Indian Premier League, 2021

Punjab Kings vs Delhi Capitals - Match 29

Venue: Narendra Modi Stadium, Motera, Ahmedabad

Date & Time: 02 May 2021

Delhi Capitals 167/3

RR: 9.45 | Delhi Capitals beat Punjab Kings by 7 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Prithvi Shaw bowled Harpreet Brarbowled Harpreet Brar392233
Shikhar Dhawan not out not out 694762
Steven Smith c Dawid Malan & b Riley Meredithc Dawid Malan & b Riley Meredith242210
Rishabh Pant c Mayank Agarwal (C) & b Chris Jordanc Mayank Agarwal (C) & b Chris Jordan141111
Shimron Hetmyer not out not out 16412
Marcus Stoinis
Lalit Yadav
Axar Patel
Kagiso Rabada
Avesh Khan
Ishant Sharma
Extras 5 (b 0, lb 2, w 3, nb 0)
Total 167 (3 Wkts, 17.4 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
63-1 (Prithvi Shaw,6.1), 111-2 (Steven Smith,13), 147-3 (Rishabh Pant,16.3),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Riley Meredith3.4 0 35 1 10.29
Mohammed Shami3 0 37 0 12.33
Ravi Bishnoi4 0 42 0 10.50
Chris Jordan2 0 21 1 10.50
Harpreet Brar3 0 19 1 6.33
Deepak Hooda2 0 11 0 5.50

Right! That's all from the Super Sunday. The action in the Indian T20 League will now move to Monday, 3rd May 2021. Bangalore will take on Kolkata in game number 30. The action will begin at 1930 local (1400 GMT). We will look forward to your company for that game. Until then, it is goodbye from our end. Stay safe and take care.

Mayank Agarwal, the Punjab skipper is the Man of the Match! On KL Rahul, Mayank says that he is going for the surgery and hopes that he comes back soon. Laughs and says that he would have liked to win here. Says that one batter has to bat through and he decided to take the responsibility and thinks that they could not get as many runs as they wanted in the middle overs but feels that they ended well. Tells that he would have loved 2 points but now, they will look forward to the next game and try to win there. On Harpreet Brar, he says that Brar hit a crucial boundary with the bat and he is bowling exceedingly well. 

Rishabh Pant, the Delhi captain, starts off by saying that Dhawan and Shaw gave them a very good start and the innings looked better due to them and Pant feels that the wicket was slightly slow in the second innings. Says that it feels good when you have a good start in every game. Feels that the side is settled and they need to try few options for the Kolkata games. Opines that the competition is good and they have a lot of gun bowling and they can't make everyone play. Feels that he is enjoying captaincy and there are people around him who help him. c

The holder of the Orange Cap, Shikhar Dhawan chats here! He says that he is really happy with the way they chased down the score and Smith chipped in nicely and he knew that he had to stay out there till the end and it was a perfectly crafted inning. Adds that once they knew that they can close the game quickly, they looked to wrap up the game by the 19th over but Hetmyer finished it in the 17th over. Feels that it is good to get the Strike Rate up. Says that he looks at his runs and also his Strike Rate too. Tells that he has enjoyed playing with Shaw for 3 years and it is good to watch him play from the other end. 

The bowling from Delhi wasn't bad but they failed to close things well. The spinners did a fine job for them and bowled tight overs. Rabada got 3 wickets but took a bit of hammering. Ishant failed to get a wicket and gave away 37 in his 4. And one of those 4 overs was a maiden. Avesh was doing a fine job until he bowled the final over of the innings that saw Punjab score 23 off it. However, the score that they stopped the opposition, their batters made sure they crossed the line easily.

Earlier in the game, Punjab looked struggling after they lost two wickets in the Powerplay. None of their batters could get going but skipper Agarwal made sure he didn't his wicket away and kept going. He reached his half ton and then went big in the final few overs to get the team to a very good total. He was unbeaten on 99 but his knock took the side to a very good total.

The bowling from Punjab wasn't at its best. They failed to get any wickets in the Powerplay and to win defending a total like this, they needed early wickets but they failed. Brar struck in his first ball as sent Shaw back to the pavilion but they needed a couple of quick wickets after that. That did not happen and it was too easy in the end. Meredith and Jordan did pick a wicket apiece but they came late and didn't help them.

Chasing the total, Shaw and Dhawan gave the team a perfect start. The duo added 63 for the opening wicket. Shaw departed in the 7th over but Dhawan continued and along with Smith, kept the scoreboard ticking. The duo added 48 before Smith threw his wicket away but Dhawan didn't. He completed his half-century and took the team over the line.

Two sixes and a boundary to seal the deal from Hetmyer and it is another easy win for Delhi. A walk in the park for them in this run chase like it was for them in their previous game against Kolkata. It was the openers who set the tone in that game and they have done that here too. Dhawan has played a responsible knock to help the team bag two more points and go top of the table.

Riley Meredith to Shimron Hetmyer, WIDE. A wide which is way outside the tramline. It is wided and DELHI HAVE WON BY 7 WICKETS! 
Riley Meredith to Shimron Hetmyer, WIDE! A wayward full toss outside off, Hetmyer swings but misses. Wided. Scores level now! 
Riley Meredith to Shimron Hetmyer, FOUR! What a beautiful cover drive. Just 2 more needed now and Hetmyer is in a hurry. A good length ball outside off, Shimron Hetmyer drives this one crisply through extra cover for a boundary. 
Riley Meredith to Shimron Hetmyer, SIX! WHOOSH! Just 6 more needed now. A short ball, around off, Shimron Hetmyer swivels and hooks this one over the deep mid-wicket fence for a maximum. 
Riley Meredith to Shimron Hetmyer, SIX! WHAM! Shimron Hetmyer wants to wrap the game up here. A length ball, around off, Shimron Hetmyer slams this one over the long off region for a biggie. 
Riley Meredith to Shikhar Dhawan, Around off, slogged away to deep square leg for a single. 
Chris Jordan to Shimron Hetmyer, Short and outside off, Hetmyer looks to pull but gets the under edge, which goes to the mid off region. 19 needed from 18 balls. 
Chris Jordan to Shikhar Dhawan, On a shortish length and around off, Dhawan looks to hook this one to deep square leg for one. 
Chris Jordan to Shikhar Dhawan, A length ball around off, pushed to the point region. 

Shimron Hetmyer is in next.

Chris Jordan to Rishabh Pant, OUT! TAKEN! Pant wants to finish things quickly and swings his blade at this but does not time it cleanly. A good length ball, around off, Rishabh Pant looks to slam this one through the leg side but he slices the ball high in the air towards the cover region. Pant loses his bat in the process too as it slips out of his hand. Mayank Agarwal takes the catch there. 20 needed from 21 balls. 
Chris Jordan to Shikhar Dhawan, Good length ball outside off, Dhawan slaps this one to sweeper cover for a single. 
Chris Jordan to Shikhar Dhawan, Shorter and outside off, Dhawan skips down the track and pulls this to deep mid-wicket. A couple. 
Deepak Hooda to Rishabh Pant, Missed out! That was there to be hit. Short and wide outside off, Pant cuts but finds point. 23 needed in 4 overs.
Deepak Hooda to Rishabh Pant, Short and wide again, this time he hits it wide of cover and the man in the deep. The fielder in the deep runs to his left and keeps it down to two.
Deepak Hooda to Rishabh Pant, Short and wide, Pant cuts but finds cover.
Deepak Hooda to Shikhar Dhawan, Tossed up and outside off, Dhawan reverse sweeps it towards short third man and takes one.
Deepak Hooda to Rishabh Pant, Floated around off, pushed on the off side for one.
Deepak Hooda to Shikhar Dhawan, Short and wide outside off, Dhawan punches it to long off for one.
Mohammed Shami to Rishabh Pant, Good response from Shami. A superb yorker on middle, it is pushed to cover by Pant. 28 more needed in 30 balls. 
Mohammed Shami to Rishabh Pant, SIX! Whipped and it goes all the way! Fuller and angled in, Pant picks it up and flicks it over deep square leg for a biggie. Too easy.
Mohammed Shami to Shikhar Dhawan, Around off on a length, this one is pushed through covers for a single.
Mohammed Shami to Shikhar Dhawan, FOUR! Lovely shot again! A short ball, around middle and leg, Dhawan pulls it through square leg and finds the fence.
Mohammed Shami to Rishabh Pant, Short and wide again, poked to third man for one.
Mohammed Shami to Shikhar Dhawan, Short and wide outside off, punched to deep cover for one.

Bowling change. Mohammed Shami (2-0-24-0) comes back on now. 

Ravi Bishnoi to Rishabh Pant, Short and wide, Pant looks to hit it hard on the off side but mistimes it towards the cover fielder. 15 off the over. 
Ravi Bishnoi to Rishabh Pant, Floated around middle, clipped on the leg side for nothing.
Ravi Bishnoi to Rishabh Pant, FOUR! Pant is away in a funky fashion! Tossed up ball, it is outside off, Pant nails the reverse sweep. Finds the gap and the boundary to open the account.
Ravi Bishnoi to Shikhar Dhawan, Short and wide, slapped to deep cover for one.
Ravi Bishnoi to Shikhar Dhawan, FOUR! Take that! Dhawan wants to finish things off quickly here. Another full ball around middle, Dhawan sweeps it wide of the deep mid-wicket fielder. A boundary.
Ravi Bishnoi to Shikhar Dhawan, SIX! SHOT! FIFTY FOR DHAWAN! His amazing run this season continues. Full and around middle, Dhawan nails the sweep. There is a shout for the catch but nobody will as it sails well over the fielder at deep mid-wicket. 

Who will replace Smith in the middle? It is the skipper, Rishabh Pant.

Strategic Time Out! A wicket for Punjab but Delhi are going along nicely. Just 56 needed now and with set Dhawan in the middle, this should not be an issue for Delhi unless there is a big collapse. Can Punjab do that? Which bowler can do the magic for them? We will have all the answers soon.

Riley Meredith to Steven Smith, OUT! TAKEN! Punjab really needed a wicket and Meredith has provided the same to them here. Smith was looking good and was looking to amp it up, but he holes out in that process. This is a length delivery, around off and middle, Steven Smith looks to whack this one to the leg side and looks to clear the fence, but his shot has more height than distance. Goes high up in the Ahmedabad night sky and towards deep mid-wicket, where Dawid Malan keeps his eye on the ball and takes a good catch. 56 more needed in 42 balls. 
Riley Meredith to Shikhar Dhawan, Good length ball, but this time on leg, Dhawan tickles this one to fine leg for a single. 
Riley Meredith to Steven Smith, Leg bye. A slower short ball on middle, Smith looks to pull this one but misses and the ball takes the body and goes to the leg side. A leg bye is sneaked in. 
Riley Meredith to Steven Smith, A pacy length delivery outside off, 145 clicks, Smith only pushes the ball to the fielder at mid off. 
Riley Meredith to Shikhar Dhawan, Good length ball on off, Dhawan drops this to covers for one. 
Riley Meredith to Shikhar Dhawan, This is digged short and it is around off, Dhawan pulls this one hard through mid-wicket. Run hard to come back for the second. 
Ravi Bishnoi to Shikhar Dhawan, Bowls a flatter ball around off, Shikhar pulls this to deep mid-wicket. Another single to end the over. 10 off the over. 61 more needed from 48 balls.