Indian Premier League, 2020

Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Capitals - Final

Venue: Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai

Date & Time: 10 November 2020

Mumbai Indians 157/5

RR: 8.41 | Mumbai Indians beat Delhi Capitals by 5 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Rohit Sharma c Lalit Yadav (sub) & b Anrich Nortjec Lalit Yadav (sub) & b Anrich Nortje685154
Quinton de Kock c Rishabh Pant (W) & b Marcus Stoinisc Rishabh Pant (W) & b Marcus Stoinis201231
Suryakumar Yadav run out Ravichandran Ashwinrun out Ravichandran Ashwin192011
Ishan Kishan not out not out 331931
Kieron Pollard bowled Kagiso Rabadabowled Kagiso Rabada9420
Hardik Pandya c Ajinkya Rahane & b Anrich Nortjec Ajinkya Rahane & b Anrich Nortje3500
Krunal Pandya not out not out 1100
Nathan Coulter-Nile
Trent Boult
Jasprit Bumrah
Jayant Yadav
Extras 4 (b 0, lb 4, w 0, nb 0)
Total 157 (5 Wkts, 18.4 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
45-1 (Quinton de Kock,4.1), 90-2 (Suryakumar Yadav,10.5), 137-3 (Rohit Sharma,16.2), 147-4 (Kieron Pollard,17.1), 156-5 (Hardik Pandya,18.3),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Ravichandran Ashwin4 0 28 0 7.00
Kagiso Rabada3 0 32 1 10.67
Anrich Nortje2.4 0 25 2 10.42
Marcus Stoinis2 0 23 1 11.50
Axar Patel4 0 16 0 4.00
Pravin Dubey3 0 29 0 9.67
Shikhar Dhawan0 0 0 0 0
Ajinkya Rahane0 0 0 0 0
Shreyas Iyer 0 0 0 0 0
Rishabh Pant 0 0 0 0 0
Shimron Hetmyer0 0 0 0 0

The trophy is lifted by Rohit Sharma! Mumbai have lifted their fifth Indian T20 League! What a magical sight this is to all the fans of Mumbai! They will not forget this night in a hurry! That ends the Indian T20 League 2020. An amazing event, which ended with Mumbai lifting another title. Congratulations to Mumbai, commiserations to Delhi. Thank you for being with us throughout this coverage. Looking forward to your company soon! GOODBYE! TAKE CARE!

The winning skipper of Mumbai, Rohit Sharma, says he is pretty happy with how things went and he could not have asked for anything more. States they were right on the money from the word go and they haven't looked back after that. States that a lot of credit goes to the people behind the scenes and their work starts a lot earlier than the tournament starts and they analyse who can add value to the team and how can they strengthen their side. States you got to give confidence to the players as you need to get the best out of them, the players need to know their roles, they have kept rotating Pollard and the two Pandyas, so it is important for them to know their role. Also adds that Chahar being dropped was also taken nicely by him. Adds Kishan is given the freedom when he walks out to bat, Yadav has matured a lot. About the run out, he says with the kind of form Yadav is in, he should have sacrificed his wicket but that is the kind of player he is, it has been outstanding to watch him bat this season. Ends by saying the fans' support means a lot and he tries to interact with them through social media.

The coach of Mumbai, Mahela Jayawardene, says it is a great tournament and a tough one, they had the tag of being champions and also with Mumbai not winning on even years, they had a lot of pressure. He congratulates Delhi and says they were a tough opponent. Mentions they have tried to be consistent over the years, they do not try to change a lot of things and the guys enjoyed that set-up. Adds the six-hitting ability has been in Mumbai's DNA from a long time and they have a lot of talented players and credits the franchise for building a strong team. Everyone is doing their part and they have a group of leaders on and off the field.

The skipper of Delhi, Shreyas Iyer, says that Ponting is probably one of the best he has worked with, the freedom he gives is excellent and he gives a lot of confidence and he respects him a lot for everything he does. Mentions this tournament always amazes you and it is a very tough tournament. Adds that he is very proud of his boys for the way they have played, reaching the finals is not a small thing and winning and losing is part and parcel of the game. Adds making the finals is a huge achievement but they wanted to win and he hopes they can come back strongly. Thanks the fans for their support.

Ricky Ponting, the Delhi coach, says Mumbai have clearly been the best team in the tournament, they have beaten them 4 times but he is very proud of how they played in this tournament but credits the way Mumbai have played. States that Iyer is a brilliant captain and more than that, is a better person. Also adds he has loved every moment and he hopes he can work more with them in the future. Mentions they had a lot of preparation before the tournament, this is a hard tournament, a very challenging one and everyone has done a terrific job running this tournament. Says there are plenty of young players in this tournament and he hopes they can keep them all.

The English speedster, Jofra Archer has been awarded as the Most Valuable Player. He says that he feels grateful to have won this award. Tells that the season did not go as planned for Rajasthan but he was happy to bowl and play.

KL Rahul has won the Orange Cap, as he was the top scorer of this year's tournament scoring 670 runs. He says that he wants to thank everybody who supported them. Is happy to have won the Orange Cap but he would have been happier, had they won the tournament. Adds that he has learnt a lot being a captain this season.

Scalping 30 wickets in this year's tournament was no easy feat and it is Kagiso Rabada who has won the Purple Cap for his exploits with the ball. He says that it feels good but he would have felt better if they would have won the tournament. Adds that it has been good to be part of this tournament.

For his brilliant season with Bangalore, Devdutt Padikkal has been awarded the Emerging Player of the Season award. He has had an amazing debut season in this tournament as he scored 473 runs in the process. He says that this award gives him immense confidence going into tournaments in the future. 

Trent Boult is the MAN OF THE MATCH. Says that he does like the Powerplay, sometimes. Says that he thoroughly enjoyed playing with Mumbai. To get across the line tonight made it really special. States that there was a slight niggle coming into this game. Adds that he likes to state that he is relatively experienced. Says that he tries to take early wickets and pitch it up. 

Kieron Pollard and Robin Singh are there too. The former states that it is a great feeling having been here for 11 years. To come out and deliver is great. Robin states that it is always nice to be behind the scenes and contribute to someone's success. Singh further adds that he does celebrate but not in the limelight. Hardik Pandya from behind the scenes yells and says that Robin Singh does celebrate but goes to the gym at 6 am. Pollard states that kudos must go to the team management for projecting the Mumbai side the way they are. Pollard says that he is further ahead of Dwayne Bravo in terms of T20 titles and ends by saying that he needed to say that on camera.

Rahul Chahar and Jayant Yadav are caught up for a chat as well. The latter says that he is happy to win the title. Is great to win back-to-back titles, especially for a champion side like Mumbai. Rahul Chahar states that winning is a special feeling, every player did an excellent job. Chahar states that he has a lot of variations in his arsenal. Jayant says that Indian T20 League is a very long tournament and it is important to keep up with the demands of such a League. He further adds that the League is great because there are always small match-ups in a game.

Quinton de Kock and Nathan Coulter-Nile are up for a chat too. The latter says it has been good, since the start of the tournament. Quinton says that the training has been very good. Missing the family is hard though, he further states. But given how they have played in the tournament, they are now reaping the rewards. Nathan says that he got his chance in the end. De Kock says that winning back-to-back titles is a great feeling. On this year, because of so many questions around Mumbai, Quinton de Kock feels that the players gave it their everything. 

The Pandya brothers and Ishan Kishan are caught for a chat as well. Ishan says that he had chatted with the Pandya brothers before the start of the tournament and asked their counsel on how he could improve. Krunal states that when the tournament started, everyone was in good shape and they were all going out and sweating it out in the nets. Hardik says that he could not bowl in this season. He further says that the focus was on the team improving their game each day. KP says that there was no doubt ever about Kishan's talent. He was always willing to learn and improve. Adds that Kishan did really well to bat at the opening slot and also adjust to bat at No. 4. 

Jasprit Bumrah and Suryakumar Yadav are up for a chat. The latter says that it is a great feeling. On the way to the stadium for this game, Surya says that the talk was that Mumbai were winning the tournament every alternate year. It was time to break this jinx, he says. Jasprit too concurs with that. Suryakumar states that the coaching staff have done well to take other thoughts off the players' minds. They asked the players not to worry about other things and keep the focus wholly on their game and that helped a lot. Bumrah states that these are tough times and he hopes that they have done their part to bring a smile to people across. States that he was trying to back his decisions and trying not to overcomplicate things. On Yadav's sacrifice for his skipper earlier, Suryakumar Yadav states that his skipper was playing well and he does not mind that.

Earlier in the day, after electing to bat, Delhi were rocked early as they were three down inside the Powerplay. They did fight back courtesy Pant and Iyer. However, they failed to finish strongly and ended up with a below-par total. However, that total was probably 20 runs short of what would have challenged Mumbai as they have stormed home with the utmost ease.

The Delhi bowling looked flat! They had no answer to the approach with which the Mumbai openers came out. Ashwin, Rabada and Nortje went for runs early on. Stoinis too was expensive despite getting a wicket. Axar was the only one who bowled with control but defending a target which is not very big, you need all your bowlers to be at their best.

Chasing a decent total on a wicket which did seem a little slow, Mumbai needed a good start from their openers and they got that. De Kock did fall but Rohit Sharma continued. The skipper led from the front when it mattered the most. He was well supported by Yadav and Kishan. The partnerships with the two and his knock took them to the brink of victory. There were a few wickets to fall towards the end but that was just some consolation for Delhi.

Jubilation scenes in the Mumbai camp! 5 time winners, back-to-back Indian T20 League titles for them. What a dominant performance, not only in this final but in this whole tournament. They have been the best side in this tournament by some distance and their performance in the final just adds to that statement.

Anrich Nortje to Krunal Pandya, Yorker on off, dug out to the off side for a single. MUMBAI WIN BY 5 WICKETS AND WIN THEIR 5TH INDIAN T20 LEAGUE TITLE! BACK-TO-BACK TITLE WINS AS WELL!
Anrich Nortje to Hardik Pandya, OUT! TAKEN! Good use of the short ball from Anrich Nortje to Hardik Pandya. Little bit of anti-climax here. HP moves to the off side but is a touch surprised by that. He pulls but manages to get it only as far as Rahane at short mid-wicket. Jinks takes a good, safe catch. But no great worries for Mumbai.
Anrich Nortje to Ishan Kishan, SCORES ARE LEVEL! Full toss outside off, bunted down to long on for a single.
Anrich Nortje to Hardik Pandya, Full and around off, chipped over the bowler's head for a single.
Kagiso Rabada to Hardik Pandya, Length ball on the body, tucked to the leg side for a single. Just 3 runs needed now.
Kagiso Rabada to Hardik Pandya, Short ball outside off, Pandya moves to the off side and looks to play at it. But at the last minute, he lets it be. Good short delivery from Rabada.
Kagiso Rabada to Ishan Kishan, On the pads, tucked to square leg for a single.
Kagiso Rabada to Ishan Kishan, FOUR! Brilliant touch. Full and around off, Kishan plays it with soft hands. Steers it proficiently to the third man fence by opening the face of his bat.
Kagiso Rabada to Hardik Pandya, Short and outside off, pushed wide of the cover fielder for a single. Hardik is off the mark straightaway.

Hardik Pandya walks out to bat!

Kagiso Rabada to Kieron Pollard, OUT! BOWLED! He has knocked him over, Rabada. Kieron Pollard's stay at the crease has been brief. Full and outside off, Kieron Pollard looks to play the big shot on the off side but he gets an inside edge. The ball goes onto hit the stumps.

Kagiso Rabada is back!

Anrich Nortje to Kieron Pollard, A single to finish. Full on middle and leg, glanced to mid-wicket. Just the single this time. The Men in Blue and Gold need 10 runs in 18 balls.
Anrich Nortje to Kieron Pollard, FOUR! Good touch. Full on middle and leg, Pollard flicks it nicely, through mid-wicket. No chance for the fielder at deep square leg, it was well wide of him.
Anrich Nortje to Kieron Pollard, FOUR! It is a good sighter. Full and around off, Kieron lifts it wide and over mid off. It goes away for a boundary.
Anrich Nortje to Ishan Kishan, Fullish and outside off, Ishan opens the face of his bat and taps it through backward point for a single.
Anrich Nortje to Rohit Sharma, OUT! TAKEN! That is a brilliant catch. The substitute fielder has plucked a brilliant catch. A slower bouncer, Rohit Sharma looks to pull but he does not seem to have got a control of that. It is uppish and seems to be landing in front of the fielder at deep mid-wicket. But the substitute fielder runs the yards, puts in a dive of a lifetime and takes a fantabulous catch.

Nortje is back!

Anrich Nortje to Rohit Sharma, Yorker on off and middle, well kept out.
Pravin Dubey to Rohit Sharma, A single as this is driven down to long off for one. 11 off the over and Mumbai now need 20 runs in 4 overs.
Pravin Dubey to Rohit Sharma, Outside off, punched to point.
Pravin Dubey to Ishan Kishan, On middle and leg, clipped to mid-wicket for one.
Pravin Dubey to Ishan Kishan, FOUR! Kishan is called a pocket dynamo and no wonder why. Another short ball, around off, Kishan strokes this firmly through the cover region. Hetmyer at wide long off, dives to his right but the ball goes through to the fence.
Pravin Dubey to Ishan Kishan, FOUR! Aah.. SHOT! Short ball, around off, Ishan Kishan rocks back and punches it through the covers. The ball just raced away for a boundary.
Pravin Dubey to Rohit Sharma, Flighted outside off, Rohit leans forward and pushes it down to long off for a single.
Marcus Stoinis to Rohit Sharma, Full toss around off, pushed to mid-wicket for one. Rohit would feel he missed out on one there. Evidently so, he is a touch frustrated with himself on missing it out.
Marcus Stoinis to Ishan Kishan, Short ball, pulled uppishly and safely towards fine leg. A single as Rabada mops it up there.
Marcus Stoinis to Ishan Kishan, SIX! There he goes, Kishan. Full and outside off, Ishan Kishan gets down on one knee and marauds this over long off. An 88m six.
Marcus Stoinis to Rohit Sharma, Another off-pace ball, around off, guided to short third man. Kishan wants the single and Rohit responds.
Marcus Stoinis to Rohit Sharma, Slow and full outside off, driven to cover.
Marcus Stoinis to Ishan Kishan, Full and outside off, stroked to the right of deep point for a single.

The final of the 2020 Indian T20 League is here! Mumbai meet Delhi in the final, in Dubai. This is the fourth clash between the two teams this season with Mumbai prevailing in the previous three. The defending champions have reached this phase quite comfortably, losing just 5 matches in a total of 15 while Delhi have huffed and puffed to get here. They seem to have finally found a solution to their batting issues, getting Marcus Stoinis to open and slotting in Shimron Hetmyer for Daniel Sams. But against Mumbai, they need to be at their mighty best as the team from the financial capital barely seems to have any issues. Batting and bowling are functioning well without any doubt. There will be a few mind games as Mumbai’s previous three wins over Delhi have been comprehensive. Delhi will need to play out of their skins to prevent Mumbai from defending their title.

Mumbai Indians Team Squad -Anmolpreet Singh,Chris Lynn,Rohit Sharma,Saurabh Tiwary,Sherfane Rutherford,Suryakumar Yadav,Anukul Roy,Hardik Pandya,Kieron Pollard,Krunal Pandya,Aditya Tare,Ishan Kishan,Quinton de Kock,Dhawal Kulkarni,Digvijay Deshmukh,James Pattinson,Jasprit Bumrah,Jayant Yadav,Mitchell McClenaghan,Mohsin Khan,Nathan Coulter-Nile,Prince Balwant Rai,Rahul Chahar,Trent Boult

Delhi Capitals Team Squad -Ajinkya Rahane,Prithvi Shaw,Shikhar Dhawan,Shimron Hetmyer,Shreyas Iyer,Axar Patel,Daniel Sams,Keemo Paul,Lalit Yadav,Marcus Stoinis,Alex Carey,Rishabh Pant,Amit Mishra,Anrich Nortje,Avesh Khan,Harshal Patel,Ishant Sharma,Kagiso Rabada,Mohit Sharma,Pravin Dubey,Ravichandran Ashwin,Sandeep Lamichhane,Tushar Deshpande