India in Australia, 3 T20I Series, 2020

Australia vs India - 2nd T20I

Venue: Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Sydney

Date & Time: 06 December 2020

India 195/4

RR: 9.92 | India beat Australia by 6 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
KL Rahul c Mitchell Swepson & b Andrew Tyec Mitchell Swepson & b Andrew Tye302221
Shikhar Dhawan c Mitchell Swepson & b Adam Zampac Mitchell Swepson & b Adam Zampa523642
Virat Kohli c Matthew Wade (C) (W) & b Daniel Samsc Matthew Wade (C) (W) & b Daniel Sams402422
Sanju Samson c Steven Smith & b Mitchell Swepsonc Steven Smith & b Mitchell Swepson151011
Hardik Pandya not out not out 422232
Shreyas Iyer not out not out 12511
Washington Sundar
Deepak Chahar
T Natarajan
Yuzvendra Chahal
Shardul Thakur
Extras 4 (b 0, lb 1, w 2, nb 1)
Total 195 (4 Wkts, 19.4 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
56-1 (KL Rahul,5.2), 95-2 (Shikhar Dhawan,11.2), 120-3 (Sanju Samson,13.4), 149-4 (Virat Kohli,16.1),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Daniel Sams3.4 0 41 1 12.06
Sean Abbott2 0 17 0 8.50
Andrew Tye4 0 47 1 11.75
Glenn Maxwell1 0 19 0 19.00
Mitchell Swepson4 0 25 1 6.25
Moises Henriques1 0 9 0 9.00
Adam Zampa4 0 36 1 9.00

Right then! The 2nd T20I is done and dusted. India chased a target of 195 with 2 balls to spare and that also means that they have sealed the series with a lead of 2-0 with a game to spare. It was a humdinger of a chase as we were kept glued to the seat as the pendulum shifted from one side to the other and finally it swung in favour of India. The 3rd and final T20I of the series would be played on 8th December 2020 at Sydney. That game begins at 1910 Local (0810 GMT). Till then stay safe, cheers and take care!

Virat Kohli, the Indian skipper, tells that they have done well in T20Is. Says that with two of their main players, Rohit and Bumrah, not playing and still winning two games is pleasing. Praises Natarajan and Shardul for their performance. Mentions Hardik's performance and talks highly of Dhawan for the opening stand. Terms it a complete performance overall. Commenting on Pandya, Kohli says that Pandya is hungry and he will keep getting better. Tells that he plays hear with a lot of passion. On the fans, Kohli says the crowd's noise push the team through. Tells by saying that they have won the series but they will look to win the last game too. On the scoop over fine leg, Kohli smiles and tells that he is learning it from de Villiers. Says that he told Pandya that Tye wasn't expecting him to do that. Adds that Pandya joked that he and the entire team didn't expect. Ends by saying that he will send a text to de Villiers and ask him if he liked that shot.

Matthew Wade, the Aussie skipper, says that leading the team was really exciting. Tells that he is really happy with his start but feels that he should've batted a bit longer. Feels that they couldn't win crucial moments in the game. Praises the spinners for bowling really well. Ends by saying they couldn't execute their plans well in the end.

Hardik Pandya is named Player of the Match! He says that he likes to see the scoreboard and plan accordingly. Adds that he has been in situations like these and with his mistakes in the past, he knows that he has more time in hand than there actually is. Says that his game depends on confidence. Tells that he remembers the past games where the team has scored over 90 and 100 so he backs himself and the team. Praises the openers for the kind of start they gave. Tells that he felt that Natarajan deserved the Player of the Match and credits him a lot for his performance.

Hardik Pandya is caught for a quick chat. Tells that he knew that a couple of good hits and they will go over the line. Adds that he wanted to finish the game more than doing it with a six. Tells that he just wanted to whack it over the fence. On him using multiple bats in this game, Hardik says that he is trying to figure out which bat he should use. Stay tuned as the post-match presentations comes shortly.

Earlier in the game, Kohli won the toss and asked the Aussies to set a total. Both the teams made several changes to their XI. Australia were off to a flying start as the stand-in Aussie skipper went after the bowlers from the word go. He got out but not before getting to a fine half-ton. Smith and Maxwell too played their part and towards the end, Stoinis and Sams smashed a few runs and took the Aussies close to 200. The Indian bowlers were pummeled all over the park. Their last game's hero Chahal was taken apart while Chahar and Shardul too were tonked in their spell. The only positive for the Indians was their yorker specialist Natarajan who was once again superb in his 4-over spell where he picked up 2 wickets, giving away just 20. Eventually, his spell and performance meant that a total India stopped Aussies was scaled by the batters.

Where did Australia go wrong in the bowling? Probably that gamble of giving Glenn Maxwell an over in the Powerplay backfired. He has been doing it consistently but today was not his day as he conceded 19 runs off his only over which cost Australia the game. Their two spinners, Mitchell Swepson and Adam Zampa bowled brilliantly especially Swepson who in his 4 overs conceded 25 runs. Daniel Sams began superbly with the ball on debut but lost the plot in the final stages as Andrew Tye was not up to the mark as he was hammered all around the park. Henriques just got one over as Sean Abbott could bowl just a couple of overs too. The fielding was good but that one over from Maxwell robbed them the game here. Stay tuned as Hardik Pandya is down for a chat. Let's hear what he has to share.

Chasing a mammoth total of 195 India needed a strong start from their openers which they got only after they began on a cautious note. Once Rahul smacked Tye for a six on the free hit the Indian openers went bonkers as they smashed 19 off Maxwell's one over. The duo added 56 in no time for the first wicket and just when both of them were settling in Rahul threw it away. Then came Kohli and the run flow took a different dimension. He along with Dhawan picked an odd boundary and rotated the strike. Dhawan though departed after his fifty But Kohli continued to muster the runs. He though departed at a crucial juncture but Hardik Pandya and Shreyas Iyer in the middle ensured that they cross the fence in the end.

TAKE A BOW PANDYA! The Indian dressing room which was on the edge of their seats just erupts and they are all smiles now. Pandya nails the final ball and India take the series. So it is even stevens now Australia took the ODIs and India take the T20I series with a game to go.

Daniel Sams to Hardik Pandya, SIX! BOOM! What a way to win the game! What a strike from Hardik Pandya! What a player! A length ball, right in the slot, Pandya powers it over wide long on for a huge six. India win by 6 wickets and take an unassailable lead in this 3-game series.
Daniel Sams to Hardik Pandya, Nicely bowled! Hardik makes room and Sams follows him and bowls it short. Pandya looks to upper cut but makes no connection.
Daniel Sams to Hardik Pandya, SIX! In the slot and Pandya clubs it over long on. Sams runs in and bowls it full and around off and middle, Pandya clobbers it over long on for a biggie. 6 off 4 now. India are just a hit away.

Daniel Sams to bowl the final over. He has 14 to defend.

Daniel Sams to Hardik Pandya, Two now! Length ball on middle, Pandya mistimes his pull through square leg. They run a brace. 12 off 5 now.
Andrew Tye to Hardik Pandya, Risky single! Very risky single. Direct hit and Pandya would've been going home. Length and outside off, Pandya cuts but finds point. He goes for the single. The fielder has a shy at the non-striker's end but misses. 14 needed in final 6 balls.
Andrew Tye to Hardik Pandya, FOUR! Consecutive boundaries! Hardik nails the drive this time. Not good bowling from Tye. Full and wide outside off, Pandya slams it over extra cover for a boundary. 15 needed in 7 balls.
Andrew Tye to Hardik Pandya, EDGY FOUR! Low full toss outside off, Pandya looks to hammer it over covers but gets a fat outside edge that flies over short third man for a boundary.
Andrew Tye to Hardik Pandya, Play and a miss again! Hardik is struggling to connect here. Full and wide outside off, he once again goes for the massive slog but once again fails to connect. Pressure on Hardik here.
Andrew Tye to Hardik Pandya, Swing and a miss! Length ball outside off, Pandya swings hard but makes no connection.

Andrew Tye to bowl the penultimate over?

Andrew Tye to Hardik Pandya, Excellent running between the wickets. Full and on middle, Pandya pushes it through mid on. Iyer calls for the second and makes it with a dive.
Adam Zampa to Shreyas Iyer, FOUR! Cut away! Short and wide outside off, Iyer rocks back and cuts it past the backward point fielder for a boundary. 25 needed in 12 balls!
Adam Zampa to Shreyas Iyer, Dot now! Flat and just outside off, Iyer cuts but finds the point fielder.
Adam Zampa to Shreyas Iyer, SIX! Massive! Iyer nails the shot this time. Zampa tosses it up and around middle and leg, Iyer this time hammers it way over long on for a huge six.
Adam Zampa to Hardik Pandya, NOT OUT! Clear inside edge and Australia lose their review. Flat and around middle, Pandya looks to slot it on the leg side but misses to get hit on the pad. They appeal but not out says the umpire. Wade calls for the review. Replays roll in and they show that there is a clear inside edge.

Review Time! Wade has taken the LBW review against Pandya. Let's see what the replays have to show. HotSpot comes on and it picks a spot when the bat is close to the ball. So Pandya survives and Australia run of their reviews.

Adam Zampa to Hardik Pandya, Goes for the massive slog but mistimes it towards square leg.
Adam Zampa to Shreyas Iyer, In the air... safe! Tossed up and outside off, Iyer looks to launch it over long off but mistimes it. The ball goes high in the air but lands safely, away from the long off fielder. A single.
Daniel Sams to Hardik Pandya, FOUR! Nicely done! Good end to the over for the Indians. Very full and outside off, Hardik manages to squeeze it through short third man for a boundary.
Daniel Sams to Hardik Pandya, Slower ball outside off, Hardik slaps it wide of the sweeper cover for a couple of runs.
Daniel Sams to Hardik Pandya, Play and a miss! Length ball outside off, Pandya looks to cut but makes no connection.
Daniel Sams to Hardik Pandya, Short and wide outside off, Pandya cuts it through backward point for a couple.

Shreyas Iyer is in now.

Daniel Sams to Shreyas Iyer, Full and on the pads, Iyer flicks it through square leg for one.
Daniel Sams to Virat Kohli, OUT! CAUGHT! What a wicket to get on your debut. Daniel Sams would be on cloud nine after this. The credit though should go to Matthew Wade behind the wicket. What a player he is. Back of a length ball going away from Kohli. Virat looks to cut it away but is late to do so and gets a toe-end of the bat there. The ball lobs high and wide towards Wade who just moves to his right, leaps and pouches it.

Daniel Sams is back on. 2-0-18-0 for him so far.

Adam Zampa to Virat Kohli, Flat and around off, he tucks it towards long on and keeps the strike for the next over.
Adam Zampa to Virat Kohli, Excellent running! Floated on middle, Kohli works it gently towards mid-wicket. The call is for two and he will get it easily.
Adam Zampa to Hardik Pandya, Full and around off, driven firmly through mid on for two.
Adam Zampa to Hardik Pandya, Tossed up and on middle, lofted wide of the long on fielder for a brace.
Adam Zampa to Virat Kohli, Very full and on middle, flicked to deep mid-wicket for a quick single.

Adam Zampa comes back now. 2-0-16-1 from him.

Adam Zampa to Hardik Pandya, Full and wide outside off, drilled down to long off for one.
Andrew Tye to Virat Kohli, Two more and make it 18 from the over. Length ball outside off, Kohli pushes it wide of the sweeper cover. Two taken. 54 needed in 30 balls.
Andrew Tye to Virat Kohli, EDGY FOUR! Nothing going Tye's way! Full and outside off, Kohli looks to drive but gets a thick outside edge that goes past the short third man and into the fence. 16 off the over already.
Andrew Tye to Virat Kohli, WIDE! Tries for the slower wide one but ends up bowling it way outside off. Kohli lets it be. Wided.
Andrew Tye to Virat Kohli, SIX! WOW! WOW! WOW! He is not known for playing these shots but he has nailed it here. Full and on middle and leg, Kohli moves inside the crease and scoops it over fine leg for a biggie. Learning form his AB de Villiers, it seems. Terrific shot from the Indian skipper.
Andrew Tye to Virat Kohli, Nicely bowled! Full and wide outside off, Kohli runs down the track and looks to squeeze it out but misses.
Andrew Tye to Virat Kohli, FOUR! Hammered That is some strike form Kohli. Short and outside off, Kohli pulls it over mid-wicket and it goes right in the gap at deep mid-wicket and deep square leg. Bounces just in front of the ropes.
Andrew Tye to Hardik Pandya, Very full and outside off, digged towards backward point for a run.