Indian Premier League, 2020

Kings XI Punjab vs Kolkata Knight Riders - Match 24

Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Date & Time: 10 October 2020

Kings XI Punjab 162/5

RR: 8.10 | Kolkata Knight Riders beat Kings XI Punjab by 2 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
KL Rahul bowled Prasidh Krishnabowled Prasidh Krishna745860
Mayank Agarwal c Shubman Gill & b Prasidh Krishnac Shubman Gill & b Prasidh Krishna563961
Nicholas Pooran bowled Sunil Narinebowled Sunil Narine161021
Prabhsimran Singh c Nitish Rana & b Prasidh Krishnac Nitish Rana & b Prasidh Krishna4700
Glenn Maxwell not out not out 10520
Mandeep Singh c Chris Green (sub) & b Sunil Narinec Chris Green (sub) & b Sunil Narine0100
Chris Jordan not out not out 0000
Mujeeb Ur Rahman
Ravi Bishnoi
Mohammed Shami
Arshdeep Singh
Extras 2 (b 0, lb 2, w 0, nb 0)
Total 162 (5 Wkts, 20.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
115-1 (Mayank Agarwal,14.2), 144-2 (Nicholas Pooran,17.2), 149-3 (Prabhsimran Singh,18.4), 151-4 (KL Rahul,19), 158-5 (Mandeep Singh,19.5),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Pat Cummins4 0 29 0 7.25
Prasidh Krishna4 0 29 3 7.25
Kamlesh Nagarkoti3 0 40 0 13.33
Varun Chakravarthy4 0 27 0 6.75
Sunil Narine4 0 28 2 7.00
Nitish Rana1 0 7 0 7.00
Shubman Gill0 0 0 0 0
Rahul Tripathi0 0 0 0 0
Eoin Morgan0 0 0 0 0
Dinesh Karthik 0 0 0 0 0
Andre Russell0 0 0 0 0

That is it from this game! The next match is between Chennai and Bangalore in Dubai and it's about to begin. Switch tabs and do join us there.

Dinesh Karthik is named the Man of the Match for his brilliant performance with the bat.

The Kolkata bowling looked flat today untill the 18th over. Everybody was being milked and scored easily off. However, Krishna was the one who bowled really well. Narine too was impressive. Varun was also good. Nagarkoti and Cummins though weren't upto the mark but Kolkata managed to win the important moments of the game and in the end came out on top.

Earlier in the innings chasing 165, Punjab openers got them off to a brilliant start! After Rahul was dropped early on, he made Kolkata pay. He along with Agarwal added a 100-plus stand. Agarwal was the aggressor and Rahul played along nicely. Their partnership took their side to the brink of victory before Agarwal departed. Pooran then came in and played a cameo which got his side closer. However, Narine's over, the 18th one, changed the game. They needed 22 in 3 but Narine bowled a brilliant 2 run over and also took a wicket. That changed the course of the game. Kolkata got a sniff and they pounced on it. They have pulled a rabbit out of the hat to gain another two points.

The Punjab dressing room is in shock! They actually can't believe they have lost this one. No way should have they gone down here. They should have won this game with an over to spare. How costly did the move to send Prabhsimran above Maxwell prove! His three dots to Narine just gave Kolkata a glimmer of hope which they capitalized on. Also, how good was Krishna in the penultimate over? Two wickets and just the 6 runs. Wow! One of those wickets were of Rahul who was bossing the game till then. 14 then from the last over of Narine on this wicket, was always going to be very tough and they fell short by just the two runs. This is a morale-deflating loss. Especially for a side which is not winning anything.

Sunil Narine to Glenn Maxwell, FOUR! Just short! Just short. Oh boy! Maxwell wants it to be checked but it is just short. Narine would have had his heart in his mouth for a second. What drama, what an anticlimax! It is a game of millimeters says Ian Bishop and that is oh so right. Coming to the ball now, what did Narine just bowl there. He fires it outside off. He invites Maxwell to hit towards the short side and Glenn does exactly that. He lofts it over covers. It bounces just inside the ropes and then goes over. A boundary signaled. They though go to check it upstairs as it is too close to call but replays show it lands just short. Heartbreak for Punjab. THEY LOSE BY 2 RUNS!
Sunil Narine to Mandeep Singh, OUT! TAKEN! The bigger side of the ground and Mandeep does not strike it cleanly and hence holes out. 7 needed from the last game. Kolkata can't lose unless an extra is bowled. It is slower through the air again and on middle. Narine gives no pace on the delivery. Singh goes for the slog sweep but only manages to hit it high up in the air. Green, the sub, settles under it and takes it brilliantly.
Sunil Narine to Glenn Maxwell, NOT OUT! It is going down leg! More importantly for Kolkata, it is just a single and Maxwell is off strike. It is slower again and angling into the pads. Maxwell swings but once again misses to get hit on the pads. An appeal but turned down. The ball rolls towards short third man. A leg bye is taken. Karthik reviews but replays show that the on-field call is the right one.

Kolkata review! It is more in hope one feels. An LBW appeal has been turned down.

Sunil Narine to Glenn Maxwell, FOUR! Important boundary! 8 from 3 balls now! Innovation and it pays off. Maxwell brings out the reverse sweep. Nails it over the cover region and it goes for a boundary.
Sunil Narine to Glenn Maxwell, Make that 12 needed in 4! Lovely bowling! It is very slow and into the pads. Maxwell is early in the swing. He misses to get hit on the pads.
Sunil Narine to Glenn Maxwell, A couple to start! Shorter and on middle, Maxwell swings. It goes off the inner half through mid on for two. 12 needed in 5.
Prasidh Krishna to KL Rahul, OUT! TIMBER! That is a huge, huge wicket. Game now in Kolkata's favor. Rahul can't believe what he has done. Krishna is over the moon. It is a full toss outside off. Rahul looks to heave it on the leg side but gets an inside edge which hits the stumps. What a turnaround. Wow! Just Wow! 14 needed in the last over with two new batters out there.
Prasidh Krishna to KL Rahul, A couple! 14 needed in 7 now. A low full toss outside off. It is carved through covers for a couple. A very important ball coming up!

Glenn Maxwell is the new batsman in.

Prasidh Krishna to Prabhsimran Singh, OUT! TAKEN! Kolkata back in this one! Prabhsimran walks back after an innings which could well cost his team the game. It is shorter and around off. He looks to pull but is done in by the pace. It goes off the splice towards point where Rana runs back and takes a good catch. 16 in 8. Boundary needed.
Prasidh Krishna to KL Rahul, Just one again! Shorter and around off, it is guided down to third man for one. 16 needed in 9.
Prasidh Krishna to Prabhsimran Singh, A yorker outside off, Prabhsmiran looks to jam it out. It goes off the toe-end down to third man for one.
Prasidh Krishna to Prabhsimran Singh, A couple to begin! Fuller and on middle, this is hit down towards the long on fielder. It is to his left and two is taken.
Sunil Narine to Prabhsimran Singh, A single which Kolkata surely won't mind. 20 needed in 2 now. What a brilliant over from Narine. Just the two runs and a wicket from it. On the pads, it is worked down to fine leg for one.
Sunil Narine to Prabhsimran Singh, Three dots in a row! Shorter and outside off, it is slapped hard but to covers.

Prabhsimran Singh is the new man in.

Sunil Narine to Prabhsimran Singh, Pressure building! One more dot! On middle, the batter goes back and keeps it out.
Sunil Narine to Prabhsimran Singh, On middle, it is worked to mid-wicket. One more dot. Need a couple more.

Sunil Narine is back on.

Sunil Narine to Nicholas Pooran, OUT! TIMBER! Pooran is out of here but is it too late! They should have probably given Narine the over they gave to Nagarkoti. It is on middle, Pooran swings but misses. You miss I hit stuff from him. 21 needed in 16. A wicket more and the game might just get interesting.
Sunil Narine to KL Rahul, Shorter and around off, it is pushed through covers for one.
Varun Chakravarthy to KL Rahul, On off, it is guided towards point for one. 22 needed in 18.
Varun Chakravarthy to Nicholas Pooran, On off, it turns away a touch. Pooran looks to defend but it goes off the outside edge towards short third man for one.
Varun Chakravarthy to Nicholas Pooran, On middle, it is pushed to the right of the bowler.
Varun Chakravarthy to Nicholas Pooran, FOUR! In the gap! Probably now where Pooran wanted to hit it but he finds the gap. Fuller and outside off. Pooran swings but miscues it. It goes over cover and trickles over the fence. He wanted it to hit it a lot straighter than he did.
Varun Chakravarthy to Nicholas Pooran, Tossed up on middle, it is pushed to covers.
Varun Chakravarthy to KL Rahul, Outside off, it is pushed through covers for one.

DRINKS! Punjab are running away with the game. Rahul and Pooran would look to finish this off as quickly as possible. On the other hand, Kolkata need wickets to put pressure on Punjab. Also Varun Chakravarthy is back on.

Kamlesh Nagarkoti to Nicholas Pooran, SIX! Smashed! Just the 29 needed now! Short and on middle, it sits up to be hit. Pooran pulls it hard and over the mid-wicket fence for a biggie.
Kamlesh Nagarkoti to Nicholas Pooran, FOUR! Stand and deliver stuff! Length and outside off, Pooran stands tall and crunches it through covers for a boundary. So this is probably the over which turns the tide completely in Punjab's favor. 35 needed in 25.
Kamlesh Nagarkoti to KL Rahul, A slower one, fuller and outside off, it is carved through covers for one.
Kamlesh Nagarkoti to KL Rahul, Easy two again! Fuller and on middle, this is worked through mid-wicket for a couple.
Kamlesh Nagarkoti to KL Rahul, FOUR! Poor bowling! Short and wide outside off, Rahul stands tall, gets on top of the bounce and cuts it through point. No chance of stopping that.
Kamlesh Nagarkoti to KL Rahul, Two! Fuller and outside off, Rahul drives it through covers and takes two.

Kamlesh Nagarkoti is back on.

Prasidh Krishna to Nicholas Pooran, Another dot! A wicket and four runs from it. Kolkata needed an over like this. On middle, blocked. 48 needed now in the last 5.
Prasidh Krishna to Nicholas Pooran, A dot now! On middle, Pooran defends it onto the ground.
Prasidh Krishna to KL Rahul, Another single! Length and outside off, it is pushed through covers for one.
Prasidh Krishna to Nicholas Pooran, Pooran is off the mark! This is on middle and angling away. Pooran guides it down to third man for one.

Nicholas Pooran is the new man in.

Prasidh Krishna to Mayank Agarwal, OUT! TAKEN! There is the wicket Kolkata wanted! There is glimmer of hope they needed. Can they capitalize on it now? Krishna does the job. It is angled into the pads, Agarwal looks to whip it over the mid-wicket fence but fails to get the power behind it. He holes out to the fielder in the deep. Gill makes no mistake. A brilliant innings from Agarwal comes to an end. He has done his job. 50 needed in 34.
Prasidh Krishna to Mayank Agarwal, Another two! Shorter and on off, it is pushed through covers for a couple.
Nitish Rana to KL Rahul, Two to end the over! Shorter and outside off, it is slapped through covers for a couple.
Nitish Rana to Mayank Agarwal, Fires it on the pads, it is worked towards deep mid-wicket for one.

It is the weekend and the Indian T20 league is ready with the double dose! Yes, it is the double-header day! The action will begin in Abu Dhabi as Punjab take on Kolkata.Kolkata are looking to be on a roll after struggling a bit. They managed to choke Chennai in their previous game and manufactured a fantastic win in a game that once looked to be slipping away. However, their batters struggled towards the end and failed to provide a flourish after a fine knock from their new opener, Rahul Tripathi. They would want their batsmen to put up a collective show and put runs on the board. The bowlers are doing the job well for them though. Both pacers and the spinners were superb against Chennai in the last game and will be eager to continue doing the same. Punjab, on the other hand, are on the floor. 4 defeats in a row! Is their batting doing a fine job? Well, can't really say that to be honest. Surely not after their sorry show against Hyderabad in their previous encounter where they were rolled down for a paltry 132 and that could've been a lot less, if not for the fastest half ton of the season by Pooran. It is their bowling which has been under the pump. They made a good comeback in the last game though, as young Bishnoi and Arshdeep pulled things back superbly towards the end overs. However, others struggled. Mujeeb, playing his first game in this season, too was taken for plenty. They would want the other bowlers to step up and put on a good performance together.

Kings XI Punjab Team Squad -Chris Gayle,Deepak Hooda,Karun Nair,Mayank Agarwal,Sarfaraz Khan,Glenn Maxwell,James Neesham,Krishnappa Gowtham,Mandeep Singh,Tajinder Singh,KL Rahul,Nicholas Pooran,Prabhsimran Singh,Arshdeep Singh,Chris Jordan,Darshan Nalkande,Hardus Viljoen,Harpreet Brar,Ishan Porel,Jagadeesha Suchith,Mohammed Shami,Mujeeb Ur Rahman,Murugan Ashwin,Ravi Bishnoi,Sheldon Cottrell

Kolkata Knight Riders Team Squad -Eoin Morgan,Nitish Rana,Rahul Tripathi,Rinku Singh,Shubman Gill,Siddhesh Lad,Andre Russell,Chris Green,Manimaran Siddharth,Sunil Narine,Dinesh Karthik,Nikhil Naik,Tom Banton,Ali Khan,Kamlesh Nagarkoti,Kuldeep Yadav,Lockie Ferguson,Pat Cummins,Prasidh Krishna,Sandeep Warrier,Shivam Mavi,Varun Chakravarthy