mahmudullah is having a chat with his players to decide who will bowl the 19th over. Debutant Shohidul Islam has been given the responsibility.

Taskin Ahmed to Haider Ali, Just 4 off this one! A near-yorker, around off, jammed out towards mid off for a quick single. Pakistan needs 15 more from the last 12 deliveries! 
Taskin Ahmed to Sarfaraz Ahmed, A single now as this is stroked through mid on. A tidy over from Taskin so far! Can he end it well?
Taskin Ahmed to Sarfaraz Ahmed, Outside off on a length, Sarfaraz's punch finds the point fielder yet again. Two dots now! 
Taskin Ahmed to Sarfaraz Ahmed, Around off, tapped to the fielder at point, who has a shy at the striker's end but misses. Sarfaraz was going nowhere though. 
Taskin Ahmed to Haider Ali, Well bowled by Taskin! A low, pacy full toss, on off, Haider taps this through mid on and takes one. Wants another but Sarfaraz Ahmed sends him back. 
Taskin Ahmed to Sarfaraz Ahmed, A low full toss around off, hit to the fielder at long on for one. 

Taskin Ahmed (2.1-0-12-0) is back into the attack.

Mahedi Hasan to Haider Ali, On middle, pushed back to the bowler now. 19 more needed from 18! 
Mahedi Hasan to Haider Ali, FOUR! Streaky boundary! Everything going the way of Pakistan and Ali right now. Fuller, floated, around off, Haider Ali looks for the big, booming drive through covers but only manages an outside edge. The ball sneaks past short third man and runs away to the fence. 

Stumping appeal against Haider Ali. It has been referred upstairs. Was the back foot in the air? It did come up for a while but was planted when the bails were dislodged.

Mahedi Hasan to Haider Ali, NOT OUT! Ali is safe right now. Fuller this time, tossed up too, outside off, stays a touch low as Ali looks to work at this but misses. The keeper collects the ball and at the very last moment, seems to have whipped the bails off as Ali just lifts his foot at the last moment. The TV umpire is called in to have a look. First, they have a look at the UltraEdge and there is no bat on this. His foot is grounded too when the bails came off. Safe.
Mahedi Hasan to Sarfaraz Ahmed, Sarfaraz Ahmed brings out the sweep and works this to deep square leg for one. 
Mahedi Hasan to Haider Ali, Haider Ali punches this one off his back foot to long on for one more. 
Mahedi Hasan to Sarfaraz Ahmed, Tossed up, around off, knocked through mid on for a single. 
Shohidul Islam to Haider Ali, Overthrows! On middle, on a length, turned by Haider to the leg side now. They take one and the fielder misses his shy at the non-striker's end, which allows the batters to come back for the second. 16 off the over. An expensive one. 26 more needed from 24 balls! 
Shohidul Islam to Haider Ali, SIX! Wow! That is some hitting from Ali and he does not stop his attack! Ali was waiting for the slower one and he dispatches that one! This is bowled in the slot by Islam, no pace on this, Haider Ali waits for it and then sweetly thumps this one over long on. The second biggie of the over! 
Shohidul Islam to Haider Ali, Fullish, around off, dug out to the fielder at point. 
Shohidul Islam to Haider Ali, WIDE. A slower one this time, but sliding down leg. Ali misses his flick and a wide is called.