Pakistan in Australia, 2 Test Series, 2019

Australia vs Pakistan - 2nd Test

Venue: Adelaide Oval, Adelaide

Date: 29 November-02 December, 2019

Pakistan 239/10

RR: 2.91 | Australia beat Pakistan by an innings and 48 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Shan Masood c Mitchell Starc & b Nathan Lyonc Mitchell Starc & b Nathan Lyon6812781
Imam-ul-Haq lbw Josh Hazlewoodlbw Josh Hazlewood0900
Azhar Ali c Steven Smith & b Mitchell Starcc Steven Smith & b Mitchell Starc9810
Babar Azam c Tim Paine & b Josh Hazlewoodc Tim Paine & b Josh Hazlewood81210
Asad Shafiq c David Warner & b Nathan Lyonc David Warner & b Nathan Lyon5711250
Iftikhar Ahmed c Marnus Labuschagne & b Nathan Lyonc Marnus Labuschagne & b Nathan Lyon277000
Mohammad Rizwan bowled Josh Hazlewoodbowled Josh Hazlewood4510340
Yasir Shah lbw Nathan Lyonlbw Nathan Lyon132610
Shaheen Afridi c Josh Hazlewood & b Nathan Lyonc Josh Hazlewood & b Nathan Lyon11500
Mohammad Abbas run out run out 1500
Muhammad Musa not out not out 4510
Extras 6 (b 0, lb 6, w 0, nb 0)
Total 239 (10 Wkts, 82.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
2-1 (Imam-ul-Haq,3.3), 11-2 (Azhar Ali,5), 20-3 (Babar Azam,10), 123-4 (Shan Masood,39.2), 154-5 (Asad Shafiq,48), 201-6 (Iftikhar Ahmed,67.2), 221-7 (Yasir Shah,75.3), 229-8 (Shaheen Afridi,79.3), 235-9 (Mohammad Rizwan,81.1), 239-10 (Mohammad Abbas,82),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mitchell Starc16 3 47 1 2.94
Josh Hazlewood23 4 63 3 2.74
Pat Cummins15 4 45 0 3.00
Nathan Lyon25 7 69 5 2.76
Marnus Labuschagne3 0 9 0 3.00
David Warner0 0 0 0 0
Joe Burns0 0 0 0 0
Steven Smith0 0 0 0 0
Matthew Wade0 0 0 0 0
Travis Head0 0 0 0 0
Tim Paine 0 0 0 0 0

That's all we have from this lopsided Test series. Australia will now get ready to host New Zealand while Pakistan will return home and wait for Sri Lanka. Do join us for all the action in future. Until then, it's goodbye and cheers!

Australian skipper, Tim Paine says that he is really happy and mentions that they played fantastic cricket in the last two Tests. On contributions from everyone, Paine jokingly says that not everyone got a chance to bat but David Warner and Marnus Labuschagne were superb. Tells that Burns at the top was good too. On Warner's triple century, Paine replies that it was an unbelievable knock from him. Feels that it is not easy to bat that long. On his declaration, Paine says there was no debate, David was okay with the declaration as winning the Test match and climbing in the list is more important. Talking about Labuschagne, Paine says that he is enjoying his success with the bat. On the bowling, Paine tells that the wicket was a difficult one and the bowlers kept coming hard all the time and it was an awesome performance from them. On the upcoming three-Test match series, Paine jokes that he would want to pouch a few more catches than he did. Tells that if they continue on the path they are right now, the series will be an exciting one.

Pakistan skipper, Azhar Ali starts by congratulating the Australian team and David Warner for his incredible triple hundred. Tells that it is always hard to come to Australia and beat them. Adds they have been beaten by the better side. Admits that they were poor in all three departments. Feels they need to improve their bowling and work on controlling the scoring rate. Tells that the batters need to put up big partnerships. Mentions that Yasir's fight along with Azam's knock in the first innings is a positive. Credits Babar Azam for the way he played in the series and feels that he will be a big start for Pakistan in future. Azhar hopes they can improve and learn from this tour. Ends by thanking Cricket Australia for the hospitality and the fans for their support throughout the series.

PLAYER OF THE MATCH AND SERIES, DAVID WARNER! Starts by saying that he is really happy that they didn't have to bat again. Tells that he was really tired last night and probably slept on the couch. Says that the triple hundred has not sunk in yet. Remembers his friend, late Phillip Hughes, and shares that he looked up to the skies in his memory. Tells that he is focusing on scoring runs. Adds that he backed himself and enjoyed the innings. Reminds that he was out of the game for a while but he has returned and is enjoying the game more than ever. Further says that their next series is against New Zealand and they are a quality unit. Feels that the conditions in Perth, the venue for the first Test against NZ, will suit the Kiwi attack and they will have to adjust accordingly. Finishes off by saying that he will go back and practice more in the nets and try to do his best.

Josh Hazlewood is down for a quick chat. He says that it has been a good couple of weeks for them. Mentions about Cummins' direct hit to finish things off. Reckons that it was a superb performance by the Aussie bowling unit. Praises Starc's effort in the first innings and then Lyon for his fifer. Terms it as a good all-round show. States that he is happy to start the summer in a winning way.

More than Pakistan's batting, their bowling should be faulted. Lacking in experience, there wasn't enough control shown by their young bowlers. Although Shaheen Afridi did impress by picking up three wickets. Unlike Pakistan, Australia's bowling was of top notch. Mitchell Starc wreaked havoc first time around with a 6-wicket haul and then Nathan Lyon left his impact in the final innings with a fifer. All in all, it was a completely dominant performance by Australia as they steamrolled Pakistan in the series and win it 2-0. 60 points more to their tally in the ICC World Test Championship and they are second in the list behind India.

Yet another thumping victory for Australia! Powered by Warner's magnificent triple century and Marnus Labuschagne's 162, the Kangaroos amassed 589 runs on the board. In reply, apart from Babar Azam's fluent knock and Yasir Shah's surprising century, there wasn't any fight shown by Pakistan. Tim Paine enforced the follow-on with a lead of 287 runs and once again the visiting batsmen failed to turn up with the bat. Shan Masood, Asad Shafiq and Mohammad Rizwan offered little resistance but the task in hand required a monumental effort that never came.

Right then, Australia took just under 15 minutes to pick the remaining two wickets and register yet another massive win. They are all smiles. David Warner takes a stump as a souvenir and leads his team off the park. Handshakes going on at the moment.

J Hazlewood to Abbas, OUT! Wow, a direct hit by Pat Cummins to end proceedings. Very rare that you keep this guy out of action. No wickets? No problem. I shall get one through my fielding. Patto takes aim, holds his poise, stands still and fires. Bowled. Okay, run out!!! Australia's golden boy of 2019 has ended this Test match and series with a bull's eye. Fuller ball on off, Musa manages to hit it to the right of mid on. Abbas was going for a non-existent single and Musa sends him back. But Abbas is halfway down and the brilliance of Cummins finds him short. He is so short of his crease that the umpire does not even go upstairs. The Australian players are up in joy. AUSTRALIA WIN BY AN INNINGS AND 48 RUNS and they win their first series in the ICC World Test Championship.
J Hazlewood to Musa, Yes, surely, he is not going to hang around. Another length ball outside off, Musa once again looks to hammer it out of the park but this time makes no connection.
J Hazlewood to M Musa, EDGY FOUR! A boundary over the slip cordon. Musa is not going to hang around. A fullish ball just outside off, Musa looks to heave but gets an outside edge which flies over the slip cordon and into the third man fence.
J Hazlewood to Musa, Targets the stumps this time and bowls it full. Musa looks to flick but makes no connection and is hit on the pads.
J Hazlewood to Musa, Beaten! Almost kisses the outside edge. Another beauty from Hazlewood. On a length and on off and middle. It once again shapes away as Musa looks to defend.

The last man in is Muhammad Musa.

Hazlewood to M Rizwan, OUT! Bowled 'em! No. 9 goes and the Aussies are just a wicket away from a series win. A full ball, tailing in. Rizwan looks to drive but misses and the off pole behind gets disturbed. They check for the front foot no ball but Hazlewood is fine. Third wicket for Hazlewood and Pakistan's last hope of avoiding innings defeat takes a massive dive. A fighting innings from Rizwan though.

Josh Hazlewood to operate with the second new ball from the other end.

M Starc to Abbas, Beaten by a beauty! It pitches around off and shapes away from the forward prod of Abbas. Lucky not to edge that one.
M Starc to Abbas, On a length and shaping away. Abbas has no business with it as he shoulders arms.
M Starc to Abbas, Bouncer, way over to trouble the batsman. Abbas ducks under it.
M Starc to Abbas, Outside off, it is left alone.
M Starc to Rizwan, Good length ball shaping away and just outside off, Rizwan taps it through point for a single.
M Starc to Abbas, Full and on middle, Abbas pushes it towards mid off and takes a single to get off the mark.

Second new ball is available and it has been taken by Australia. Mitchell Starc will operate with it.

N Lyon to Rizwan, Down the leg side. Way down the leg side. Rizwan lets it be. The umpire lets it be too.
N Lyon to Rizwan, FOUR! Flighted ball on middle, turning back in upon landing. Rizwan skips down the track and looks to heave it over mid-wicket. At the point of contact, the ball turns in to take the inside half of his bat and Rizwan drags it over square leg for a boundary. He doesn't get the proper connection but the result is what he was looking for!
N Lyon to Rizwan, Quicker one on the pads, Rizwan stays on the back foot and taps it wide of the short leg fielder.

We are back for the final session. The Australian players walk out to the middle. Two scalps and the series will be done and dusted. Can Rizwan present some fight and force Australia to bat again? He walks out with Mohammad Abbas to resume his innings. Lyon to continue with the ball.

... Day 4, Session 3 ...

Excellent session for Australia that has fetched them three wickets and put them on the cusp of a 2-0 series win! Nathan Lyon has bounced back from the disappointment of the first innings and was once again instrumental in cutting short Pakistan's stubborn fight by claiming a fifer. 2 wickets left to pick and the only question remains is whether Rizwan rallies around with the remaining batsmen and force Australia to bat again! We will find that out soon. Do join us in a short while for what could be the final session of this Test series.

We thought that the session will be extended but Tim Paine has declined the extra 30 minutes and the Aussies are walking back for Dinner. Star of the session and this innings so far, Nathan Lyon is down for a quick chat before he heads for his break. Lyon says that it was a very good session and hopes they are clinical enough to wrap it up. On being unlucky not to get any wickets on Day 3 inspite of bowling so well, Lyon admits that is how it is. Further adds there are days you bowl badly and yet end up getting wickets.

N Lyon to Afridi, OUT! Caught! Fifer for Lyon! What kind of shot is this, Shaheen? A tossed up ball around off, Afridi looks to launch it out of the stadium but he manages to slice it high towards mid off. The fielder, Hazlewood, settles himself and pouches the ball comfortably. 16th fifer for Lyon in Tests, 1st against Pakistan, 50th at Adelaide Oval. Two wickets remaining, will this session be extended?
N Lyon to Afridi, Around off and turning away a hint. Afridi waits on the back foot and blocks.
N Lyon to Rizwan, Fullish and on middle, Rizwan sweeps it to fine leg for a single. 5 balls to survive for Afridi to go to Dinner.
M Starc to Afridi, In the channel outside off, Shaheen covers his sticks and lets it be.
M Starc to Afridi, Bouncer this time, on middle it is. Shaheen has no problem ducking under it.
M Starc to Afridi, Around off and on a fullish length. Shaheen gets his bat down in time to block it off the front foot.
M Starc to Rizwan, Back of a length ball on middle, Rizwan pulls it to deep square leg for a single.
M Starc to Rizwan, Fuller and around off, Rizwan drives and finds the extra cover fielder.
M Starc to Rizwan, Good length ball angling into Rizwan. He comes forward and taps it on the off side.
N Lyon to Afridi, Tossed up on off, Shaheen taps it onto the ground and survives another over.
N Lyon to Afridi, Floated on off, Afridi blocks it.
N Lyon to Rizwan, Around the pads, Rizwan sweeps it away for a single.
N Lyon to Rizwan, Around the pads, Rizwan looks to flick but it lobs off the inner half towards backward square leg.
N Lyon to Rizwan, Floated on off, Rizwan blocks it.
N Lyon to Rizwan, Flighted around the pads, Rizwan comes down the track and tries to flick. Lyon follows him and the ball goes towards point off his pad.
M Starc to Afridi, Full on off, Shaheen defends it. Well done, Shaheen. He has managed to get through the over safely.
M Starc to Afridi, Sprays one down the leg side. Shaheen looks to flick but misses.
Starc to Afridi, Gem of a delivery. But how well has Shaheen done there? Picture perfect yorker on middle, Shaheen somehow manages to get his bat down in time to jam it out on the off side.
M Starc to Afridi, Going down leg. Very full. Shaheen looks to flick but the ball hits him on the front pad. The Australian players put up a huge appeal but the umpire turns it down.
M Starc to Afridi, Outside off, Shaheen leaves it alone.