Indian Premier League, 2020

Delhi Capitals vs Sunrisers Hyderabad - Qualifier 2

Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Date & Time: 08 November 2020

Sunrisers Hyderabad 172/8

RR: 8.6 | Delhi Capitals beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 17 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Priyam Garg bowled Marcus Stoinisbowled Marcus Stoinis171202
David Warner bowled Kagiso Rabadabowled Kagiso Rabada2300
Manish Pandey c Anrich Nortje & b Marcus Stoinisc Anrich Nortje & b Marcus Stoinis211430
Kane Williamson c Kagiso Rabada & b Marcus Stoinisc Kagiso Rabada & b Marcus Stoinis674554
Jason Holder c Pravin Dubey & b Axar Patelc Pravin Dubey & b Axar Patel111510
Abdul Samad c Keemo Paul (sub) & b Kagiso Rabadac Keemo Paul (sub) & b Kagiso Rabada331622
Rashid Khan c Axar Patel & b Kagiso Rabadac Axar Patel & b Kagiso Rabada11711
Shreevats Goswami c Marcus Stoinis & b Kagiso Rabadac Marcus Stoinis & b Kagiso Rabada0100
Shahbaz Nadeem not out not out 2300
Sandeep Sharma not out not out 2400
T Natarajan
Extras 6 (b 0, lb 1, w 5, nb 0)
Total 172 (8 Wkts, 20.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
12-1 (David Warner,1.1), 43-2 (Priyam Garg,4.4), 44-3 (Manish Pandey,5), 90-4 (Jason Holder,11.4), 147-5 (Kane Williamson,16.5), 167-6 (Abdul Samad,18.3), 167-7 (Rashid Khan,18.4), 168-8 (Shreevats Goswami,18.5),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Ravichandran Ashwin3 0 33 0 11.00
Kagiso Rabada4 0 29 4 7.25
Anrich Nortje4 0 36 0 9.00
Marcus Stoinis3 0 26 3 8.67
Axar Patel4 0 33 1 8.25
Pravin Dubey2 0 14 0 7.00

We are done with 59 games! Just the one game to go, the finals. A clash between Mumbai and Delhi. All to play for on the 10th of November, 2020. One side looking for its first title and the other its 5th. It should be a cracking contest. That game begins at 1800 local (1400 GMT). Do join us for that. Till then, take care and goodnight!

Marcus Stoinis is the MAN OF THE MATCH. 38 runs from 27 balls and 3/26 with the ball. Says that opening is something he has done in a couple of seasons in the BBL. States that there was a bit of swing as well early on. On what it was between him and Rashid when the latter dismissed him, Stoinis says he had no idea about it. States that he asked Rashid about it when he was bowling but got no answer to it. Adds that the tournament has been hard on everybody, with the quarantine and all, missing the family. States that Mumbai are a very strong side and that Delhi need to be at their best to beat them.

Shreyas Iyer, the VICTORIOUS DELHI SKIPPER, says that it is amazing. This is the best feeling to have. The emotions have been like a roller-coaster. But as a family, it is an amazing feeling to have. He further says that as a captain, he has learnt a lot. States that he has got a lot of support from the coaches, management and the team owners. Says that the emotions keep going high and low. Is happy with the way they have maintained their temperament. Shreyas states that with the next game against Mumbai, who are a good side, it is important to stay composed. Adds that Rashid is a very good bowler and it was important to play him carefully in the middle overs. Says that Stoinis opening was because they needed to rocket to a good start.

Kagiso Rabada has the purple cap back on. He says that this was his day. States that the primary objective is to win the tournament. Does not mind if they win the tournament and he does not manage any wicket. Kagiso says that when one plays for a good deal of time, there are challenges, mentally and physically. Feels happy that they were good today. Need to be more good in the finals though, he says. States that there was a bit of swing in the warm-up, tried his luck and it paid off. Says that it was a very good wicket to bat on. Says that Delhi has never reached the final since the League has begun. States that the team is glad to have taken themselves this far. Says that the League's magnitude is very high, does not get any further than this. Playing against Mumbai, Rabada says they have a good pool of talent as well.

David Warner, Hyderabad's captain, says that nobody gave Hyderabad a chance at the start. The talk was about the big 3 - Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. But he is happy with the way they have gone about in the tournament. States that Natarajan was a great find. Pandey did well towards the end stages of the tournament. Believes it is important to take catches and says will do well next time. Adds that losing players like Saha is unfortunate. But Warner also says that it is important to work with what one has got. Says that Hyderabad's fans are very loyal. He says that the team is like a second home to him. The franchise owners are very good and everyone is like family.

Earlier in the game, after Delhi opted to bat first, Dhawan and Hetmyer ensured they took their side to a very good total. For Hyderabad, Williamson along with Holder and Samad tried his best to take his side over the line but his knock and the other two's went in vain.

Coming to the batting now, Hyderabad needed a good start but they had lost 3 in the Powerplay. Also, the problem for them in this innings was them losing wickets at the wrong time. Williamson was brilliant. He calculated his innings excellently and along with Holder first and then Samad, it seemed like he would take them over the line but that was not the case. Once he fell, it was all over.

Delhi it is to meet Mumbai in the finals! What a game though we were treated to. Outstanding. Yes, Delhi was always in control but Hyderabad surely had them worried when Williamson and Samad were batting. They though needed one of the two to play the distance but both fell at the wrong time. Have to credit Stoinis and Rabada for the way they bowled. Especially the 17th over by the former and the 19th by the latter. Have to say it is those two who changed the game with their spells.

Anrich Nortje to Sandeep Sharma, Well, a little moment of comedy in the end. Sandeep Sharma moves too far to the leg side, Anrich Nortje bowls it very full on off, Sharma brings the bat down in time. Digs it out on the off side for a dot. But it does not matter. DELHI WIN BY 17 RUNS AND ARE THROUGH TO THE FINALS!
Anrich Nortje to Sandeep Sharma, Sharma moves to the leg side, Nortje follows with a short ball. Sandeep ducks under it. No signal from the square leg umpire.
Anrich Nortje to Shahbaz Nadeem, Very full on middle and leg, driven past the bowler, to long on, for a single.
Anrich Nortje to Sandeep Sharma, Sandeep goes to the leg side, Anrich follows him with a full toss, flicked to short mid-wicket for a single. A quick one.
Anrich Nortje to Shahbaz Nadeem, Yorker on off, Nadeem jams it out back on the track. A quick single as Sandeep rushes in towards the striker's end.
Anrich Nortje to Sandeep Sharma, Very full on off, dug out to mid off for a single.
Kagiso Rabada to Shahbaz Nadeem, Shuffles across and looks to scoop this over short fine leg. Misses and the ball sneaks through, wide of the stumps and goes to the keeper.
Kagiso Rabada to Shreevats Goswami, OUT! TAKEN! The third wicket in the over. Short ball, Shreevats goes for the pull shot. However, he does not time it well at all. It goes high in the air and the man at mid-wicket takes it comfortably. Goswami goes for a duck.
Kagiso Rabada to Shreevats Goswami, WIDE! Overcooks the short ball, the batsman looks to play at it but misses.

Who will walk out to bat now? Shahbaz Nadeem it is.

Kagiso Rabada to Rashid Khan, OUT! TAKEN! Hyderabad lose Rashid Khan now. Full and around off, Rashid clears his front foot and looked to power this over long on for a six. However, he does not get his timing right. Catching practice to the fielder at long on, who takes this one easily.

Who's in next? Shreevats Goswami it is.

Kagiso Rabada to Abdul Samad, OUT! CAUGHT! The substitute fielder, Keemo Paul, takes the catch. Samad is very dejected. Full and around off, Abdul Samad clears the front leg and looks to go big over long off. However, he does not get the timing right. It is to the right of Keemo at long off. Paul gets there, slides and takes the catch comfortably.
Kagiso Rabada to Abdul Samad, SIX! This game is well and truly alive. Full toss on middle, Abdul swings it into the night skies, over deep square leg.
Kagiso Rabada to Rashid Khan, On middle, this is worked to the leg side for a single.
Ravichandran Ashwin to Rashid Khan, LEG BYE! This is worked on the leg side off the pads as Rashid misses his flick. A leg bye taken.
Ravichandran Ashwin to Rashid Khan, Very full and around off, dug out to the off side.
Ravichandran Ashwin to Rashid Khan, FOUR! Full and outside off, Rashid heaves it away over covers. It was well wide of the man at sweeper cover as well. Races away for a boundary.
Ravichandran Ashwin to Rashid Khan, SIX! The license to free his arms. Floated around off, Rashid gets a huge slog sweep out. Sends the ball miles over long on.
Ravichandran Ashwin to Rashid Khan, Goes for the big slog sweep but misses to connect.
Ravichandran Ashwin to Abdul Samad, NOT OUT! Rashid is in safely. Tossed up on middle, Samad goes for the big leg side heave. He though gets it off the inner half to short fine leg. They take a quick single. The throw comes to Pant who whips the bails off. The umpires refer it upstairs. Rashid Khan gets in safely though, the replays show.

The umpires want to have a look for the run out. Bat is grounded before the wickets are broken.

Marcus Stoinis to Abdul Samad, The batsmen work this on the leg side for a single.

Who's in next? Rashid Khan it is.

Marcus Stoinis to Kane Williamson, OUT! TAKEN! Heartache for all the Hyderabad fans. Williamson, what an innings, 67 from 45. Full and well outside off, Williamson slices the ball while going for a drive. Would have been a wide had he left it. But he goes after it, slices it over cover. It is to the left of Rabada at deep cover. KG gets there and completes the catch.
Marcus Stoinis to Kane Williamson, FOUR! Brilliant, brilliant. Around off on a good length, Kane opens the face of his bat deliberately late, knows Rabada is there at backward point. Gets it wide of him and gets it into the boundary.

What has happened there? Shreyas Iyer was the man at long off. As he picked up the last ball and threw it back towards the bowler, he seems to have injured his shoulder. He gave it his all in the throw and the old shoulder injury seems to have resurfaced. He is staying on but is inside the circle.

Marcus Stoinis to Abdul Samad, Full and outside off, driven down to long off for a single.
Marcus Stoinis to Abdul Samad, Outside off, Abdul Samad strokes it to the right of sweeper cover. Kagiso Rabada rushes to his right, dives and gives it his all. Stops it and keeps it down to two.
Marcus Stoinis to Kane Williamson, Low full toss well outside off, stroked to the right of cover. Nortje gets there and stops it. A single though. 50-run partnership between these two. Off just 27 balls.

Marcus Stoinis is back in the attack. 2-0-17-2 for him so far. Can he get either of these two here?

DRINKS! What a game this is turning out to be! 51 needed in 24. Williamson holds the key and the rest have to play around him. Delhi need his wicket but they would know, one good over and the game could well drift away from them. An exciting passage of play awaits.

Ravichandran Ashwin to Kane Williamson, In the air... but short! On off, Williamson strokes it uppishly towards long on. But it falls well short of Patel there. Axar did not go for the catch as it was well ahead of him, choosing to save what could have been a possible boundary. Just the single. 51 runs needed in the last 4 overs.
Ravichandran Ashwin to Abdul Samad, Shorter and outside off, stroked to the off side for a single.
Ravichandran Ashwin to Kane Williamson, On middle and leg, pushed to mid-wicket for a quick one.
Ravichandran Ashwin to Kane Williamson, FOUR! In the gap and away for a boundary. Ashwin bowls a shorter one way outside off, it was the doosra. Williamson strokes it with the turn, over point. Nortje gives chase but the ball beats him to the boundary.
Ravichandran Ashwin to Abdul Samad, Flatter on leg, stroked to mid-wicket for a single.
Ravichandran Ashwin to Abdul Samad, Flatter and outside off, Samad looks to cut but gets it off the outside edge. It goes past Pant and towards third man. A couple.

Axar Patel is finished for the night. Ravichandran Ashwin is back. 1-0-12-0 for him.

Anrich Nortje to Kane Williamson, Good from Nortje on the last ball. But 16 runs off it. Hyderabad need 61 runs in 30 balls. A well-directed yorker on off, Kane manages to dig it out on the pitch. A dot.
Anrich Nortje to Abdul Samad, Full and on off, wristed to mid-wicket for a single.
Anrich Nortje to Abdul Samad, EDGED AND FOUR! Big over for Hyderabad. Full and well outside off, within the tramline though. Abdul Samad throws the kitchen sink at it. Gets a thickish and uppish outside edge. It is flying towards the third man boundary. Lands on a bounce ahead and then rolls into the fence.

Hyderabad meet Delhi in Qualifier 2 of the 2020 Indian T20 League in Abu Dhabi. The former are coming off a nervy win over Bangalore but they are up against a side which is a bit low on confidence, after being pummeled by Mumbai. On paper, Delhi look stronger but the game against Mumbai showed that they were nervous, under a slightly inexperienced captain in Shreyas Iyer. Compared to that, Hyderabad have got four international captains - Warner, Williamson, Holder and Rashid! So there is no shortage of experience. Both sides have got excellent bowling attacks but the batting is a bit of a worry, with too much dependence on the opening partnership. If it is a matter of nerves, Hyderabad hold the aces as they have now on 4 matches on the bounce, that too, against the top three sides. But if nerves can be gotten over, then expect a Mumbai-Delhi final.

Delhi Capitals Team Squad -Ajinkya Rahane,Prithvi Shaw,Shikhar Dhawan,Shimron Hetmyer,Shreyas Iyer,Axar Patel,Daniel Sams,Keemo Paul,Lalit Yadav,Marcus Stoinis,Alex Carey,Rishabh Pant,Amit Mishra,Anrich Nortje,Avesh Khan,Harshal Patel,Ishant Sharma,Kagiso Rabada,Mohit Sharma,Pravin Dubey,Ravichandran Ashwin,Sandeep Lamichhane,Tushar Deshpande

Sunrisers Hyderabad Team Squad -Abdul Samad,Bavanaka Sandeep,David Warner,Kane Williamson,Manish Pandey,Priyam Garg,Virat Singh,Abhishek Sharma,Fabian Allen,Jason Holder,Mohammad Nabi,Sanjay Yadav,Vijay Shankar,Jonny Bairstow,Shreevats Goswami,Wriddhiman Saha,Basil Thampi,Billy Stanlake,Khaleel Ahmed,Prithvi Raj,Rashid Khan,Sandeep Sharma,Shahbaz Nadeem,Siddarth Kaul,T Natarajan