Indian Premier League, 2021

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Chennai Super Kings - Match 44

Venue: Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah

Date & Time: 30 September 2021

Chennai Super Kings 139/4

RR: 7.07 | Chennai Super Kings beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 6 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Ruturaj Gaikwad c Kane Williamson (C) & b Jason Holderc Kane Williamson (C) & b Jason Holder453842
Faf du Plessis c Siddarth Kaul & b Jason Holderc Siddarth Kaul & b Jason Holder413632
Moeen Ali bowled Rashid Khanbowled Rashid Khan171720
Suresh Raina lbw Jason Holderlbw Jason Holder2300
Ambati Rayudu not out not out 171311
MS Dhoni not out not out 141111
Ravindra Jadeja
Dwayne Bravo
Shardul Thakur
Deepak Chahar
Josh Hazlewood
Extras 3 (b 0, lb 0, w 3, nb 0)
Total 139 (4 Wkts, 19.4 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
75-1 (Ruturaj Gaikwad,10.1), 103-2 (Moeen Ali,14.4), 107-3 (Suresh Raina,15.3), 108-4 (Faf du Plessis,15.5),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Sandeep Sharma3 0 18 0 6.00
Bhuvneshwar Kumar4 0 34 0 8.50
Jason Holder4 0 27 3 6.75
Rashid Khan4 0 27 1 6.75
Siddarth Kaul2.4 0 24 0 10.00
Abhishek Sharma2 0 9 0 4.50

Right then! That is all we have from this game. Chennai become the first team to get to the playoffs and Hyderabad become the first team to get eliminated. The competition is heating up and each game becomes very important. The next clash will be between Punjab and Kolkata. Do join us for the same on 1st October at 6 pm Local (2 pm GMT). See you then! Till then, take care and goodbye.

MAN OF THE MATCH - Josh Hazlewood. He says that he is really satisfied that the hard work in training paid off today and he is learning a lot under the captaincy of MS Dhoni. Mentions that the wicket of Roy was important as he can be very dangerous and that set the tone nicely. Mentions that the wicket was on the slower side and they had to adjust. He ends by saying that he is learning a lot playing with Bravo.

MS Dhoni, the skipper of Chennai, says that this qualification means a lot after what happened in the last season. Adds that a lot of things didn't go their way in the last season but they did not make excuses and have taken the responsibility. Mentions that the wicket was a difficult one and the bounce was a bit tricky on this surface. Praises his bowlers by saying that they adjusted well by changing their lengths and pace. Says that with a bit of dew, it got a bit easier to bat on but the bounce did not change much. Confesses that the team is very proud of the fans they have but wants them to still be humble at this stage.

Kane Williamson, the skipper of Hyderabad, says that the first half wasn't their best and the surface wasn't easy to bat on. Adds that they tried their best and they need to make minor adjustments to get over the line. Mentions that they were good with the bat in the Powerplay and the young players did put in an effort in the end but it wasn't enough and it was always going to be difficult against Chennai. Adds that the wicket was similar in both innings and Chennai are a class side and applauds them for putting on another great performance. He ends by saying that it's a tough competition and every team has their losses, they just need to pick themselves up again and keep going.

Faf du Plessis is down for a quick chat. He says that the humidity was a bit too much today. Adds that he does a lot of work before the tournament to stay fit and it helps him in running from long on to long off. Tells that the balance of their team is very good and they bat pretty deep. Adds that Moeen Ali has been a good addition to this side and Ali and Jadeja do a really good job for them in the middle overs.

Hyderabad had a low score on the board but they could have made it tough for Chennai by taking early wickets but it wasn't to be. Their first wicket came in the 11th over but by then Chennai were off to a great start. Hyderabad did pull things back a bit by taking quick wickets in the death overs but thanks to some brilliant batting at the top and some quality batting in the death, Chennai got over the line. Jason Holder was the pick of the bowlers for his 3 wickets and Rashid Khan took 1. But the rest of the bowlers had a tough day.

Chennai started the chase really well with Ruturaj Gaikwad and Faf du Plessis getting off to a flier. Gaikwad fell and then Ali hit a couple of boundaries to take them closer to the target. The wickets of Moeen Ali, Suresh Raina and Faf du Plessis made things a bit interesting towards the end but Ambati Rayudu and MS Dhoni kept their cool and took the game deep. Rayudu hit a couple of important blows and Dhoni finished the game in his trademark style!

Chennai have done it! They are through to the playoffs! From a team that struggled in 2020, to a team that has been excellent in 2021, it has been a great turnaround by Chennai. They chased this target in the final over but it still counts as 2 points. Hyderabad tried their best in the death overs to pull a rabbit out of the hat, but it wasn't to be for them. They are officially out of the playoffs race now.

Siddarth Kaul to MS Dhoni, SIX! BANG! VINTAGE DHONI AT SHARJAH! Kaul comes round the wicket and hurls across a length ball, on off. Dhoni clears his front leg and sends it sailing way over the deep mid-wicket fence for a maximum to seal the game! Chennai win the match by 6 wickets and they are into the playoffs!
Siddarth Kaul to MS Dhoni, Back of a length, around off. Dhoni looks to pull but it comes off the inner half of the bat to mid-wicket. Well, is there a twist here?
Siddarth Kaul to Ambati Rayudu, A low full toss, on off. Ambati Rayudu slices it towards sweeper cover for a run.
Siddarth Kaul to Ambati Rayudu, Kaul bangs it in short, outside off. Ambati Rayudu leaves it alone thinking it is a wide but the umpire does not signal a wide.

Siddarth Kaul to bowl the final over. Can he do a Kartik Tyagi? 

Bhuvneshwar Kumar to MS Dhoni, Slower ball, on a length, outside off. Dhoni chops it towards cover. 3 needed from the last over.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to MS Dhoni, Yorker, outside off. Pushed to covers.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to MS Dhoni, FOUR! BAM! Dhoni smacks this one hard! On a length, outside off. Dhoni pulls it hard to the wide long on fence. There are fielders at long on and deep mid-wicket but they have no chance.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to MS Dhoni, Length ball, outside off. Dhoni leaves it. Wide called.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Ambati Rayudu, Shorter ball, outside off. Ambati Rayudu cuts it to deep cover for one.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Ambati Rayudu, SIX! Massive strike! Kumar errs in length and gets hammered here! Length ball, on leg. Ambati Rayudu clears his front leg and whips it all the way over the mid-wicket fence. 9 from 10 now.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to MS Dhoni, A yorker, on off. Dhoni works it to long on for one.
Siddarth Kaul to Ambati Rayudu, Brilliant yorker! Outside off and all that Ambati Rayudu can do is play it to point. 16 from 12 now!
Siddarth Kaul to Ambati Rayudu, FOUR! That would have eased some pressure off the batters! Length ball, outside off. Ambati Rayudu presses forward and carves it aerially through cover for a boundary.
Siddarth Kaul to MS Dhoni, DROPPED! Oh, dear! That would have been an absolute stunner had Jason Roy caught that! Length ball, outside off. MS Dhoni lofts it uppishly to covers. Roy puts in a dive to his right, gets his hands to it but he drops a very tough catch. A single taken.
Siddarth Kaul to MS Dhoni, Another dot ball! Good-length ball, angling in from off. MS Dhoni pushes it to mid off.
Siddarth Kaul to MS Dhoni, Good-length ball, on off. MS Dhoni pushes it to mid off.
Siddarth Kaul to Ambati Rayudu, On a length, outside off. Ambati Rayudu stays back and smashes it to sweeper cover for a single.

Siddarth Kaul (1-0-11-0) comes back into the attack.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Ambati Rayudu, Length ball, around off. Rayudu taps it in front of cover and scampers through for a run. 22 runs needed from 18 balls.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Ambati Rayudu, Good-length ball, on off. Rayudu pushes it to cover.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Ambati Rayudu, Excellent fielding in the deep! Good-length ball, outside off. Ambati Rayudu hangs back and cuts it hard past point. Rashid Khan runs to his left and puts in a slide to stop the ball. The batters take two.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Ambati Rayudu, Three dots in a row! Length ball, angling in from middle. Ambati Rayudu turns it to mid-wicket.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Ambati Rayudu, Good-length ball, around off. Ambati Rayudu punches it to the cover fielder.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to MS Dhoni, Length ball, on the pads. MS Dhoni flicks it past mid-wicket for a run.
Jason Holder to MS Dhoni, Back of a length, on middle. Dhoni pulls it behind square on the leg side for a run. 26 runs needed now off 24 balls.

MS Dhoni walks out to bat now.

Jason Holder to Faf du Plessis, OUT! CAUGHT! Jason Holder is turning this match on its head. Holder bangs in the short one around off. Faf du Plessis sways away a bit and then looks to pull. The ball hurries onto him a bit and du Plessis gets the top edge. It is skied towards short mid-wicket where Siddarth Kaul settles underneath to take a nice catch. The set du Plessis is back in the shed and can Hyderabad make more inroads into the match?
Jason Holder to Ambati Rayudu, Good-length ball, around off. Rayudu nudges it towards third man for a single.

Ambati Rayudu is the new man in.

Jason Holder to Suresh Raina, OUT! LBW! Raina has to depart early. Jason Holder follows up the short ball with the yorker. Raina plays all around a straight delivery and pays the price. The ball raps him full on the pads and Holder appeals. The umpire doesn't hesitate and raises his finger straightaway. Things are getting interesting!
Jason Holder to Faf du Plessis, Fuller ball, on the pads and clipped away to deep mid-wicket for another one.
Jason Holder to Suresh Raina, Shorter ball, directed at the body. Raina manages to play it behind to fine leg and picks up a run.
Rashid Khan to Faf du Plessis, Flatter one, on off. Faf du Plessis rocks back and punches it towards short cover. Just 2 runs and a wicket from Rashid Khan's last over.
Rashid Khan to Suresh Raina, On the pads and skidding on, Raina nudges it on the leg side and gets a single.
Rashid Khan to Suresh Raina, WIDE! Khan targets the pads again but spills it down the leg side. Wided.
Rashid Khan to Moeen Ali, OUT! BOWLED! Rashid Khan built up the pressure with those dot balls and does get the wicket of Moeen Ali. This one is flatter and quicker on middle. Ali rocks back and looks to hit across the line. The ball goes off the inside edge back onto the pads and then rolls onto the stumps. Is there still life left in this match?
Rashid Khan to Moeen Ali, Three dots on the trot. This is on the pads but Ali can't get it away. He tucks it straight to backward square leg.
Rashid Khan to Moeen Ali, This time its full and on middle. Ali heaves it straight to short mid-wicket.
Rashid Khan to Moeen Ali, Flatter one, on middle. Ali looks to flick it away but inside-edges it onto the pads.

Strategic Time-Out! Chennai are cruising along nicely and it seems that they are well on the verge of becoming the first team of this season to qualify for the playoffs. Hyderabad would need a miracle at this stage to get back in the game.

Suresh Raina walks out to bat.