ICC World Twenty20 Warm-up Matches, 2021

England vs New Zealand - Match 13

Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium Nursery 2, Abu Dhabi

Date & Time: 20 October 2021

New Zealand 150/10

RR: 7.76 | England beat New Zealand by 13 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Martin Guptill c Jason Roy & b Adil Rashidc Jason Roy & b Adil Rashid412043
Tim Seifert bowled Mark Woodbowled Mark Wood8810
Devon Conway run out (Sam Billings / Jos Buttler)run out (Sam Billings / Jos Buttler)202330
Glenn Phillips c Jos Buttler (W) & b Liam Livingstonec Jos Buttler (W) & b Liam Livingstone7510
Mark Chapman c Chris Jordan & b Adil Rashidc Chris Jordan & b Adil Rashid1500
Daryl Mitchell c Chris Woakes & b Mark Woodc Chris Woakes & b Mark Wood2500
Mitchell Santner bowled Adil Rashidbowled Adil Rashid0200
Tim Southee c Jos Buttler (W) & b Mark Woodc Jos Buttler (W) & b Mark Wood101110
Kyle Jamieson c Chris Jordan & b Mark Woodc Chris Jordan & b Mark Wood3800
Ish Sodhi not out not out 251612
Todd Astle bowled Chris Woakesbowled Chris Woakes161301
Kane Williamson
Lockie Ferguson
Extras 17 (b 0, lb 8, w 8, nb 1)
Total 150 (10 Wkts, 19.2 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
28-1 (Tim Seifert,2.5), 66-2 (Martin Guptill,6.3), 81-3 (Devon Conway,8.5), 87-4 (Glenn Phillips,10), 87-5 (Mark Chapman,10.1), 87-6 (Mitchell Santner,10.3), 97-7 (Daryl Mitchell,12.2), 103-8 (Kyle Jamieson,14.2), 103-9 (Tim Southee,14.3), 150-10 (Todd Astle,19.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Liam Livingstone3 0 29 1 9.67
Chris Woakes3.2 0 31 1 9.69
Mark Wood4 0 23 4 5.75
Tymal Mills4 0 23 0 5.75
Adil Rashid3 0 18 3 6.00
Chris Jordan2 0 18 0 9.00

We're done with this match. The next set of two warm-up games involving Afghanistan and West Indies, Pakistan and South Africa will begin shortly at 6 pm local (2 pm GMT). You can now switch tabs and get all the updates. Cheers!

Apart from a bit of extra work towards the end, England will be satisfied with their bowling show. They were put under pressure initially by Martin Guptill but after that, the English bowlers picked up the intensity in the middle overs. As mentioned earlier, Adil Rashid picked three crucial wickets and was quite handy with his variations. The English batting though still needs to get more effective and sharp. Jos Buttler had a good outing and Sam Billings also showed his skills in the death overs but the form of Jason Roy, Eoin Morgan and Dawid Malan remains a big concern for them.

It was a stiff target for New Zealand but apart from Martin Guptill and his stand with Devon Conway, there wasn't much fight shown. Todd Astle and Ish Sodhi did put up a good resistance but you can't take a lot of confidence from their partnership. All the other Kiwi batters looked in a hurry and England had no qualms in giving them the return ticket. Adil Rashid bounced back well after a disappointing show against India and picked up three wickets. Mark Wood also bowled with a lot of fire and pace and claimed a 4-wicket haul. Not the kind of outing the Blackcaps would have planned for but at least they now know the areas they need to focus on. 

Great fight from the final partnership but eventually, England managed to cross the line. From 103/9, the Three Lions let the game drift away a bit and can certainly not afford to do that in the main tournament. To close the game effectively is something England would like to do better in the coming games.

Chris Woakes to Todd Astle, OUT! BOWLED 'EM! Chris Woakes ends the game well for England. Todd Astle and Ish Sodhi gave them a nervy end but the Brits do well to cross the line here. This is bowled slightly shorter, around off and middle, Todd Astle gets inside the line and looks to work this to the leg side but the ball takes the thigh pad and clips the top of the leg pole. England win by 13 runs! 
Chris Woakes to Ish Sodhi, This is bowled in the blockhole, around off, Ish digs this one towards covers for a single. 

15 needed off 6 balls. Can New Zealand pull it off? Chris Woakes to bowl...

Chris Jordan to Todd Astle, SIX! What a great strike! This brings the equation down for the Kiwis as they need 15 more from the last 6 balls! Slower ball, full on off, Todd Astle judges this well and gets low to smoke this one well over deep mid-wicket. 
Chris Jordan to Todd Astle, A pacy length delivery outside off, Todd Astle reaches out and works this past point for a couple of runs. 
Chris Jordan to Ish Sodhi, Around off and middle, heaved to the long on region for a run. 
Chris Jordan to Ish Sodhi, FOUR! Over the fielder at mid off! A full toss, around off and middle, Ish Sodhi lofts this one over the leaping mid off fielder for a boundary. Sodhi moves into the 20s. 
Chris Jordan to Ish Sodhi, Outside off, bunted back to Chris by Ish. 
Chris Jordan to Todd Astle, Yorker, around off, Todd Astle digs this one past Jordan, to the left of long on for a single. 
Tymal Mills to Todd Astle, Full toss on middle, knocked to the leg side for one. 29 more needed from 12 balls! 
Tymal Mills to Ish Sodhi, The slower one again, around middle, Ish Sodhi is taken by surprise as he lets out a laugh after he awkwardly pulls this to square leg for one. 
Tymal Mills to Ish Sodhi, On middle, it is the slower one again, Mills blocks it to the right of Tymal. 
Tymal Mills to Todd Astle, Todd Astle guides this one to the short third man fielder for one. 
Tymal Mills to Ish Sodhi, Slower again on the pads, Sodhi tickles this through short fine leg for one. 
Tymal Mills to Ish Sodhi, Off-pace, back of a length, on middle, Sodhi is early into the pull shot and misses. 

Update - India have won their warm-up game against Australia by 9 wickets whereas Namibia have managed to outclass the Netherlands, all thanks to the knock from David Wiese. They have opened their account and made Group A very interesting.

Tymal Mills (3-0-20-0) comes back into the attack.

Chris Jordan to Todd Astle, Just 4 off this. Yorker, way outside off, Astle reaches out but fails to connect. 
Chris Jordan to Ish Sodhi, Around off, Ish hits this one through mid on for one. 
Chris Jordan to Todd Astle, Another fuller delivery, around off, Todd makes room and bunts this through covers for one. 
Chris Jordan to Todd Astle, Outside off on a length, slower ball, Astle flashes but misses this time. 
Chris Jordan to Ish Sodhi, Fuller, around off, hit to the mid off region for one. 
Chris Jordan to Todd Astle, Length delivery on the pads, nudged to the left of short fine leg for one. 

Chris Jordan comes into the attack now.

Chris Woakes to Todd Astle, Fuller, on off, Todd Astle hits it to the extra cover fielder in the ring. Takes a single. 37 needed off 24 balls, is there some life left in this chase?
Chris Woakes to Todd Astle,  FIVE WIDES! The ball has missed everything! Chris Woakes delivers this way too wide outside the off stump. Maybe Todd Astle going across his crease made him bowl that wide. But he gets it too wide for anyone to stop it as the ball goes away from Jos Buttler for a boundary at third man.
Chris Woakes to Ish Sodhi, Length ball, outside off, Ish Sodhi drills it to sweeper cover for a single.
Chris Woakes to Ish Sodhi, SIX! Second maximum of the over! Shortish delivery around off, Ish Sodhi backs away and hammers this over long on for another biggie.
Chris Woakes to Ish Sodhi, WIDE! Chris Woakes delivers this down the leg side. Ish Sodhi tries to get his bat on that one but misses. Wide called.
Chris Woakes to Ish Sodhi, SIX! DISPATCHED! Length ball, in the slot for Ish Sodhi. He clears his front leg and tonks it over long on for a biggie.
Chris Woakes to Todd Astle, Fuller, on off, Todd Astle hits it to mid off and gets a single.
Chris Woakes to Ish Sodhi, Length ball, on off, Ish Sodhi works it away towards mid on and gets another quick single.

Chris Woakes (2-0-8-0) comes back into the attack.

Mark Wood to Ish Sodhi, On a length, Ish Sodhi pushes it to covers and sets off for a quick single. Skipper Morgan collects the ball and has a shy at the striker's end but misses. Single taken
Mark Wood to Ish Sodhi, Back of a length, on off, Ish Sodhi blocks it off the back foot.
Mark Wood to Todd Astle, Length ball, on off, Todd Astle pushes it to covers for a single.

Todd Astle is the last man to come in.

Mark Wood to Tim Southee, OUT! Another one bites the dust! Length ball, Tim Southee backs away again and looks to heave away across the line. Gets an inside edge to the wicketkeeper, Jos Buttler. He takes a fine low catch. Hat-trick ball coming up.

Ish Sodhi walks out now.

Mark Wood to Kyle Jamieson, OUT! Mark Wood gets another one! Back of a length, on the stumps, Kyle Jamieson backs away and looks to go over covers but miscues. The ball goes high in the air and Jordan running from mid off takes a fine catch.
Mark Wood to Tim Southee, Length ball, in the line of the stumps, Tim Southee backs away and slaps it to long on for a single.
Tymal Mills to Tim Southee, A full toss, around middle, worked to deep square leg for a single. 
Tymal Mills to Kyle Jamieson, Short of a length, on off, tapped to covers for one. 
Tymal Mills to Tim Southee, Off-pace again, around off, Tim bunts this past the bowler and crosses ends. 
Tymal Mills to Kyle Jamieson, On the pads, on a length, Kyle clips this to deep square leg for a run. 
Tymal Mills to Kyle Jamieson, Slower now, fuller outside off, KJ looks to hit it over mid on but fails to connect.