India in New Zealand, 2 Test Series, 2020

New Zealand vs India - 2nd Test

Venue: Hagley Oval, Christchurch

Date: 29 February-02 March, 2020

New Zealand 132/3

RR: 3.66 | New Zealand beat India by 7 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Tom Latham c Rishabh Pant & b Umesh Yadavc Rishabh Pant & b Umesh Yadav5274100
Tom Blundell bowled Jasprit Bumrahbowled Jasprit Bumrah5511381
Kane Williamson c Ajinkya Rahane & b Jasprit Bumrahc Ajinkya Rahane & b Jasprit Bumrah5810
Ross Taylor not out not out 5910
Henry Nicholls not out not out 51310
BJ Watling
Colin de Grandhomme
Tim Southee
Kyle Jamieson
Neil Wagner
Trent Boult
Extras 10 (b 1, lb 8, w 0, nb 1)
Total 132 (3 Wkts, 36.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
103-1 (Tom Latham,28), 112-2 (Kane Williamson,31), 121-3 (Tom Blundell,32.5),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Jasprit Bumrah13 2 39 2 3.00
Umesh Yadav14 3 45 1 3.21
Mohammed Shami3 1 11 0 3.67
Ravindra Jadeja5 0 24 0 4.80
Virat Kohli1 0 4 0 4.00
Prithvi Shaw0 0 0 0 0
Mayank Agarwal0 0 0 0 0
Cheteshwar Pujara0 0 0 0 0
Ajinkya Rahane0 0 0 0 0
Hanuma Vihari0 0 0 0 0
Rishabh Pant 0 0 0 0 0

So that is it from India's tour of New Zealand. India started on a positive note by pocketing the T20I series 5-0 but were outplayed in the ODIs and Test series that followed as they lost by a margin of 0-3 and 0-2 respectively. Now the cricketing action moves ahead with New Zealand touring their neighbours Australia for a 3-match ODI series which starts on 13th March. India, on the other hand, welcome South Africa for the 3-match ODI series which starts on 12th March. Hope to have your company for those games. Till then take care, cheers and goodbye!

New Zealand skipper, Kane Williamson, says that it is an outstanding feeling. Feels that the pitches were sporting for both the games as the bowlers had to bowl on right lines and lengths. Adds that he is really excited seeing Kyle Jamieson and credits him to do so well in his very first series. Credits him for his contributions with both bat and ball. Praises Blundell too and feels that the ball was doing enough and he hung in well. Feels that they got to learn a lot from this series. Finishes off by saying that they are looking forward to their next series when they take on their neighbors, Australia.

The Indian skipper, Virat Kohli, starts by saying that it was a matter of not having enough intent and feels that the inability of not winning the important phases didn't help. Tells that their bowlers could not bowl in the right areas for a longer time while the Kiwis executed their plans well. Feels that the batters didn't give enough runs for the bowlers to attack. Tells that it happened in South Africa too and here as well. Feels that they need to go to the drawing room and figure out what went wrong. Adds that the toss do play major roles but adds that they are not a side that gives excuses. Says that they are only taking learnings from this game. On the entire tour, the Indian skipper says that they had a very good T20 series and even in the ODIs, they did well but got outplayed by the Kiwis. And in this series, they failed to play the brand of cricket they wanted to play.

For his brilliant effort of 5/45 in the first innings and his batting efforts lower down the order, Kyle Jamieson is named as the Man of the Match. He says that it has been a good couple of weeks for him. Adds that they played as a unit throughout the series. Feels that the pitch conditions do help but they had to pitch the ball up and then bowl shorter ones too. Mentions that it is time for him to work on his batting too as his partnerships lower down the order made a difference in this game. TIM SOUTHEE HAS BEEN NAMED MAN OF THE SERIES FOR HIS 14 WICKETS IN THE SERIES!

After getting a slender lead of 7, India needed efforts from their batters. But that never came. None of the batters could get going. The top order failed, the middle order failed and eventually the side got bowled out for a very small total. Tim Southee and Trent Boult were once again the destructor-in-chief as the duo shared 7 wickets between them. That meant that all the Kiwis needed was 132 to win the series. That eventually was trekked down by the Kiwis quite comfortably. Stay tuned for the presentations...

Coming to the Kiwi innings, they started well with Latham and Blundell adding 66 for the first wicket. However, in the morning session of Day 2, Bumrah and Shami made the ball talk and ripped the Kiwi middle order apart. However, their inability of getting rid of the tail-enders meant that New Zealand came very close to the Indian total as Jamieson and Wagner played valuable knocks.

Now, time for the match summary. After being asked to bat first, India started well on the back of a fine half ton from Shaw. After the dismissal of Shaw, the Indian middle order faltered which included skipper Kohli's wicket too. Pujara and Vihari batted well for their half tons and took India closer to 250. It was Kyle Jamieson who ripped the Indians apart with a fifer and he got support from Tim Southee and Trent Boult as the duo picked 2 each.

Let's talk about Day 3 first. India were just 97 ahead and had 4 wickets in their hands. They needed something big from Vihari and Pant but they failed to deliver as Southee and Boult ran through the lower order of the Indian batting line-up. Needing just 132 runs to win, Tom Latham and Tom Blundell quite comfortably added 103 runs for the opening wicket. India did get 2 more after the first wicket but they were hardly going to change the result.

An easy run chase in the end and the Kiwis thump India convincingly to seal the series 2-0. A thorough professional performance from them. With this win, they move to no. 3 on the ICC World Test Championship points table.

R Jadeja to H Nicholls, There is the winning run! Full and around off and middle, Nicholls forces it through mid on for a single. THE KIWIS WIN BY 7 WICKETS.
R Jadeja to Nicholls, Shortish and on off, Nicholls keeps it out.
Jadeja to Nicholls, NO BALL! Jadeja has overstepped here. He bowls it flatter and outside off, Nicholls goes for the cut but fails to do so as the keeper collects it and appeals. The bowler and the keeper looks the most excited of the lot but the umpire is unmoved. Kohli takes the review and the replays roll in. Hang on folks! Jadeja has overstepped here.

Review time! India have reviewed for a caught behind. Let's see the replays. Well, hang on. It's a no ball.

R Jadeja to Nicholls, Flatter on off, defended.
R Jadeja to Nicholls,Full on the pads, flicked to mid-wicket.
R Jadeja to Nicholls, Floated ball on off, blocked.
R Jadeja to Taylor, Floated on the pads, Taylor sweeps it towards fine leg for a single.

Ravindra Jadeja now. 4-0-21-0 from him so far.

V Kohli to Nicholls, Outside off, left alone.
V Kohli to Nicholls, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.
V Kohli to Nicholls, FOUR! Nicholls gives the charge on this length ball outside off and hits it uppishly over point for a boundary.
V Kohli to Nicholls, Length ball on off, pushed to the cover region.
V Kohli to Nicholls, Short ball on off, Nicholls pulls it uppishly towards mid on where it lands just short of the fielder.
V Kohli to Nicholls, Length ball outside off, Henry makes an easiest of the leave.

Interesting! The Indian skipper, Virat Kohli, to bowl now. Some fun time for the crowd.

U Yadav to Taylor, Good length ball on off, blocked.
U Yadav to Taylor, Fuller and around off, pushed towards mid off.
U Yadav to Taylor, FOUR! Short and on middle, Taylor goes on the back foot quickly and hammers the ball via a pull shot to deep square leg. 7 more needed.
U Yadav to Taylor, Good length ball around off, Taylor comes forward and keeps it out.
U Yadav to Taylor, Fuller one on off and middle, Taylor flicks it to mid-wicket.
U Yadav to Taylor, Shortish and just outside off, pushed towards covers.
J Bumrah to Nicholls, Length ball on off, Nicholls defends it off the back foot.

Henry Nicholls joins Ross Taylor out in the middle.

J Bumrah to Blundell,OUT! BOWLED! India are not going down without a fight. Bumrah roars in delight there. He was the one who was constantly asking questions at the batters and finally he gets the reward. It is bowled on a length and on off, It is a nip backer as Blundell looks to defend it leaving a big gap between his bat and pad. The ball sneaks through that gap and hits the top of off pole to send it for a cartwheel. The umpire stops the batter as they check for the no ball. The replays roll in and it shows that Bumrah has some part of his heel behind the popping crease. The third umpire to be completely sure sees the replay a few more times and then gives the marching orders for Blundell.
J Bumrah to Blundell, FOUR! Full and on off, driven through covers for a boundary.
J Bumrah to Tom Blundell, Length ball on off, Blundell looks to defend it but gets an inside edge onto the pads.
J Bumrah to Taylor, Full and on the pads, Taylor plays it towards mid-wicket and takes a single. It went off the pads there and the umpire gives it as a leg bye.
J Bumrah to Taylor, Length ball on off, blocked off the back foot by Taylor.
U Yadav to Blundell, Landed on a length and on middle, worked towards mid-wicket.
U Yadav to Blundell, Good length ball around off, Tom guides it towards short third man.
U Yadav to Blundell, FOUR! HALF TON FOR BLUNDELL! A short and outside off one from Yadav, Blundell goes on the back foot and slashes it through point to reach the landmark.
U Yadav to Blundell, Angled into the pads on a fuller length, Blundell tries flicking but misses to get hit on the pads. An appeal follows but it dies down slowly.
U Yadav to Blundell, Another fuller one around off, Blundell is solid in his defense once again.
U Yadav to Blundell, Full and around off, Blundell keeps it out.

Ross Taylor is in next.

J Bumrah to K Williamson, OUT! CAUGHT! A jaffa! Bumrah bowls a short one on off, Kane Williamson looks to evade this one but fails to get his wrists out of the line of the delivery. The ball also jags back into the batter there as it takes the gloves and lobs towards gully where Rahane takes the catch. Williamson's poor series with the bat ends here. 20 more needed for a win for New Zealand.
J Bumrah to Williamson, Short ball on middle, Williamson ducks under it.
J Bumrah to Williamson, Length and on off, pushed off the back foot by Kane.
J Bumrah to Williamson, Outside off, left alone.
J Bumrah to Williamson, BEATEN! Length ball outside off, Kane drives it only to get beaten on the outside edge.