Indian Premier League, 2020

Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians - Match 41

Venue: Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah

Date & Time: 23 October 2020

Mumbai Indians 116/0

RR: 9.40 | Mumbai Indians beat Chennai Super Kings by 10 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Quinton de Kock not out not out 463752
Ishan Kishan not out not out 683765
Suryakumar Yadav
Saurabh Tiwary
Krunal Pandya
Hardik Pandya
Kieron Pollard
Nathan Coulter-Nile
Rahul Chahar
Trent Boult
Jasprit Bumrah
Extras 2 (b 0, lb 2, w 0, nb 0)
Total 116 (0 Wkts, 12.2 Ov)
BowlingO M R WEcon
Deepak Chahar4 0 34 0 8.50
Josh Hazlewood2 0 17 0 8.50
Imran Tahir3 0 22 0 7.33
Shardul Thakur2.2 0 26 0 11.82
Ravindra Jadeja1 0 15 0 15.00

Right then, that's it from Match 41. What a one-sided affair the 2nd round of El Clasico was between Mumbai and Chennai. The former have bulldozed their way to the top with a strong NRR while the latter has to head back home in most respects now. How sad to see the second most successful side in the League meet such a fate! Anyway, moving on, Saturday, 24th October 2020, sees a return to double headers. In the 1st game, Kolkata take on Delhi at Abu Dhabi and later Punjab take on Hyderabad in Dubai. All the action starts at 1400 Local (1000 GMT) then. We hope to have your company again. Until then, take care and good night.

For his wreckage at the top, Trent Boult, 4/18 from his 4 overs is the MAN OF THE MATCH. Says that it is a new franchise, different personnel and he is enjoying it. Is happy with the way it is going. States that it was about pitching it nice and full. On the swing factor, Boult says that he is lucky to be getting it upfront in his very first over. Boult believes that it comes down to accuracy when bowling. Keep it accurate and the batsmen will find it hard to go out against you, he says.  

The VICTORIOUS MUMBAI SKIPPER, Kieron Pollard, to share his thoughts now. On what does he feel about winning 15 matches on the trot as a captain, Pollard jokingly says who's counting and then laughs a little. States that he was working closely with the team and is pleased that it came off well in this game. Adds that it was important to rein in Chennai later on as they had done well to recover. States that it is a total team effort. Finishing the game without any uncertainties was fantastic, Pollard reckons. On the Net Run Rate factor, Pollard says that it has been spoken many times and always want to finish in the top 2 in the points table. He further adds that the 2 points are more important, winning games are more important. Once those are taken care of, Pollard believes that the NRR takes care of itself. Adds that everything is fine in the dressing room. States that he will discuss this game now in the dressing room and then formulate the plan on how to go about for their next game. 

Stay tuned for the presentation ceremony.

Ishan Kishan is up for a chat. He says that he was trying to be positive. In the middle, he was talking with Quinny on how to play - should he keep knocking the ball around or play the big shots. Adds that he has enjoyed batting with de Kock and has learnt a lot from him. In the off season, Kishan says that he did a lot of hard work. States that he was playing the shots according to how the ball landed. Says further that no game against Chennai is an easy one and that Mumbai were keeping their focus on the process. 

MS Dhoni, Chennai's skipper, says that losing by 10 wickets does hurt. Says one must see what has been going around them. This season itself has not gone well for the side, Dhoni states. He says that his side has been doing everything but sometimes such things happen in the tournament, cannot do much about it. Dhoni further adds that when a bit of luck is on your side, it is always good, which was not there on Chennai's side. On not playing on the home ground being a reason for Chennai not doing well, Dhoni says that if one sits down and analyzes why someone has not done well, one can come up with 100 reasons. States that when 3-4 batsmen in the side don't do well, it becomes hard on the side. States that such things do happen and it is important to go back to the process. Need to put up with the tough times with a smile, he says. Hopes that it might turnaround in the next 3 games. On the next season, Dhoni says there are a lot of ifs and buts, where the venue will be etc. States that the coming 3 games provides the ideal opportunity for the youngsters, in terms of exposure and in terms of experimenting to see who fits in well. On Mark Nicholas's aspirations of seeing Dhoni hit a good 50 or 60 in some game, Dhoni smiles and says that he will be playing in every game, without directly addressing his question. 

Earlier, after winning the toss, Mumbai opted to field. It was a horror start for Chennai. They had slumped to 43/7 towards the end of the 9th over. After that, they managed to stitch a recovery of sorts, posting 114/9, courtesy of Curran and some useful little knocks from Thakur and Tahir towards the end. But it was never going to be enough against a champion side like Mumbai. The Men in Blue and Gold coasted home with ease, with 10 wickets to spare.

There was nearly no way the Chennai bowlers were going to spring a surprise, that too against the calibre of a side like Mumbai. They barely put up a fight. The fielding was not upto the mark, defending a low total. None of the bowlers showed any intent. They could not manage a single wicket!

Chasing 115, it was always going to be a relatively easy chase for Mumbai's destructive batting line-up. Ishan Kishan and de Kock came out with intent and aggression. The pair was in a hurry to wrap this up with the Indian southpaw going after the Chennai bowlers to rub salt in their wounds. He finished unbeaten on 68 from 37 balls and de Kock was clinical with the bat as well, unbeaten on 46 from 37 balls. Mumbai won comfortably in the end with a good 46 balls to spare.

The first time Chennai have lost a league game by 10 wickets! Demolition, humiliation and complete annihilation! That is what Mumbai have done to Chennai! It was a game of men against boys and the experienced side of Chennai were made to look like kids. A comprehensive 10-wicket win for Mumbai and they overtake Bangalore and Delhi to sit top of the pile.

Shardul Thakur to Quinton de Kock, FOUR! De Kock finishes the game in style! Good length ball on middle and off, Quinton uses the angle to pull it over square leg to get a boundary. MUMBAI WIN BY 10 WICKETS!
Shardul Thakur to Quinton de Kock, Good length ball around off, de Kock punches it but cannot go past cover. 
Deepak Chahar to Quinton de Kock, Edged and a single. Fuller on off, the ball pitches and shapes away a bit from de Kock. He looks to play it straight but the ball goes off the outside edge towards third man for a single. Quinny will keep the strike. 3 needed now. 
Deepak Chahar to Quinton de Kock, Length ball on middle, de Kock taps it back to the bowler now. 
Deepak Chahar to Quinton de Kock, Good length ball around off, de Kock taps it to the left of cover-point.
Deepak Chahar to Ishan Kishan, Slower ball outside off, Kishan punches it to long on for one.
Deepak Chahar to Quinton de Kock, On middle and leg, de Kock tucks it to the on side and rotates the strike. Just 5 needed now. 
Deepak Chahar to Ishan Kishan, Good length ball which comes in with the angle. Kishan swats it using the angle but there is a man at deep backward square leg, so just a single. 
Shardul Thakur to Quinton de Kock, Good length ball on off, de Kock defends it off the upper half of his bat. 
Shardul Thakur to Ishan Kishan, DROPPED! Gaikwad's horror day continues. Very full on the pads of Kishan. He flicks it upishly to short mid-wicket. Ruturaj Gaikwad there jumps, gets both his hands to the ball but cannot hold onto it. Single taken.
Shardul Thakur to Quinton de Kock, Thakur pulls his length back, de Kock milks it to long off for one.
Shardul Thakur to Quinton de Kock, SIX! Smashed! De Kock now has joined Ishan Kishan in the mission to go back to the hotel room early. Full around off, de Kock lofts it over covers for a biggie.
Shardul Thakur to Ishan Kishan, Crunched but the fielder at short cover gets a hand to it and takes pace off the ball. Full around off, Kishan crunches his drive through extra cover. The man at short cover dives and gets his hand to it. Making it easy for Deepak Chahar in the deep to stop it. Just a single. 
Shardul Thakur to Quinton de Kock, Good length ball around off, de Kock runs it down to third man for one. 
Imran Tahir to Ishan Kishan, SIX! Kishan goes big and gets a maximum. Tossed up around off, Kishan comes on the front foot and lofts this over the bowler's head, over long on. A huge one.
Imran Tahir to Quinton de Kock, De Kock drives it on the off side for a single.
Imran Tahir to Quinton de Kock, An appeal for LBW but not given. Perhaps it was outside the line of off stump. Tossed up around off, de Kock moves to the off side and looks to paddle this towards fine leg. But he misses to get hit on the pads. Dhoni and Tahir appeal but to no avail. Tahir tries to convince his skipper to take the review but Dhoni was not interested.
Imran Tahir to Ishan Kishan, Floated on off, Kishan looks to slam that on the leg side but ends up mistiming it to backward square leg. Just the single.
Imran Tahir to Quinton de Kock, Full and outside off, driven through mid off for a single.
Imran Tahir to Quinton de Kock, Tossed up on the stumps, de Kock blocks it back to the bowler.
Ravindra Jadeja to Quinton de Kock, On midde, de Kock clips it to deep square leg for a single.
Ravindra Jadeja to Ishan Kishan, Short ball, Kishan pulls it firmly but finds deep square leg. Just the single.
Ravindra Jadeja to Ishan Kishan, SIX! Jadeja is just bowling to Kishan's comfort here. Full, around off, slog swept over wide long on for a maximum.
Ravindra Jadeja to Ishan Kishan, SIX! This is a terrific shot as well. What a way to get to your second fifty this season. Tossed up on middle, Kishan reverse sweeps this uppishly over deep backward point.
Ravindra Jadeja to Ishan Kishan, Flatter ball on off, tapped to the left of Dhoni and the Chennai skipper fields it.
Ravindra Jadeja to Quinton de Kock, Flatter on middle, tucked to deep square leg for a single.

Ravindra Jadeja is in to bowl now.

Imran Tahir to Quinton de Kock, On the pads, glanced to deep square leg for a single. 
Imran Tahir to Quinton de Kock, Flatter ball, keeping low on the leg pole line, de Kock looks to clip it on the leg side but it comes off his pads. It goes towards fine leg and they sneak in a couple off leg byes.
Imran Tahir to Ishan Kishan, Full and around off, driven through mid off for a single.
Imran Tahir to Ishan Kishan, Outside off, tossed up, Kishan looks to steer it to third man but misses.
Imran Tahir to Ishan Kishan, SIX! He makes it ridiculously easy, Kishan. Tossed up on off, Kishan slog sweeps it over long on.
Imran Tahir to Ishan Kishan, Lands on off and spins into middle, Kishan taps it to point.

DRINKS! Mumbai are steamrolling through Chennai and the opening pair of de Kock and Ishan Kishan are in a hurry to finish this game. The pair have blasted to their 64-run stand. The Men in Blue need just another 51 off 78balls with all their wickets in tact. 

Will Dhoni continue with Tahir after the break? Yes, it is the spinner to continue.

Shardul Thakur to Quinton de Kock, Full and around off, driven to mid off.
Shardul Thakur to Quinton de Kock, Full and keeping low outside off, de Kock hangs his bat outside the line a touch but the ball sneaks past to the keeper.
Shardul Thakur to Quinton de Kock, SIX! De Kock has got plenty on that and he gets a maximum. Shortish ball on the body, de Kock swivels and pulls it over the fine leg boundary. De Kock exerted minimal effort there.
Shardul Thakur to Ishan Kishan, Very full around off, Kishan hits it firmly to long on for one.
Shardul Thakur to Quinton de Kock, Fullish on the pads, tucked to deep square leg for a single.

El Clasico of the League - Round 2! Sure you know what that means, only that for a certain team, it does not matter much now. Chennai, languishing last in the points table, their campaign has hit a near end. Their batting has not been upto the mark, their bowling in the death has been really poor. They have not displayed any intent at all, running out of juice, as their coach remarked. Mathematically, it is still possible for them to qualify if they win all their coming games and a host of other factors work in their favour, but all those are highly unlikely. For Mumbai, their arch-rivals, Chennai, are easy prey now. The Men in Blue and Gold are in supreme form while their opposite number is down and almost out. Time to pay back for the loss in the opener and knock their arch-rivals out of this tournament for good they would reckon.

Chennai Super Kings Team Squad -Ambati Rayudu,Faf du Plessis,Kedar Jadhav,Murali Vijay,Ruturaj Gaikwad,Shane Watson,Dwayne Bravo,Mitchell Santner,Ravindra Jadeja,Sam Curran,MS Dhoni,Narayan Jagadeesan,Deepak Chahar,Imran Tahir,Josh Hazlewood,Karn Sharma,KM Asif,Lungi Ngidi,Monu Kumar,Piyush Chawla,Ravisrinivasan Sai Kishore,Shardul Thakur

Mumbai Indians Team Squad -Anmolpreet Singh,Chris Lynn,Rohit Sharma,Saurabh Tiwary,Sherfane Rutherford,Suryakumar Yadav,Anukul Roy,Hardik Pandya,Kieron Pollard,Krunal Pandya,Aditya Tare,Ishan Kishan,Quinton de Kock,Dhawal Kulkarni,Digvijay Deshmukh,James Pattinson,Jasprit Bumrah,Jayant Yadav,Mitchell McClenaghan,Mohsin Khan,Nathan Coulter-Nile,Prince Balwant Rai,Rahul Chahar,Trent Boult