Indian Premier League, 2020

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Mumbai Indians - Match 5

Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Date & Time: 23 September 2020

Kolkata Knight Riders 146/9

RR: 7.3 | Mumbai Indians beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 49 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Shubman Gill c Kieron Pollard & b Trent Boultc Kieron Pollard & b Trent Boult71110
Sunil Narine c Quinton de Kock (W) & b James Pattinsonc Quinton de Kock (W) & b James Pattinson91001
Dinesh Karthik lbw Rahul Chaharlbw Rahul Chahar302350
Nitish Rana c Hardik Pandya & b Kieron Pollardc Hardik Pandya & b Kieron Pollard241821
Eoin Morgan c Quinton de Kock (W) & b Jasprit Bumrahc Quinton de Kock (W) & b Jasprit Bumrah162011
Andre Russell bowled Jasprit Bumrahbowled Jasprit Bumrah111120
Nikhil Naik c Hardik Pandya & b Trent Boultc Hardik Pandya & b Trent Boult1300
Pat Cummins c Hardik Pandya & b James Pattinsonc Hardik Pandya & b James Pattinson331214
Shivam Mavi stumped Rahul Chaharstumped Rahul Chahar91010
Kuldeep Yadav not out not out 1200
Sandeep Warrier
Extras 5 (b 0, lb 2, w 3, nb 0)
Total 146 (9 Wkts, 20.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
14-1 (Shubman Gill,2.4), 25-2 (Sunil Narine,4.5), 71-3 (Dinesh Karthik,10.1), 77-4 (Nitish Rana,11.4), 100-5 (Andre Russell,15.1), 101-6 (Eoin Morgan,15.4), 103-7 (Nikhil Naik,16.3), 141-8 (Pat Cummins,18.2), 146-9 (Shivam Mavi,20),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Trent Boult4 1 30 2 7.50
James Pattinson4 0 25 2 6.25
Jasprit Bumrah4 0 32 2 8.00
Rahul Chahar4 0 26 2 6.50
Kieron Pollard3 0 21 1 7.00
Krunal Pandya1 0 10 0 10.00
Rohit Sharma 0 0 0 0 0
Quinton de Kock 0 0 0 0 0
Suryakumar Yadav0 0 0 0 0
Saurabh Tiwary0 0 0 0 0
Hardik Pandya0 0 0 0 0

Well, it was more than a comfortable win for Mumbai today and they open their account in the 2020 Indian T20 League. Match 6 promises to be another thriller. It is the battle of the teams from the North and the South, Punjab and Bangalore, led by the respective captains from the other region. The clash is on Thursday, 24th September 2020, at 1800 Local (1400 GMT). We hope to see you then. And until then, stay safe and take care.

Rohit Sharma, Mumbai's captain, is also the PLAYER OF THE MATCH. He says that the blues of not winning in the UAE have gone off now. Says that only 2 players from that 2014 squad play for Mumbai now. On his fetish for the pull shot, Rohit Sharma says that he practices it a lot and is happy that it came off well today. Adds that the team haven't played much cricket. 6 months is a long time. However, they have done well today, he states. Sharma states that the strategy of Mumbai for the 2020 Indian T20 League was centered in the fact that they would play in Mumbai. But now that it is happening in UAE, they have had to rejig their plans. He adds that the humidity is taxing and is not easy to play in. Enjoys playing alongside Bumrah and Pattinson.

Trent Boult of Mumbai says that he is comfortable with the heat, in these conditions. Adds that it is a challenge bowling to the likes of batsmen like Morgan etc. Says that he is excited to be playing cricket and adds that the Indian T20 League is a very professional league. Boult says that the hotel and the accommodation has been very comfortable. Looks forward to the coming games as well.

Dinesh Karthik, Kolkata's captain, says that he feels the team could have done better with both the bat and the ball. Feels that it has been a rusty day and does not want to think about it much. Prefers not to think too analytically about this match. Adds that Cummins has only come off from quarantine today. On the possible changes for the next game, Karthik says that he has not had a chat with the squad yet and states that he wants to think about those later.

It is the Mumbai batting though which set the victory up for them! A brilliant innings from Rohit and a lovely partnership between him and Yadav saw them get to a total which was slightly above par and in the end, they defended it easily.

The Mumbai bowling was up for it tonight! Everybody except for Krunal Pandya who bowled just the one over had an excellent outing. Pollard surprised a lot of people with how he made it difficult for the batters to score off him. The other four finished with two a-piece and were economical too.

A very convincing win for Mumbai in the end! Kolkata never looked like they would chase this down. They lost their openers cheaply. Rana and Karthik did build a partnership but they needed to go on for longer which they could not. By the time Russell and Morgan joined association, the task was an improbable one. Both though failed to make any kind of impact. Had it not been for Cummins' cameo towards the end, the defeat or margin would have been a lot more.

R Chahar to S Mavi, OUT! STUMPED! It was taken upstairs for referral, merely customarily. It was out to the naked eye and replays confirm that as well. A thumping win for Mumbai. Flights this way outside off, Shivam strays out of his crease and stretches to try to get bat on it. He misses and Quinny collects and whips the bails off. MUMBAI WIN BY 49 RUNS!
R Chahar to S Mavi, On the shorter side outside off, Shivam Mavi nudges this to deep extra cover for two.
R Chahar to K Yadav, On the leg stump line, Yadav drives it to long on and crosses over for a single.
R Chahar to K Yadav, BEATEN! Rahul tosses this around off, spinning away. Goes past the outside edge of Kuldeep as he looked to fend at it.
R Chahar to S Mavi, Flatter delivery on top of the stumps, Mavi pulls to square leg and gets to the other end.
R Chahar to S Mavi, Flatter and outside off, Shivam Mavi finds point on the cut.
J Pattinson to S Mavi, Length delivery outside off, Shivam Mavi bunts it down to long on for one.
J Pattinson to S Mavi, Outside off on a shortish length, cut to point.
J Pattinson to S Mavi, Outside off on a good length. Gets the bottom edge of Shivam's bat as he looked to cut that.
J Pattinson to S Mavi, Shivam Mavi looks to pull the short length delivery but fails to connect.
J Pattinson to Pat Cummins, OUT! CAUGHT! Excellent performance by Mumbai tonight but they still need a bit of cleaning up to finish it off. Pat Cummins looked to go for the big one, gets it off the toe edge. He will be disappointed as it was there to be hit. On middle on a full length, Cummins looked to slog that over mid-wicket. Ends up getting a toe edge and Hardik Pandya settles and takes that catch.
J Pattinson to Pat Cummins, WIDE! Goes for a wide one outside off, ends up going past the tramline. Wide called then by the umpire.
J Pattinson to S Mavi, Changes the pace up a little by bowling a slower one on the stumps, worked towards cover-point. The batters exchange ends.

Penultimate over coming up! James Pattinson to bowl it. 3-0-22-1 are his figures.

J Bumrah to Pat Cummins, SIX! Another biggie! These hits can be crucial, not now but maybe towards the end of the season. It is a low full toss. Cummins smashes it over the bowler's head and it goes all the way. 27 runs from the over. Despite that, Bumrah has just gone for 32 in his 4 overs.
J Bumrah to Pat Cummins, WIDE! Down the leg side, Cummins swings but misses.
J Bumrah to Pat Cummins, SIX! A full toss and it is put away! Third biggie for Cummins. He whacks it over the mid-wicket fence this time.
J Bumrah to Pat Cummins, A Yorker outside off, this is jammed through covers for two more.
J Bumrah to Pat Cummins, SIX! Another half a dozen! Bumrah goes short again and on middle, Cummins pulls. He connects and it clears the square leg fence.
J Bumrah to Pat Cummins, Shorter and on middle, Cummins looks to pull but misses.
J Bumrah to Pat Cummins, SIX! A few more will what Kolkata want! It is angled into the pads, Cummins whips it, he connects well and it goes over the square leg fence for a biggie.
T Boult to S Mavi, FOUR! That is not a bad shot at all. Shivam Mavi it is. Short ball, Shivam pulls this to the deep square leg region to bag a boundary. Won't matter much though these boundaries. Only might serve to reduce the deficit of loss.
T Boult to Pat Cummins, On off, a yorker. Pat digs it out at the last moment. It goes off the inside edge to the leg side for a single.
T Boult to Pat Cummins, FOUR! Cummins has experience of batting, having played in the BBL. But these are too late here. Full delivery outside off, Pat Cummins goes inside out over covers and gets a boundary.
T Boult to N Naik, OUT! CAUGHT! All too easy for Mumbai here. Nikhil Naik has to depart now. Hardik takes the catch and gestures. Full length delivery on the off pole, Naik goes for the slog, looking to go massive over the leg side. It though goes to deep mid-wicket and Pandya holds on to it.
T Boult to N Naik, Full and outside off, pushed to covers.
T Boult to Pat Cummins, Trent Boult from round the wicket. Angles a back of a length delivery on top of middle and leg. Cummins looked to play at it but gets it off the inside edge back on to the track. They sneak in a single.
J Bumrah to Pat Cummins, Full outside off, Cummins drives it to deep extra cover and takes the single to get off the mark. An excellent over from Bumrah. Came back for his second spell, got 2 runs and 2 wickets in that over.
J Bumrah to Pat Cummins, Full and on middle, Pat works it to the leg side for a dot.
J Bumrah to E Morgan, OUT! CAUGHT! There is the edge. Bumrah is back with a bang. The chase is well and truly over for Kolkata here. Bowls a good length ball outside off, Morgan slashes hard at it. Gets a thick outside edge. A simple catch to Quinton de Kock at the back. 95 in 26 now, with 4 wickets in hand. Near impossible is what we can say.
J Bumrah to E Morgan, Looks to guide the good length delivery to third man, Morgan. Ends up getting a bottom edge to Quinton for a dot.
J Bumrah to N Naik, Slower fuller delivery in the channel, Naik taps it to the off side to get off the mark.

DRINKS! The game is probably in Mumbai's pocket! Kolkata probably need a miracle, it will be something unbelievable if they pull this off. Morgan is probably their last hope but don't think he could turn this around. The thing Kolkata can now do is, reduce the deficit and ensure the loss is not by a very big margin.

J Bumrah to A Russell, OUT! TIMBER! No no, the big man Andre Russell is not going to see his side home today. Bumrah, well he nails the yorker. The Mumbai owner, Mr Ambani applauds from the stands, knowing the importance of this wicket. A yorker length delivery on middle and leg, Russell looked to hoick that over mid-wicket for a six. He however ends up missing the yorker badly. Not his fault. Not easy going after those yorkers. Middle stump is out of here. 96 from 29 still needed and the chase is more or less out of Kolkata's reach.
T Boult to E Morgan, Misses! Morgan goes for the hook shot but misses. Only compounding Kolkata's required rate here. 96 needed in the last 5.
T Boult to A Russell, Russell works this down to wide long on for one.
T Boult to A Russell, FOUR! Andre Russell will throw his bat at everything at this stage. The required rate is still 18 though. Full delivery outside off, Dre Russ goes hard at it. The ball takes a thick outside edge and flies to the third man region for a boundary.
T Boult to A Russell, Short length delivery outside off, well well, Andre leaves that. Good bowling this from Trent, mixing up the lines and lengths and bowling the slower ones as well.
T Boult to A Russell, FOUR! That will find the boundary. It was only a matter of putting bat to ball and Andre Russell does exactly that. Full length ball outside off, he creams this to deep extra cover for a boundary.
T Boult to E Morgan, Full length delivery, almost in the blockhole, on leg. Morgan gets it out to long on for a single. Asking rate is 18.

Boult is back!

J Pattinson to A Russell, Bumper, Dre Russ ducks under it. Right, so Pattinson finishes with a dot ball. 106 needed in the last six overs.
J Pattinson to E Morgan, Would have been a wide had he left that. Morgan moves to the leg side and throws the kitchen sink at this waywardly outside off delivery. Gets it to deep point and crosses ends.

Match 5 sees Mumbai take on Kolkata. The defending champions began their League campaign with a loss in their opener. Mumbai had started off well with the bat but lack of substantial partnerships hurt them. On the bowling front too they had begun well, but could not sustain, ending up losing in the end. Rohit Sharma and co would look to put up a well-rounded performance in this game. Kolkata, on the other hand, start their journey in this year's tourney with a game against the defending champions. After 2014, they failed to reach the finals even once and have come up with a revamped coaching setup and fresh faces. Led by Dinesh Karthik, Kolkata also have the services of World Cup winning skipper, Eoin Morgan, along with the World's No. 1 Test bowler, Pat Cummins. Kolkata's main concern would be Russell's recent lack of form in the CPL, which they hope will not persist in the League. Gill will most likely open the batting, but who will partner him? Banton or Narine? Interesting to see who it will be. In UAE, it is the norm that spinners rule the roost and Kolkata have an edge over Mumbai here. All in all, both teams would look to bring out their best and open their account in the tournament.

Kolkata Knight Riders Team Squad -Eoin Morgan,Nitish Rana,Rahul Tripathi,Rinku Singh,Shubman Gill,Siddhesh Lad,Andre Russell,Chris Green,Manimaran Siddharth,Sunil Narine,Dinesh Karthik,Nikhil Naik,Tom Banton,Ali Khan,Kamlesh Nagarkoti,Kuldeep Yadav,Lockie Ferguson,Pat Cummins,Prasidh Krishna,Sandeep Warrier,Shivam Mavi,Varun Chakravarthy

Mumbai Indians Team Squad -Anmolpreet Singh,Chris Lynn,Kieron Pollard,Rohit Sharma,Saurabh Tiwary,Suryakumar Yadav,Anukul Roy,Hardik Pandya,Krunal Pandya,Sherfane Rutherford,Aditya Tare,Ishan Kishan,Quinton de Kock,Dhawal Kulkarni,Digvijay Deshmukh,James Pattinson,Jasprit Bumrah,Jayant Yadav,Mitchell McClenaghan,Mohsin Khan,Nathan Coulter-Nile,Prince Balwant Rai,Rahul Chahar,Trent Boult