Indian Premier League, 2020

Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Capitals - Match 7

Venue: Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai

Date & Time: 25 September 2020

Chennai Super Kings 131/7

RR: 6.55 | Delhi Capitals beat Chennai Super Kings by 44 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Murali Vijay c Kagiso Rabada & b Anrich Nortjec Kagiso Rabada & b Anrich Nortje101510
Shane Watson c Shimron Hetmyer & b Axar Patelc Shimron Hetmyer & b Axar Patel141611
Faf du Plessis c Rishabh Pant (W) & b Kagiso Rabadac Rishabh Pant (W) & b Kagiso Rabada433540
Ruturaj Gaikwad run out run out 51000
Kedar Jadhav lbw Anrich Nortjelbw Anrich Nortje262130
MS Dhoni c Rishabh Pant (W) & b Kagiso Rabadac Rishabh Pant (W) & b Kagiso Rabada151220
Ravindra Jadeja c Amit Mishra & b Kagiso Rabadac Amit Mishra & b Kagiso Rabada12910
Sam Curran not out not out 1200
Josh Hazlewood
Deepak Chahar
Piyush Chawla
Extras 5 (b 0, lb 1, w 4, nb 0)
Total 131 (7 Wkts, 20.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
23-1 (Shane Watson,4.2), 34-2 (Murali Vijay,6), 44-3 (Ruturaj Gaikwad,9.1), 98-4 (Kedar Jadhav,15.4), 113-5 (Faf du Plessis,17.2), 130-6 (MS Dhoni,19.3), 131-7 (Ravindra Jadeja,20),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Kagiso Rabada4 0 26 3 6.50
Axar Patel4 0 18 1 4.50
Anrich Nortje4 0 21 2 5.25
Avesh Khan4 0 42 0 10.50
Amit Mishra4 0 23 0 5.75
Prithvi Shaw0 0 0 0 0
Shikhar Dhawan0 0 0 0 0
Shreyas Iyer 0 0 0 0 0
Shimron Hetmyer0 0 0 0 0
Rishabh Pant 0 0 0 0 0
Marcus Stoinis0 0 0 0 0

That is it from this game! Delhi make it 2 in 2 whereas, Chennai have now lost 2 in 2. We now have two different teams playing tomorrow as it is Hyderabad facing Kolkata. That game begins at 1800 local (1400 GMT). Till then, take care and goodbye!

For his brilliant batting display, Prithvi Shaw is named the Player of the Match. Shaw says that in the start one has to see how the wicket is playing and it was important to play along the ground. Admits he was striking well last season as well but got out playing poor shots. Tells they knew if they had not lost wicket in the Powerplay they could make up for the slow start. Tells the wicket tonight was better than the last one as in the last game the ball was sticking on the pitch. Smiles and says he will watch the highlight of his batting when he goes to the hotel.

Delhi skipper, Shreyas Iyer, says that he is happy with the performance and wants to give the benefit of the doubt to the fielders as it is tough to catch in this condition due to lighting and also it is difficult to judge as you expect it to come hard at times but it comes slower at times. Shreyas says they decided to assess the conditions and it was good to have the start provided by Shaw and Dhawan. Admits he is happy to have Nortje and Rabada as they are powerhouses and they know what to do. Says they are enjoying each others success and sticking together as they had discussed prior to the start of the season.

Kagiso Rabada says he is just trying to hit the right areas and execute the plans. States he is happy to pick wickets but is happier that his side have won. Rabada tells he just tries to adjust to what is happening. Adds he is happy if the team wins and he is unable to take wickets. Reckons that there was not much dew and says the spinners did really well to control the middle session which helped them strangle at the end. On Nortje, he says he has bowled really well and has worked very hard. Adds that he is happy to perform well. Tells he cannot ask the captain and smiles and says whenever the captain raises his hand and asks him to bowl he has to.

Chennai skipper, MS Dhoni, says that it was not a good game for them. Reckons the wicket started slowing down and there was no dew. Tells they need to figure out their batting and further adds they need to come out with a clearer picture. Tells that the bowling has not been consistent. Mentions they have one batsman extra in the line up and adds if they add a spinner or a pacer then the batsmen will need to take the added responsibility. Admits that the spinners have not come to the party but also is critical of the pace bowling and says they have not been consistent either. Ends by saying that many players are not used to play with such lighting but says that it does not mean that there is less light.

A very complete performance by Delhi! A team performance one can say! Their batters did really well to post a competitive total. Also, them losing the toss just worked in their favour as Dhoni's decision to bat second was probably not the right one as the wicket kept getting slower as the game progressed. Iyer can be very satisfied with how his team played.

Chennai once again failed to get a good start from their openers which is what they needed chasing a stiff total. Also, the wicket kept getting tough as the game progressed and despite facing quite a few deliveries, Faf du Plessis and Jadhav failed to time the ball. Boundaries were hard to come by and that just kept building the pressure. Dhoni once again probably came out to bat later than one expected him to but by the time he was out, it was an uphill task. To be honest, without Rayudu, the Chennai batting does not seem that threatening. They though will still be disappointed with the margin of defeat here.

A very comprehensive win for Delhi! Their bowlers were excellent and Iyer's captaincy has to also be applauded. The changes he was making and the field placement were all really good. His move to bowl the left-arm spinner in the Powerplay worked brilliantly as Patel got Watson. The quickies also kept it tight in the first 6. Mishra then came on and squeezed the runs in the middle overs. The task kept getting tougher for the batters as the runs needed per over kept on increasing. Also, timely wickets did not help Chennai's cause and in the end, they lost by quite some margin. Rabada and Nortje were the picks. Avesh Khan was expensive but he was also unlucky. Overall, they will be very pleased with how they bowled.

K Rabada to R Jadeja, OUT! Caught! Rabada and Delhi finish with a wicket to cap off an excellent evening. Length ball around off, Jadeja punches it uppishly straight to Amit Mishra at point. He takes a simple catch. DELHI WIN BY 44 RUNS!
K Rabada to Sam Curran, On the pads, Curran flicks it towards square leg and gets a single.
K Rabada to Sam Curran, Length ball on off and middle, Curran defends it.
K Rabada to MS Dhoni, OUT! Caught! Very good catch from Pant and Rabada wins the battle against Dhoni. A painful evening for Chennai and their supporters. Back of a length ball around off, Dhoni looks to pull but gets a top edge. The ball falls on its way to Pant. He dives in front and takes a good catch inches above the ground.
K Rabada to R Jadeja, Slower ball on off, Jadeja slices it towards cover and gets a single.
K Rabada to R Jadeja, Length ball on off and middle. Jadeja moves away from the stumps and mistimes his loft over mid off. It is away from the fielder. So he gets two.
A Nortje to R Jadeja, Around off, Jadeja punches it towards cover and takes one. Fantastic evening for Nortje. He finishes with 2/21 from his 4.
A Nortje to R Jadeja, Good length ball on the pads, Jadeja look to hit but misses. The ball deflects to the left of Pant off RJ's thigh pad.
A Nortje to R Jadeja, WIDE! Nortje overcooks the bouncer. It is on middle and leg. Jadeja looks to pull but misses.
A Nortje to R Jadeja, WIDE! Nortje has been superb in this over but he misses his radar and bowls one down the leg side. Jadeja looks to flick but misses. Wided by the umpire.
A Nortje to MS Dhoni, Back of a length ball around off it is bowled at around 130 kph. Dhoni mistimes his pull to long on and gets to the other end.
A Nortje to MS Dhoni, Good length ball on off, Dhoni mistimes his punch to the right of the bowler. 53 needed off 10.
A Nortje to R Jadeja, Short ball around the body. Jadeja looks to pull but ends up gloving it to the leg side for a single.
A Nortje to MS Dhoni, Just a single. Low full toss outside off, Dhoni hits it hard but to sweeper cover for a single.

Anrich Nortje to bowl the penultimate over.

K Rabada to MS Dhoni, In the air... but safe! Shorter and on middle, it gets big on Dhoni. He tries to pull but it goes off the top edge towards deep backward square leg. Two taken. 55 needed in 12.
K Rabada to R Jadeja, On middle, this is pushed down to long on for one.
K Rabada to R Jadeja, FOUR! Cleverly played! Shorter and outside off, Jadeja guides it past short third man and bags a boundary.
K Rabada to R Jadeja, Shorter and on middle, Jadeja works it through square leg for two.

Ravindra Jadeja is the new man out in the middle.

K Rabada to du Plessis, OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! Faf's luck runs out! Rabada gets his man. This is fuller and outside off, Faf reaches out for it. The ball though goes off the outside edge and Pant takes a good sharp catch to his right.
K Rabada to du Plessis, In the air... Hetmyer drops one more! This though was very tough. Faf du Plessis' luck continues. It is fuller and around middle, Faf looks to go over mid off but ends up splicing it towards cover. Hetmyer runs back, it has gone very high. Hetmyer is never comfortable under it and hence, drops it.

Kagiso Rabada is back!

A Khan to du Plessis, Just a single to end! So despite two boundaries, just 10 from it. Length and on middle, Faf swings but it goes off the inner half down to fine leg for one.
A Khan to MS Dhoni, Dhoni misses out! It is a full toss on middle, Dhoni whips it but does not get it off the middle. It goes on the bounce to deep mid-wicket. One taken.
A Khan to MS Dhoni, FOUR! That is a nothing delivery! A hit-me ball to be honest. A full toss down the leg side. Dhoni just helps it on its way and it races away to the fine leg fence. 8 from the over so far. They need to make the last two balls count.
A Khan to MS Dhoni, Comes from around the wicket and bowls it fuller and around off, Dhoni strokes it to covers. So two dots after the boundary.
A Khan to MS Dhoni, A dot! Good comeback! A slower short ball outside off, Dhoni looks to pull it hard but is done in by the pace.
A Khan to MS Dhoni, FOUR! Smashed! A boundary to start the over. Need at least 4 more. A low full toss on middle, it is hit down hard and for a boundary.

Bowling change. Avesh Khan to bowl out. This is the make or break over. Anything less than 23 cannot e considered a success for Chennai.

A Nortje to MS Dhoni, Dhoni is away with a triple! Shorter and outside off, Dhoni gets on top of the bounce and cuts it through point. An excellent over from Nortje. One that has probably won Delhi the game if ever it was in doubt before this one.
A Nortje to MS Dhoni, That is quick! It is a bumper on the body. Dhoni looks to pull but is beaten for pace.

No experiment this time as MS Dhoni, the skipper himself walks out to bat now.

A Nortje to K Jadhav, OUT! That is absolutely plumb and Nortje is tremendously excited after picking that wicket. It is a length ball around middle. Jadhav steps right across and swings but misses to get hit on the pads. He had to hit that but does not. A huge appeal and the umpire had to raise his finger. So the stand which did make the Chennai fans believe, just a bit has been cut short. 78 needed in 26.
A Nortje to du Plessis, Just the single again! Full and it is the slower one. Faf swings but it goes off the inner half through square leg for one.
A Nortje to K Jadhav, Fuller and on middle, this is hit down towards long on for one.
A Nortje to du Plessis, NOT OUT! Faf is in! This angled into the body of du Plessis. He hits it uppishly but just short of mid-wicket who fumbles. Faf sets off for a run but is sent back. The fielder hits the stumps at the keeper's end. An appeal but the umpire waits to take it upstairs as it goes for an overthrow. Time now for the replays which shows Faf is in.

Run Out appeal taken upstairs. Faf du Plessis is the man in question. No excitement from Delhi suggests the Protea is in.

Anrich Nortje is back!

K Rabada to du Plessis, A yorker now. It is jammed down to long off for one. So a good comeback by Rabada in the end. Just the 11 from the over. A good one by Rabada according to the game situation.
K Rabada to du Plessis, Faf steps down the track but Rabada smartly bowls it short. Faf looks to pull but misses.
K Rabada to K Jadhav, Angled into the body now, cramping Jadhav for room. He looks to work it on the leg side but misses. It hits the pad and rolls on the leg side. A single taken. No signal so there might be an inside edge.

As we close upon a week of the Indian T20 League 2020, the 7th game is upon us as Chennai will take on Delhi. Dhoni's men will be waiting to bounce back with a win while Iyer's boys will be looking to continue their fine form into the second game. In their previous game, Delhi won just by the skin of their teeth as they were almost dead and out. They were revived late and won in the Super Over against Punjab. The previous game was yet another example of how Delhi are over-reliant on the likes of Iyer and Rishabh Pant as along with Stoinis, no other player apart from these three stepped up with the bat. With the ball, Rabada was good and lethal along with Axar who was economical in his four overs. With Ashwin coming back quicker than expected, the signs are looking good for Delhi. Chennai, on the other hand, have played 2 games while winning one and losing their previous encounter against Rajasthan. Even though they lost their previous encounter, the signs are good and there won't be panic in the camp. The weak spot was in their openers as Watson and Vijay both need time to settle in and that means that there is a slow start for Chennai. Promoting du Plessis one down to compensate for the loss of Raina is a good decision but Dhoni will have to work out his opening pair moving into the tournament. Lungi Ngidi also was not at his best towards the death overs against Rajasthan and Chennai might look to replace him with Tahir who will revel in these conditions. Other than these two speed bumps, Chennai look set and their team looks dangerous. With the talk of old age in their team, Dhoni and Co might look to prove their critics wrong by winning against a very young side, in the shape of Delhi.

Chennai Super Kings Team Squad -Ambati Rayudu,Faf du Plessis,Murali Vijay,Ruturaj Gaikwad,Shane Watson,Dwayne Bravo,Kedar Jadhav,Mitchell Santner,Ravindra Jadeja,Sam Curran,MS Dhoni,Narayan Jagadeesan,Deepak Chahar,Imran Tahir,Josh Hazlewood,Karn Sharma,KM Asif,Lungi Ngidi,Monu Kumar,Piyush Chawla,Ravisrinivasan Sai Kishore,Shardul Thakur

Delhi Capitals Team Squad -Ajinkya Rahane,Prithvi Shaw,Shikhar Dhawan,Shimron Hetmyer,Shreyas Iyer,Axar Patel,Daniel Sams,Keemo Paul,Lalit Yadav,Marcus Stoinis,Alex Carey,Rishabh Pant,Amit Mishra,Anrich Nortje,Avesh Khan,Harshal Patel,Ishant Sharma,Kagiso Rabada,Mohit Sharma,Ravichandran Ashwin,Sandeep Lamichhane,Tushar Deshpande