Indian Premier League, 2020

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Royal Challengers Bangalore - Eliminator

Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Date & Time: 06 November 2020

Sunrisers Hyderabad 132/4

RR: 6.71 | Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 6 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
David Warner c AB de Villiers (W) & b Mohammed Sirajc AB de Villiers (W) & b Mohammed Siraj171730
Shreevats Goswami c AB de Villiers (W) & b Mohammed Sirajc AB de Villiers (W) & b Mohammed Siraj0300
Manish Pandey c AB de Villiers (W) & b Adam Zampac AB de Villiers (W) & b Adam Zampa242131
Kane Williamson not out not out 504422
Priyam Garg c Adam Zampa & b Yuzvendra Chahalc Adam Zampa & b Yuzvendra Chahal71400
Jason Holder not out not out 242030
Abdul Samad
Rashid Khan
Shahbaz Nadeem
Sandeep Sharma
T Natarajan
Extras 10 (b 0, lb 5, w 4, nb 1)
Total 132 (4 Wkts, 19.4 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
2-1 (Shreevats Goswami,0.4), 43-2 (David Warner,5.4), 55-3 (Manish Pandey,8.3), 67-4 (Priyam Garg,11.5),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mohammed Siraj4 0 28 2 7.00
Navdeep Saini3.4 0 31 0 9.12
Washington Sundar2 0 21 0 10.50
Adam Zampa4 0 12 1 3.00
Yuzvendra Chahal4 0 24 1 6.00
Moeen Ali1 0 4 0 4.00
Shivam Dube1 0 7 0 7.00
Virat Kohli 0 0 0 0 0
Devdutt Padikkal0 0 0 0 0
Aaron Finch0 0 0 0 0
AB de Villiers 0 0 0 0 0

Right, what a nail-biting Eliminator it was. Sure, Bangalore managed to put a low score of 131 on board but they did much better with the ball and took it to the last 4 balls in the second innings. But Hyderabad clinched it at the right time and Bangalore are out now. And with that, Hyderabad move on to Qualifier 2 to take on Delhi. That game will also be played at Abu Dhabi, on Sunday, 8th November 2020, at 1800 Local (1400 GMT). The winner of that encounter books the other spot in the final, to take on Mumbai. Join us for what promises to be a gripping Qualifier 2 and until then, take care and good night.

For his match winning innings, Kane Williamson is named the Man of the Match. Williamson smiles and admits that is the loudest an Aussie has cheered. Credits the bowlers for restricting them to a low score but also was aware that there was something in the surface as he feels Bangalore have a strong batting line up. Tells it was never going to be easy as Bangalore had two class leg spinners. Credits them for not keeping it tight. Tells he just looks to fulfil the role he has been given and says batting at 4 is not easy. Praises Holder and the partnership they had. Williamson says Holder is cooler than him and praises him for his form, both with bat and ball.

David Warner, the VICTORIOUS HYDERABAD SKIPPER, says that the last few games have been a bit tiring. Says that to win tonight was great, it was a top performance. States that Holder and Natarajan have made a great impact in the side. Warner says that the plan was to hold back Natarajan a bit for the end and use him. Don't want to be too over-reliant on Rashid. On Williamson, Warner says that he is a very bankable player for Hyderabad and credits him for being a fantastic player. He has done that for so many years for New Zealand. For Rashid, Warner states that he is running out of superlatives to praise him. When Harsha tells Warner that as an Australian, praising Kane, a Kiwi, Warner chuckles and sheepishly says that this will be the last time he does so.

Rashid Khan is caught for a quick chat. Tells that it was a tough game but he is happy to have ended on the winning side. Remembers their encounter against Punjab where his side failed to chase a similar score. Tells that he watches his old videos and checks on which balls he is getting hit. Feels that he has been hit for runs on the very full ball and short ball, so he works on that and it really helps him. Says that anything full is easier to hit on these wickets and one has to bowl a bit shortish length. Tells that they are looking forward to the next game against Delhi and want to keep things simple and enjoy the game.

Bangalore skipper, Virat Kohli, admits they did not have enough on the board. Feels they made a game of it in the second half. Kohli says that maybe because of nerves they were unable to be expressive with the bat and feels they failed to put the Hyderabad bowlers under pressure. Kohli says couple of people like Siraj, Padikkal have had a good season along with Chahal, who Kohli says has been a constant. Credits Padikkal for the season he had and feels happy for Devdutt. Kohli says there is no runaway favorite in this league and feels as there was no home advantage, this was one of the most competitive seasons. Kohli thanks the fans who have supported them and says that they feel privileged to be playing.

Earlier in the game, Warner invited Bangalore to set a target. Well, it was a sorry show from the Bangalore batters as just 3 of their batsmen could enter into double-digits. Kohli promoted himself but that didn't work for them. Finch and de Villiers managed to stitch a stand but once it was broken, things went haywire. ABD though kept his end and got to a fine half ton but got out at the wrong time. Eventually, Bangalore were stopped to a low score. All the Hyderabad bowlers were tidy but it was the Holder-Natarajan duo that got 5 wickets between them to push Bangalore on the back foot. Nadeem, Rashid and Sandeep managed to choke the runs too which in the end their batters chased down in the last over. Stay tuned for the presentation...

What about Bangalore's bowling? Well, the batters didn't put enough on the board and it was always going to be difficult for them. That's exactly how it panned out. Siraj struck twice inside the Powerplay while the spinners did their job too. Zampa and Chahal got one each but with absolutely no pressure of the asking rate, Hyderabad batters didn't take a lot of risks and managed to stroll to Qualifier 2.

The run chase didn't start well as Siraj struck in his first over. Warner and Pandey steadied the ship but once Warner was dismissed, there was a blip. They lost 2 more wickets quickly but Williamson made sure he wasn't bogged down because of the slow run rate. He kept his end and took the team home in the end with a fine half ton. Holder played his part as well and in the last over creamed the strokes to seal the deal.

Qualifier 2, here come Hyderabad and in style! What a turnaround it has been from the Orange Army. An easy chase in the end with two of the coolest heads in Williamson and Holder taking their team home without much trouble. There was a moment when Bangalore would've thought that they could force a collapse but with Kane out there, it didn't occur. And Bangalore's wait to lift their first-ever Indian T20 League title has been extended for another edition.

Navdeep Saini to Jason Holder, FOUR! GAME OVER! Very full and well outside off, Jason Holder moves across and squeezes it out through point. The ball races away for a boundary. HYDERABAD WIN BY 6 WICKETS AND GO THROUGH TO QUALIFIER 2!
Navdeep Saini to Jason Holder, FOUR! Crunched. Full and outside off, Holder clobbers it through the carpet through covers. It was well wide of long off. 4 from 3 balls now.
Navdeep Saini to Jason Holder, Outside off on a full length, a swing and a miss from Holder. Now, the pressure! 8 from 4 balls.

8 needed off 5. Super Over anyone? Surely we do not have any more nails remaining. Can Saini defend it? Too tense this game. 

Navdeep Saini to Kane Williamson, Very full outside off, squeezed out to extra cover for a single. Williamson gets to his 50, his 14th in the League. 8 needed from 5 balls now.
Mohammed Siraj to Kane Williamson, Just the 1 run on the last ball. 9 required in the last over. Williamson moves across well and paddles the fuller ball again. It is to the left of Saini, who was at short fine leg. He rushes to the ball. Williamson slips after taking one so just a run was possible. Good running from Saini as well to get to the ball quickly.
Mohammed Siraj to Kane Williamson, Very full and on off and middle, Williamson looks to work it on the off side but gets it off the bottom edge back to the bowler.
Mohammed Siraj to Kane Williamson, Kane moves to the off side and paddles the fuller ball over short fine leg. Navdeep Saini who was there, runs behind and stops the ball well. Saves two for his side. 10 needed in 8 balls now.
Mohammed Siraj to Jason Holder, On middle, stroked to wide long on for a single. Good fielding from Kohli to keep it down to just one.
Mohammed Siraj to Jason Holder, FOUR! The third man not being there is costing Bangalore here. Full and outside off, Holder opens the face of his bat and looks to heave this on the off side. But he ends up carving it behind square on the off side off the outside edge. The ball races away for a boundary.
Mohammed Siraj to Kane Williamson, Full and around off, this is worked off the inner half to short fine leg for a quick single. There was a throw to the striker's end, it hits the stumps and is taken upstairs but Holder was well in.

Mohammed Siraj will bowl the penultimate over of the innings. 3-0-19-2 for him so far.

Navdeep Saini to Kane Williamson, A single and a comfortable 10 runs off that over for Hyderabad. Very full and on middle, Kane Williamson flicks it to deep mid-wicket and keeps the strike for the next over. 18 runs needed in 12 balls now.
Navdeep Saini to Kane Williamson, Very full and outside off, squeezed to the left of deep extra cover. A brace.
Navdeep Saini to Kane Williamson, FOUR! Clever from Williamson. Outside off, he opens the face of the bat just about enough to run it down to the third man boundary.
Navdeep Saini to Jason Holder, Full and outside off, driven to Chahal at cover who fumbles and allows a single to be taken.
Navdeep Saini to Kane Williamson, Ohh... What a try from Devdutt there! He had taken the catch but seeing that he was going to enter the ropes, flicks it back in but fails to grab again on the second attempt while coming in. Full toss on middle, Kane swings it away to deep square leg where Padikkal does well, despite not being able to take the catch. Saves 5 runs for his side.
Navdeep Saini to Jason Holder, Very full outside off, squeezed out to the man at sweeper cover. Just the single.

Navdeep Saini is back on. 2-0-12-0 for him so far. Can he deliver the goods for Bangalore?

Shivam Dube to Kane Williamson, Dot ball to finish. Outside off, Williamson covers his stumps and looks to leave but he was a touch late. The ball takes the outer half and goes to short third man. 28 needed in the last 3 overs.
Shivam Dube to Kane Williamson, FOUR! Wonderful use of the feet from KW. Full and in the slot around off, Kane backs away and creams it through extra cover.
Shivam Dube to Jason Holder, Very full on middle, dug out towards long on for a single. 100 up for Hyderabad. They still need 32 runs from 20 balls.
Shivam Dube to Jason Holder, Holder moves to the leg side, Shivam follows him with a pace-off ball, Holder swings for the heavens but fails to get bat on ball.
Shivam Dube to Kane Williamson, Full and outside off, driven down to long off for a single.
Shivam Dube to Jason Holder, Very full on middle, jammed out to mid on for one.

Adam Zampa is done with his spell. Who does Kohli hand the ball to now? A surprise as Shivam Dube will bowl now.

DRINKS! This game is at a knife edge at the moment. Hyderabad need 35 in 24 and have two of the coolest heads in Williamson and Holder out in the middle. Bangalore know this is not an easy wicket to bat on and a wicket here will put pressure on Hyderabad. Pheww! This is too tense.

Yuzvendra Chahal to Kane Williamson, SIX! Well, he goes for it, chooses the moment and deposits it for a biggie. Floated on the leg pole, Kane Williamson gets down and sweeps this mightily over deep square leg. Over the digital fan board for a maximum. Hyderabad need 35 runs in 24 balls with the required rate a touch under 9 now.
Yuzvendra Chahal to Jason Holder, Tossed up around off, pushed down towards long off for a single.
Yuzvendra Chahal to Jason Holder, Tosses the legbreak outside off, Holder goes after it but fails to get bat on ball. Not a wide as it was within the tramline, by just.
Yuzvendra Chahal to Kane Williamson, Very full on middle, squeezed out to long on for a single. 
Yuzvendra Chahal to Jason Holder, Around off, pushed to cover-point who slips and allows a single to happen. Need to be tight here, Bangalore.
Yuzvendra Chahal to Kane Williamson, Flat on middle, bunted down to long on for a single.

Yuzvendra Chahal to bowl the final over of his spell. His figures so far read 3-0-14-1.

Adam Zampa to Kane Williamson, Tossed up on off, milked down to mid on for a run. Zampa finishes off with 4-0-12-1. What a superb spell in such a game. Just 6 off that over, not bad for Hyderabad though. The Orange Army needs 45 runs in 30 balls still. 
Adam Zampa to Jason Holder, Flatter on middle and leg, tucked to long on for a run.
Adam Zampa to Kane Williamson, Outside off, Williamson lunges forward and swipes it to wide long on. Wants two but has to settle for the single.
Adam Zampa to Jason Holder, Flighted on off, Jason chips it over mid off safely for one.
Adam Zampa to Kane Williamson, Floated on middle, Kane leans and pushes it to mid on for a single.
Adam Zampa to Jason Holder, Floated on middle, knocked to square leg for a run.

Adam Zampa to finish out now. 3-0-6-1 are his figures so far.

Eliminator of the 2020 Indian T20 League is upon us. Hyderabad and Bangalore will be crossing swords in Abu Dhabi and the winner will get a shot to reach the final. Hyderabad can be called a team on the rise as they have won their last 3 encounters against teams that are featuring in the playoffs. That momentum hands them the advantage over others but they cannot rest on their laurels. It's a knockout scenario now and Hyderabad would be hoping that both the departments of their game come good. With Saha opening, they have found the right balance and are looking quite potent as a unit. Bangalore, on their part, were a shade lucky to get into the playoffs. They started the season with a bang but finished the league round with 4 consecutive defeats. That's primarily due to the sudden dip in their bowling form and also, their batting hasn't been showing the same zing. Quickly they gather themselves, better it will be for their campaign. On sheer momentum, Hyderabad will be the favourites.

Sunrisers Hyderabad Team Squad -Abdul Samad,Bavanaka Sandeep,David Warner,Kane Williamson,Manish Pandey,Priyam Garg,Virat Singh,Abhishek Sharma,Fabian Allen,Jason Holder,Mohammad Nabi,Sanjay Yadav,Vijay Shankar,Jonny Bairstow,Shreevats Goswami,Wriddhiman Saha,Basil Thampi,Billy Stanlake,Khaleel Ahmed,Prithvi Raj,Rashid Khan,Sandeep Sharma,Shahbaz Nadeem,Siddarth Kaul,T Natarajan

Royal Challengers Bangalore Team Squad -Aaron Finch,Devdutt Padikkal,Gurkeerat Singh Mann,Pavan Deshpande,Virat Kohli,Chris Morris,Moeen Ali,Shahbaz Ahmed,Shivam Dube,Washington Sundar,AB de Villiers,Josh Philippe,Parthiv Patel,Adam Zampa,Dale Steyn,Isuru Udana,Mohammed Siraj,Navdeep Saini,Pawan Negi,Umesh Yadav,Yuzvendra Chahal