Indian Premier League, 2021

Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders - Match 34

Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Date & Time: 23 September 2021

Kolkata Knight Riders 159/3

RR: 10.48 | Kolkata Knight Riders beat Mumbai Indians by 7 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Shubman Gill bowled Jasprit Bumrahbowled Jasprit Bumrah13911
Venkatesh Iyer bowled Jasprit Bumrahbowled Jasprit Bumrah533043
Rahul Tripathi not out not out 744283
Eoin Morgan c Trent Boult & b Jasprit Bumrahc Trent Boult & b Jasprit Bumrah7801
Nitish Rana not out not out 5210
Andre Russell
Dinesh Karthik
Sunil Narine
Prasidh Krishna
Lockie Ferguson
Varun Chakravarthy
Extras 7 (b 0, lb 1, w 6, nb 0)
Total 159 (3 Wkts, 15.1 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
40-1 (Shubman Gill,3), 128-2 (Venkatesh Iyer,11.4), 147-3 (Eoin Morgan,14.1),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Trent Boult2 0 23 0 11.50
Adam Milne3 0 29 0 9.67
Jasprit Bumrah4 0 43 3 10.75
Krunal Pandya3 0 25 0 8.33
Rahul Chahar3 0 34 0 11.33
Rohit Sharma0.1 0 4 0 40.00

Right then. That's it from the coverage of this game. Kolkata have won two games on the trot. They are now placed fourth on the points table as they have a better NRR. While, Mumbai is pushed down to the sixth spot in the points table. The action in the Indian T20 League will continue on 24th September 2021 as Bangalore will take on Chennai at 6.00 pm local (2.00 pm GMT). But as you all know, we start with the build-up early on. Do join us for that. Till then goodbye and take care!

Sunil Narine has been named as the Man of the Match award for his exceptional spell of 4-0-20-1, he is up for a chat. He says, he is coming off from playing a good amount of cricket in the Caribbean. Adds, getting Rohit Sharma in any format is very crucial. Goes onto say, Varun Chakravarthy is the one who likes the game and wants to understand everything in detail. Ends by saying, Sunil Narine the batter will come back whenever his side needs him.

Eoin Morgan, the skipper of Kolkata, is up for a chat. He says, that the way they bowled was exceptional and it has been long since they have played like this. Mentions that McCullum has taken over for almost two seasons and the players are getting into his style now. States that to win against Mumbai and in the manner in which they did gives them a lot of confidence. Says that there are a lot of talented players and were looking to fit Iyer into the playing 11. Mentions that it is fantastic that he is scoring runs and it was just his second game but he showed a lot of confidence. Credits Narine and Chakravarthy. Adds that Narine has been an integral part of their team and Varun is a fresh guy. End by saying that there is only one way for them to go in the points table and that is upwards.

... Presentation Time ...

Rahul Tripathi is up for a chat. He says that he really enjoyed the innings and is happy that he stayed till the end and took his team home. Mentions that when one is positive, the extra pressure is not there and that positive intent always helps. Informs that it was important to put their spinners under pressure and is very happy with the win. States that all the coaches and the staff had a good break and they want to be on the top of their game as they want to qualify for the playoffs.

Rohit Sharma, the skipper of Mumbai, is up for a chat. He says that they started really well but did not capitalize at the end of the innings. Says that it was a good pitch to bat on and they did not bowl really well. Adds that things happen and they need to move on from this game. Says that they needed to create the partnership as they were losing wickets at regular intervals. He feels like they lag there. Adds that they will try to rectify some issues and will look forward to the next match. Ends by saying he does not think much of the points table and will look to get some wins on a trot.

Earlier on in the innings, after being put to bat. Mumbai got off to a flying start thanks to their opening pair of Rohit Sharma and Quinton de Kock. But once Rohit Sharma fell, the runs also dried up for them. Kolkata kept chipping wickets at regular intervals and made sure they restrict Mumbai to a score of 155 which Kolkata chased with almost 5 overs to spare courtesy to their attacking approach. 

Not a good day with the ball for Mumbai! The bowlers could not trouble the batters in the early stage of the game. They were sent for a ride. Soon, Jasprit Bumrah got rid of Shubman Gill before the end of Powerplay. But then, the bowling pack found it difficult to stem up the run flow. No bowler except Bumrah got into the wickets column. Later, Bumrah took two more wickets in the end, but it was too little too late for Mumbai and they suffered another defeat after the resumption.

Kolkata got off to a fiery start! The opening pair of Shubman Gill and Venkatesh Iyer picked things from where they left off in the last game. They built a solid foundation for the chase. Gill was the first one to depart before the end of Powerplay. Later, Rahul Tripathi and Venkatesh Iyer kept smashing the ball all across the park. After 10 overs Kolkata were 111-1. Both the batters went on to make their half-centuries, but Iyer fell out soon after. Morgan came in but could not last for long as he contributed just 7 runs to the chase. In the end, it was Rahul Tripathi and Nitish Rana who took their side over the line.

What a run chase did we all just witness! The Kolkata batters made the chase look so easy. It was raining sixes in Abu Dhabi. Now, Kolkata have won two games in a row in the second leg and have snatched crucial two points here on their road to the playoffs. With this win, Kolkata have kicked Mumbai out of the fourth spot in the points table and have sent them two spots down.

Rohit Sharma to Nitish Rana, FOUR! A flatter ball, outside off. Nitish Rana goes for the reverse hit and hits it well past the short third man for a boundary. KOLKATA WIN BY 7 WICKETS
Jasprit Bumrah to Rahul Tripathi, Fuller in length, on middle. Rahul Tripathi times that one sweetly down the ground towards long on for a brace. Scores are level now.
Jasprit Bumrah to Nitish Rana, Length ball, outside off. Nitish Rana guides it past short third man for one.
Jasprit Bumrah to Rahul Tripathi, Very full, outside off. Rahul Tripathi squeezes it out to sweeper cover for one.
Jasprit Bumrah to Rahul Tripathi, FOUR! Nicely played! Length ball, on leg. Rahul Tripathi helps it on its way to fine leg for a boundary. 
Jasprit Bumrah to Rahul Tripathi, Back of a length, outside off. Rahul Tripathi defends it towards point.

Nitish Rana walks out.

Jasprit Bumrah to Eoin Morgan, OUT! CAUGHT! The lone star with the ball for Mumbai strikes again. Bumrah bowls it short on middle, Eoin Morgan pulls it straight down the throat of the deep square leg fielder, where Trent Boult takes a simple catch. Kolkata lose their third. Just 9 runs needed.

Jasprit Bumrah is back to finish off his spell. 

Adam Milne to Rahul Tripathi, Short of a length again, on off. Pulled to mid-wicket with not much timing on it. Just two off the over. 
Adam Milne to Rahul Tripathi, Good-length ball, around off. Rahul Tripathi pushes it towards covers.
Adam Milne to Eoin Morgan, Short of a length, on middle. Eoin Morgan pulls it to deep square leg for a single.
Adam Milne to Eoin Morgan, Back of a length again, outside off. Eoin Morgan taps it towards point.
Adam Milne to Eoin Morgan, Short of a length, on middle and leg. Eoin Morgan steps out and drags it back to the bowler.
Adam Milne to Rahul Tripathi, Back of a length, outside off. Rahul Tripathi dabs it down to third man for a run.

Adam Milne is back on. His figures till now read 2-0-27-0.

Rahul Chahar to Eoin Morgan, SIX! It does not matter which batsman it is, every Kolkata player is hammering the ball out of the turf. Chahar drags his length back and pitches it short, on middle. Eoin Morgan rocks back and pummels it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. 
Rahul Chahar to Eoin Morgan, Floats it up, on middle. Eoin Morgan blocks it out. 
Rahul Chahar to Rahul Tripathi, On middle, Rahul Tripathi hangs back and pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a single. 
Rahul Chahar to Rahul Tripathi, FOUR! Streaky! Loopy ball, outside off. Rahul Tripathi advances down the track and looks to push it on the off side. The ball takes the outside edge and races away to the third man fence. 
Rahul Chahar to Rahul Tripathi, Beaten! Tossed up, outside off. Rahul Tripathi has a swipe across the line but misses. 
Rahul Chahar to Rahul Tripathi, SIX! Nothing can stop Kolkata from winning. Chahar bowls a loopy ball, on middle. Rahul Tripathi slog-sweeps it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. He is making batting look so easy. Moves onto 61 off just 33.
Jasprit Bumrah to Eoin Morgan, Slight fuller, on middle. Eoin Morgan hits it back to the bowler. 28 needed in 48 balls. 
Jasprit Bumrah to Eoin Morgan, Short of a length, on middle. Eoin Morgan looks to cut but misses and gets hit on the body. 

Who will walk out next? It is going to be Eoin Morgan.

Jasprit Bumrah to Venkatesh Iyer, OUT! TIMBER! Jasprit Bumrah alone making things happen here for Mumbai! A slower ball from Burmah, on a length and around leg. Venkatesh Iyer clears his front leg and looks to heave it but is too early into his shot. The ball rattles through and hits the stumps. An excellent innings from Venkatesh Iyer comes to an end.
Jasprit Bumrah to Rahul Tripathi, On a length, on off. Rahul Tripathi works it to sweeper cover for a single. 
Jasprit Bumrah to Rahul Tripathi, FOUR! MUSCLED! A length ball, on middle. Rahul Tripathi pulls it in the gap between mid-wicket and long on for a boundary. 
Jasprit Bumrah to Rahul Tripathi, SIX! Nothing can go wrong for Kolkata it seems. Even edges are going for sixes. Full in length, way outside off. Rahul Tripathi shuffles across and looks to paddle-scoop but miscues. The ball goes off the leading edge over running Krunal Pandya at third man. That's fifty as well for Rahul Tripathi.
Rahul Chahar to Venkatesh Iyer, Full and on the pads, this is flicked to deep square leg for a couple. 39 needed in 54 balls. 
Rahul Chahar to Rahul Tripathi, DROPPED! It is not just quite going for Mumbai! A full ball, on off. Rahul Tripathi looks to slog-sweep it but gets a leading-edge, high in the air and towards mid off. Rahul Chahar himself runs across but fails to catch it. A single taken. 
Rahul Chahar to Venkatesh Iyer, Full and on off, eased down to long on for a single. 
Rahul Chahar to Venkatesh Iyer, A loopy ball, on off. Venkatesh Iyer punches it to covers. There was a slight hesitation in the middle but they stayed against the single in the end. 
Rahul Chahar to Venkatesh Iyer, This one lands on middle and spins back in. Venkatesh Iyer defends it out. 
Rahul Chahar to Venkatesh Iyer, A flatter ball, on off. Venkatesh Iyer cuts it through backward point before the fielder cuts it off. Two taken. Also, FIFTY up for Venkatesh Iyer, he is enjoying his time at the moment. 

Rahul Chahar is back into the attack. His figures read 1-0-11-0 so far. He replaces Krunal Pandya. 

Jasprit Bumrah to Venkatesh Iyer, On a length, on off. Venkatesh Iyer dabs it to third man for a single. 45 needed in 60 balls. 
Jasprit Bumrah to Venkatesh Iyer, FIVE WIDES! Bonus runs! Some extra pace from Bumrah! A short ball, on middle. Venkatesh Iyer looks to pull but misses. The keeper fails to catch it and the ball runs away behind him for a boundary. 
Jasprit Bumrah to Rahul Tripathi, Now angles it on a length and on middle. Rahul Tripathi turns it to square leg for a quick single. 
Jasprit Bumrah to Rahul Tripathi, FOUR! Good shot! A length ball, outside off. Rahul Tripathi cuts it through point for a boundary.