Indian Premier League, 2020

Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings - Match 1

Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Date & Time: 19 September 2020

Chennai Super Kings 166/5

RR: 8.58 | Chennai Super Kings beat Mumbai Indians by 5 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Murali Vijay lbw James Pattinson lbw James Pattinson 1700
Shane Watson lbw Trent Boult lbw Trent Boult 4510
Faf du Plessis not out not out 584460
Ambati Rayudu c Rahul Chahar & b Rahul Chahar c Rahul Chahar & b Rahul Chahar 714863
Ravindra Jadeja lbw Krunal Pandya lbw Krunal Pandya 10520
Sam Curran c James Pattinson & b Jasprit Bumrah c James Pattinson & b Jasprit Bumrah 18612
MS Dhoni not out not out 0200
Kedar Jadhav
Deepak Chahar
Piyush Chawla
Lungi Ngidi
Extras 4 (b 0, lb 0, w 3, nb 1)
Total 166 (5 Wkts, 19.2 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
5-1 (Shane Watson,1), 6-2 (Murali Vijay,2), 121-3 (Ambati Rayudu,16), 134-4 (Ravindra Jadeja,17.1), 153-5 (Sam Curran,18.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Trent Boult3.2 0 23 1 7.19
James Pattinson4 0 27 1 6.75
Jasprit Bumrah4 0 43 1 10.75
Krunal Pandya4 0 37 1 9.25
Rahul Chahar4 0 36 1 9.00

Now then! We waited for it and we've got underway! A fine game of cricket! Now, we move to match no. 2 of the Indian T20 League. It will be KL Rahul-led Punjab who will take on Delhi, led by Shreyas Iyer. That game promises to be an exciting contest as well. The action will begin on Sunday at 1800 local (1400 GMT). We will love your company for that game too. Until then, goodbye and take care!

Right! Chennai finally go past the challenge of Mumbai after 5 failed attempts in a row! The monkey is off their back and they will be really happy with the result. Mumbai, on the other hand, have always been called as the late starter but one would assume they would want to forget this game and do better in their second game.

Ambati Rayudu is named the Player of the Match for his fine batting performance! Rayudu starts by telling that he trained hard in the lockdown. Mentions they practiced in Chennai before coming here and that helped them as well. Feels the surface was really good. However, adds that it was doing a bit at the start but dew came and it got settled.

MS Dhoni, Chennai's skipper, cracks a joke - saying that it does not look like a post-match presentation, with the distancing and all! Says that his bowlers took a bit of time to settle as the Mumbai batsmen were stroking well. Adds that if one does not lose wickets till the Powerplay, the dew sets in and it works to the batters' advantage. Jokingly says that he is happy that his players haven't faced any injuries as he says all are old and almost of a retired age. Dhoni believes that it is important for youngsters to be guided by the seniors in the Indian T20 League and the good presence of the latter in the League helps the same to be achieved. States that at some point, people like Jadeja need to be promoted up the order to give them a chance and also to intimidate the opposition bowlers. He says that it is more of a tactical move. Dhoni further goes on to say that it has been an amazing job by the organizers to make such a large tournament to start off even amidst such times. He says that all the practice facilities have been exceptional, even though the franchises have been charged for the same.

Sam Curran has been caught for a quick chat. He starts by saying that it is very different here but adds he has been in the bio-bubble for a while so he knows how it feels. Tells that he met a few of the teammates on the team bus only as he landed just two days ago and hardly got time to think much. On him coming ahead of Dhoni, Curran says that he didn't expect that but feels Dhoni is a genius and he surely had some thought behind the decision.

Rohit Sharma, Mumbai's skipper, says that none of their batsmen carried on from the starts that they got, highlighting the way du Plessis and Rayudu played. Credits the Chennai bowlers for bowling well and keeping the Mumbai batsmen guessing all the while. Admits that these are early days but once again credits Chennai for bowling well. Says that it is important to start in a tournament well but adds again that there are a lot of learning from this game. On the fans, Sharma knew that nobody would be in the stadiums and that the organizers did well to create other special effects for a near-resemblance. Believes that this is the new normal and that everyone needs to adapt to the same. Rohit says that his players needed to adapt to situations at play which they could not.

Earlier in the game, after winning the toss, Chennai asked Mumbai to bat first. Mumbai had a decent start but Chennai bowlers made a fine comeback to force Mumbai on the back foot towards the end with wickets at regular intervals. Apart from Saurabh Tiwary and Quinton de Kock, none of the batters for Mumbai got going and they eventually were stopped to a low total on this wicket. All the Chennai bowlers who bowled got at least a wicket to their name. A couple of them were taken for a few but they made a fine comeback. Ngidi ended with a 3-fer and he was well supported by Chahar and Curran. The spinners did their bit as well, even though Jadeja went for plenty and credit for his two wickets is due to du Plessis, for taking two blinders at long on.

When your main weapon gets smashed for runs, it's always difficult for the team to defend. Exactly what happened in this game. Yes, Jasprit Bumrah looked really rusty and wasn't nailing his yorkers. He gave away 43 in his 4 overs. The start though for Mumbai was superb, with the two new recruits, Boult and Pattinson doing really well in the first 5 overs. However, once Rayudu and du Plessis got themselves in, the bowlers found it tough to break the stand. The fielding from Mumbai wasn't the best either and that surely didn't help their cause.

Chennai lost their openers in the first two openers but Rayudu along with Faf du Plessis added 115 for the third wicket, with Rayudu taking the charge of scoring the runs quickly and Faf calmly played the second fiddle. When Rayudu fell, one would've thought for some tricky situation but Dhoni promoted Sam Curran ahead of himself and Jadhav and it turned out a masterstroke as he slammed 18 off just 6 balls to take them closer. Eventually, Faf stayed till the end, completing his half ton and taking the team home.

What a professional run chase from Chennai! They have broken the jinks against Mumbai. After making a fine comeback with the ball towards the end, they went to the break with momentum. They were thumped early on but the experienced duo of Rayudu and du Plessis combined to take the team home! A brilliant start to the tournament for the yellow brigade.

T Boult to du Plessis, FOUR! Fitting that du Plessis finishes things in style! Dhoni though is as calm as ever, at the other end. Short delivery, Faf swipes it to the deep mid-wicket boundary. CHENNAI WIN BY 5 WICKETS!
T Boult to du Plessis, FOUR! This should do for Chennai. Poor ball from Boult and he knows it straightaway. Full and wide outside off, Faf slices it over point and gets a boundary. Just 1 away from the victory.

Trent Boult to bowl the final over. Chennai need 5 to win the game. They are just a hit away. Do we have any twist in this game?

J Bumrah to MS Dhoni, Full on middle, MS works it to short mid-wicket for a dot.
J Bumrah to MS Dhoni, NOT OUT! Dhoni got a review wrong earlier, when Chennai were fielding, but this time, he gets the DRS call right! Dhoni Review System it is! Short length ball down the leg side, Mahi looked to work that down towards fine leg. He swings at it and it goes to Quinton, who takes it. He and Bumrah appeal for the catch and the umpire concurs. Dhoni checks with du Plessis to see if there is a review, he then takes it. Gets it reversed successfully! Can he now finish it off in his side's advantage?

Dhoni takes the review! It is to review an on-field decision against him as he was declared out caught! And he gets it reversed in his favour! There is no edge there, as confirmed by Ultra Edge!

J Bumrah to du Plessis, A single and that brings up a fine half-century from du Plessis. Shortish and around off, Faf looks to punch but doesn't time it well. The ball rolls towards the off side and they take the quick run. 13th half ton in the Indian T20 League for Faf du Plessis.
J Bumrah to du Plessis, FOUR! Poor bowling from Bumrah! Short and wide outside off, asking to be smashed. Du Plessis accepts the request and slams it over cover and into the fence.

Will MS walk out, finally? Yes, he has walked out to the crease now! Can he finish it off in style, as he has done innumerable times in the past?

J Bumrah to Sam Curran, OUT! CAUGHT! The cameo is over but he has taken his side very close to the victory. Pattinson takes a fine catch to send him packing. A slower fuller ball around off and middle, Curran shuffles across the off side and looks to scoop it over short fine leg.
J Bumrah to Sam Curran, SIX! This should seal the deal more or less! 18 from 5 for Curran. He has been promoted to finish things off and he is doing it in style! Good length ball on middle, Curran gets under the ball and powers it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum.

Jasprit Bumrah is back into the attack. Can he do something special to swing the game back into his side's favour?

K Pandya to Sam Curran, Fuller and on middle, slogged for a run to deep mid-wicket by Curran. A wicket in the over for Mumbai but they have given 13 runs as well. 16 needed in 12 balls.
K Pandya to Sam Curran, FOUR! This is poor bowling and the run chase gets easier for Chennai. Pandya bowls it short and wide outside off, Curran whacks it over the cover region and gets another boundary.
K Pandya to Sam Curran, SIX! That is a body blow! Pandya tries to bowl another one in the blockhole but misses it and ends up bowling a low full toss around off, Curran slams it over deep mid-wicket and gets a biggie.
K Pandya to du Plessis, Fires a fuller one on the pads, Faf does well to flick it to deep square leg for a run.
K Pandya to Sam Curran, Full and just outside off, Curran looks to drive but the ball hits the toe end and goes towards point. A single taken.

Will we see MS Dhoni now? No, he will keep us all guessing. It is Sam Curran who has walked out to bat.

K Pandya to R Jadeja, OUT! LBW! Jadeja does not opt for the review, decides to walk back instead! This is excellent captaincy from Rohit Sharma, to bring back Krunal into the attack! Krunal loops this on middle and leg, Jaddu looked to work that on the leg side. He though misses and gets hit on the pads. Krunal appeals and the umpire raises his finger. Jadeja thinks a little but starts walking back.

Krunal Pandya is back on. 3-0-24-0 from him so far.

J Pattinson to R Jadeja, On the pads, Jadeja flicks this on the leg side for one. 13 runs for Chennai in that over.
J Pattinson to R Jadeja, FOUR! And Jadeja gets a boundary! Full and outside off, Ravindra Jadeja scythes this behind point and bags a boundary.
J Pattinson to du Plessis, Tough chance, but you have to try to take them! Especially, at this stage. Slower ball around off, du Plessis moved to the leg side and looked to go over extra cover. He though only gets the height and not the distance. The skipper, Rohit Sharma, lunges forward at extra cover to try to grab at that but misses to hold on. Du Plessis survives!
J Pattinson to du Plessis, Excellent running! Smart batting too. Pattinson bowls a slower bouncer. It looked like Faf will be through his shot by the time ball reaches him but he does well to pull it towards deep square leg. A couple of quick runs taken.
J Pattinson to R Jadeja, Shortish and on the pads, Jadeja tucks it towards fine leg for an easy run.
J Pattinson to R Jadeja, FOUR! Poor ball and it got the treatment it deserved. Not the kind of start of the over Mumbai needed. Full and on the pads, Jadeja just gets a tickle towards the leg side. It goes fine and races to the fence at fine leg.

Ravindra Jadeja is the new man in. He gets a promotion in the batting order. James Pattinson is back on as well. He will bowl out here.

R Chahar to A Rayudu, OUT! CAUGHT! Rahul has had enough of his mates, calls for the catch, runs in and takes it himself! Can Mumbai bring a twist in the tale, by building on this? Tosses this around the off pole, Ambati puts the dancing shoes on. Skips down and looks to launch it over mid-wicket for six. Does not connect it well, ends up getting a top edge towards mid off. Rahul Chahar calls and gets there and takes the catch. Brilliant knock from Rayudu comes to an end. A big breakthrough and we are not done yet folks!
R Chahar to du Plessis, Suryakumar, what were you doing there? You were supposed to go after that one! Tossed up around off, du Plessis hits that in the air towards long on. Suryakumar does not go for the catch, prefers to collect the ball after it has come down. The batters sneak in a single meanwhile. He was not proactive there, Suryakumar Yadav!
R Chahar to A Rayudu, Rahul loops this around off, Ambati looked to work that on the off side but gets an inside edge. It goes to fine leg for a single.
R Chahar to du Plessis, On middle, du Plessis works this to deep square leg uppishly but on the bounce. One run taken.
R Chahar to A Rayudu, DROPPED! How costly will that be? It was of the dangerous Rayudu! Rahul floats this on the stumps, Ambati goes for the reverse sweep. He hits it uppishly towards Krunal at point who puts it down. A single taken.
R Chahar to du Plessis, Flatter ball outside off, cut away on the off side for a single.
J Bumrah to A Rayudu, Two to end the over! Another good one for Chennai. Full ball down the leg side. Rayudu glances it towards fine leg. Pattinson there runs to his right and makes a diving stop. Saves two for his side.
J Bumrah to A Rayudu, WIDE! Bumrah now bangs one short but this one is down the leg side. Wided.

8 runs off the over so far! Can Chennai squeeze in another boundary?

J Bumrah to A Rayudu, Rayudu is safe. Full ball on middle, Rayudu flicks it towards deep mid-wicket. Hardik fumbles there and Rayudu sees the opportunity for the second. The throw comes to his end. De Kock gets to the ball and takes the bails off. The third umpire has been called for. Replays roll in and show that Rayudu is well in.
J Bumrah to du Plessis, Goes full, Faf looks to flick but gets an inside edge on the pads. The ball rolls towards the off side and they taken a run.
J Bumrah to du Plessis, FOUR! Whacked! What a shot! Short and little wide outside off, Faf du Plessis moves inside and slams it through the cover region. Rohit there dives but is of no use as the goes past him and into the fence.
J Bumrah to A Rayudu, Another excellent ball from Bumrah. Yorker on off and middle, Ambati digs it out towards mid on. One run.

Woohoo! The Indian T20 League is back! Alright, after a postponement of 5 months, but the best part is that it is happening. Mumbai and Chennai kickstart the carnival in Abu Dhabi. As is the norm, the finalists of the previous edition inaugurate the current one. How do the two teams stack up? As in every season, Mumbai look a team that pack a punch. Strong top order, reliable middle order and good finishers with the bat. Plenty of options with the ball as well but there would be one extra concern along with one common issue with every other team - rustiness of course and Lasith Malinga. With 'Slinga' opting out due to personal reasons, Mumbai would be a touch concerned but all the same, there would be confidence that the others can step up. Now, a look at the other side. If Mumbai are without Malinga, Chennai are without Raina and Harbhajan Singh. One has been their most consistent performer over the years while the other would have been a handful over the slow decks in the UAE. Called the 'Daddy's army', nothing much has changed in the squad apart from a few signings. The absence of Raina means that there will be a heavier workload on the likes of Watson, Rayudu and Dhoni. The names do suggest that they can give Mumbai a run for their money and also historically, Mumbai are slow starters. Plus, Mumbai's squad lacks quality spinners whereas Chennai's is stacked with them. Who will win the bragging rights? Who will swing like a rusty gate while who will get into a rhythm? We shall all wait and see. Predict a winner beforehand at your own risk but history beckons Chennai to get a headstart. Also, this is a day/night T20, with the match scheduled to start at 6 pm local. So the team batting first would have to adjust to both the natural and the artificial lights while bowling second, they might have to contend with the dew. Interesting thoughts for the captains at the toss.

Mumbai Indians Team Squad -Anmolpreet Singh,Chris Lynn,Kieron Pollard,Rohit Sharma,Saurabh Tiwary,Suryakumar Yadav,Anukul Roy,Hardik Pandya,Krunal Pandya,Sherfane Rutherford,Aditya Tare,Ishan Kishan,Quinton de Kock,Dhawal Kulkarni,Digvijay Deshmukh,James Pattinson,Jasprit Bumrah,Jayant Yadav,Mitchell McClenaghan,Mohsin Khan,Nathan Coulter-Nile,Prince Balwant Rai,Rahul Chahar,Trent Boult

Chennai Super Kings Team Squad -Ambati Rayudu,Faf du Plessis,Murali Vijay,Ruturaj Gaikwad,Shane Watson,Dwayne Bravo,Kedar Jadhav,Mitchell Santner,Ravindra Jadeja,Sam Curran,MS Dhoni,Narayan Jagadeesan,Deepak Chahar,Imran Tahir,Josh Hazlewood,Karn Sharma,KM Asif,Lungi Ngidi,Monu Kumar,Piyush Chawla,Ravisrinivasan Sai Kishore,Shardul Thakur