India in Australia, 3 ODI Series, 2020

Australia vs India - 2nd ODI

Venue: Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Sydney

Date & Time: 29 November 2020

India 338/9

RR: 6.76 | Australia beat India by 51 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Mayank Agarwal c Alex Carey (W) & b Pat Cumminsc Alex Carey (W) & b Pat Cummins282640
Shikhar Dhawan c Mitchell Starc & b Josh Hazlewoodc Mitchell Starc & b Josh Hazlewood302350
Virat Kohli c Moises Henriques & b Josh Hazlewoodc Moises Henriques & b Josh Hazlewood898772
Shreyas Iyer c Steven Smith & b Moises Henriquesc Steven Smith & b Moises Henriques383650
KL Rahul c Josh Hazlewood & b Adam Zampac Josh Hazlewood & b Adam Zampa766645
Hardik Pandya c Steven Smith & b Pat Cumminsc Steven Smith & b Pat Cummins283111
Ravindra Jadeja c Glenn Maxwell & b Pat Cumminsc Glenn Maxwell & b Pat Cummins241112
Navdeep Saini not out not out 101010
Mohammed Shami c Glenn Maxwell & b Glenn Maxwellc Glenn Maxwell & b Glenn Maxwell1400
Jasprit Bumrah lbw Adam Zampalbw Adam Zampa0200
Yuzvendra Chahal not out not out 4600
Extras 10 (b 0, lb 0, w 8, nb 2)
Total 338 (9 Wkts, 50.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
58-1 (Shikhar Dhawan,7.4), 60-2 (Mayank Agarwal,8.3), 153-3 (Shreyas Iyer,23.1), 225-4 (Virat Kohli,34.5), 288-5 (KL Rahul,43.4), 321-6 (Ravindra Jadeja,46.1), 321-7 (Hardik Pandya,46.2), 326-8 (Mohammed Shami,47.3), 328-9 (Jasprit Bumrah,48.3),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mitchell Starc9 0 82 0 9.11
Josh Hazlewood9 0 59 2 6.56
Pat Cummins10 0 67 3 6.70
Adam Zampa10 0 62 2 6.20
Moises Henriques7 0 34 1 4.86
Glenn Maxwell5 0 34 1 6.80

That's all from this game! Australia comprehensively wrap up the series with one game in hand and they would look to complete a whitewash. India, on the other hand, have a lot of work to do, particularly in the bowling and the fielding department. They would want to get a win as ICC ODI Super League points are up for grabs. The third ODI is on Wednesday, 2nd December 2020 which will start at 1440 local (0340 GMT). Join us for that. Until then, cheers and take care. 

Aaron Finch, the Australian skipper, says that it was a perfect performance with the bat. Adds that it has just been the preparation and is very pleased to wrap up the series with one game to spare. Adds that he has no idea about how David Warner is. Goes onto say that they will have to wait and see about Warner's availability. Tells that they wanted to set up the foundation for the guys coming in after him. Tells that Warner played well and Smith played out of his skins twice in a row. States that Henriques was terrific with the ball as he used his cutters really well and used all of his experience. Goes onto say that they took a cue of Pandya's bowling as to how to bowl on this wicket.

Virat Kohli, the Indian skipper, says that they have been completely outplayed. Adds that they have not been effective with the ball and they did not bowl in one area long enough. Tells that they had to keep attacking from ball one and with the bowlers that Australia have, they needed to put pressure on them. Adds that he asked Hardik if he can bowl and he replied that he can bowl 2 or 3 overs. States that Australia used the dimensions really well. Mentions that he was telling Rahul that if they took the game till the 45th over, they would be in with a chance. Says that if the partnership between him and Shreyas would have been longer, things could have been different.

Steven Smith, the MAN OF THE MATCH, says that he did not give many chances in this game and he felt good. Adds that Finch and Warner gave them a solid foundation and Maxi finished off really well. States that it is about summing up the conditions and they needed to score big totals against India as they have a strong batting line-up. Goes onto say that he tried to whack the ball too hard in the Indian T20 League and he is just trying to play nice cricket shots. Tells that it is nice to score runs for the team again.

Earlier, in the game, Australia were top notch with the bat in hand. Aaron Finch and David Warner gave them a blistering start before Steven Smith did what he does best, score runs for fun. He scored his second century of the series and he along with Maxwell in the end helped Australia post 389 on the board. The bowling from India was better than the first game but were inconsistent. They bowled too many loose deliveries and they were punished. Hardik Pandya was the best bowler on show for them while Chahal and Saini had another off day. In the end, the target proved a very steep one and they fell short by some margin. Stay tuned for the presentation ceremony.

India were in the game throughout with the bat but the required run rate kept on creeping up and in the end, they were left with too much to do. They started off well with the bat but Dhawan and Agarwal fell in quick succession. India did make a comeback courtesy Kohli, Iyer and Rahul and at one stage, they would have put Australia under immense pressure as we all know what Kohli can do. The Indian skipper played a fine knock and was well supported by Rahul who scored 76. Once Kohli fell, it became a lot easier for Australia as they then kept on chipping away at the wickets. Hardik Pandya also could not do much with the bat as he struggled for timing in this game and they have ended up losing the game by 51 runs. 

Australia did not start off too well as Starc was rusty again and he gave plenty of runs at the start. And when Rahul and Kohli's partnership was going strong, they might have thought that they are giving the game away. But once, Kohli fell, they went right back on top and they did not let India come back. All the bowlers bowled really well, barring Mitchell Starc. Pat Cummins picked up three while Zampa ended up with two. Hazlewood was good again while Henriques used his cutters really well on a wicket which slowed down as the game progressed. Their fielding was also much better than their Indian counterparts and that made a difference. Overall, it was a terrific performance from Australia. 

A comprehensive win for Australia! They defeat India by 51 runs and win the series with a game to spare. They have decimated India in all the departments of the game and have been superb in this game. India though would now would want to get back on the drawing board as they have now lost 5 ODIs in a row. Aaron Finch will be very pleased with the effort from his boys as they look to complete a whitewash. 

Glenn Maxwell to Yuzvendra Chahal, That's it! Floated on middle, Chahal flicks it to long on for a single. AUSTRALIA WIN BY 51 RUNS. 
Glenn Maxwell to Navdeep Saini, Loopy ball outside off, Saini drives it to the cover region for a single.
Glenn Maxwell to Yuzvendra Chahal, Tossed up on middle, Chahal tucks it to the leg side for a single.
Glenn Maxwell to Navdeep Saini, Full around off, Saini drives it to long off for a single.
Glenn Maxwell to Navdeep Saini, FOUR! Nicely played! Loopy ball on off, Saini hammers it towards the long off region for a boundary. 
Glenn Maxwell to Yuzvendra Chahal, Tossed up on middle, Chahal works it to mid-wicket. 
Adam Zampa to Yuzvendra Chahal, Floated on middle, Chahal flicks it over mid-wicket for a single.
Adam Zampa to Yuzvendra Chahal, Flighted on middle, Chahal defends it out. 
Adam Zampa to Yuzvendra Chahal, Flighted on middle, Chahal nudges it to mid-wicket. 

Yuzvendra Chahal is the last man out in the middle.

Adam Zampa to Jasprit Bumrah, OUT! LBW! That was as plumb as it gets! Zampa gets his second. A wrong'un on off, spinning in. Bumrah looks to defend but misses and gets rapped on the pads, Australia appeal and the finger goes up. Bumrah knew it and he started to walk back before the decision was made. 
Adam Zampa to Navdeep Saini, Flighted on off, driven to the off side for a single.
Adam Zampa to Navdeep Saini, Full on middle, Siaini tucks it to mid on. 
Glenn Maxwell to Jasprit Bumrah, Quicker one on middle, Bumrah defends it out. 
Glenn Maxwell to Navdeep Saini, On off, defended to the off side for a single. 
Glenn Maxwell to Navdeep Saini, Flatter on off, Off, Saini defends it to the off side.

Jasprit Bumrah is the next man in. 

Glenn Maxwell to Mohammed Shami, OUT! CAUGHT! Another one bites the dust! Floated ball outside off, Shami looks to go big but it takes the top edge and goes over the bowler's head. Maxwell runs back and takes a comfortable catch. 
Glenn Maxwell to Mohammed Shami, SWING AND A MISS! Quicker one outside off, Shami looks to swing it away but fails to get any bat on it. 
Glenn Maxwell to Navdeep Saini, Floated on middle, Saini works it down to long on for a single.

Glenn Maxwell now. Not to cover up for Starc but to finish off the overs quickly.

Pat Cummins to Mohammed Shami, A short ball, outside off, Shami sways away and lets it through. Perfect finish for Cummins. Two big wickets of Jadeja and Pandya and going for just 4 overall. 10-0-67-3 for him.
Pat Cummins to Navdeep Saini, Outside off, punched through the covers for a run.
Pat Cummins to Navdeep Saini, WIDE. A sharp bouncer, on middle, Saini ducks. Wided for height.
Pat Cummins to Navdeep Saini, A length ball, around off, Saini looks to defend but the ball kicks up after pitching. Hits the splice of the bat and lobs in the air. Cummins rushes to his left but cannot get there.
Pat Cummins to Mohammed Shami, Outside off, pushed towards cover for a single.
Pat Cummins to Mohammed Shami, WIDE. Oh dear. Way down the leg side, left alone.

Mohammed Shami comes out to enjoy himself. It is a hat-trick ball.

Pat Cummins to Hardik Pandya, OUT! CAUGHT! Pandya holes out and is that the game now? Another cutter, outside off, Pandya gets across, looks to go big but mistimes it towards long off. Easy catch for Steven Smith at long off. Australia have bowled well to Hardik in this game. Did not bowl much on the stumps and kept on bowling wide, making him reach out for the balls.

Navdeep Saini walks out now.

Pat Cummins to Ravindra Jadeja, OUT! CAUGHT! Jadeja falls, in trying to keep up with the required rate. Entertaining cameo though. A length ball, outside off, angling across, Jadeja looks to go over mid off who is inside the circle. But the ball barely arrives. He is through his shot way too early and the ball takes the top edge. Glenn Maxwell runs back and takes it calmly. He is pumped up but Australia will not breathe easy till Hardik is around. 69 more needed in 23 balls.
Mitchell Starc to Hardik Pandya, A length ball, on middle, eased over mid-wicket for a couple. 18 from the over. This game is not over yet! 69 needed from 24 balls. Starc has gone for 82 in his 9!
Mitchell Starc to Ravindra Jadeja, Yorker, around off, RJ looks to drive but gets a thick inside edge past the stumps, wide of short fine leg, to his right, for a single.
Mitchell Starc to Ravindra Jadeja, Good comeback. Wide outside off, Ravindra reaches out to drive but misses.
Mitchell Starc to Ravindra Jadeja, SIX! Ho ho ho! Target Henriques, target Zampa. Who thought of targetting Starc? Well, Sir has the answer! A length ball, around middle, Jadeja pulls it over deep square leg! He has rocketed to 23 from 8 balls.
Mitchell Starc to Ravindra Jadeja, This is helped towards deep mid-wicket for a couple of runs.
Mitchell Starc to Ravindra Jadeja, SIX! WALLOP! So what if Pandya is not on strike? Jadeja will go big! A low full toss, outside off, Jadeja swings this over mid-wicket for half a dozen! The stand moves to 22 from 11 balls.
Mitchell Starc to Hardik Pandya, OUT! CAUGHT! But wait, it is a NO BALL! Things going from bad to worse for Starc. Pandya gets a reprieve. And also a Free Hit next ball. Big moment in the game. A slower ball, on a length, outside off, Hardik looks to pull but mistimes it. The ball goes off the bat towards deep mid-wicket where Marnus Labuschagne takes the catch. Australia celebrate, but the umpire wants to check the overstepping. And it is a big one. The batsmen crossed, so Jadeja will face the Free Hit.

Mitchell Starc has been handed the ball. 8-0-64-0 so far. Finch has a long chat with him.

Pat Cummins to Ravindra Jadeja, Excellent running. Jadeja uses the slowness of the ball to help it through mid-wicket with soft hands and then charges back for the second. 12 from the over, 24 in the last 2. India are 303/5 after 45. Australia were 326/3.
Pat Cummins to Ravindra Jadeja, WIDE. Full and well outside off, left alone.

What happened there? The umpire signalled over but he was then reminded by the third umpire that there is one ball left. Remember that no ball call?

After a 9-hour long marathon first ODI, Australia and India clash in the second ODI at the Sydney Cricket Ground. A look at the scorecard of the first game would give you the impression - 'A total drubbing!' But actually, it wasn't so. In a game of rustiness, the team which gave up early, lost. Neither side produced its best but India seemed to get tired after the first 20 overs. Sydney heat? Body not used to playing more than 20 overs? Perhaps. What are you saying? Truth. Again, what are you saying? Once again, the truth. Yes, Australia clobbered 374 with around 200 runs coming in the last 20 overs. The batting came good for the Aussies while the top order was blown away when India came out to bat. But what this does not tell you is how the game slipped away. Dropped catches, misfields and too much sloppy work from the Indians. Then from the Aussies, their own bowlers were rusty too. In spite of having India 4 down early, they still ended up conceding 300. They too, had fielding lapses. So, if proper cricket had been played, we might have had a different story or a closer game at least. We might get that on Sunday. India will definitely try and make a comeback and play clinical cricket, to keep the series alive. Australia, on the other hand, will know that they are a much better bowling and fielding unit than what was displayed on Friday. However, there are injury concerns regarding Marcus Stoinis, on his side strain. While that is a big blow, if he misses out, it could open the door of opportunity for Cameron Green or Moises Henriques.

Australia Team Squad -Aaron Finch,David Warner,Marnus Labuschagne,Steven Smith,Cameron Green,Daniel Sams,Glenn Maxwell,Marcus Stoinis,Moises Henriques,Alex Carey,Matthew Wade,Adam Zampa,Andrew Tye,Ashton Agar,Josh Hazlewood,Mitchell Starc,Pat Cummins,Sean Abbott

India Team Squad -Manish Pandey,Mayank Agarwal,Shikhar Dhawan,Shreyas Iyer,Shubman Gill,Virat Kohli,Hardik Pandya,Ravindra Jadeja,KL Rahul,Sanju Samson,Jasprit Bumrah,Kuldeep Yadav,Mohammed Shami,Navdeep Saini,Shardul Thakur,T Natarajan,Yuzvendra Chahal