Ireland Tri-Nation Series, 2019

Ireland vs West Indies - Match 4

Venue: The Village, Malahide, Dublin

Date & Time: 11 May 2019

West Indies 252/4

RR: 6.3 | West Indies need 76 runs in 60 balls at 7.6 rpo


K Roach to P Stirling, FOUR.
K Roach to P Stirling, Solid defense this time, back of a length and kept out towards the bowler.
K Roach to P Stirling, 10 dot ball from Roach out of 10 balls bowled. Some bowling this, on a good line and length on top of off, PS just defends.
K Roach to P Stirling, The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground.
K Roach to P Stirling, DROPPED! That is a dolly that has been put down. On the pads, flicked uppishly and the ball goes straight towards Allen at square leg. Right into the midriff, a sitter that. He though cannot hold on and has a sheepish grin on his face. Roach will not be pleased. Could have had a wicket without conceding a run! Paul Stirling though would now look to make use of this chance.
K Roach to P Stirling, On a length on leg stump, the ball is pushed back to the right of the bowler. 7 dots for Roach on a row now.
K Roach to J McCollum, Full on off, James drives it to mid off. 10 runs have come from the over. Big over for Ireland.
S Cottrell to P Stirling, Length delivery on middle, Paul nudges it towards square leg for a run.
S Cottrell to P Stirling, On a length on off, Stirling drives it through covers. The fielder chases it and does well to stop it. The batsmen wanted the third but decide against it. The batsmen get two runs.
S Cottrell to P Stirling, Length delivery outside off, Paul plays it through point. The batsmen pick up a couple.
S Cottrell to P Stirling, FOUR! Cracking shot. Short and outside off, Stirling cuts it through point for a boundary.
S Cottrell to J McCollum, On a length on off, McCollum dabs it towards third man for a run.
K Roach to P Stirling, Maiden for Stirling to begin with. On a length on off, pushed back towards mid off.
K Roach to P Stirling, Sprays this one on the pads, Stirling looks to angle it away on the leg side but fails to play his shot properly. The ball goes off the leading edge towards mid on.
K Roach to P Stirling, Kept out on the front foot once more.
K Roach to P Stirling, On a length and on the leg stump line, pushed towards mid on by Paul.
K Roach to P Stirling, Fuller this time, Stirling comes ahead and defends the ball to cover.
K Roach to P Stirling, Back of a length on middle, defended on the back foot by Stirling back on the surface.

Kemar Roach to bowl with the other new ball.

S Cottrell to J McCollum, Full on off, James drives it to covers. 5 runs have come from the over. Good start for the West Indies.
S Cottrell to J McCollum, Bowls a yorker on middle, James does well to dig it out.
S Cottrell to J McCollum, Bowls a yorker on middle, McCollum keeps it out.
S Cottrell to J McCollum, FOUR! First boundary of the match. On a good length and outside off, McCollum looks to drive but gets an outside edge. It goes towards third man for a boundary.
S Cottrell to J McCollum, On a good length on off, McCollum keeps it out.
S Cottrell to P Stirling, Starts with a full delivery outside off, Stirling drives it but gets it of the outer half of the bat. It goes towards third man for a run. First run for Ireland.

Time for the first ball then. The Irish opening batsmen, James McCollum and Paul Stirling are out in the middle on a Malahide Cricket Club ground which is basking in beautiful sunshine. Surprise, surprise! Where will Porterfield bat now? Meanwhile, the Windies fielders are taking their positions as well. Sheldon Cottrell has the first new ball in his hand. Let's play!!!

The two teams are out in the middle for their respective national anthems. First up is the West Indies one, followed by the Irish anthem.

Windies skipper, Jason Holder tells us he is happy to be bowling, expecting moisture on the surface early on and some help for the pacers. When asked what they need to do post their loss to Bangladesh, Holder feels that improvement is needed, that's all and that they were a few runs short in the previous game, and that they need to maximise the last few overs with a set batsman being in. Informs that they have one change, Fabian Allen comes in for Shane Dowrich.

Ireland skipper, William Porterfield says that he want to bat first because he thinks the surface will be decent to bat on but might slow down due to the amount of cricket played. He informs that it has not been the best of weeks with the two losses but they have worked hard and come back for this game. Signs off by informing that they have two changes, James McCollum and Boyd Rankin come in.

West Indies XI - Sunil Ambris, Shai Hope (WK), Darren Bravo, Roston Chase, Jonathan Carter, Jason Holder (C), Fabian Allen (IN FOR SHANE DOWRICH), Ashley Nurse, Kemar Roach, Sheldon Cottrell, Shannon Gabriel.

Ireland XI - William Porterfield (C), Paul Stirling, Andrew Balbirnie, James McCollum (IN FOR LORCAN TUCKER), Kevin O Brien, Gary Wilson (WK), George Dockrell, Mark Adair, Joshua Little, Boyd Rankin (IN FOR BARRY McCARTHY), Tim Murtagh.

TOSS - Ireland win the toss and elect to bat first.

Hello and welcome to the fourth ODI of this tri-nation series in Ireland. The only team without a win so far in this series, the hosts Ireland will be playing West Indies in a repeat of the initial game of the tournament. Back then, the hosts got thrashed by whopping margin of 196 runs courtesy the record opening partnership between John Campbell and Shai Hope of 365 runs. The former did miss his team's previous game against Bangladesh which they lost and it remains unknown if he will return today. On the other hand, Ireland, though they are not in the World Cup are a proud team and they will need 2 wins in their 2 games so that they can have a shot at being in the final. Their opposition today, the team from the Caribbean are not exactly a team that is consistent. When it rains, it flows for them and the two games of theirs so far have shown us exactly the same. The home team would hope that today is an off day for their much more experienced and much more fancied rivals, otherwise it looks tough for them to stop the West Indies from getting their second win on the board. The toss is not too far away...

West Indies Team Squad -Darren Bravo,John Campbell,Sunil Ambris,Chris Gayle,Fabian Allen,Jason Holder,Jonathan Carter,Raymon Reifer,Roston Chase,Shai Hope,Shane Dowrich,Ashley Nurse,Kemar Roach,Shannon Gabriel,Sheldon Cottrell

Ireland Team Squad -James McCollum,William Porterfield,Joshua Little,Kevin O'Brien,Paul Stirling,Andy Balbirnie,Gary Wilson,Lorcan Tucker,Andy McBrine,Barry McCarthy,Boyd Rankin,George Dockrell,Mark Adair,Tim Murtagh

It's time for the second round of this preparatory tri-series in Ireland. The home side, as expected, is at the bottom of the points table and will be once again up against West Indies who handed them their fifth biggest defeat in ODI history (by runs) in the last meeting. The Irish would have ideally liked to get out there on the field against Bangladesh and leave that loss behind but unfortunately, that match was entirely washed out. Their bowling was thoroughly exposed by the West Indian batsmen in the first match of the series while their batting had too little to offer when chasing a gargantuan total. There won't be too much of a change in the personnel for them and the same unit will have to find ways to present a fight. On the other hand, West Indies failed to build on their roaring win and suffered a thumping loss against Bangladesh. The middle order which wasn't tested in the match against Ireland flopped miserably against the better bowlers of Bangladesh and that leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Similarly, the West Indian bowling department was given a reality check by the Bangla batters and the Caribbean team has plenty to ponder upon heading into this match, and more importantly the World Cup. Now, let's switch our attention towards the more important issue - WEATHER! The sun is expected to play hide and seek with the clouds, however, the radar doesn't show any rain. Hoping that turns out to be true.