Indian Premier League, 2021

Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore - Match 43

Venue: Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai

Date & Time: 29 September 2021

Royal Challengers Bangalore 153/3

RR: 8.91 | Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Rajasthan Royals by 7 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Virat Kohli run out (Riyan Parag)run out (Riyan Parag)252040
Devdutt Padikkal bowled Mustafizur Rahmanbowled Mustafizur Rahman221740
Srikar Bharat c Anuj Rawat (sub) & b Mustafizur Rahmanc Anuj Rawat (sub) & b Mustafizur Rahman443531
Glenn Maxwell not out not out 503061
AB de Villiers not out not out 4110
Dan Christian
Shahbaz Ahmed
Harshal Patel
George Garton
Mohammed Siraj
Yuzvendra Chahal
Extras 8 (b 0, lb 2, w 6, nb 0)
Total 153 (3 Wkts, 17.1 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
48-1 (Devdutt Padikkal,5.2), 58-2 (Virat Kohli,6.5), 127-3 (Srikar Bharat,16),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Chris Morris4 0 50 0 12.50
Kartik Tyagi2 0 23 0 11.50
Chetan Sakariya3 0 18 0 6.00
Mustafizur Rahman3 0 20 2 6.67
Rahul Tewatia3 0 23 0 7.67
Mahipal Lomror2 0 13 0 6.50
Riyan Parag0.1 0 4 0 40.00

That's a wrap to this game. We look forward to your company on Thursday for the clash between Hyderabad and Chennai in Sharjah. The action will begin at 6 pm local (2 pm GMT) but you can join us in advance for the build-up. Cheers!

Yuzvendra Chahal (4-0-18-2) has been chosen for the Man of the Match award. The leggie starts by sharing that he came late into the attack as there were two left-handers batting so Virat Kohli planned to go with the medium-pacers. Tells us that he has watched the videos of Mahipal Lomror and it was a plan to bowl wider outside off if he uses his feet. Admits that in the first half of the season, he didn't get wickets regularly but he has backed himself after the break. Mentions that he got his confidence back after the Sri Lankan series and is looking to maintain the same momentum.

Virat Kohli, the victorious captain of Bangalore, says that they have come back strongly in the last two games through their bowlers. Feels that when you hold nerves in tight games, you are heading in the right direction. Tells that it was a very good wicket to bat on. Mentions that 175 here would have been competitive. Regarding the plans when Rajasthan got off to a flying start, Kohli replies that they needed a couple of breakthroughs and knew that things will open up. He terms the wicket of Evin Lewis as the game-changing moment and praises George Garton for showing courage. Mentions that they have been bowling well in the middle overs and the start with the bat has also been brilliant. Ends by saying that they are getting into the groove at the right stage of the tournament.

Glenn Maxwell comes up for a quick chat. The Aussie says that they played really well. Adds that Rajasthan got off to a flying start and to bring them back in the last 10 overs was a great effort. On his personal form, Maxwell tells that he has trained well and it's clicking for him. Shares that the atmosphere in the dressing room is great and it's almost similar with every franchise. States that everyone is chipping in and they are not relying on just one player. Praises Srikar Bharat for his knock and calls him a top-class batsman.

Sanju Samson, the captain of Rajasthan, says that they got a good start but failed to capitalize on that. He adds that their middle order needs to work on and is short on confidence at the moment. Feels that the wicket was two-paced and the batters got out going for some big shots. Mentions that they needed to put up a fight and he is happy with the effort and intent put in the bowling. About their position on the points table, Samson replies that they don't have anything to lose and can express themselves freely now.  Signs off by saying that funny things can happen in the Indian T20 League and they need to fight till the last match.

Presentation time...

This win for Bangalore was set up by their bowlers. The way they pulled things back and clipped the wings of the high-flying Rajasthan was exceptional. Their bowling after the 11th over mark brought down Rajasthan and restricted them to just 149 on a good batting pitch. The chase started in an extraordinary manner too with both Virat Kohli and Devdutt Padikkal forming a handy stand. They stuttered slightly after losing Padikkal as Kohli was also sent packing soon after that by a direct throw from Riyan Parag. Rajasthan though failed to capitalize on that moment as the pair of Srikar Bharat and Glenn Maxwell stitched in a mature partnership to shut the door on them. Towards the end, we got to see the 'Big Show' in full throttle as he hammered Chris Morris left, right and centre to finish the chase with 17 balls to spare.

Yet another convincing victory for Bangalore! A neat and clean chase from them and they have grabbed two crucial points. They stay third at the moment but would be feeling a lot better now after a bumpy start to the second leg. Bangalore have now opened up a 4-point gap with both Kolkata and Mumbai on the table and have got some breathing space. As far as Rajasthan are concerned, they are now left with an uphill task and things are looking increasingly difficult for them.

Riyan Parag to AB de Villiers, FOUR! AB de Villiers finishes things off in style! That will be all. Floated ball, on middle, AB de Villiers gets down on one knee and sweeps it behind square leg for a boundary. Bangalore win by 7 wickets!
Chris Morris to Glenn Maxwell, FOUR! Crunched! Fifty for Glenn Maxwell! He has become Mr Consistent for Bangalore. Very full in length and on middle, Maxwell brings his bottom hand into play and bludgeons it down the ground for a cracking boundary. 22 from the over, only one needed more to cross the line.
Chris Morris to Glenn Maxwell, FOUR! Edgy! Few words are being exchanged here between Maxwell and Morris. Short and around off, Maxwell opts to pull but top-edges it behind the keeper for a boundary.
Chris Morris to Glenn Maxwell, Slower ball, on off. Maxwell whips it to deep mid-wicket. Liam Livingstone slides to his right to stop the ball. He keeps it down to two runs. 
Chris Morris to Glenn Maxwell, FOUR! Maxwell wants to finish things in a hurry. Too short, on middle. Glenn Maxwell helps his attempted pull shot behind square leg for a boundary.
Chris Morris to Glenn Maxwell, Very full, outside off. Maxwell goes after it again but gets an outside edge instead. The ball goes past the keeper to third man. The batters collect a brace.
Chris Morris to Glenn Maxwell, SIX! BANG! Overpitched ball, outside off. Glenn Maxwell whips it with disdain over deep mid-wicket. The strong bottom hand comes into play and the Aussie gets a biggie. 

AB de Villiers walks out at number 5. Also, a bowling change for Rajasthan. Chris Morris comes back into the attack.

Mustafizur Rahman to Srikar Bharat, OUT! CAUGHT! A wicket too late for Rajasthan. Mustafizur Rahman serves a short ball, on middle. Srikar Bharat gets into the line of the ball and pulls it but with no conviction as he gets a top edge. The ball goes towards fine leg where the substitute fielder, Anuj Rawat, completes the catch. 
Mustafizur Rahman to Glenn Maxwell, Yet another slower ball, on the pads. Glenn Maxwell nudges it to mid-wicket for one. 
Mustafizur Rahman to Glenn Maxwell, Good-length ball on middle, Maxwell gets across to work it on the leg side but wrists it back towards the bowler who does well to collect the ball in his follow-through. 
Mustafizur Rahman to Srikar Bharat, On a length, around off at 113.3 kph. Srikar Bharat punches it through covers for a single. 
Mustafizur Rahman to Glenn Maxwell, On a length, on middle. Glenn Maxwell tucks it on the leg side for one at square leg.
Mustafizur Rahman to Srikar Bharat, An off-cutter on off, Srikar Bharat plays it nicely towards long off for a single. 
Chetan Sakariya to Srikar Bharat, Full and on off. Bharat hits it through covers for a single. He moves to 42 and keeps strike with himself. 27 needed off 30 balls.
Chetan Sakariya to Srikar Bharat, Back of a length, outside off. Bharat walks across the stumps, jumps to ride the bounce and slams it over covers for two.
Chetan Sakariya to Srikar Bharat, On a length, around off. Bharat hangs back and defends it to point.
Chetan Sakariya to Glenn Maxwell, Slower length ball, on middle and leg. Maxwell works it towards mid on for a run. With this single, Glenn Maxwell completes 7000 runs in T20 cricket.
Chetan Sakariya to Glenn Maxwell, Play and a miss! On a length, on the fourth stump line. Maxwell hangs back and looks to cut it away but misses.

Chetan Sakariya is back on. 2-0-10-0 for him so far. 

Chetan Sakariya to Glenn Maxwell, FOUR! Up and over! Maxwell is continuing his good form this season. Short in length and wide outside off, Maxwell finds it in his range and smashes it over extra cover. The ball ends up crossing the fence.
Rahul Tewatia to Glenn Maxwell, Full and on middle, Maxwell works it towards long on for another single. 9 runs coming off this over.
Rahul Tewatia to Srikar Bharat, Flatter and on off. Bharat tucks it to the leg side for a single.
Rahul Tewatia to Srikar Bharat, FOUR! Deft touch! Well played. Floated, full and around off. Bharat gets low and reverse-paddles it past short third man. The ball races away to the boundary.
Rahul Tewatia to Glenn Maxwell, Tossed up, on off. Maxwell lifts it towards long on. The ball meets the fielder on a bounce. They take one.
Rahul Tewatia to Srikar Bharat, Another single! Full and outside off. Bharat prods and pushes it to cover for a single. The stand moves to 50 now, off 41 balls. A very mature partnership between this pair.
Rahul Tewatia to Glenn Maxwell, Slower through the air. Full and on off. Maxwell drives it through mid off for a single.

Strategic Time-Out! The equation is pretty simple for Bangalore. 44 runs are required from the last seven overs and they should cruise through from here. Rajasthan will quickly need to react now to pull things back otherwise Bangalore would get away with the game in no time. 

Chris Morris to Glenn Maxwell, A slower length ball, on off. Maxwell eases it through point. They take a single.
Chris Morris to Glenn Maxwell, Low full toss and on off. Maxwell flicks it to mid-wicket. Maxwell and Morris have shared some words here. It is heating up!
Chris Morris to Srikar Bharat, Full toss and on off, slower in pace, Bharat whips it across the line to deep square leg. The batters cross for a single.
Chris Morris to Srikar Bharat, SIX! All the way. Bharat has found his rhythm. Morris serves it full and on off. Bharat goes down and across as he powers it over the backward square leg fence for a biggie. Bangalore are running away here!
Chris Morris to Srikar Bharat, Up and over the infield. On a length, outside off. Bharat lifts it over covers. The batters pick two before the fielder cuts it off.

Chris Morris is back into the attack. His figures read 2-0-17-0 so far. 

Chris Morris to Glenn Maxwell, A length ball, on middle. Maxwell pushes it down towards mid on and gets a single.
Mahipal Lomror to Glenn Maxwell, Tossed up, on middle. Maxwell forces it towards long on for another single. Rajasthan need to find a wicket from somewhere to put the pressure back on Bangalore. 55 needed off 48 balls.
Mahipal Lomror to Srikar Bharat, Loopy ball, around middle and off. Bharat moves back and places it behind point for a run.
Mahipal Lomror to Glenn Maxwell, Lomror continues to bowl full, this time outside off. Maxwell stays back and pushes it through covers for a single.
Mahipal Lomror to Glenn Maxwell, WIDE! Full and sliding down leg. Maxwell leaves it alone. Wide called. 
Mahipal Lomror to Glenn Maxwell, Quicker. Full and outside off. Maxwell pushes it to covers.
Mahipal Lomror to Srikar Bharat, Full and on off. Bharat flicks it past mid on for a single.
Mahipal Lomror to Srikar Bharat, FOUR! Down the ground! Bharat gets into the act now. Floated, full and on off. Bharat dances down the track and lifts it over the bowler's head. The ball ends up in the boundary at long off.