Indian Premier League, 2020

Kings XI Punjab vs Rajasthan Royals - Match 50

Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Date & Time: 30 October 2020

Rajasthan Royals 186/3

RR: 10.62 | Rajasthan Royals beat Kings XI Punjab by 7 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Robin Uthappa c Nicholas Pooran & b Murugan Ashwinc Nicholas Pooran & b Murugan Ashwin302312
Ben Stokes c Deepak Hooda & b Chris Jordanc Deepak Hooda & b Chris Jordan502663
Sanju Samson run out Ravi Bishnoirun out Ravi Bishnoi482543
Steven Smith not out not out 312050
Jos Buttler not out not out 221112
Riyan Parag
Rahul Tewatia
Jofra Archer
Shreyas Gopal
Kartik Tyagi
Varun Aaron
Extras 5 (b 0, lb 2, w 3, nb 0)
Total 186 (3 Wkts, 17.3 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
60-1 (Ben Stokes,5.3), 111-2 (Robin Uthappa,10.5), 145-3 (Sanju Samson,14.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Arshdeep Singh3 0 34 0 11.33
Mohammed Shami3 0 36 0 12.00
Murugan Ashwin4 0 43 1 10.75
Chris Jordan3.3 0 44 1 13.33
Ravi Bishnoi4 0 27 0 6.75

Right then, three teams are now locked on 12 points with a solitary game left for them. Hyderabad can also join them if they win their next match. It is getting chaotic in the points table at the moment. On the 31st of October, we have a couple of games lined up. First up, Delhi will be facing Mumbai in Dubai at 1400 local (1000 GMT) and it will be followed by the crunch game between Bangalore and Hyderabad in Sharjah at 1800 local (1400 GMT). Do join us for all the action. Cheers! 

Man of the Match, Ben Stokes says that when you are in a position where you have nothing to lose, you go out there and give your best. States they are still in the reckoning and he is happy about that. Mentions he went in with the same mentality like he did against Mumbai. Shares that he enjoyed the few days off, had a good couple of days of training and hence, he could bowl his 4 overs.

Rajasthan skipper, Steven Smith starts by saying that the season has ebbed and flowed and they would have loved to have a couple of wins in the middle. Feels they are peaking at the right time and they still need to win their final match and things to go their way. Adds that they have different plans for different situations and it worked well tonight. States that it's nice to get over the line nice and early and it would have helped their net run rate as well. On Ben Stokes, Smith replies that the last two games have been exceptional, he has come out with intent and he is a class player. Also praises Stokes' effort with the ball and calls him a valuable player to have. On Samson, Smith replies that you always talk to players and get the best out of them. Adds that during their low phase, you have to keep trusting the process and they knew if he spends time in the middle, he will come good. On the next game, Smith says he will be watching the two games tomorrow closely to know what's expected from them in their final game.

Robin Uthappa comes forward for an interview! Says that it was a much-needed win and they are picking up the momentum at the right time. Feels they have got the combination right and now trusting their skills. Adds that it was gripping a bit when they were batting in the Powerplay and repeats Rahul's words that dew has been inconsistent and you cannot consider it. States that their team's motto is that they can win from any situation and they back themselves. Wants to take one game at a time and not look too far ahead. Adds that they will go back, sleep and there is not much time to think about the next game which is good in a way. 

Punjab skipper, KL Rahul says that it was a horrible toss to lose with the amount of dew that came on later. Mentions that it was difficult to grip the ball. Adds that on a sticky wicket like this, to get to 185 was a good effort and praises Gayle's batting. Feels they didn't play badly and need to learn how to bowl with a wet ball. States that dew has been inconsistent so far and this is something they cannot prepare for. Further says that they have some international bowlers and they know how to adapt to the situation. Wants to stay positive and hopes to put up a brilliant performance in the next game and try to squeeze in the top four.

Punjab were dismal with the ball and with the dew set in, it became even tougher for them to grip the ball. Ravi Bishnoi still managed to impress but the rest struggled and it was a meek surrender in the end.

It was a chase nicely set up by Ben Stokes' blitz with the bat. The Englishman came out with positive intent and went berserk from the word go. He fired Rajasthan to an excellent start and despite getting out, the start that he provided always kept Rajasthan afloat. Robin Uthappa and Sanju Samson never let the chips down, then Steven Smith took it forward and towards the end, Jos Buttler finished things quite easily.

A commanding win for Rajasthan! They have overhauled a tricky-looking target quite easily in the end. There was never a moment in the chase, to be honest when Rajasthan looked like losing control over this match. Overall, a win registered with plenty of balls to spare and that has also halted Punjab's amazing winning streak.

Chris Jordan to Jos Buttler, WIDE! That is the end of the game! RAJASTHAN WIN BY 7 WICKETS! It is a very wide delivery outside off. Left alone.
Chris Jordan to Jos Buttler,  SCORES LEVEL! A yorker outside off, this is jammed out through point for a couple.
Chris Jordan to Jos Buttler, SIX! Dispatched! That is right in the zone for Buttler. Full and on middle. Buttler smashes it over the bowler's head for a biggie.
Chris Jordan to Steven Smith, Full and on middle, it is worked towards deep mid-wicket for one.
Chris Jordan to Steven Smith, WIDE! Just the 10 needed! It is well wide outside off. Left alone.
Mohammed Shami to Jos Buttler, FOUR! This over is probably the one which seals the deal for Rajasthan. 19 from it and only 11 more needed. A slower one on middle. Buttler heaves it over mid-wicket and it races away to the fence.
Mohammed Shami to Steven Smith, Direct hit and Smith was a goner! This is outside off, Smith guides it towards point and takes off. Suchith, who had hit the stumps earlier on, has a shy at the bowler's end but misses.
Mohammed Shami to Steven Smith, FOUR! This is majestic from Smith! He goes down on one knee and plays the paddle scoop. He just knew where Shami was going to bowl and plays a brilliant shot. It goes for a boundary in the fine leg region. Runs needed below 20 now.
Mohammed Shami to Steven Smith, A couple now! It is fuller and around off, Smith opens the face of the bat and guides it through point for two.
Mohammed Shami to Steven Smith, FOUR! Consecutive boundaries! Excellent wrist work from Smith! This is full and on middle. It is whipped over mid-wicket. No one in the deep and boundary results.

Mohammed Shami is back!

Mohammed Shami to Steven Smith, FOUR! That is a poor delivery with mid off up! It is full and a seam-up ball. Smith lofts it over the infield and starts the over with a boundary.
Chris Jordan to Jos Buttler, SIX! It's a big hoick and spoils all the good work done in this over by Jordan. His slower delivery is picked this time Buttler. The length is full and Buttler dispatches it over long on. 10 from the over, 30 needed off 24 balls.
Chris Jordan to Jos Buttler, Back of a length ball on off, angling in, Jos stays back and pushes it to the left of the bowler. Jordan does well to stop it. Excellent over, thus far.
Chris Jordan to Jos Buttler, Fools the batsman with a slower one! Shortish and outside off, Buttler is early into the shot and gets an under edge. It rolls behind to the keeper.
Chris Jordan to Steven Smith, Slower delivery, on a length around middle and leg, Smith fails to flick and it goes off his pads to square leg. They pinch a leg bye. 150 up!
Chris Jordan to Jos Buttler, Pitches it up and outside off, Jos drives it through covers and rotates the strike.
Chris Jordan to Jos Buttler, On a good length around off, Buttler forces it from the back foot to deep cover for a brace.

Drinks break! Rajasthan were cruising due the partnership between Smith and Samson but the latter got run out and this chase seems to have some more life left. The last over by Bishnoi was excellent and Punjab need to bowl out of their skin at the backend. 40 needed off 30 balls, the equation still favours Rajasthan. Meanwhile, Chris Jordan is back into the attack after the break.

Ravi Bishnoi to Steven Smith, A dot to end just the kind of over Punjab needed. A wicket and two runs from it. 40 needed in 30 now. The last ball is on off, it is guided to point.
Ravi Bishnoi to Jos Buttler, On middle, this is worked through mid-wicket for one.

A review from Punjab as an appeal for LBW has been turned down. The ball seems to be pitching outside leg. It seems like a review more in hope.

Ravi Bishnoi to Jos Buttler, NOT OUT! It indeed is pitching outside leg. Punjab lose a review but it was probably more in hope. This pitches and then skids through. Buttler looks to flick but misses to get hit on the pads. Bishnoi appeals but the umpire turns it down. Ravi is adamant for a review. Rahul takes it. Replays roll in and they show the on-field call is the right one.

Jos Buttler walks out to bat.

Ravi Bishnoi to Jos Buttler, Outside off, Buttler looks to cut but misses.
Ravi Bishnoi to Steven Smith, OUT! Samson is short! Even the dive does not save him. Punjab have got the breakthrough they desperately needed. Yes, they are still on the back foot but this can be the opening for them. Also, this is the last thing Rajasthan needed. The two were going along so nicely. This is shorter and outside off. Smith mistimes it towards point and takes off. Suchith, the substitute, gets to the ball from point, picks it up and scores a direct hit at the keeper's end. Punjab are already celebrating. The umpire refers it. Replays show that Samson is short. A sorry way to end a promising inning,

Direct hit and Samson seems short! This could well be the opening Punjab needed?

Ravi Bishnoi to Sanju Samson, Tossed up on off, this is hit down to long on for one.

Bishnoi is got back on!

Chris Jordan to Steven Smith, FOUR! Nice and fine! Beautifully played by Smith! It is a low full toss on middle. He manages to stay leg side of the delivery and jams it fine towards third man. This time Arshdeep has no chance. 42 needed in 36.
Chris Jordan to Sanju Samson, A short one now! On the body. It is pulled towards short fine leg. Shami fumbles and allows a single.
Chris Jordan to Sanju Samson, Well fielded! Arshdeep it is again! Shorter and outside off. Samson guides it past point. It seems to be heading for a boundary but Singh from third man runs to his right, dives and stops it. The batsmen take two.
Chris Jordan to Sanju Samson, FOUR! Poor ball again. It is on the pads with fine leg up. Not what he wants. Samson works it fine on the leg side and it races away to the fence.
Chris Jordan to Steven Smith, A slower bumper, it is pulled down to long on for one.

Chris Jordan is back!

Chris Jordan to Steven Smith, A yorker on middle, it is jammed back to the bowler.
Murugan Ashwin to Sanju Samson, FOUR! The last two balls spoil the over. A very expensive one in the end. Shorter and outside off, Samson guides it past the point fielder for a boundary. 13 from the over, 54 needed more.
Murugan Ashwin to Sanju Samson, SIX! Smashed! A poor ball and it is put away with ease! It is short and it asks to be hit. Samson goes back and pulls it well over the mid-wicket fence.
Murugan Ashwin to Sanju Samson, Shorter and outside off, Samson cuts but straight towards short third man.
Murugan Ashwin to Steven Smith, Well done! Good fielding! Need such efforts when the team is chasing the game. It is shorter and outside off, Smith looks to play it late. Gets it nice and fine; Arshdeep runs to his left from short third man, dives and saves three for his side.
Murugan Ashwin to Sanju Samson, The googly, it is picked and pushed down to long on for one more.
Murugan Ashwin to Steven Smith, Smith comes down the track and pushes it towards mid on for one.

Only a handful of league matches are left in the 2020 Indian T20 League and the race to finish in the top 4 is still wide open. In a bid to stake their claims, Punjab will be taking on Rajasthan in Abu Dhabi. The former has turned things around and is on a 5-match winning streak. Once Punjab appeared down and out but the way they have bounced back is admirable. Their batting and bowling have been clicking as a unit and that's the main reason for their revival. Rajasthan, on the other hand, have been very inconsistent with their performance and are hanging in by a thread. However, their thumping win against Mumbai in the last game would have given them immense confidence. They would hope to carry that forward and register a double over Punjab this season. Their last meeting was a high-scoring thriller and we're hoping for the same again.

Kings XI Punjab Team Squad -Chris Gayle,Deepak Hooda,Karun Nair,Mandeep Singh,Mayank Agarwal,Sarfaraz Khan,Glenn Maxwell,James Neesham,Krishnappa Gowtham,Tajinder Singh,KL Rahul,Nicholas Pooran,Prabhsimran Singh,Arshdeep Singh,Chris Jordan,Darshan Nalkande,Hardus Viljoen,Harpreet Brar,Ishan Porel,Jagadeesha Suchith,Mohammed Shami,Mujeeb Ur Rahman,Murugan Ashwin,Ravi Bishnoi,Sheldon Cottrell

Rajasthan Royals Team Squad -Aniruddha Joshi,David Miller,Manan Vohra,Riyan Parag,Robin Uthappa,Steven Smith,Yashasvi Jaiswal,Ben Stokes,Mahipal Lomror,Rahul Tewatia,Shashank Singh,Tom Curran,Anuj Rawat,Jos Buttler,Sanju Samson,Akash Singh,Andrew Tye,Ankit Rajpoot,Jaydev Unadkat,Jofra Archer,Kartik Tyagi,Mayank Markande,Oshane Thomas,Shreyas Gopal,Varun Aaron