Indian Premier League, 2021

Punjab Kings vs Mumbai Indians - Match 17

Venue: MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai

Date & Time: 23 April 2021

Punjab Kings 132/1

RR: 7.47 | Punjab Kings beat Mumbai Indians by 9 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
KL Rahul not out not out 605233
Mayank Agarwal c Suryakumar Yadav & b Rahul Chaharc Suryakumar Yadav & b Rahul Chahar252041
Chris Gayle not out not out 433552
Nicholas Pooran
Deepak Hooda
Moises Henriques
Shahrukh Khan
Fabian Allen
Mohammed Shami
Ravi Bishnoi
Arshdeep Singh
Extras 4 (b 0, lb 0, w 3, nb 1)
Total 132 (1 Wkts, 17.4 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
53-1 (Mayank Agarwal,7.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Trent Boult2.4 0 30 0 12.50
Krunal Pandya3 0 31 0 10.33
Jasprit Bumrah3 0 21 0 7.00
Rahul Chahar4 0 19 1 4.75
Jayant Yadav4 0 20 0 5.00
Kieron Pollard1 0 11 0 11.00
Rohit Sharma 0 0 0 0 0
Quinton de Kock 0 0 0 0 0
Suryakumar Yadav0 0 0 0 0
Ishan Kishan0 0 0 0 0
Hardik Pandya0 0 0 0 0

So that is it from this game! Indian T20 League action though continues as Rajasthan take on Kolkata on 24th April 2021. That game begins at 1930 local (1400 GMT). Till then, take care and goodbye!

KL Rahul, the Punjab skipper and the MAN OF THE MATCH, he says that they are still a young team and it is important to be patient. Adds that they are trying to give opportunities to many players. About the toss, says that he had a long chat with the coach about batting second and he wanted his bowlers to bowl early on this wicket. Adds that they also thought that dew would ease the pitch in the second half but it didn't happen. Says that Gayle brings in a lot of experience and it was nice to see him bat. Praises Bishnoi for the way he bowled and says that he is very brave. Finishes by saying that he is happy with the way he is batting and it gets slightly easier while chasing when he knows the target.

Rohit Sharma, the Mumbai skipper, says that they did not have enough runs on the board. Adds that it isn't a bad wicket to bat on but the application is lacking from their side and if they get 150-160 on this pitch then it is good enough. Tells that the Punjab bowlers bowled really well in the Powerplay. Says that he and Kishan looked to hit the balls but weren't able to. Tells that Kishan coming over Suryakumar Yadav was a tactical decision as they needed someone to bat in the middle overs against spinners.

Mayank Agarwal is down for a chat, he says that it is nice to get 2 points on the board. Adds that discussion with KL Rahul was to keep things simple and play proper cricketing strokes. Says that they wanted to get a good Powerplay and they are glad that they did. Adds that he has taken up the onus of keeping the energy while fielding.

Earlier in the day, after being inserted, Mumbai were restricted to only 131 despite Rohit scoring a half-ton. Punjab bowlers were exceptional especially Shami and Bishnoi. In reply, their skipper led the way with a fine half-ton and took them over the line.

The Mumbai bowling did not begin in the best of manners, they bowled way too many boundary balls and the first six overs cost them the game. Chahar did brilliantly once again to get his side back but he did not receive a lot of support from the rest.

It was all about the start though, the openers got Punjab off to a flier. Agarwal did fall and then there were a few tight overs in between that kept the run rate kept on the rise. However, some really clever batting from Gayle and Rahul took their side over the line.

That is a superb run chase from Punjab! Really good from Rahul who was there from start to end for his side. Took the responsibility on himself and has finished the game off.

Trent Boult to KL Rahul, FOUR! There it is! Full ball, outside off. KL Rahul squeezes this down to the third man fence. The fielder runs across but there is no stopping this one. PUNJAB WIN BY 9 WICKETS!!
Trent Boult to KL Rahul, SIX! Dispatched! Full toss, on the off stump. The set KL Rahul just smokes it over the long on fence. Just 4 needed now.
Trent Boult to Chris Gayle, Fuller ball, on the stumps. Gayle gets the inner half of the bat to deep square leg for one.
Trent Boult to Chris Gayle, SIX! Welcome back to the attack says Gayle! Length ball, outside off. Gayle waits for it and then pulls it handsomely over the mid-wicket fence.

Trent Boult is in the attack now.

Jasprit Bumrah to Chris Gayle, 17 needed then in 3! On off, Gayle pushes it through covers for one.
Jasprit Bumrah to Chris Gayle, FOUR! Brilliant batting by Gayle! He shuffles across and this is bowled shorter in length, Gayle pulls it, just uses the pace and hits it through square leg. The fielder in the deep runs to his right, slides but once again another fielder pushes it onto the ropes. Welcome boundary.
Jasprit Bumrah to Chris Gayle, That has spit off the surface. Length and on middle, it takes off and also turns away. Gayle looks to defend but is hit on the body.
Jasprit Bumrah to KL Rahul, Safe! Fifty for Rahul! Fortunate way to bring it up. On middle, another slowe one. Rahul looks to whip it but it goes off the top edge and lands safe in the square leg region. One taken. Rahul needs to stay there till the end. He has to take his side home.
Jasprit Bumrah to Chris Gayle, Just the one, on off, this is pushed towards cover for one. The fielder did have a shy but Gayle was in.
Jasprit Bumrah to Chris Gayle, Almost unplayable! This lands on off on a length. Turns away like an off spinner. Gayle is beaten as he tries to keep it out.

Strategic Time-Out! Punjab are in control here. The dry ball is turning but Rahul Chahar and Jayant Yadav have bowled out and Krunal Pandya just has one over left. Mumbai need a flurry of wickets to get back in the game. Mumbai have been games from this situation before, but can they pull out another rabbit from their hat? Wait and watch! Jasprit Bumrah is back in the attack. 

Krunal Pandya to Chris Gayle, NOT OUT! Gayle is well in. A full toss on middle, Gayle mistimes it towards long on. It lands short of that fielder. They take one. The throw is to the bowler's end who whips the bails off. An appeal and it is referred. Time for the replays and they show that Gayle is in. So despite three dots, 9 from the over. Just the 24 needed in 24.

Is that a run out? Chris Gayle is well inside the crease. Not out it will be.

Krunal Pandya to Chris Gayle, WIDE! Another wide! Outside off, left alone.
Krunal Pandya to Chris Gayle, WIDE! Well wide outside off, not played at.
Krunal Pandya to Chris Gayle, FOUR! Bumrah should have done better! The slog sweep ai out, it goes off the inner half through square leg. Bumrah in the deep runs to his right, dives but pushes it into the ropes.
Krunal Pandya to Chris Gayle, WIDE! Well outside off, left alone. 
Krunal Pandya to KL Rahul, Fuller and on off, it is pushed down to long off for one.
Krunal Pandya to KL Rahul, Three dots in a row! Quicker and outside off, Rahul looks to cut but misses.
Krunal Pandya to KL Rahul, Another dot! This lands on the leg pole, Rahul looks to work it on the leg side but misses as it straightens. Hits him high on the pads. 
Krunal Pandya to KL Rahul, NOT OUT! Rahul never lifted his leg. The dry ball is doing wonders here. This lands outside off and then turns away. Rahul looks to drive it misses. De Kock whips the bails off and appeals. Replays show that the batter is well in.

Is that a stumping? KL Rahul has dragged his foot back. This will be not out.

Change. Krunal Pandya is in the attack. He went for 22 in his first two.

Jayant Yadav to Chris Gayle, Beaten again! This is a beauty! Loopy ball, just on the off pole. Gayle is forced to offer a defensive stroke but the ball turns and goes past the outside edge. Just one six from the over. 33 needed in 30 now.
Jayant Yadav to Chris Gayle, Beaten! Quicker ball, outside off. Gayle covers his stumps and looks to defend but the ball whizzes past his bat.
Jayant Yadav to Chris Gayle, Touch shorter, outside off. Pulled away to mid-wicket.
Jayant Yadav to Chris Gayle, Play and a miss! Fuller ball, outside off. Chris Gayle goes for the sweep but the ball spins bast his bat.
Jayant Yadav to Chris Gayle, SIX! In the orbit! Loopy ball, outside off. Chris Gayle says thank you very much and nails it deep over the long on fence.
Jayant Yadav to Chris Gayle, Flatter ball, around off. Defended off the back foot.
Kieron Pollard to KL Rahul, Just short! 11 from the over then. On off, a slower one. Holds in the surface. Rahul looks to flick but is early in the shot. It goes uppishly but lands short of Pollard.
Kieron Pollard to KL Rahul, Two! Shorter and outside off, this is guided through point for a couple.
Kieron Pollard to KL Rahul, SIX! Had Pandya been at the ropes, it might have been a catch! Shorter and on the pads, Rahul whips it, it goes off the top edge over the fine leg fence for a biggie.
Kieron Pollard to Chris Gayle, Have to happy with the singles at the moment! Shorter and outside off, Gayle again chops it towards point for one.
Kieron Pollard to KL Rahul, Just one again! Outside off, this is slapped through covers for one.
Kieron Pollard to Chris Gayle, Shorter and outside off, Gayle looks to cut but gets an under edge towards point for one.

Who will bowl from the other end? Kieron Pollard to roll his arm over.

Jayant Yadav to Chris Gayle, 12 from the over! Fuller ball, around off. Chris Gayle looks to go big but gets the inner half of the bat to square leg. The fielder there fumbles and that allows the batters to take a run. 50 needed in the last 7.
Jayant Yadav to Chris Gayle, Quicker ball, outside off. Gayle defends it off the back foot.
Jayant Yadav to Chris Gayle, FOUR! That has bisected the two fielders! Loopy ball, outside off. Gayle smacks it towards the wide long on fence. Two fielders converge there but the ball goes between them.
Jayant Yadav to Chris Gayle, FOUR! Nicely played! Flatter ball, outside off. Gayle shuffles across and pulls it down to the fine leg fence.
Jayant Yadav to KL Rahul, Flatter ball, on the stumps. Flicked away to deep mid-wicket for one.