Indian Premier League, 2021

Delhi Capitals vs Kolkata Knight Riders - Match 25

Venue: Narendra Modi Stadium, Motera, Ahmedabad

Date & Time: 29 April 2021

Delhi Capitals 156/3

RR: 9.45 | Delhi Capitals beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 7 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Prithvi Shaw c Nitish Rana & b Pat Cumminsc Nitish Rana & b Pat Cummins8241113
Shikhar Dhawan lbw Pat Cumminslbw Pat Cummins464741
Rishabh Pant c Shivam Mavi & b Pat Cumminsc Shivam Mavi & b Pat Cummins16821
Marcus Stoinis not out not out 6310
Shimron Hetmyer not out not out 0100
Steven Smith
Lalit Yadav
Axar Patel
Kagiso Rabada
Avesh Khan
Ishant Sharma
Extras 6 (b 1, lb 0, w 4, nb 1)
Total 156 (3 Wkts, 16.3 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
132-1 (Shikhar Dhawan,13.5), 146-2 (Prithvi Shaw,15.2), 150-3 (Rishabh Pant,15.5),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Shivam Mavi1 0 25 0 25.00
Varun Chakaravarthy4 0 34 0 8.50
Prasidh Krishna3.3 0 36 0 10.91
Sunil Narine4 0 36 0 9.00
Pat Cummins4 0 24 3 6.00
Shubman Gill0 0 0 0 0
Nitish Rana0 0 0 0 0
Rahul Tripathi0 0 0 0 0
Eoin Morgan 0 0 0 0 0
Andre Russell0 0 0 0 0
Dinesh Karthik 0 0 0 0 0

That is it from this game! Delhi have steamrolled through Kolkata and have boosted their run rate. Kolkata's struggle continue as this loss will hurt them badly. The action in the league continues on Friday, 30th April. KL Rahul's Punjab will look to get back to winning ways and stay in contention for the top 4 as they take on Kohli's Bangalore. Bangalore will look to go top of the table. That promises to be another fascinating clash. That game begins at 1930 local (1400 GMT). Make sure you join us for that one. Till then, goodbye and take care!

Prithvi Shaw is named Player of the Match for his superb knock. He says that he was not thinking anything, to be honest, and was waiting for the loose ball and he knew where Mavi was going to bowl as he has played with him before. Adds that he was prepared and he knew that one ball would come to the body but Mavi did not bowl that. Goes onto say that he felt that it was stopping a bit and he did not want to take chances of hitting on the bigger side.  Adds that he does not think about the target as he knows that if he is there, he will continue getting the runs. Tells that if he gets a chance, he will speak to Virender Sehwag. Credits his father for supporting him after he was dropped after the Australian tour and adds that his dad told him to focus on his game and he worked hard after that. Tells that there will be ups and downs in the career but he is not thinking about them.

Rishabh Pant, the Delhi skipper, starts by saying that Shaw is a talented player and if you give him confidence, players like him can do wonders. Tells that they were trying to increase the run rate and he told Shaw to not play anything fancy. Adds that they were thinking about the net run rate because the game was done by 12th or 13th over. Says that Lalit is an all-rounder and he has done well. Says they just tell the youngsters to enjoy the game. Adds that he is enjoying the captaincy and smiles and says that if they keep winning, it will be better.

Shikhar Dhawan is caught for a chat. He is now the Orange Cap holder as well. He says Prithvi was playing well and it was fun to watch. Tells they were getting runs easily so he did not take risks. Adds if he was younger, he might have tried to match Shaw's performance but now he is experienced and plays his role. Dhawan says he has made conscious efforts to take risks and says he has tried to learn, to be smart and he knows when to take those risks. Dhawan adds that he enjoys playing under Ponting's coaching and tells the team is like a family and Ponting makes sure to take care of everyone including the net bowlers.

Eoin Morgan, the Kolkata skipper, says they are very disappointed and admits they were slow off the blocks and did not bat well. Tells that when a player like Shaw gets going it is difficult to stop. Adds his innings showed how far off the mark they were on this pitch. Morgan says they have struggled to combine all three departments and win the game. Admits that they were poor in all facets of the game today. Tells Mavi bowled 4 on the trot in the last game and they wanted to build on his confidence but did not happen. Adds that they need to be honest in the dressing room and it is important as otherwise, it would be masking over the issues. Morgan says they have talent but tells talent only gets you so far and one needs to perform.

Stay tuned for the presentation!

Delhi bowled well most of the innings. Lalit and Axar were superb in their spells and got two apiece. Stoinis bowled one over and managed to get a scalp. Avesh was good in his 4 overs too. Rabada and Ishant failed to get their names in the wickets column and leaked a few runs but Shaw made the mockery of the total while chasing to thump Kolkata.

Earlier in the game, on the back of Russell's blitz, Kolkata managed to cross 150. They didn't start well. In the middle overs, Gill played a handy inning but he needed to play a few big shots. When he tried, he perished. A mini-collapse happened as Morgan and Narine fell in the same over, with both failing to open their account. However, Russell smashed a few biggies to help the team get to a decent score on the board.

You got to feel for the opposition bowlers. Shaw just never let them get in the rhythm. He went after the bowlers from the word go and didn't let them settle. Mavi went for 25 in his first over. The others too got the hammering. Cummins was the only one who managed to get in the wickets column as he took 3 but they all came too little too late for his side.

Chasing the total, Shaw started with a bang. He smashed 6 boundaries in the first over itself and set the tone. The shoulders of the opposition players went down from that very moment and they never recovered as Shaw continued to take the bowlers apart. He reached to his half ton in 18 balls and just kept going. Dhawan partnered him well and apart from playing a few classy drives, was happy to get Shaw on strike. And once Shaw got the strike, the destination for the ball was either boundary or six. Dhawan fell and Shaw too failed to close the game. Pant played a couple of big shots before getting dismissed. Eventually, Stoinis hit the winning runs to bag two points for the team.

Sensational run chase from Delhi and they are back on the winning track. The target wasn't a big one but the way Shaw started, it never looked as if Kolkata were ever in the game. Cummins did get 3 wickets but they came very late. And in the end, the knock from Shaw just blew them away. A scintillating performance from Delhi.

Prasidh Krishna to Marcus Stoinis, FOUR! That will do it! Comprehensive win for Delhi. Full on middle, Stoinis swings it towards mid on but it goes off the inner half of his bvat towards fine leg for a boundary. DELHI WIN BY 7 WICKETS AND 21 BALLS TO SPARE!
Prasidh Krishna to Marcus Stoinis, Swing and a miss! Outside off on a length. Stoinis swings but connects with thin air. 
Prasidh Krishna to Marcus Stoinis, Length ball around off, Stoinis slaps it through covers and gets a brace. Just 3 needed now for a win.

Will Mavi get another over? After getting smashed for 6 boundaries in the over, we haven't got a look at him. Morgan has gone with Krishna.

Pat Cummins to Shimron Hetmyer, Full on middle, Hetmyer tucks it to short mid-wicket. Cummins finishes with 3/24 from his 4! He can have a smile about it but in the grand scheme of things, it does not matter.

Three down! Shimron Hetmyer is in now.

Pat Cummins to Rishabh Pant, OUT! CAUGHT! Pant looks to finish it with a bang and hurry but departs! Something to smile about for Mavi who has had a bad game.  Fullish around off, Pant looks to go downtown against Cummins. He does not time it well and hits it straight down the throat of long on. Mavi there stays inside the advertising cushion and takes the catch. Cummins gets his third!
Pat Cummins to Rishabh Pant, FOUR! Slammed! Fuller around off, Pant creams it through covers for a boundary. 

Another review! This time by Kolkata. It is for a catch against Pant.

Pat Cummins to Rishabh Pant, NOT OUT! The ball has missed the bat and clipped the shoulder on its way to the keeper. Cummins knew it but it was a hopeful review from Morgan. Slowish bumper from Cummins! Rishabh looks to play but is surprised by the bounce on it. It kisses his shoulder and goes to the keeper. The Kolkata players appeal but the umpire is unmoved. Cummins turns his back but Morgan reviews it. Replays find that it misses the bat and clipped the shoulder.

Who is in next? It is Marcus Stoinis.

Pat Cummins to Prithvi Shaw, OUT! CAUGHT! Cummins has something to smile about. End of a fabulous knock from Shaw. He has played a ripper and we all know he deserves the Man of the Match award for this. He was looking to finish this game quickly so that his team could boost their run rate but in looking to do so, he has perished.  Short ball around off, Shaw looks to slam it over on the off side. He lost his shape and control as he looks to hit it. He slices it in the air. Rana keeps his eyes on the ball and dives to take a good catch.
Pat Cummins to Prithvi Shaw, Back of a length ball on middle, Shaw blocks it.
Prasidh Krishna to Rishabh Pant, Dot to end! Length and around off, played back to the bowler.
Prasidh Krishna to Rishabh Pant, SIX! Not off the middle but Delhi and Pant won't mind. Banged short and on middle, Pant looks to pull. Ends up getting a top edge and the ball flies over fine leg for half a dozen.
Prasidh Krishna to Rishabh Pant, FOUR! One bounce and into the fence. Full and around off, Pant clears his fornt leg and whacks it over mid-wicket for a boundary.
Prasidh Krishna to Rishabh Pant, Two for Pant. Fuller and around middle, flicked wide of deep square leg for two.
Prasidh Krishna to Prithvi Shaw, Full toss on middle and leg, Shaw moves inside the crease and tries to ramp it on the leg side. Fails to connect. The keeper dives to his left to stop. They sneak a bye.
Prasidh Krishna to Prithvi Shaw, Banged short and on middle, Shaw sits under it. Called no ball for height. Free Hit time.
Prasidh Krishna to Prithvi Shaw, Short ball, outside off, Shaw looks to slam it over the off side but misses.
Pat Cummins to Rishabh Pant, Dot to end the over! Length and around off, Pant blocks it.

Who will walk out to bat at number 3? It will be Rishabh Pant!

Pat Cummins to Shikhar Dhawan, OUT! LBW! Cummins gets a wicket. Dhawan has been removed. A low full toss, Dhawan looks to flick but misses to get hit plumb in front. An appeal and the umpire raises his finger. Dhawan walks off. A sensible knock from him, provided he had Shaw going all-guns-blazing at the other end.
Pat Cummins to Shikhar Dhawan, Excellent stop! Length ball, wide outside off, Dhawan cuts but Gill dives to his left and saves a certain boundary.
Pat Cummins to Shikhar Dhawan, SIX! Dhawan says even I am playing this game. What a shot from him. Takes on the short ball and depositis it over deep square leg for a biggie.
Pat Cummins to Prithvi Shaw, Short and just outside off, punched to deep cover for one.
Pat Cummins to Prithvi Shaw, Back of a length and around middle, clipped wide of fine leg for two.

Time-Out! Just mere formalities remain in this game as Delhi are certain to get 2 points and put out a statement to the rest of the sides with an emphatic win. Shaw is approaching a ton and will look to get his maiden century in this league. Dhawan is extending his run at the top of the run-scorers chart this season and is just 10 away from yet another half-century. Kolkata will look to get at least a wicket to have something to smile about.

Sunil Narine to Prithvi Shaw, Flat and just outside off, punched to deep cover for one. 32 needed in 42 balls.
Sunil Narine to Prithvi Shaw, WIDE! Slipped down the leg side. Shaw looks to work it on the leg side but misses. DK appeals but umpire wides it.
Sunil Narine to Shikhar Dhawan, Short and on the pads, clipped through square leg for one.
Sunil Narine to Shikhar Dhawan, On middle, Dhawan looks to flick but misses to get hit on the pad.
Sunil Narine to Prithvi Shaw, Flat and around off, Shaw advances and pushes it to long off for one.
Sunil Narine to Prithvi Shaw, Short and wide, Shaw cuts but finds point this time.
Sunil Narine to Prithvi Shaw, SIX! TAKE THAT! Shaw wants to finish things off quickly here. A short ball, around middle, Shaw hammers it over deep mid-wicket for a biggie.
Varun Chakaravarthy to Prithvi Shaw, Another slam to deep point this time by Shaw. He keeps the strike. 
Varun Chakaravarthy to Shikhar Dhawan, Flat outside off, Dhawan slices it to deep point for a run. 
Varun Chakaravarthy to Prithvi Shaw, Shorter on off, Shaw punches it to long off for a run. 

Appeal for stumping has been taken upstairs. Looks like Dhawan is safe.