Indian Premier League, 2019

Chennai Super Kings vs Sunrisers Hyderabad - Match 41

Venue: MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai

Date & Time: 23 April 2019

Chennai Super Kings 176/4

RR: 8.87 | Chennai Super Kings beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 6 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Shane Watson c Jonny Bairstow (W) & b Bhuvneshwar Kumar (C) c Jonny Bairstow (W) & b Bhuvneshwar Kumar (C) 965396
Faf du Plessis run out run out 1700
Suresh Raina stumped Rashid Khan stumped Rashid Khan 382461
Ambati Rayudu c Vijay Shankar & b Sandeep Sharma c Vijay Shankar & b Sandeep Sharma 212510
Kedar Jadhav not out not out 111001
Dwayne Bravo not out not out 0000
MS Dhoni
Ravindra Jadeja
Deepak Chahar
Harbhajan Singh
Imran Tahir
Extras 9 (b 4, lb 3, w 2, nb 0)
Total 176 (4 Wkts, 19.5 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
3-1 (Faf du Plessis,2.3), 80-2 (Suresh Raina,10), 160-3 (Shane Watson,17.1), 175-4 (Ambati Rayudu,19.4),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Bhuvneshwar Kumar4 1 18 1 4.50
Khaleel Ahmed4 0 26 0 6.50
Shakib Al Hasan4 0 27 0 6.75
Sandeep Sharma3.5 0 54 1 15.43
Rashid Khan4 0 44 1 11.00
David Warner 0 0 0 0 0
Jonny Bairstow 0 0 0 0 0
Vijay Shankar 0 0 0 0 0
Manish Pandey 0 0 0 0 0
Yusuf Pathan 0 0 0 0 0
Deepak Hooda 0 0 0 0 0

That's all from us for this one. The next game takes place between Bangalore and Punjab at the M.Chinnaswamy Stadium on Wednesday, at 2000 local (1430 GMT). Do join us for that one. Cheers!

Man of the Match, Shane Watson, says he was well due for runs and thanks Stephen Fleming and MS Dhoni for backing him when he wasn't in good form. Feels that he always knew a big innings was going to come, was just a matter of keeping his head right and believing in himself. Credits Bhuvneshwar Kumar as he thinks he's a clever bowler who executes his plans well.

Chennai skipper, MS Dhoni, says it's important to give an individual a few games to find some form and they did that with Shane Watson, which paid dividends tonight. Continues saying that when a player like Watson gets going, you know what you're getting. States that the fact that different individuals are performing in different games is quite pleasing to see and also credits his bowlers for doing well this season. Wittily says that if he mentions the secret out loud (about how Chennai qualify for the playoffs every time) then he will be bought in the auctions. Reckons that the support staff should get the real credit for the side's success as they do a lot of work behind the scenes. On his back injury, Dhoni says that he feels much better now, though he still has some mild stiffness.

Harbhajan Singh is up next to chat and he says that it's nice to be out in the middle and tells that not just him, but his whole family was sick and he feels great to be back playing. Laughs and mentions that the boys were just testing their heart by taking it till the last over and feels the game should have been finished in the 19th over. States that he is pleased to see Shane Watson get runs tonight as he is one of the senior players and last year he guided them to the title. Adds that he is happy that they are at home for the next few games as they know the conditions well here and they don't have to travel.

Hyderabad skipper, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, says that there was a little bit of dew but reckons that did not trouble them while bowling. On Rashid Khan's performance tonight, Bhuvi says anyone can have an off day and credits the way Shane Watson hit the ball and feels it is not easy to hit Rashid and he is not too concerned about it as it was just an off day for him. Bhuvneshwar feels that they have the players to do the job when there are other players missing but were not able to do so in this game. Says that there are away games now and they need to play well to qualify for the playoffs. Mentions that captaincy helps him understand his game better and learn more about the game.

Almost nothing worked for the Hyderabad bowlers tonight. They were taken to the cleaners as Watson went absolutely berserk. There were some good performances, but when a bowler like Rashid Khan gives away 44 runs, you know it's not a good night. Sandeep Sharma too was very expensive as he finished with figures of 3.5-0-54-1. Bhuvneshwar, Khaleel and Shakib held their ends, but the leakage from the other two bowlers was far too much. Manish Pandey earlier shined on return to the XI with a splendid unbeaten 83, along with David Warner scoring a fifty, but the fact that they couldn't finish well with the bat wasn't something that helped their cause. It's a night they'd like to forget and forget fast.

The chase began with the hosts losing du Plessis early, but Watson and Raina went on the offensive and added 77 runs between them. The Australian continued on with Rayudu after Raina's dismissal and put on 80 with him, in quick time, which more or less finished things off. He missed out on a ton by just 4 runs, and it went real close in the last over, but Jadhav put the finishing touches and got his side over the line.

A close finish in the end, closer than they would have liked, but Chennai go back to the top of the table with this win. The surface was a good one for batting, despite it aiding the spinners, but when Watson is in the kind of form he was tonight, none of that matters. It was quite similar to the 2018 Indian T20 League final - the big Aussie going big and sealing the title against this same team.

S Sharma to K Jadhav, That's the game! CHENNAI WIN BY 6 WICKETS! The victory's come with a bit of luck, but they'll take it all the same. Jadhav smashes this full delivery right back at his partner. Bravo tries to get out of the way but it deflects off his foot towards the stumps at his end. It ricochets off them towards covers. The batsmen take off and complete the run before the fielder can throw it at the stumps at the bowler's end.

Dwayne Bravo walks in now.

S Sharma to A Rayudu, OUT! Some last-minute drama on the cards? Rayudu departs. Back of a length on middle and off, Ambati looks to pull but it goes off the top edge and lobs towards Shankar at mid off who takes a relatively simple catch. 1 run needed in 2 balls.
S Sharma to K Jadhav, Full ball on off, Jadhav drives it to mid off for a quick single. THE SCORES ARE LEVEL NOW!
S Sharma to K Jadhav, SIX! Pandey tried his best. Unfortunate it went in vain. Jadhav jumped out of his crease to this slower length ball and lofted it over mid-wicket. The fielder in the deep ran to his right, crossed the rope with the momentum, but parried the ball inside. The umpires went upstairs to check if the save was clean but replays showed that Pandey had his foot touched on the ground before releasing the ball.

Is that a six? Has he saved it? Either way, what an effort from Manish Pandey. We're going to go upstairs now to see, but you have to applaud him.

S Sharma to A Rayudu, Really full and angling in on middle and leg, it's turned towards short fine leg for a single.

Sandeep Sharma to bowl the final over of the game. He has 8 runs to defend.

K Ahmed to K Jadhav, Beaten! A short delivery on off, Jadhav gets on one leg tried to ramp it towards the third man but fails to make any connection.
K Ahmed to A Rayudu, A back of a length delivery on off, Rayudu punches off his back foot for a single.
K Ahmed to K Jadhav, Leg bye. Short delivery this time from Khaleel, Rayudu tries pulls it to mid-wicket region but fails to connect. The ball hits his body for a single. Leg bye signaled.
K Ahmed to A Rayudu, A short delivery on off, Rayudu cuts it towards the cover region for a single.
K Ahmed to K Jadhav, Full on leg, Jadhav nudges it to the leg side for a single.
K Ahmed to K Jadhav, A cutter outside off, Jadhav looks to guide it towards the third man but then decides to let it go.
B Kumar to A Rayudu, Length ball on off, Raudu comes down the track and taps it back to the bowler. 3 runs and a wicket off the over. 13 runs needed off 12 balls.
B Kumar to K Jadhav, Good length ball around off, Kedar slaps it to cover and takes a single.
B Kumar to A Rayudu, Back of a length ball from Bhuvi, Rayudu looks to pull but misses it. The ball goes towards the square leg region off his body. They steal a leg bye.
B Kumar to K Jadhav, A good length delivery on off, Jadhav drives it towards the cover region and runs for a single. He asks for the double but denied by Rayudu.
B Kumar to K Jadhav, Good length ball on the middle stump line, Kedar blocks it off the front foot.

Kedar Jadhav is the new batsman in.

B Kumar to S Watson, OUT! Watson misses out on his century. A brilliant catch from Bairstow is what it takes to get rid of the big Aussie. An excellent knock from him, he has single-handedly taken the game away from Hyderabad. Shorter ball from Bhuvneshwar, Watson goes for the pull but gets a top edge on it. Bairstow dives to his left and takes an excellent catch. Hyderabad have their breakthrough, but has it come a little too late?

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back into the attack.

K Ahmed to A Rayudu, A length delivery on off, Rayudu steps out and lofts it over the cover region. Shakib in the deep saves a boundary with his foot work. Two runs added to the total.
K Ahmed to A Rayudu, Rayudu drives it to covers. Dot ball.
K Ahmed to A Rayudu, Length delivery on off, Rayudu drives straight but gets an outside edge onto the ground towards the cover region.
K Ahmed to S Watson, A low full toss on off, Khaleel was looking for a yorker it seems but fails. Watson drives it to mid on. Single taken.
K Ahmed to S Watson, SIX! No length tonight is good enough to get the better of Watson. Good length delivery on off, Watson gets on his back foot and pulls it over the mid-wicket fence for another maximum. Moves into the 90's with it. He is on 95 now.
K Ahmed to A Rayudu, Khaleel bowls this on off, Rayudu drives this towards the cover region for a single.

Strategic Break! Chennai cruising here at the moment. Watson is going ballistic and Rayudu is playing an anchor role here. Hyderabad will need to get wickets here. Only a miracle can see them get a victory.

R Khan to S Watson, FOUR! Googly from Rashid but Watson is on top of him and all the bowlers tonight. It is on middle, Watson gets on one knee and sweeps it through backward square leg for a boundary.
R Khan to A Rayudu, A length delivery on middle and leg, Rayudu flicks it on the leg side for a single.
R Khan to S Watson, A short delivery on leg, Watson pulls it to wide long on for a run.
R Khan to S Watson, SIX! That one is out of here and into the orbit. Tossed up delivery on middle, Watson smokes it over the mid-wicket fence and into the crowd for a maximum.
R Khan to S Watson, A good piece of fielding, Watson lofts it towards the mid-wicket region. Pandey in the deep runs to his right and just pulls the ball inside the boundary lines. 2 runs added.
R Khan to A Rayudu, A googly to start his last over, Rayudu flicks it towards the mid-wicket region for a single.
B Kumar to S Watson, A good length delivery on off, Watson guides it to short third man. A big over this, 10 runs from it.
B Kumar to S Watson, FOUR! Not where he wanted to play it but he will take it with both hands. Good length ball outside off, Watson looks to cut it but it goes off the outside edge through the vacant third man region for a boundary.
B Kumar to S Watson, FOUR! That was just pure placement. Nothing wrong with the ball but Watson is just in the mood. A very low full toss on off, Watson places it past backward point for a boundary. The 50-run stand comes up between the two with that boundary.
B Kumar to A Rayudu, A short delivery on leg, Rayudu pulls it uppishly towards the wide mid on region for a single.
B Kumar to A Rayudu, A good delivery. A length delivery outside off, Rayudu looks to drive it but fails to connect.
B Kumar to S Watson, Good length ball on middle. Watson runs it down to third man and takes a single.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar brings himself back into the bowling attack.