Indian Premier League, 2020

Delhi Capitals vs Kolkata Knight Riders - Match 16

Venue: Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah

Date & Time: 03 October 2020

Kolkata Knight Riders 210/8

RR: 10.5 | Delhi Capitals beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 18 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Shubman Gill c Rishabh Pant (W) & b Amit Mishrac Rishabh Pant (W) & b Amit Mishra282221
Sunil Narine bowled Anrich Nortjebowled Anrich Nortje3500
Nitish Rana c & b Harshal Patelc & b Harshal Patel583544
Andre Russell c Anrich Nortje & b Kagiso Rabadac Anrich Nortje & b Kagiso Rabada13811
Dinesh Karthik c Shikhar Dhawan & b Harshal Patelc Shikhar Dhawan & b Harshal Patel6800
Eoin Morgan c Shimron Hetmyer & b Anrich Nortjec Shimron Hetmyer & b Anrich Nortje441815
Pat Cummins c Harshal Patel & b Anrich Nortjec Harshal Patel & b Anrich Nortje5410
Rahul Tripathi bowled Marcus Stoinisbowled Marcus Stoinis361633
Kamlesh Nagarkoti not out not out 3300
Shivam Mavi not out not out 1300
Varun Chakravarthy
Extras 13 (b 4, lb 2, w 5, nb 2)
Total 210 (8 Wkts, 20.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
8-1 (Sunil Narine,1.2), 72-2 (Shubman Gill,8.1), 94-3 (Andre Russell,9.5), 117-4 (Nitish Rana,12.4), 117-5 (Dinesh Karthik,12.5), 122-6 (Pat Cummins,13.3), 200-7 (Eoin Morgan,18.3), 207-8 (Rahul Tripathi,19.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Kagiso Rabada4 0 51 1 12.75
Anrich Nortje4 0 33 3 8.25
Ravichandran Ashwin2 0 26 0 13.00
Marcus Stoinis4 0 46 1 11.50
Harshal Patel4 0 34 2 8.50
Amit Mishra2 0 14 1 7.00

So, that is it from the first double-header of this edition! The afternoon game was a one-sided affair but the evening one was a slobber knocker of a game. Action continues on Sunday and guess what? We have two games lined up again. First it is Mumbai taking on Hyderabad followed by Chennai facing Punjab. Do join us for all the action. Till then, take care and goodbye! 

Shreyas Iyer, the Delhi skipper, is named Player of the Match. He starts by saying that it is really difficult to defend on this ground. Adds that he is surprised to know that in the last 3 games, over 1,000 runs have been scored on this ground. Tells that he always wanted to take some time before going after the bowlers. Adds he just wanted to hit one ball at a time. Tells that he isn't a gifted player but he puts in a lot of effort. Says that he is really happy that all the players stepped up and did their job well. Tells that he was a bit worried when Mishra got injured. Mentions that he was really confident towards the end and knew they will defend it. But adds that T20 is a funny game and anything can happen. Ends up saying that they have got a good platform now and they just need to get better game after game.

Anrich Nortje is caught for a quick chat! Says that they wanted to just use the conditions well. Feels it got a bit tough towards the end but is happy that they have ended on the right side. Tells that he is really enjoying bowling with Rabada. Ends by saying that they have been working hard on bowling the yorkers and the slower ones as well.

Dinesh Karthik, the Kolkata skipper, says that he is proud of the way the batters gave it a try. Feels they lost a couple of quick wickets at the start and that pushed them back. Says that a couple of more hits and they would've won the game. Adds that he can't really blame the bowlers as this was a tough wicket for them to bowl. On Russell coming up the order, Karthik says that they wanted to give him enough time to make an impact but that didn't happen here. On Narine opening the batting, the Kolkata skipper says that he is a very dangerous batsman once he gets going but adds that they might discuss the same with the coaching staff.

Earlier in the day, after being inserted, Delhi scored a mammoth 228 courtesy a breeezy knock from Shaw at the start and a brilliant one from Iyer towards the end. Delhi were well in control of the game before Morgan and Tripathi joined association but an outstanding stand between the two did change the tide towards Kolkata. It was Delhi who held their nerve though and came out on top. Stay tuned for the presentation.

Not a lot you can write about the bowlers again! This ground is actually a graveyard for them. There still were three bowlers who were outstanding. Amit Mishra, Nortje and Patel who had figures to look back at. Also, Patel and Nortje picked crucial wickets at crucial time and they could really be proud about how they fared.

Earlier on in the innings, Kolkata were going about their chase quite nicely. Rana and Gill both put up a good stand to give the hitters coming in a decent foundation. However, three wickets in quick succession put Kolkata on the back foot completely. With around 90 needed in the last 5 overs, they needed something special and both Morgan and Tripathi did deliver. They were striking at will and had got Iyer very worried. It though was a matter of just the one good over and Delhi got it in the form of the 19th over. Kolkata probably got their batting order wrong. They should have got in Karthik and Morgan above Russell and the result probably could have been different. That though was not to be but they could still be proud of the fight they showed after being down and out.

What a game! A run-fest, exactly what we expected in Sharjah. In the end, there has to be just the one winner and it is Delhi who have come out on top but trust me, they would have had their heart in their mouth when Morgan and Tripathi were out there. The two added 78 in no time and at one point, they were slight favorites when they needed 31 in the last 2 but a tremendous over from Nortje where he got Morgan and just gave away 5 runs won the game for Delhi. Yes, it is Stoinis who defended 26 in the final over but it is the Nortje's over which actually won them the game.

Marcus Stoinis to Shivam Mavi, Only a run, in the form of an extra. Another attemped yorker, it is gone wrong as it is a low full toss on the pads, Mavi fails to flick and is hit on the pad. It rolls towards fine leg for a leg bye. DELHI WIN BY 18 RUNS! 
Marcus Stoinis to Shivam Mavi, Superb bowling! Follows the batsman down the leg side. Mavi tries to make room and hit it but misses.
Marcus Stoinis to Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Just a single again. Nails the full ball again, it is drilled to long on for a single.
Marcus Stoinis to Shivam Mavi, Banged short and on middle, Mavi pulls it powerfully towards deep square leg. Dhawan there makes a diving save. Only a run.

Shivam Mavi is the new man in.

Marcus Stoinis to Rahul Tripathi, OUT! TIMBER! That is a terrific response from Stoinis. A superb yorker from him. Tripathi fails to get bat on ball and the stumps behind gets destroyed. A terrific innings from him though. Coming so low down the order and then giving his side a chance.
Marcus Stoinis to Rahul Tripathi, FOUR! What a way to begin the over! A full toss outside off, Tripathi slices it over point and gets a boundary.

Who will bowl the final over? Marcus Stoinis is the man who has been given the responsibility.

Anrich Nortje to Kamlesh Nagarkoti, DOT! Tripathi denies the single. A fuller ball around off, Nagarkoti drills it towards deep mid-wicket. Rahul says no for the single. 26 needed in 6 balls.
Anrich Nortje to Kamlesh Nagarkoti, A couple now! Poor from Ashwin. Short and wide outside off, Nagarkoti pushes it towards backward point. Ashwin doesn't get down in time and allows the ball to go away. Two taken.
Anrich Nortje to Rahul Tripathi, Only a run. It is another full toss on middle, Tripathi lifts it over mid-wicket for a single.

Who is the new man in? Kamlesh Nagarkoti it is. Tripathi will be on strike.

Anrich Nortje to Eoin Morgan, OUT! CAUGHT! Morgan picks out the fielder to perfection. A short ball just outside off, Morgan goes for the pull but this time he doesn't time it well. He ends up giving a simple catch to Hetmyer at deep square leg. 29 needed in 9 balls.
Anrich Nortje to Rahul Tripathi, Just a single again. Full and outside off, Tripathi drives it to deep cover for a single.
Anrich Nortje to Eoin Morgan, Full toss on middle, lofted over the bowler's head for a single.
Kagiso Rabada to Rahul Tripathi, FOUR! Drilled down the ground. 23 from the over. Another attempted yorker from Rabada goes wrong. Full and on middle, Tripathi slams it down the ground and fetches a boundary. 31 needed in 12 balls.
Kagiso Rabada to Rahul Tripathi, NOT OUT! Tripathi survives. A bouncer on middle and leg, Rahul looks to pull but misses. The ball goes behind and Pant takes the catch. They appeal and the finger is raised. Tripathi calls for the review. Replays roll in and it shows that it has come off the helmet.

Review for caught behind! Tripathi has been given out but he takes it upstairs quickly. Let's see what the replays show.

Kagiso Rabada to Eoin Morgan, Nails the yorker this time. Morgan does well to dig it out towards long off for a single.
Kagiso Rabada to Eoin Morgan, SIX! Three in a row! WOW! Morgan, where were you all this while? Rabada goes for the yorker again but misses again. A high full toss. What does Morgan does? He thumps it over deep square leg once again for half a dozen. 18 from the first 3 balls.
Kagiso Rabada to Eoin Morgan, Six! Another one! Game on! A length ball from Rabada. A slower one too. It is in the hitting zone of Morgan. Morgan nails the slog once again and clears the fence at deep mid-wicket this time. Crazy hitting!
Kagiso Rabada to Eoin Morgan, SIX! Where's that going? It is on the roof! What a start to the over. Short ball angled in, Morgan moves inside and powers it way over deep square leg. A massive six.
Marcus Stoinis to Rahul Tripathi, SIX! Up and over! 24 from the over. Don't go away, folks! We have got a match in our hands. Full toss outside off, Tripathi lifts it over extra cover and clears the fence easily. 54 needed in 18 balls.
Marcus Stoinis to Rahul Tripathi, A dot now! Slower one and full as well, in the slot. Tripathi though mistimes it towards mid off.
Marcus Stoinis to Rahul Tripathi, FOUR! A boundary now! This is turning out to be a fine over for Kolkata. Full and wide outside off, Tripathi throws the bat at it and gets a thick outside edge. It races away to the third man fence.
Marcus Stoinis to Rahul Tripathi, Six! Two-in-two! A full toss on middle, Tripathi sends it sailing over mid-wicket for another six.
Marcus Stoinis to Rahul Tripathi, SIX! BOOM! That's out of here! Tripathi joins the party now. A length ball just outside off, Tripathi slogs it way over the deep mid-wicket fence for a massive six.
Marcus Stoinis to Eoin Morgan, Gets the line and length right this time. It is full and wide, Morgan can reach out and push it towards covers. A single.
Marcus Stoinis to Eoin Morgan, WIDE! Tries to stay away from the hitting arc of Morgan but ends up bowling it way outside off. Morgan lets it be. Wided.

Marcus Stoinis is back on. 2-0-16-0 are his figures so far.

Kagiso Rabada to Eoin Morgan, Full toss outside off, Morgan strokes it to long on for a single. 77 needed in 24 balls.
Kagiso Rabada to Rahul Tripathi, Short and on middle, Rahul pulls it towards deep square leg for a single now.
Kagiso Rabada to Eoin Morgan, Banged short again, Morgan pulls it towards deep square leg for a run.
Kagiso Rabada to Eoin Morgan, SIX! Clears the fence this time, by just. Rabada goes for the yorker but misses out as Morgan takes a step forward and slams it over the deep mid-wicket fielder. The fielder there leaps and tries to catch but the ball evades him and goes over the ropes.
Kagiso Rabada to Eoin Morgan, FOUR! Morgan in the act! Low full toss outside off, he hammers it over extra cover and fetches a boundary.
Kagiso Rabada to Rahul Tripathi, Full and wide outside off, driven to mid off for a single.
Harshal Patel to Eoin Morgan, Dot to end the over! Short and wide outside off, Morgan looks to cut but gets a bottom edge to the keeper.
Harshal Patel to Eoin Morgan, NO BALL! It is a no ball and Morgan will stay. A high full toss outside off, Morgan pushes it towards the backward point fielder. The fielder does well to take a catch to his right. But no celebration as they think that it might be a no ball. The umpires get together. Replays roll in. And just one look and it is good enough to call it a no ball. Free Hit coming up.

Is that a no ball? Looked to be over the waist height. Yes!

Harshal Patel to Rahul Tripathi, This time he drills it but gets only a single as there is a fielder in the deep.
Harshal Patel to Rahul Tripathi, Dot again! Excellent bowling. Once again bowled full and wide outside off, Tripathi looks to drive but ends up slicing it straight to backward point.
Harshal Patel to Rahul Tripathi, WIDE! Very harsh call one has to say! An excellent slower bouncer! Tripathi looked to pull but missed. Wided by the umpire.

The Indian T20 League hosts its first double-header this weekend and the second game of the day will be contested between Delhi and Kolkata at Sharjah. Delhi got off to a superb start in the tournament, winning both their games, but they stumbled and were handed their first loss of the season against Hyderabad. Their batting order looks good but they need to pace their innings out and not play risky strokes so as to not lose quick wickets which puts pressure on the batters coming out. Pant, started off slowly in the previous game which is not his natural game and that in turn put more pressure on him as his innings went forward and he is yet to deliver his goods for the team. Hetmyer also has been poor and has looked clueless and he might be replaced in this game. Their bowling attack, on the other hand, has been phenomenal. Rabada and Nortje have bowled well, be it the start of the game or the end. The addition of Ishant Sharma will be a welcome boost for Delhi. Mishra, Axar and Stoinis have also been handy with the ball. Talking about Kolkata, their win against Rajasthan was very convincing and Karthik would have been happy to see his young Indian bowlers step up as before the tournament started, their bowling department looked over-reliant on Cummins but this has been proved wrong by the likes of Mavi, Nagarkoti and Chakravarthy. They will really have to ponder if they are to continue with Narine opening the innings because it has not worked so far, but since this game is at Sharjah, Narine might get the nod after all. Their other batters like Rana, Gill and Morgan have been fantastic as well. Their worry will be the form of Karthik as he has been underwhelming in this tournament so far. Russell has also looked in fine touch and will look to smash some balls out of the park at Sharjah as the boundaries are short. All things considered, this looks set to be a cracker of a contest.

Delhi Capitals Team Squad -Ajinkya Rahane,Prithvi Shaw,Shikhar Dhawan,Shimron Hetmyer,Shreyas Iyer,Axar Patel,Daniel Sams,Keemo Paul,Lalit Yadav,Marcus Stoinis,Alex Carey,Rishabh Pant,Amit Mishra,Anrich Nortje,Avesh Khan,Harshal Patel,Ishant Sharma,Kagiso Rabada,Mohit Sharma,Ravichandran Ashwin,Sandeep Lamichhane,Tushar Deshpande

Kolkata Knight Riders Team Squad -Eoin Morgan,Nitish Rana,Rahul Tripathi,Rinku Singh,Shubman Gill,Siddhesh Lad,Andre Russell,Chris Green,Manimaran Siddharth,Sunil Narine,Dinesh Karthik,Nikhil Naik,Tom Banton,Ali Khan,Kamlesh Nagarkoti,Kuldeep Yadav,Lockie Ferguson,Pat Cummins,Prasidh Krishna,Sandeep Warrier,Shivam Mavi,Varun Chakravarthy