India in New Zealand, 5 T20I Series, 2020

New Zealand vs India - 2nd T20I

Venue: Eden Park, Auckland

Date & Time: 26 January 2020

India 135/3

RR: 7.71 | India beat New Zealand by 7 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Rohit Sharma c Ross Taylor & b Tim Southee c Ross Taylor & b Tim Southee 8620
KL Rahul not out not out 575032
Virat Kohli c Tim Seifert (W) & b Tim Southee c Tim Seifert (W) & b Tim Southee 111210
Shreyas Iyer c Tim Southee & b Ish Sodhi c Tim Southee & b Ish Sodhi 443313
Shivam Dube not out not out 8401
Manish Pandey
Ravindra Jadeja
Shardul Thakur
Yuzvendra Chahal
Mohammed Shami
Jasprit Bumrah
Extras 7 (b 0, lb 0, w 7, nb 0)
Total 135 (3 Wkts, 17.3 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
8-1 (Rohit Sharma,1), 39-2 (Virat Kohli,5.2), 125-3 (Shreyas Iyer,16.3),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Tim Southee3.3 0 20 2 6.06
Hamish Bennett3 0 29 0 9.67
Blair Tickner3 0 34 0 11.33
Mitchell Santner4 0 19 0 4.75
Ish Sodhi4 0 33 1 8.25

So that is it from this game. India head to Hamilton with a 2-0 lead in this 5-match series. New Zealand will hope to find their magic back again and fight back in the series in Hamilton. Join us for the third T20I on Wednesday, 29th January. That match will begin at 2000 local (0700 GMT). Join us for that one. Till then, cheers!

For his unbeaten and match-winning knock of 57 off 50 balls, KL Rahul has been adjudged the Man of the Match. Rahul says that the circumstances were different so he knew what he had to do as it was a different pitch. Tells he needed to adjust as they lost Kohli and Rohit early. Shares that he has always put the team ahead and has luckily come up with the right shot and the right choices.

Indian skipper, Virat Kohli says that they backed up the last win with another good performance, especially with the ball. Tells it was a very good feature of their side as they managed to restrict a very good New Zealand batting lineup to 132. Tells they understood the angle of the field better and says he needed to think a bit as a captain and credits his bowlers for their performance. On whether he is looking to make any changes in the coming games, Kohli says he might not as they have managed to win both the games with the same side and tells that Hamilton has a better ground dimensions than here.

New Zealand skipper, Kane Williamson says it was a tough day and the wicket was different. Adds they were 15-20 runs short and credits the Indian players for the way they bowled. Adds that the Indian players showed their experience and did not allow their spinners to trouble them. On being asked if he would bat again, Williamson says maybe a bit better. Tells that they hope to go to Hamilton and assess the conditions better.

Earlier in the day after opting to bat, New Zealand struggled and were restricted to 132 courtesy a brilliant bowling performance from India which was led by Ravindra Jadeja and Jasprit Bumrah. Only Martin Guptill and Tim Seifert showed some fight for the Kiwis.

A valiant effort from the New Zealand bowlers but defending 133 against this batting heavy Indian side was always going to need some taking. They needed something magical but that never came. Southee tried and provided them two early wickets but that was it. Sodhi and Santner were economical but Bennett and Tickner had a tough outing and in the end, they had a very small target to defend.

Chasing 133, India got off to a poor start losing both Rohit and Kohli early but Rahul and Shreyas Iyer steadied the ship and barring some comical running they were just superb in their approach. They took their time and accelerate at ease. Rahul got to his fifty and stayed unbeaten while Iyer felt just 6 short of another fifty and made a mockery of the chase winning with more than 2 overs to spare.

Another day, another chase and another win for the Men in Blue! They have made this a habit of chasing down totals and with this win, they have made it 2-0 in the series.

Tim Southee to S Dube, SIX! There's the winning run. A short ball on middle, Dube gets in position and hammers it over wide long on for a biggie! INDIA WIN BY 7 WICKETS.
Tim Southee to KL Rahul, Landed on a length on middle, Rahul punches it to long on for a single.
Tim Southee to S Dube, Short and outside off, Dube cuts it to deep point for a single.

Tim Southee to bowl what can be the final over of the game.

Ish Sodhi to S Dube, Full toss outside off, Dube strokes it to long off for a single.
Ish Sodhi to S Dube, Flatter one on middle, tucked towards mid-wicket.
Ish Sodhi to KL Rahul, Full and on middle, Rahul flicks it to long on for a run.

Shivam Dube walks in next.

Ish Sodhi to S Iyer, OUT! Caught! Sodhi takes the skier and Iyer departs. A slower one around off, Iyer has to reach out for this one as he looks to launch it over long off. However, he ends up getting a lot of height than distance. Southee from long off moves to his right and does well to pouch the ball with a forward dive. End of Iyer for tonight but he has played an excellent knock once again. 8 more needed off 21 balls. 50th wicket for Sodhi in T20Is.
Ish Sodhi to S Iyer, WIDE! Sodhi tries to stay away from the firing line but ends up bowling it way outside off.
Ish Sodhi to S Iyer, SIX! Huge. What a strike from Iyer! A flighted ball on middle, it is in the slot for Iyer. He just gets to the pitch and slams it sailing over long on for another maximum.
Ish Sodhi to KL Rahul, On the pads, it is tucked towards square leg for a single.

Ish Sodhi to bowl out.

B Tickner to KL Rahul, Short again, Rahul pulls it with power to deep mid-wicket for a run. 14 from the over and India need 16 more in 4 overs.
B Tickner to S Iyer, Slower one around off, Iyer taps it towards point and takes a single.
B Tickner to S Iyer, SIX! Now a maximum with innovation! Iyer is once again playing a little gem of an innings! Tickner bowls a back of a length ball on middle, Iyer waits for it and then at the very last moment just helps it on its way over the third man fence for another maximum.
B Tickner to S Iyer, SIX! Hammered! Excellent shot from Iyer! Tickner bowls a fuller ball in the slot for Iyer. He backs away and slams it over long off for a huge six.
B Tickner to KL Rahul, Another ball angled into the batter, it ends on the pads of Rahul. He helps it towards fine leg for a single.
B Tickner to S Iyer, On the pads of Iyer, he flicks it to deep mid-wicket for a single.
H Bennett to KL Rahul, Another run out opportunity goes abegging. Poor calling between the two batters. It is a length ball on middle, Rahul tucks it towards mid-wicket. Rahul wants a single but Iyer says no. However, Rahul is on the move already and he has to return. The fielder there picks the ball and fires the throw at the striker's end but misses. Poor from the batters and criminal from the Kiwis as they are in the need of wickets in heaps, if they are to make any comeback in this game. End of an eventful over.
H Bennett to KL Rahul, Length ball around off, it is guided towards point.
H Bennett to KL Rahul, FIVE WIDES! Bennett goes for another short one this time but it is banged way over. Rahul lets it go and the keeper cannot do anything about it either. It sails over him and goes to the fine leg fence.
H Bennett to KL Rahul, FOUR! Now, from the middle of the bat and it is FIFTY FOR RAHUL. 2nd in a row and 11th in T20Is! A fuller ball on middle, Rahul gets to the pitch of the ball and lofts it over covers. It goes to the fence on the bounce.
H Bennett to KL Rahul, SIX! Wow! Unbelievable! These boundaries are so small. It keeps sailing over! A back of a length ball around off, Rahul looks to pull but gets a leading edge. The ball though flies over the third man fence for a biggie!
H Bennett to S Iyer, Hits the deck hard just outside off, Iyer moves towards his noff stump and looks to pull but the ball goes off his glove for a single.
H Bennett to S Iyer, Good length delivery on off, Iyer defends it calmly.
B Tickner to S Iyer, Length ball on the pads, it is worked towards the leg side for a single.
B Tickner to S Iyer, Short and outside off, Iyer looks to upper cut but misses.
B Tickner to S Iyer, Run out chance missed! A short ball outside off, Iyer looks to cut but the ball takes the inner half of the bat and goes back to the bowler, Rahul wants the run but Iyer does not respond. Rahul is almost halfway in the middle. Tickner throws the ball at the non-striker's end but misses and Rahul returns safely. However, the fielder backing up from mid off fires the throw at the striker's end. He scores the direct hit but replays show that Iyer was in.
B Tickner to KL Rahul, Shortish around off, Rahul tucks it towards mid-wicket for a single.
B Tickner to S Iyer, Shortish and outside off, Iyer guides it to third man for a run.
B Tickner to S Iyer, Angles the first ball on the pads of Iyer, he flicks it towards deep square leg for a couple of runs.

Blair Tickner is back on!

M Santner to S Iyer, Flighted ball outside off, it is fuller too. Iyer drives it to long off for a single. 51 more needed in 7 overs.
M Santner to KL Rahul, Very full ball on middle, Rahul strokes it to long on for a run.
M Santner to KL Rahul, On middle, guided towards point.
M Santner to KL Rahul, Full and outside off, it is eased for a single to deep point.
M Santner to KL Rahul, Flighted fuller ball around off, it is pushed to the left of the bowler who makes a fine stop on that side.
M Santner to KL Rahul, A couple to begin the new over! Short and outside off, Rahul punches it to deep cover and before the fielder can come across to pick the ball up, the batters scampers back for two.
Ish Sodhi to KL Rahul, Short and on middle, Rahul pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a single.
Ish Sodhi to S Iyer, Slightly quicker on middle and leg, Shreyas looks to once again hit it towards long on but it goes behind square on the leg side off the inner half of his bat for a single.
Ish Sodhi to S Iyer, SIX! This one is out of here, Iyer was looking for the big one and he has got the ball to free his arms. Shreyas loves to take on the spinners and he has done just that. Tossed up on middle and leg, Iyer goes downtown and sends it a few rows behind the long on fence for a biggie.

Round 2 in Auckland! The first T20I was a high-scoring match but the way India dominated the run chase, it eventually turned out to be a one-sided affair. The batting might of the Men in Blue was on display and the best part of that success for them was it was set up by KL Rahul and finished by Shreyas Iyer. The young guns clicking is a welcome sight for the visitors as they continue to find the right combination for the upcoming World Cup. Their bowling though was a big concern as they leaked runs and failed to acclimatize to the conditions. The fielding, as admitted by the skipper himself, was also not up to the mark and they would have to adjust to the dimensions of the Eden Park. The pitch appeared to offer something to the spinners and India might stick to the pair of Chahal and Jadeja for this match too. Anyway, we are not expecting much change to their playing XI as Virat Kohli believes in giving a long rope to his boys. As far as the Black Caps are concerned, they did fare well and tried their best to defend the total but failed to outclass the starry Indian batting line-up. They chalked out a good plan to bat the touring team out of the game but somehow failed to get to the desired total in spite of having a rollicking start. Kane Williamson was of the opinion that the batsmen settling in need to carry on and this is something they will have to work on. Just like India, bowling was an issue for the Kiwis as well. They had a 200-plus total to defend but still failed to exert any kind of scoreboard pressure on the opposing team. Visibly they are a depleted bowling attack but that cannot serve as an excuse for them, especially when they are looking out for new players and combinations for the mega event later in this year. New Zealand, too, would not like to tinker too much with their playing XI, although they could look to give Scott Kuggeleijn some game time. Toss becomes very crucial on this stamp-sized stadium as defending any total appears to be next to impossible. Let's hope for a fair contest.

New Zealand Team Squad -Colin Munro,Daryl Mitchell,Kane Williamson,Martin Guptill,Ross Taylor,Tom Bruce,Colin de Grandhomme,Mitchell Santner,Scott Kuggeleijn,Tim Seifert,Blair Tickner,Hamish Bennett,Ish Sodhi,Tim Southee

India Team Squad -KL Rahul,Manish Pandey,Rohit Sharma,Shreyas Iyer,Virat Kohli,Ravindra Jadeja,Shivam Dube,Washington Sundar,Rishabh Pant,Sanju Samson,Jasprit Bumrah,Kuldeep Yadav,Mohammed Shami,Navdeep Saini,Shardul Thakur,Yuzvendra Chahal