Indian Premier League, 2021

Punjab Kings vs Rajasthan Royals - Match 32

Venue: Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai

Date & Time: 21 September 2021

Punjab Kings 183/4

RR: 9.15 | Rajasthan Royals beat Punjab Kings by 2 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
KL Rahul c Kartik Tyagi & b Chetan Sakariyac Kartik Tyagi & b Chetan Sakariya493342
Mayank Agarwal c Liam Livingstone & b Rahul Tewatiac Liam Livingstone & b Rahul Tewatia674372
Aiden Markram not out not out 262021
Nicholas Pooran c Sanju Samson (C) (W) & b Kartik Tyagic Sanju Samson (C) (W) & b Kartik Tyagi322212
Deepak Hooda c Sanju Samson (C) (W) & b Kartik Tyagic Sanju Samson (C) (W) & b Kartik Tyagi0200
Fabian Allen not out not out 0100
Ishan Porel
Harpreet Brar
Mohammed Shami
Adil Rashid
Arshdeep Singh
Extras 9 (b 0, lb 0, w 8, nb 1)
Total 183 (4 Wkts, 20.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
120-1 (KL Rahul,11.5), 126-2 (Mayank Agarwal,13), 183-3 (Nicholas Pooran,19.3), 183-4 (Deepak Hooda,19.5),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mustafizur Rahman4 0 30 0 7.50
Chetan Sakariya3 0 31 1 10.33
Kartik Tyagi4 0 29 2 7.25
Chris Morris4 0 47 0 11.75
Rahul Tewatia3 0 23 1 7.67
Mahipal Lomror1 0 7 0 7.00
Riyan Parag1 0 16 0 16.00
Evin Lewis0 0 0 0 0
Yashasvi Jaiswal0 0 0 0 0
Sanju Samson 0 0 0 0 0
Liam Livingstone0 0 0 0 0

That concludes the proceedings from this thrilling game. The next game on Wednesday, 22nd September 2021 will be played between Delhi and Hyderabad in Dubai. The action will begin at 6 pm local (2 pm GMT) but you can join us in advance for the build-up. Cheers!

KARTIK TYAGI IS THE MAN OF THE MATCH! Says that he feels really good and he is happy that he got the chance in the first game here. Tells that he has been speaking to his seniors for the past 2 years and he kept believing that he bowls well in the death overs. Tells that games keep changing and he has been noticing this and it feels good that it worked out in their favour. Shares that when he was a net bowler for India's tour of Australia, he has been told that he needs to bowl fuller and he has practised bowling in that channel now.

Sanju Samson, the captain of Rajasthan, says that they kept on believing and somewhere they had that fight left. Shares that he kept the overs of Kartik Tyagi and Mustafizur Rahman for the backend and it worked out. Adds that when you win the game, every decision you make turns out to be the right decision and he always keeps his faith in his bowlers. Tells that Kartik was confident about his wide yorkers and their field setting was good too. Opines that 185 was a good score on this deck and if they could have been better on the field, they could have won the game early.

Evin Lewis is in for a quick chat! Says that he felt good and the wicket was great to bat on. Feels that 200 would have been a good score but is happy that they won the game. Tells us that they were really switched on in the last 10 overs of the game. Shares that they just tried to keep it simple and feels that it was a fighting total.

KL Rahul, the skipper of Punjab, says that it is a tough one to swallow and says that they have experienced games like these before. Adds that they will look to learn and handle pressure better. Says that sometimes under pressure, when the target is achievable, you try to finish things quickly, and maybe the pressure gets to you. On Arshdeep and Shami, KL replies that they bowled really well and pulled things back very nicely. Mentions that it was good that he, Mayank Agarwal, and Aiden Markram got some runs and hopes that their form will help them going forward.

Presentation time...

A narrow escape for Rajasthan. They will be relieved with this victory as they move up to number 5 on the points table. Their batting attempt was strong but flopping in the last 5 overs nearly cost them the game. This is one area they would like to address. For Punjab, they will have to quickly leave this defeat behind and bounce back. There were plenty of positives for them in this match. The bowling of Mohammed Shami and Arshdeep Singh, the batting form of their top order and Punjab only need to find a way to deal with the pressure situation better, especially with the bat.

We have seen many close games in the past, some excellent death bowling as well and this last over from Kartik Tyagi has to be right up there. To keep composure and bowl 5 dot balls in the last over with the defeat looking imminent, he must have nerves of steel. Rajasthan required a miracle to secure two points from this match and Tyagi waved his magic wand when it mattered the most. Hats off!

It's a shocker, to say the least for Punjab. A hard loss to swallow. This game was in their bag and there was no way Rajasthan would have stolen it. But they did the unimaginable. It was a stiff chase for Punjab but their reliable openers raised a century partnership to make things easy. KL Rahul was very lucky during his stay as he was dropped thrice and he went on to provide Punjab with a quick start. He was the aggressor initially and Mayank Agarwal took his time to settle down. Once Agarwal was set, he played some extraordinary shots and put Punjab in a commanding position. The Pink team did get a sniff after dismissing both KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal in quick succession but the quickfire stand between Nicholas Pooran and Aiden Markram almost closed the doors of a comeback for them. Yeah, we have to say 'almost' now as Punjab left a little gap open and Rajasthan managed to sneak in.

Kartik Tyagi, you superstar! He has shell-shocked Punjab. 4 needed off the last 6 balls and Punjab have lost by 2 runs. Complete shambles! You don't see that happen often but with Punjab, it's becoming a norm. KL Rahul cannot believe it. His team has imploded.

Kartik Tyagi to Fabian Allen, RAJASTHAN HAVE DONE IT! What a superb over from Tyagi! He is the reason that Rajasthan have gone past the finish line. They have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Punjab just needed 4 off the final over but they have failed to win this game. A pinpoint yorker, outside off, Allen tries to hit this one out but misses. RAJASTHAN WIN BY 2 RUNS! 

Fabian Allen walks in next. Three to win the game, 2 to take it into the Super Over.

Kartik Tyagi to Deepak Hooda, OUT! CAUGHT! WOW! What a game this is turning out to be! Another wicket and Rajasthan are in the driving seat now. On a length, wider outside off again, Deepak Hooda reaches out and looks to play this to the off side but the ball takes the outside edge and Sanju Samson is not going to drop this. 3 more needed on the last ball! 
Kartik Tyagi to Deepak Hooda, DOT! 3 needed in 2 now! Wider, fuller, outside off, Deepak Hooda moves across and looks to play at this but misses. Valuable dot. 

Who will come out next? Fabian Allen or Deepak Hooda? It's Deepak Hooda.

Kartik Tyagi to Nicholas Pooran, OUT! CAUGHT! Is there a twist in the game? Nicholas Pooran loses his wicket at the very end of the innings and he fails to close the game out for his side. A fuller ball, slanting across the southpaw, Pooran just looks to guide this to the off side but only manages a thin outside edge, which is gobbled up by Sanju Samson behind the sticks. 3 more needed in 3 balls! 
Kartik Tyagi to Aiden Markram, Just one! Fuller this time, around off, Aiden Markram swings across the line but only manages an inside edge to deep square leg for one. 3 needed in 4 balls! 
Kartik Tyagi to Aiden Markram, Good start by Tyagi! Dot ball. A full toss, around off, hit to the fielder at covers. 4 needed in 5 now! 
Mustafizur Rahman to Aiden Markram, Yes, he can! Just a run off the final ball and just 4 from the over. Around middle, this is hit through covers for one. 4 more needed in 6 balls. 
Mustafizur Rahman to Nicholas Pooran, Fullish, on off, jammed out through mid on for one. A really good penultimate over so far from the Fizz. Can he end it well?
Mustafizur Rahman to Aiden Markram, Great stop by Chetan Sakariya! Saved a certain boundary there. A touch short, slower in pace again, on middle, Aiden Markram moves to the leg side and looks to cut this one away. He only manages an outside edge, which goes to the right of the keeper. Samson flies, but fails to grab it. It deflects behind and Chetan Sakariya dives to his left at short third man to stop the racing ball. Only a single. 
Mustafizur Rahman to Nicholas Pooran, Fuller again, outside off, Nicholas Pooran looks to dig it out but only manages an outside edge down to third man. The fielder there is standing very straight and hence only a single.
Mustafizur Rahman to Nicholas Pooran, Well bowled by the Fizz! A full toss, outside off, dipping down, Pooran gets low and looks to push this but fails to connect. 
Mustafizur Rahman to Nicholas Pooran, Short and wide outside off, Nicholas Pooran looks to fire his cut away but misses. 
Chris Morris to Nicholas Pooran, Just 8 more needed now! A full toss, around off, Pooran just taps this to point for one. 
Chris Morris to Aiden Markram, Overthrows! Around off, length, pushed towards mid on. Aiden Markram sends Pooran back as the fielder scores a direct hit at the non-striker's end. There is no one backing up and the batters then take the run. 
Chris Morris to Aiden Markram, A full toss, around middle and leg, above waist height, but dipping down. Aiden Markram just sits under this one. The umpire does not move and does not indicate anything. 
Chris Morris to Nicholas Pooran, Around off, hit across the line to the leg side for one. Brings up the 50-run stand between Pooran and Markram. Just 10 more needed now! 
Chris Morris to Aiden Markram, Fuller, around off, hit towards mid on for one. 
Chris Morris to Aiden Markram, SIX! High and handsome! That was very, very, veryyyyy big! One South African gets the better of the other! Morris serves this slower, on a length, around off, Aiden Markram picks this delivery early and smokes this one way over deep mid-wicket. 
Mustafizur Rahman to Aiden Markram, A single to end the 17th over. Around off, pushed through mid off for one. 14 from the over and Punjab need 18 more from 18 balls. 
Mustafizur Rahman to Aiden Markram, Slower, back of the hand from the Fizz, on middle, Aiden awkwardly fends it out to the off side. 
Mustafizur Rahman to Nicholas Pooran, Wider outside off, a length delivery, Nicholas Pooran looks to clear the cover boundary but only manages to loft this in the deep. It lands safe and two fielders ensure that the ball does not cross the ropes. Three taken. 
Mustafizur Rahman to Nicholas Pooran, SIX! SHOT! That is a monster of a shot. Clean stroke. Around off and middle, on a length, Nicholas Pooran pumps this one all the way over deep mid-wicket. This is the highest score of Nicholas Pooran in the Indian T20 League, 2021, so far. 
Mustafizur Rahman to Nicholas Pooran, Shortish, outside off, NP looks to flash but misses his shot. 
Mustafizur Rahman to Nicholas Pooran, EDGY FOUR! Pooran will take that. Punjab will take that. Length delivery, closer to off, Nicholas Pooran looks to chop this away but the ball takes the outside edge and speeds away to the third man fence, beating the fielder to his right. 

Strategic Time-Out! 32 needed more off 24 balls and it's turning out to be a pretty straightforward chase for Punjab. They did lose their openers in quick succession but Aiden Markram and Nicholas Pooran have batted sensibly so far. Rajasthan need wickets in a heap to get back in this match. Can they do it? Here is Mustafizur Rahman to operate after the break...

Chris Morris to Nicholas Pooran, Another single as Nicholas Pooran gently dabs this to the point region. The fielder has a shy at the striker's end but he misses. A tidy over from Morris, just 6 off it.
Chris Morris to Aiden Markram, Outside off, on a length, worked to the fielder at mid off for one. 
Chris Morris to Aiden Markram, WIDE. This is slipped down the leg side, Aiden misses his tuck. 
Chris Morris to Aiden Markram, Length, around off, Aiden Markram punches this to the right of mid off, where Yashasvi Jaiswal dives and stops the ball. 
Chris Morris to Nicholas Pooran, Slower, around off, length, Pooran taps this to point for an easy single. 
Chris Morris to Aiden Markram, Around off, on a length, driven aerially through cover-point for a run. 
Chris Morris to Nicholas Pooran, Shortish, around off, Pooran pulls this through mid-wicket for one. 
Kartik Tyagi to Aiden Markram, FOUR! Spoils a good over! Tyagi serves a half-volley around off, Markram shows the full face of his bat and crunches it down the ground for a boundary. No chance for long off. 38 needed off 30 balls.
Kartik Tyagi to Nicholas Pooran, Very full and on off at 135.9 kph, Pooran drives it to extra cover and steals a single.
Kartik Tyagi to Nicholas Pooran, Beaten again! This is excellent bowling from Kartik Tyagi. Varies his pace and bowls it at 108 clicks. Full and outside off, Pooran is early into his attempted drive and misses. 
Kartik Tyagi to Nicholas Pooran, Beaten! Kartik Tyagi angles across a length ball, outside off, Nicholas Pooran tries to play a booming drive but fails to connect.
Kartik Tyagi to Nicholas Pooran, A bouncer around leg, Pooran ducks.
Kartik Tyagi to Aiden Markram, Starts this spell with a fuller delivery on middle, Aiden Markram flicks it through mid-wicket for a single.