New Zealand in Sri Lanka, 2 Test Series, 2019

Sri Lanka vs New Zealand - 2nd Test

Venue: P Sara Oval, Colombo

Date: 22 August-26 August, 2019

Sri Lanka 122/10

RR: 1.73 | New Zealand beat Sri Lanka by an innings and 65 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Lahiru Thirimanne run out run out 0500
Kusal Perera c BJ Watling & b Trent Boultc BJ Watling & b Trent Boult0300
Kusal Mendis bowled William Somervillebowled William Somerville206330
Angelo Mathews c Ross Taylor & b Colin de Grandhommec Ross Taylor & b Colin de Grandhomme73010
Dhananjaya de Silva c Tim Southee & b Ajaz Patelc Tim Southee & b Ajaz Patel11900
Niroshan Dickwella c Tom Latham & b Ajaz Patelc Tom Latham & b Ajaz Patel5116160
Dimuth Karunaratne lbw Tim Southeelbw Tim Southee217020
Dilruwan Perera c Ross Taylor & b Tim Southeec Ross Taylor & b Tim Southee01200
Suranga Lakmal c Tom Latham & b William Somervillec Tom Latham & b William Somerville144521
Lasith Embuldeniya c Kane Williamson & b Trent Boultc Kane Williamson & b Trent Boult51110
Lahiru Kumara not out not out 0300
Extras 3 (b 0, lb 2, w 1, nb 0)
Total 122 (10 Wkts, 70.2 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
0-1 (Lahiru Thirimanne,0.5), 4-2 (Kusal Perera,2.2), 11-3 (Angelo Mathews,11.3), 22-4 (Dhananjaya de Silva,18.3), 32-5 (Kusal Mendis,21.5), 73-6 (Dimuth Karunaratne,43.5), 75-7 (Dilruwan Perera,47.4), 115-8 (Suranga Lakmal,65.3), 118-9 (Niroshan Dickwella,69.3), 122-10 (Lasith Embuldeniya,70.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Trent Boult14.2 8 17 2 1.20
Tim Southee12 6 15 2 1.25
Ajaz Patel19 3 31 2 1.63
Colin de Grandhomme4 1 8 1 2.00
William Somerville21 6 49 2 2.33
Jeet Raval0 0 0 0 0
Tom Latham0 0 0 0 0
Kane Williamson 0 0 0 0 0
Ross Taylor0 0 0 0 0
Henry Nicholls0 0 0 0 0
BJ Watling 0 0 0 0 0

We're done with the Test series! But before New Zealand head back home, they will be playing a 3-match T20I series against Sri Lanka. The first one is on Sunday, 1st September, at 1900 local (1330 GMT) in Pallekele. Do join us for that. Cheers!

Victorious New Zealand skipper, Kane Williamson smiles and says that they lost the toss while replying to what they did differently from Galle. Calls it a terrific series and feels they deserve to share it. Tells that it's a great effort to push for victory on the final day and come out on top. Mentions that light is always a factor here and admits that's why they were getting a bit anxious also. Terms it an outstanding effort from his batters who scored at a rate which allowed them to move this game forward. States that it was a brilliant collective effort along with some individual brilliance. Tells that their bowlers did well in UAE as well and is glad that they got wickets at key moments. Further says that everyone will gain things personally and as a group, general growth is important. Pleased to get some points in Test Championship. Signs off by saying that he is looking forward to taking some time off.

Sri Lankan skipper, Dimuth Karunaratne starts by saying that it was a good wicket for batting and their first innings total wasn't enough. Feels that they needed more partnerships but kept on losing wickets. Mentions about Dhananjaya's batting and counts it as a positive. States that once the batsmen get a start, they need to carry on just like Latham and Watling did. Wants his team to get more consistent.

BJ WATLING IS THE MAN OF THE SERIES! He scored 183 runs across two matches and played a couple of crucial knocks. There is no interview taken.

TOM LATHAM GETS THE MAN OF THE MATCH AWARD! He says that it's nice to contribute and partnerships with BJ Watling was really nice. Tells that as a batting unit, they wanted to build partnerships and he is glad that they got it. Smiles and says that the conditions here are a lot different and once again adds that he is happy to contribute. On his catch to dismiss Dickwella, Latham replies that he anticipated that shot and was lucky also as it hit Niroshan's arm-guard and slowed down. Praises his bowlers for picking all the wickets and setting up this win.

Test cricket is going through a purple patch! We are witnessing some enthralling performances worldwide and this victory for New Zealand, fighting on the final day, not just Sri Lanka but also the weather, is a cherry on the cake. They have shown that they can compete in the subcontinent conditions and have only grown since their series win against Pakistan in the U.A.E. For Sri Lanka, they should have never lost this match and series but a defensive mindset cost them on the final day. Maybe, had they played their natural self, the result could have been different. Kudos to the Kiwi bowlers for their efforts. Their pacers and spinners, both, looked threatening and left their impact.

The star of the show for New Zealand has to be Tom Latham. His enterprising century set it up for the visiting team and one cannot undermine the contributions of BJ Watling and Colin de Grandhomme. On stop-start days due to plenty of rain interruptions, it was not easy for anyone and that's why these knocks from Latham, Watling and de Grandhomme were extra special. After earning a good lead this morning, the onus was on their bowlers to do some magic. They initiated superbly and reduced the Lankan team to half in no time. Karunaratne and Dickwella fought for some time but that wasn't enough. Dickwella did frustrate the Black Caps along with Suranga Lakmal for 107 balls but the visitors hung in there and eventually pulled out a memorable win, their biggest against Sri Lanka.

New Zealand have done it! It looked like an impossible task at the start of Day 5 but they have planned out a brilliant victory to level the Test series. Sri Lanka will be deeply disappointed with their batting efforts on the final day and this loss also breaks the winning streak for Dimuth Karunaratne as captain. This is how the ICC World Test Championship table looks like now - India (60), New Zealand (60), Sri Lanka (60), Australia (32) and England (32).

T Boult to Embuldeniya, OUT! Embuldeniya is bounced out! NEW ZEALAND WIN BY AN INNINGS AND 65 RUNS! A snorter by Boult. He digs in a well-directed short ball on middle and Embuldeniya is caught by surprise. He takes his eyes off the ball, tries to fend at it but the ball takes his gloves and balloons to Williamson at gully. The Kiwi skipper does the rest and it's a convincing win for the Black Caps to level the 2-match series.
T Boult to Embuldeniya, FOUR! Very full in length and sliding down the leg side, Embuldeniya gets bat on ball and flicks it behind square leg for a boundary.
A Patel to Kumara, Shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.
A Patel to Kumara, Defended off the back foot by the batsman.
A Patel to Kumara, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.

Lahiru Kumara is the last batsman for Sri Lanka.

A Patel to Dickwella, OUT! What have you done Dickwella? Pensive faces in the Sri Lankan dressing room. Ajaz serves a flighted full ball around off, Dickwella gets down to play the paddle sweep but there is some extra bounce and it takes the top half of his bat before deflecting from the arm-guard. The ball loops in the air and Latham moves across to his left in anticipation from forward short leg to grab a fine reflex catch. Dickwella is frustrated with himself. New Zealand celebrate. They can smell a win here, only 1 wicket more left to pick.
A Patel to Embuldeniya, Too full in length on off, Lasith brings his bat down and digs it out off the outer half to third man. A single taken. Not ideal for New Zealand.
A Patel to Embuldeniya, Beats the bat straightaway! Flighted and full outside off, not turning much, Embuldeniya tries to defend but misses.

Ajaz Patel (18-3-30-1) is back into the attack, replacing Somerville.

T Boult to N Dickwella, Fullish and on off, it's pushed off the front foot to covers. New Zealand have achieved their objective. It will be Lasith Embuldeniya on strike in the next over.
T Boult to Dickwella, Leading edge but safe! Boult spears in a very full ball on leg, Dickwella tries to flick but gets a big leading edge. Fortunately for Sri Lanka it goes wide of Taylor at covers. Good stop by the veteran with a dive.
T Boult to Dickwella, Back of a length ball on off, Niroshan defends it from the back foot to covers.
T Boult to Dickwella, Hurls in an inswinger outside off, Dickwella shoulders arms.
T Boult to Dickwella, Goes fuller and darts it on off, Dickwella defends it to mid off.
T Boult to Dickwella, Angles in a length ball on off, Dickwella defends it near his front pad.
W Somerville to Embuldeniya, Tossed up ball on off, Lasith defends it watchfully to survive the over. 23 more overs left in the day, don't think we will get that far with the light fading.
W Somerville to Embuldeniya, Fires it in, full and on off, straightening a bit after landing, Embuldeniya gets forward to defend with firm hands. It falls in front of silly point.
W Somerville to Embuldeniya, Well tossed up off spinner, pitching full on off, Lasith defends it confidently to the off side.
W Somerville to Dickwella, Floated and on off, Dickwella gets down and paddles it fine down the leg side for a run. 3 balls for Embuldeniya to survive.
W Somerville to Dickwella, Leans forward to a full ball and defends it with the spin to the off side.
W Somerville to Dickwella, Loopy and landing full outside off, spinning away, Dickwella allows it through.
T Boult to Embuldeniya, Boult serves it on a length and outside off, it keeps its line after pitching, Embuldeniya plays inside the line and lets it go.
T Boult to Dickwella, 13th Test fifty for Niroshan Dickwella! He is not too excited about this fifty as he knows that his job is only half done. Short delivery around middle, Niroshan rides the bounce and eases his pull shot down to fine leg for a run.
T Boult to Dickwella, On and around off, a length ball, it's solidly blocked by Niroshan.
T Boult to Dickwella, Back of a length ball on middle, Dickwella stands back and dead bats it down the surface.
T Boult to Dickwella, Beaten! Angling away from the batsman around off, Dickwella pushes inside the line and misses.
T Boult to Dickwella, Back of a length ball on off, Dickwella defends it off his back foot.
W Somerville to Embuldeniya, Loopy and outside off, Lasith allows it through. A wicket maiden for Somerville!
W Somerville to Embuldeniya, Quicker and flatter close to off, Embuldeniya tries to defend but it goes past the outside edge.
W Somerville to Embuldeniya, Embuldeniya has played that off the front foot and into the ground.

Lasith Embuldeniya is the new batsman.

W Somerville to S Lakmal, OUT! Lakmal's fight is over! Somerville strikes to break this 107-ball partnership! A superbly tossed up off spinner. It hits the deck outside off and breaks back in to kiss the gloves of Lakmal who was trying to defend. It then brushes his pads and lobs to Latham at forward short leg. He takes the simplest of catches and Sri Lanka lose their eighth wicket. The Kiwis are relieved. 25.3 overs left in the Test match to pick the remaining two wickets.
W Somerville to Lakmal, A touch short and outside off, Lakmal moves inside the crease and defends it off the inner half to the leg side.
W Somerville to Lakmal, Flighted off spinner on off, turning in with extra bounce, Lakmal tries to defend but misses.
T Boult to Dickwella, Waste of energy and ball. Bouncer well outside off, Dickwella makes another leave to close the over.
T Boult to Dickwella, Identical to the last delivery, further angling away from the left-hander, Niroshan drops his wrists and lets it be.
T Boult to Dickwella, Boult switches to 'round the wicket and hurls in a bouncer around middle, Dickwella crouches and sways away from the line of fire.
T Boult to Dickwella, Pitches it up and outside off, it's pushed in the gap at covers and Dickwella denies the single.
T Boult to Dickwella, Angles in a length ball on middle, Dickwella defends it off his back foot to the leg side.
T Boult to Dickwella, Good length delivery in the zone outside off, Niroshan has nothing to do with it.

Time for some pace! Trent Boult (11-6-12-1) is once again unleashed into the attack. New Zealand in desperate need of a breakthrough. This partnership has now negotiated 98 balls.