India in New Zealand, 5 T20I Series, 2020

New Zealand vs India - 4th T20I

Venue: Westpac Stadium, Wellington

Date & Time: 31 January 2020

New Zealand 165/7

RR: 8.25 | India tied with New Zealand (India win Super Over by 1 wicket)


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Martin Guptill c KL Rahul (W) & b Jasprit Bumrah c KL Rahul (W) & b Jasprit Bumrah 4800
Colin Munro run out run out 644763
Tim Seifert run out run out 573943
Tom Bruce bowled Yuzvendra Chahal bowled Yuzvendra Chahal 0300
Ross Taylor c Shreyas Iyer & b Shardul Thakur c Shreyas Iyer & b Shardul Thakur 241820
Daryl Mitchell c Shivam Dube & b Shardul Thakur c Shivam Dube & b Shardul Thakur 4310
Mitchell Santner run out run out 2200
Scott Kuggeleijn not out not out 0000
Tim Southee
Ish Sodhi
Hamish Bennett
Extras 10 (b 0, lb 7, w 3, nb 0)
Total 165 (7 Wkts, 20.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
22-1 (Martin Guptill,4.2), 96-2 (Colin Munro,11.4), 97-3 (Tom Bruce,12.1), 159-4 (Ross Taylor,19.1), 163-5 (Tim Seifert,19.3), 164-6 (Daryl Mitchell,19.5), 165-7 (Mitchell Santner,20),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Shardul Thakur4 0 33 2 8.25
Navdeep Saini4 0 29 0 7.25
Jasprit Bumrah4 0 20 1 5.00
Yuzvendra Chahal4 0 38 1 9.50
Washington Sundar2 0 24 0 12.00
Shivam Dube2 0 14 0 7.00
Sanju Samson 0 0 0 0 0
KL Rahul 0 0 0 0 0
Virat Kohli 0 0 0 0 0
Shreyas Iyer 0 0 0 0 0
Manish Pandey 0 0 0 0 0

So that is it from another nail-biter game of the series. New Zealand's struggles in the Super Over continued and they're losing run in the shortest format continues. India are well on course for a whitewash and have made it 4-0. We still have one final game remaining from this exciting series. The 5th and final T20I will be played on Sunday, 2nd February. That match will begin at 2000 local (0700 GMT). Join us for that one. Till then, cheers!

Indian skipper, Virat Kohli, says he has learned to stay calm when the opposition is playing well and just wait for an opportunity. Further adds there couldn't have been more exciting games than the last two and that is exactly what the fans want. Mentions he had not played a Super Over till now but he has now played two. States they were down and out and they coming back shows the character of the team. Informs they initially decided to send Samson but Rahul and him had a chat and then he decided to walk out as his experience could come into play. Says Samson was fearless, he did not read the pitch that well, he went for another biggie despite getting one but that is how he plays and that is how he should continue. Ends by saying he is very proud of how his team played and how they managed to pull things back.

New Zealand skipper, Tim Southee, says it is a very tough loss, especially after the position they were in but they gave it away with their own hands. States the manner they have lost in is bad, they made it tough on themselves by giving India a sniff and that is something they can't do against such good opponents.

For his game turning final over, Shardul Thakur has been named the Man of the Match. Shardul Thakur says, he feels very good and such matches are for what they play cricket for and he is very delighted. States they never lost hope and the last game taught them that, the first ball of the last over was crucial, a wicket was needed and he got it. Ends by saying he is happy with his contribution with the bat too but he feels he should have carried on and batted for longer.

Earlier in the evening, India were on the back foot and were struggling at 88/6 but just like every champion side has a someone raising their hands up and delivering the goods, the tourists had one as well. This time it was Manish Pandey whose unbeaten 50 built the momentum and took them to a very good total of 165. Spin twins of Sodhi and Santner were the stars for the Kiwis with the ball as they were economical and chipped in with wickets.

It was Shami in the previous game and this time it was Shardul Thakur who brought this game back from the dead. Defending 6 in the final over was a herculean task and somehow he managed to pull out a rabbit off his hat and managed to drag this game into Super Over. Bumrah, unlike the previous game was back at his best and was the star with the ball. Going for just 20 in his 4 and picking up a wicket. Navdeep Saini's penultimate over was the game changing one as he went for just 4 in it and that was the building block of this win. All-in-all, India will be satisfied with their efforts.

Chasing 166, New Zealand got off to a poor start as Munro and Guptill struggled early and they lost the latter. Munro though fought the tough situation out and stitched a 74-run stand, getting his fifty in the process. But in an anti-climatic way the southpaw was run out, courtesy of a super effort from the Indian skipper. Seifert though carried along and it looked like him and Ross Taylor would take his side home. They needed just 7 off the last over but the Kiwis failed to get that and could muster only 6 and banged their chasing car into the woods and are slowly snatching the tag of chokers from South Africa.

Another Super Over and another heartbreak in it for New Zealand. Southee once again fails to defend in the Super Over and for the fourth time in a row, the Kiwis lose a Super Over. It was Rohit Sharma in the first Super Over and it is KL Rahul and Virat Kohli who are the Indian heroes. India make it 4-0, just like they made it 3-0, by winning the Super Over.

Ball 5: Southee to Kohli, FOUR! Kohli ends it in style! He takes his side 4-0 up! Another win for India in the Super Over. Shorter and on off, Kohli drags his pull through mid-wicket and it races away to the fence.

Ball 4: Southee to Kohli, 2 runs, This is brilliant! Just brilliant from the skipper. How smart was that? Knows a risk is not needed so he taps it with soft hands towards mid on. The weight on the shot is perfect so two is taken.

Ball 3: Southee to Rahul, OUT! Southee gets Rahul! India can't afford to lose a wicket now. 4 needed in 3 balls. A short one on middle, Rahul pulls, he hits it nicely but flat towards deep square leg. Kuggeleijn takes it. Samson is the new man in.

Ball 2: Southee to Rahul, FOUR! It was Rohit Sharma the last night, this time it is Rahul. A short ball on the body, Rahul pulls it over short fine leg and bags another boundary. 10 from the first two balls. 4 needed in 4 balls.

Ball 1: Southee to Rahul, SIX! That is some way to start the chase! The equation is very easy now, only 8 needed in 5 balls. Full and on middle, it is in the slog. Rahul clears his front leg and whips it high and handsome into the mid-wicket stand.

The New Zealand players are in a huddle and Southee is having a word with his troops as we await to see who it will be for India who walk out for the Super Over. It is going to be KL Rahul and Indian skipper, Virat Kohli who will try and do the job for the hosts. Can they do it? It's going to be KL Rahul who will take the strike.

So this time India need 14 runs to win but they do not have Rohit Sharma, the star from the last Super Over. It is not going to be an easy task for them. It will be interesting to see whether Southee, who is also the skipper today, bowls the Super Over himself or will he give it to someone else? Remember he was unable to defend 17 in the previous Super Over. It is going to be Southee again. The skipper wants to do it for his side and will look to put the last Super Over behind and finally win one for New Zealand.

Ball 6: Bumrah to Munro, 1 run, An appeal for a catch, the umpire has taken it upstairs to check whether it is a bump ball. Replays roll in and they show it has bounced. A low full toss. Munro looks to play the paddle scoop but ends up hitting it on the bounce to short fine leg. A single taken. NEW ZEALAND END WITH 13. INDIA NEED 14 TO WIN!

Ball 5: Bumrah to Munro, FOUR! Much-needed boundary! Good length ball outside off, Munro goes on his back foot and manages to loft if over point for a boundary.

Ball 4: Bumrah to Seifert, OUT! Caught! This time Seifert departs and India have a wicket. Full outside off, Seifert looks to go over point but does not time it and the fielder in the deep manages to take it safely.

Ball 3: Bumrah to Seifert, 2 runs, In air... dropped again! Second drop in the over. A short one. Seifert looks to pull but gets a top edge. It goes towards short fine leg. Rahul goes after it but ends up dropping it. Two taken.

Ball 2: Bumrah to Seifert, FOUR! Good length ball outside off, Seifert goes over covers and gets a boundary as there is no one in the deep. 6 off the first two balls.

Ball 1: Bumrah to Seifert, 2 runs, Dropped! Tough chance and Iyer cannot take it. Bumrah bangs it in a bit short on middle, Seifert goes for the pull but mistimes it. It goes behind mid-wicket. Iyer runs back and gets his hands to it but cannot hold onto it. 2 taken.

Needing 18 off the last three, New Zealand had Taylor and Seifert, the well-set batters at the crease. But the trio of Bumrah, Saini and Shardul changed the complexion of the match completely.

Would you believe it? For the second game running, we are going to the Super Over and New Zealand have once again thrown it away and extended this game. They were cruising and needed just 18 off 18 with two set batsmen but once again they threw it in the final over and have failed to score 7 which was needed. They have scored 6 and this game has gone to Super Over. Shardul Thakur you beauty! Last game it was Shami who defended 9. Shardul has done a tougher job and defended 6 in the last over! Wow! Just wow! The never-say-die attitude of this Indian side has once again taken the game to another Super Over and New Zealand just cannot find a way to get rid of the dilemma called the Super Over.

S Thakur to M Santner, OUT! RUN OUT! IT IS A SUPER OVER! For the second time in a row, India have managed to take it into a Super Over when they seemed down and out. A full ball outside off, it is hit through covers for one. They go for a second but Samson throws it to the keeper and Santner is well short. MATCH TIED!

Scott Kuggeleijn is in now. He won't be on strike. Santner needs to score 1 to take this to Super Over and 2 to win this game. Can he get the couple?

S Thakur to D Mitchell, OUT! TAKEN! 2 needed off the last ball! Shardul Thakur is bowling a gem of an over here! A slower ball, full and on middle, Mitchell looks to loft it over mid off but ends up hitting it high up in the air. Dube settles under it and takes it. Are we in for another Super Over here? Surely not, right?
S Thakur to M Santner, A single! Santner slipped! Daryl Mitchell though was not interested. Shorter and on the body, it is pulled through mid-wicket. They take one. Santner looks to turn for the second but is slips. Mitchell though did not want a second.

Mitchell Santner is the new man in and he will be on strike. 3 needed in 3, can he keep his calm and take his side over the line?

S Thakur to D Mitchell, OUT! Seifert is short! 3 in 3 needed and a new batter will be on strike. A slower bumper outside off. Mitchell is foxed by the lack of pace. He tries to pull but misses. It goes towards the keeper. The batters look to steal a bye but Rahul hits bull's eye at his end. An appeal and the umpire takes it upstairs. Replays roll in and it shows TS is just short.

Big moment in the game! Is Seifert short? Well India are celebrating, the umpire has taken it upstairs.

S Thakur to D Mitchell, FOUR! Up and over! Mitchell releases the pressure with a lofted drive. Fuller and around off, DM hits it over covers and bags a boundary. 3 needed in 4.

Daryl Mitchell walks out to bat. The new man will have to take the strike as Taylor did not cross the crease.

S Thakur to R Taylor, OUT! That has gone a long, long way in the air... Iyer has taken it. 7 needed in 7. Are New Zealand going to crumble again? They will surely be nervous. Not to forget, they needed 3 in 5 balls in the last game and this time they need 4 more. A full ball on middle, Taylor looks to whip it on the leg side but it goes off the top edge. It goes high up in the air towards deep mid-wicket where Iyer takes a good catch falling forward.

7 needed off 6, surely New Zealand will take it home, right? Or will India once again pull out a rabbit out of the hat and either defend it or drag this game into Super Over? Shardul Thakur will have to do what Mohammed Shami did in the previous game. The big difference is Thakur has 2 runs less to play with.

N Saini to R Taylor, Just a single again! It is very full and on the pads, Taylor looks to flick but gets an inside edge on the pads. A single taken. Top class over from Saini. Has kept India in the game. 7 needed in 6.
N Saini to Tim Seifert, Just a single! A short one around off, Seifert drags his pull through square leg for one.
N Saini to Tim Seifert, One more dot! Shorter and outside off, Seifert looks to cut but misses. 8 needed now in 9 balls.
N Saini to Tim Seifert, A dot! A top class yorker on the pads. Seifert looks to flick but misses to get hit on the pads.
N Saini to Tim Seifert, In the air... safe! Shorter and on middle, Seifert looks to pull but gets a top edge. It lands safe in the square leg region. Two taken.
N Saini to Tim Seifert, A yorker on middle, it is jammed out towards mid-wicket.

Navdeep Saini to bowl the penultimate over of the innings.

J Bumrah to Tim Seifert, Good length ball on middle and leg, Seifert taps it to the leg side and goes for a quick run. Taylor charges and so does Bumrah. The Indian gets to the ball and has a shy at the keeper's end but misses.
J Bumrah to Tim Seifert, Bumrah hits the deck hard on off, Seifert blocks it.
J Bumrah to Tim Seifert, FOUR! Nicely played! Good length delivery on off, Seifert times it excellently through point and fetches a boundary. Required runs less than the balls remaining now.
J Bumrah to R Taylor, Direct hit and it would have been close. Fuller on off, Taylor taps it towards point and goes for a quick single. Manish Pandey, one of the best fielders in the side gets to the ball and has a shy at the keeper's end but misses.
J Bumrah to Tim Seifert, Good length ball outside off, Seifert runs it down to third man and gets a single. There is no need to complicate this chase. They can do it with singles.
J Bumrah to Tim Seifert, Full on off, Seifert pushes it to mid off. Kohli at cover dives and tries to stop the ball but misses.
S Thakur to Tim Seifert, Outside off, this is pushed through covers for one.
S Thakur to Tim Seifert, Shorter slower one on middle, Seifert looks to upper cut it but misses.
S Thakur to R Taylor, Length and on off, it is slapped through covers for one. Singles will do it for the hosts.

India wrapped the series in the most dramatic fashion in the 3rd T20I by breaking the Kiwi hopes in the Super Over. The hosts are on a rut at the moment and just cannot find a way to get a win. They are on a 5-match losing streak in the shortest format of the game and need to find a way to get over the line. Skipper, Kane Williamson led from the front in the last match but he was not provided ample support by others. With the T20 World Cup later on in the year, the Black Caps will have to figure out their best combination and gain some momentum before the showpiece event. India, on the other hand, have no such issues and are looking well stacked. The tourists handed the Kiwis their third Super Over loss in just around 7 months. The Men in Blue showed their mettle and strength in their last game and got over the line. Skipper Virat Kohli in the post-match interview said that they might try to give Navdeep Saini and Washington Sundar a chance but it will be interesting to see who sits out of the 4th T20I. The visitors have managed to win their first T20I series in New Zealand but will be looking to continue their winning momentum and pile on New Zealand's misery. Will the giants of the cricketing world continue to inflict more harm on one of the most-liked teams in the world or will New Zealand finally manage to get over the finish line and restore some pride?

New Zealand Team Squad -Colin Munro,Daryl Mitchell,Kane Williamson,Martin Guptill,Ross Taylor,Tom Bruce,Colin de Grandhomme,Mitchell Santner,Scott Kuggeleijn,Tim Seifert,Blair Tickner,Hamish Bennett,Ish Sodhi,Tim Southee

India Team Squad -KL Rahul,Manish Pandey,Rohit Sharma,Shreyas Iyer,Virat Kohli,Ravindra Jadeja,Shivam Dube,Washington Sundar,Rishabh Pant,Sanju Samson,Jasprit Bumrah,Kuldeep Yadav,Mohammed Shami,Navdeep Saini,Shardul Thakur,Yuzvendra Chahal