Ireland in Netherlands, 3 ODI Series, 2021

Netherlands vs Ireland - 1st ODI

Venue: Sportpark Maarschalkerweerd, Utrecht

Date & Time: 02 June 2021

Ireland 194/9

RR: 3.88 | Netherlands beat Ireland by 1 run


Batsman R B 4s 6s
William Porterfield lbw Logan van Beeklbw Logan van Beek5510
Paul Stirling c Pieter Seelaar (C) & b Timm van der Gugtenc Pieter Seelaar (C) & b Timm van der Gugten6911280
Andy Balbirnie c Max O'Dowd & b Logan van Beekc Max O'Dowd & b Logan van Beek4310
Harry Tector lbw Fred Klaassenlbw Fred Klaassen0300
George Dockrell bowled Brandon Gloverbowled Brandon Glover113810
Lorcan Tucker lbw Pieter Seelaar (C)lbw Pieter Seelaar (C)82100
Simi Singh run out (Bas de Leede / Scott Edwards)run out (Bas de Leede / Scott Edwards)456940
Andy McBrine lbw Pieter Seelaar (C)lbw Pieter Seelaar (C)173230
Barry McCarthy c Logan van Beek & b Pieter Seelaar (C)c Logan van Beek & b Pieter Seelaar (C)0300
Josh Little not out not out 91310
Craig Young not out not out 2200
Extras 24 (b 1, lb 3, w 19, nb 1)
Total 194 (9 Wkts, 50.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
5-1 (William Porterfield,1.1), 9-2 (Andy Balbirnie,1.4), 11-3 (Harry Tector,2.4), 43-4 (George Dockrell,13.5), 69-5 (Lorcan Tucker,22), 135-6 (Paul Stirling,37), 178-7 (Andy McBrine,46.2), 178-8 (Barry McCarthy,46.5), 186-9 (Simi Singh,49.1),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Fred Klaassen10 0 28 1 2.80
Logan van Beek10 1 44 2 4.40
Brandon Glover9 1 46 1 5.11
Timm van der Gugten9 3 25 1 2.78
Pieter Seelaar9 1 27 3 3.00
Saqib Zulfiqar2 0 16 0 8.00
Bas de Leede1 0 4 0 4.00

That is it from this game! Netharlands win their first game of the World Cup Super Legaue and get their first win over Ireland since 2007. Ireland will be windering how they lost this game but they will look to comeback stronger in the next ODI. Join us for 4th June at 1020 local (0820 GMT). Till then goodbye

Netherlands skipper, Pieter Seelaar, says that this game had a bit of everything and he said earlier that it was going to be a tough fight. Adds that they made a comeback when they got the wicket of Stirling and the pacers did a very good job. Adds that he gave a go with him bowling the 47th over and it worked. Tells that they did not  miss often and they were always in the game.

Ireland skipper, Andy Balbirnie says that it was a tricky wicket. Tells that they could not get anyone to score barring Stirling. Balbirnie says Little bowled well and tells all the bowlers did well tpo restrict them to a score they felt they should have chased. Tells they need to back Stirling and says that he is their star player. Hopes they can put it right in the next game. Balbirnie feels it is going to be like an old school ODI series.

Timm van der Gugten is the Player of the Match! Timm says it was a very tight game and they were happy at the break. tells it was a hard wicket to start on and tells that they lost their way in the middle. Tells getting a partnership was crucial and glad he could do that with van Beek. Timm van der Gugten  says that they always believed and felt they always had a shout to win. 

Earlier in the day, after being asked to field, Ireland had Netherlands reeling at 5 down for below 100. However, the lower-order contributed and took them up to just below 200 which in the end proved to be enough.

Chasing a small total, Ireland just needed a couple of partnerships but their batters struggled. Only Stirling from the top order looked comfortable but the rest struggled. They were down and out when they were five down but Simi Singh and the opener added a fifty plus stand to take them back on top. Stirling then fell but Singh continued. He was there till the last over but could not take his side over the line.

Overall it was a brilliant bowling effort. The new ball bowlers did well. Guten and Glover were also decent in the middle overs. Seelaar also impressed whenever needed. It did seem like the overs from Zulfiqur might cost them but the others made up for it and have edged the game.

The pacers took on from there and did brilliantly, hit the pitch hard and gave nothing away. The pressure kept on building. Klaassen bowled a brilliantly last over, saving 12 from the last and van Beek defended it exceptionally. 

Have to say, it was that one over from their skipper, the 47th over is what won them the game. They needed below 20 in 4 and they had two batters who had got their eye in but two wickets and just the 2 runs changed the game completely.

WHAT A WIN! WHAT A GAME! This swung like a pendulum from one side to the another and in the end, it is the home side which has come out on top.

Logan van Beek to Josh Little, Play and a miss! Josh Little tries to scoop but he misses and Netherlands have managed to hold onto their nerves. Full outside off, Little shuffles inside his crease and paddle it. He misses. Little is disappointed but Young calls for the run. Edwards keeps his calm. He runs towards the stumps with the ball in hand. NETHERLANDS WIN BY 1 RUN!
Logan van Beek to Craig Young, Good length ball around off, Young runs it down to third man for a single. 3 needed off the final ball. 2 will get us Super Over. 
Logan van Beek to Josh Little, Yorker. Right on the money! Little manages to jam it towards point for a single. 
Logan van Beek to Josh Little, FOUR! How has that gone to the fence? Low full toss outside off, Little comes inside his crease and manages to play it fine down the leg side for a boundary. 6 needed off 3 balls. 
Logan van Beek to Craig Young, On the pads, Young turns it through backward square leg for one.
Logan van Beek to Simi Singh, OUT! RUN OUT! Simi Singh's bat is in the air and he has to walk back! Is it the final nail in this chase? Slower ball which is back of a length around leg. Simi hits it through mid-wicket. He calls for two which is always going to be a risk. The throw at the keeper's end is a bit wide. Edwards does well to gather and whips the bails. The square leg umpire takes it upstairs. Replays find Simi Singh has failed to ground his bat and his willow is in the air when Edwards has whipped the bails.

Run out appeal and it is taken upstairs. Singh seems home. His bat is in the air though and the red light has been flashed. Is that the game for Netherlands?

Logan van Beek to Simi Singh, WIDE! Harsh on the bowleer! SImi Singh comes inside the stumps and looks to hit it over fine leg. Van Beek bowls it around leg. Simi misses and the umpire signals it as wide. 
Fred Klaassen to Josh Little, DROPPED! Good effort in the deep but cannot hold onto it. Fuller around off, Little hits it across the line. This time he connects but does not time it. The fielder at deep mid-wicket dives to his right but fails to hold onto it. That allows the batters to take two. 12 needed off the final over.
Fred Klaassen to Josh Little, Another dot! Outside off, McCarthy throws kitchen sink at it but to no avail.
Fred Klaassen to Josh Little, Slower ball around off, Little tries to tap and run but he ends up taping it back to the bowler. 
Fred Klaassen to Josh Little, Swing and a miss! Full outside off, McCarthy goes across the line and tries to whack it over mid-wicket but all he connects is with thin air. 
Fred Klaassen to Simi Singh, Once again Simi comes down the track. This time he connects and hits it to sweeper cover. He will get just a run. Over to you Josh Little!
Fred Klaassen to Simi Singh, Play and a miss! Slower ball outside off, Simi Singh comes down the track and looks to go inside out over extra cover but he misses. 
Logan van Beek to Josh Little, Dot to finish the over. Just 2 off the over. The last ball is a length ball around off, Little taps it to the off side and calls for a quick run. Simi Singh shows awareness and says no quickly as he knows he needs to play majority of the final 12 balls if Ireland are to win this.
Logan van Beek to Josh Little, Full on off, Little pushes it to mid on. Every dot ball is creating pressure on Ireland. 
Logan van Beek to Simi Singh, Slower ball on middle, Singh turns it behind square on the leg side for one. 
Logan van Beek to Josh Little, Fullish outside off, Little drives it square on the off side and gives the strike to Simi Singh.
Logan van Beek to Josh Little, Slightly behind length outside off. Little looks to punch but gets nothing on it. 17 needed off 16 now.
Logan van Beek to Josh Little, Full on middle, Little plays it to mid on. 
Pieter Seelaar to Josh Little, Yes he can! Just a single off the final ball. Short around off, Little punches it to long off and keeps the strike. 17 needed off 18. Remember, if it is a tie, we will have a Super Over. 

Little is the new man in!

Pieter Seelaar to Barry McCarthy, OUT! CAUGHT! Brilliant catch and skipper Seelaar has turned the game on its head. Pieter gives this one air and flight as he bowls it around off. McCarthy goes for the drive and hits it uppishly to the left of short extra cover. Lagan van Beek there dives and takes a very good catch. 2 wickets and just a run of the over. Can he finish it well? 
Pieter Seelaar to Barry McCarthy, Floated on off, McCarthy defends it. 
Pieter Seelaar to Barry McCarthy, Floated around off, McCarthy taps it to point. 

A huge appeal and up goes the finger. Is that sliding down leg? The batter has reviewed. We will find out.

Pieter Seelaar to Andy McBrine, OUT! LBW! Umpire's call on wickets hitting and the skipper's gamble to bring himself on has worked wonders. A drifter which pitches on middle and skids on. McBrine looks to flick but misses and gets hit on the pad. An appeal follows and the umpire takes his time before raising his finger. McBrine takes the review straightaway. Replay rolls in and Ultra Edge shows no involvement of bat. Time for the Ball Tracker and it shows the ball to be kissing the leg pole. Kissing enough to send McBrine back to the pavilion but save the review. 
Pieter Seelaar to Simi Singh, Tossed up around off, Simi drives it to the left of long off for one. 
Timm van der Gugten to Andy McBrine, Full toss around off, McBrine pulls it but cannot connect it well. He manages to get it over mid-wicket and get a brace. 19 needed off the final 4 overs. 
Timm van der Gugten to Andy McBrine, Good length ball on off, McBrine defends it. 
Timm van der Gugten to Simi Singh, Slower ball on off, Simi Singh manages to run it down to third man for one. 
Timm van der Gugten to Andy McBrine, On the pads, McBrine whips it to fine leg for one. 
Timm van der Gugten to Andy McBrine, Another dot. Length ball on off, McBrine taps it to point. 
Timm van der Gugten to Andy McBrine, Length ball on middle and off, McBrine tucks it to square leg. 
Fred Klaassen to Simi Singh, Tidy bowling from Klaassen. Keeps it nice and straight on the stumps. Simi blocks it. Just 2 off this over. 
Fred Klaassen to Andy McBrine, Shortish around off, McBrine pulls it to the right of fine leg for one. 
Fred Klaassen to Simi Singh, Fuller on off, Simi comes down the track hits it to sweeper cover for a single. 
Fred Klaassen to Simi Singh, Full on off, Simi taps it back to the bowler. 
Fred Klaassen to Simi Singh, Full on the stumps, Simi Singh keeps it out. 
Fred Klaassen to Simi Singh, Dot to start the over. Full and slow on off, Singh defends it.