India in Australia, 3 ODI Series, 2020

Australia vs India - 3rd ODI

Venue: Manuka Oval, Canberra

Date & Time: 02 December 2020

Australia 289/10

RR: 5.84 | India beat Australia by 13 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Marnus Labuschagne bowled T Natarajanbowled T Natarajan71310
Aaron Finch c Shikhar Dhawan & b Ravindra Jadejac Shikhar Dhawan & b Ravindra Jadeja758273
Steven Smith c KL Rahul (W) & b Shardul Thakurc KL Rahul (W) & b Shardul Thakur71500
Moises Henriques c Shikhar Dhawan & b Shardul Thakurc Shikhar Dhawan & b Shardul Thakur223130
Cameron Green c Ravindra Jadeja & b Kuldeep Yadavc Ravindra Jadeja & b Kuldeep Yadav212711
Alex Carey run out run out 384240
Glenn Maxwell bowled Jasprit Bumrahbowled Jasprit Bumrah593834
Ashton Agar c Kuldeep Yadav & b T Natarajanc Kuldeep Yadav & b T Natarajan282820
Sean Abbott c KL Rahul (W) & b Shardul Thakurc KL Rahul (W) & b Shardul Thakur4900
Adam Zampa lbw Jasprit Bumrahlbw Jasprit Bumrah4700
Josh Hazlewood not out not out 7700
Extras 17 (b 0, lb 6, w 9, nb 2)
Total 289 (10 Wkts, 49.3 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
25-1 (Marnus Labuschagne,5.1), 56-2 (Steven Smith,11.2), 117-3 (Moises Henriques,22.2), 123-4 (Aaron Finch,25.3), 158-5 (Cameron Green,30.5), 210-6 (Alex Carey,37.4), 268-7 (Glenn Maxwell,44.3), 278-8 (Sean Abbott,47), 278-9 (Ashton Agar,47.1), 289-10 (Adam Zampa,49.3),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Jasprit Bumrah9.3 0 43 2 4.62
T Natarajan10 1 70 2 7.00
Shardul Thakur10 1 51 3 5.10
Kuldeep Yadav10 0 57 1 5.70
Ravindra Jadeja10 0 62 1 6.20
Shubman Gill0 0 0 0 0
Shikhar Dhawan0 0 0 0 0
Virat Kohli 0 0 0 0 0
Shreyas Iyer0 0 0 0 0
KL Rahul 0 0 0 0 0
Hardik Pandya0 0 0 0 0

Right then, that caps off a fantastic ODI series between these two cricketing giants. It was a high-scoring humdinger series throughout, with the last match being a bit of an exception to that. But then, it was a nail-biting contest right till the end. And the close contests mean that we wait with bated breath for the T20Is between these two. The 1st of the 3-match T20Is begins at Canberra on Friday, 4th December 2020 at 0810 GMT (1910 Local). We hope to see you then, until then, take care and stay safe. 

Australian skipper, Aaron Finch, says that the way they fought was good. Feels they lost a wicket more and credits Hardik and Jadeja for their innings. Finch says the selection experiment went well and feels Green showed he is ready for international cricket. Tells it was a good day in terms of experimentation. Finch jokes that having two spinners helped them finish the innings early unlike the first two games. Tells that having two spinners has been their recipe in T20s. Tells it is good when top order starts off well and that allows Maxwell to do his job down the order. Tells Starc has a niggly back but hopes to have him fit for the T20I series.

Virat Kohli, the VICTORIOUS INDIAN CAPTAIN, says that his side was basically put under the pump in the first half of their batting and in the second half of India's bowling. But his side did well during both those occasions. Says that one needs to give it their everything, be it with the bat or with the ball. Adds that this pitch was good. It was helping the bowlers much more. Feels that any total is not easy to chase down. Adds that Jasprit Bumrah is someone who wants to keep taking on new challenges. Wants to continue this momentum going forward. States that he would have liked to go on for long, with the bat but that he unfortunately departed. But also adds that Jadeja and Pandya continued after that. States that in Australia one has to play tough cricket.

Steven Smith is the MAN OF THE SERIES. He says that all the back-to-back games were pretty close. States that they were unfortunate to have fallen short tonight but is happy that they played a good game of cricket. States that it is a bit different from the SCG, the playing conditions. Hopes to continue to play well in the coming days as well. Smith hopes there can be a day off before the 1st T20I begins in 48 hours. Chuckles as he says so.

For his tremendous unbeaten 92 off 76 balls, Hardik Pandya is named the Player of the Match. Pandya says he will be fine to play the T20s. Hardik says he has been working hard to make sure that he got to play for his country and is happy to do that. Tells Natarajan is quite a story and is an inspiration for young guys and credits the bowlers. Tells one needs to stay on their toes while playing against Australia. Adds that there is an extra edge while playing against Australia. Jokes that Jadeja can keep the tag of a Rockstar as he, that is Hardik Pandya, is a father now.  

Stay tuned for the presentation. As we hear from the skippers and find the Player of the Match and Player of the Series. 

Earlier in the day, India after opting to bat, scored 302. It looked like the hosts would struggle to get 270 but a superb unbeaten 150-run stand between Pandya and Jadeja changed the tide of the game. Hardik finishing with 92 off just 76 while Jadeja scoring 66 off 50. Skipper Kohli's vital 63 was also important. It looked like India were 15-20 short but in the end it was enough for the tourists to avoid a whitewash. Australia's new look bowling attack started off well but were left clueless by Pandya and Jadeja's power hitting, earlier on.

A very good bowling performance by the new look Indian bowling line-up. The hosts struggled to get wickets in the first two games but that was not the case today. The visitors kept picking wickets at crucial intervals and were also finally able to get a wicket in Powerplay 1! Jadeja and Kuldeep got one wicket each. Debutant, Natarajan, was a bit on the expensive side as he was taken to the cleaners in one over by Maxwell but showed his mettle and finished with 2 wickets. Bumrah looked like his old self and picked the crucial wicket of Maxwell. Finishing with 2! The star with the ball though was undoubtedly Shardul Thakur. Going just a touch over 5 rpo and finishing with 3 wickets including that of Steven Smith.

Chasing 303, unlike the first two ODIs, Australia did not get off to a good start. They lost Marnus Labuschagne and Steven Smith early on. Skipper Finch thuogh continued his impressive form and steadied the ship with Moises Henriques. Both the batters though perished in quick succession. Green too could not convert his start. At 158/5, Australia looked down and out. Maxwell though with his blistering 59 off just 38 balls reignited the Aussie hope. Once Maxwell departed, the Australian lower order crumbled and fell short.

A nail-biting contest and in the end it is India who have held their nerves and avoided a white wash. A crucial win for India before the start of the T20I series as the Men in Blue have begun the Canberra leg of the white ball series with a morale boosting win. Brilliant win for the Men in Blue and they have a lot of positives to take from this. 

There is a review for the LBW. Australia have taken it. Let's see if Zampa can get it reversed in his favour. Nothing on the Hotspot, neither on the Snicko. THREE REDS ON THE BALL TRACKER!

Jasprit Bumrah to Adam Zampa, OUT! LBW! Bumrah gets this right. Bruce Oxenford, the on-field umpire gets it right. Full on off and middle, Zampa closes the face of his bat to wrist it to square leg but he misses to get hit on the pads. An appeal from Jasprit Bumrah and the on-field umpire concurs. Adam Zampa though takes a review. But THREE REDS on the Ball Tracker means INDIA WIN BY 13 RUNS! BUT AUSTRALIA WIN THE 3-MATCH ODI SERIES 2-1.
Jasprit Bumrah to Adam Zampa, Slower ball banged in short around off, Adam looks to pull but misses that one. He is not happy.
Jasprit Bumrah to Josh Hazlewood, Very low full toss on leg, JH gives a little bit of room and strokes it to point for a run. Australia will get nowhere close if they take only singles.

Last over coming up then. 15 runs needed off it. Jasprit Bumrah to bowl the same. The hosts have their task cut out then.

Shardul Thakur to Josh Hazlewood, Outside off, cut away to deep point for one.
Shardul Thakur to Adam Zampa, Knuckle ball, dipping on Adam Zampa. He had moved to the leg side, stretches out and strokes it wide of the bowler for a single.
Shardul Thakur to Josh Hazlewood, Very full and around off, hit hard but to long on. Just the single. Good bowling this from Shardul Thakur.
Shardul Thakur to Josh Hazlewood, Low full toss on off, Hazlewood clears his front leg and drives it to deep cover. Wants two, the throw comes to the keeper's end. Rahul collects and whips the bails off but Josh Hazlewood is well in. His long legs carried him inside there.
Shardul Thakur to Adam Zampa, Full and outside off, carved over point for one.
Shardul Thakur to Adam Zampa, Outside off, Zampa moves to the off side and looked to first ramp it over short fine leg but then later adjusts and looks to play it over the keeper's head and towards third man. Misses though.
T Natarajan to Adam Zampa, Shortish on off and middle, flicked to deep square leg for a brace. Australia need 21 runs in 12 balls.
T Natarajan to Josh Hazlewood, Very full and around off, stroked to point. Hazlewood could not clear the fielders inside the ring there.
T Natarajan to Josh Hazlewood, Good bowling again. Goes for the short ball on top of the stumps. Josh moves to the leg side and looked to ramp it over the keeper's head, towards third man but he ends up missing to strike the ball.
T Natarajan to Adam Zampa, Short ball, Zampa is taken by surprise. But he manages to tap it to point for one. This is a good change in length from T Natarajan.
T Natarajan to Josh Hazlewood, Very full on off, dug out to short mid-wicket for a single. This is very good bowling from yorker Nattu.

Josh Hazlewood is the last man in for Australia.

T Natarajan to Ashton Agar, OUT! TAKEN! 2-in-2 for India. What a great comeback it has been from them. The one guy who could have seen Australia home is walking back. Full and around off, Ashton goes for the aerial cover drive. But he ends up hitting it to Kuldeep Yadav at cover who had to jump a little to take the catch. Indian team on a hat-trick now. Superb.

Who will walk out to bat now? Adam Zampa.

Shardul Thakur to Sean Abbott, OUT! CAUGHT! A big wicket this. A huge over for India. Sean Abbott goes. Short ball, SA swivels and pulls at it but gets a top edge. It goes behind the stumps and KL takes it with ease. The hosts need 25 runs in 18 balls.
Shardul Thakur to Sean Abbott, An appeal for LBW but not given. Drifting down the leg side. Very full and on the boot, Sean Abbott looks to flick but misses to get hit on the boot. An appeal follows but to no avail.
Shardul Thakur to Ashton Agar, Outside off, AA cuts at it but it comes off the outside edge and goes to third man, for one.
Shardul Thakur to Sean Abbott, Slower ball on middle, bunted down to long on for one.   
Shardul Thakur to Ashton Agar, Full toss well outside off, Ashton Agar steers it to third man for a single. Would have been a wide had he left it.
Shardul Thakur to Sean Abbott, Full on middle, chipped safely through short mid-wicket for a single.

Shardul Thakur is back. 2 overs remaining for him.

T Natarajan to Ashton Agar, Agar moves to the leg side and yorker Natarajan follows him with a low full toss. Bunted down to mid on. Ashton Agar wants the second and.... GETS IT! Australia need 29 runs in 24 balls.
T Natarajan to Sean Abbott, Full on middle, driven back firmly to the bowler, who fails to stop it but takes some sting off it. The ball goes to long on for a single. This is a very good come back from Natarajan.
T Natarajan to Sean Abbott, Full on middle, driven off the outer edge to Ravindra at point. This is good bowling from T Natarajan.
T Natarajan to Sean Abbott, On the pads, Abbott looks to flick it but misses to get hit on the pads. A dot delivery.
T Natarajan to Sean Abbott, Very full on off, pushed back to the bowler. Well bowled. 
T Natarajan to Ashton Agar, Very full and around off, dug out to long off for a single.
Jasprit Bumrah to Ashton Agar, Length ball around off, pushed to cover. AA wants the strike and hence takes the single. 33 needed in 30 balls now.
Jasprit Bumrah to Ashton Agar, Back of a length and on top of off, Ashton Agar hops and keeps it out. This is very good from JB.
Jasprit Bumrah to Sean Abbott, Length ball on middle, Sean tucks it through mid-wicket for a run. Is up and running straightaway.

Who's in now? It is Sean Abbott. He can bat as well though.

Jasprit Bumrah to Glenn Maxwell, OUT! TIMBER! That is exactly why Jasprit Bumrah was brought in to bowl. Huge moment for India. Can this be the turning point for the Men in Blue? A yorker on off and middle, the Big Show gives himself room on the off side and looks to jam this one out but he misses. But not the ball. It crashes into the woodwork behind. The hosts still need 35 runs in 33 balls.
Jasprit Bumrah to Glenn Maxwell, WIDE! Trying to go yorker, trying to go leg stump. Ends up bowling it down the leg side, Maxi lets it be.
Jasprit Bumrah to Glenn Maxwell, WIDE! Bumrah goes for the short ball, GM lets it be. Wide called though this time.
Jasprit Bumrah to Ashton Agar, Outside off, punched to sweeper cover for a run.