ICC World Twenty20, 2021

England vs New Zealand - 1st Semi-Final

Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Date & Time: 10 November 2021

New Zealand 167/5

RR: 8.79 | New Zealand beat England by 5 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Martin Guptill c Moeen Ali & b Chris Woakesc Moeen Ali & b Chris Woakes4310
Daryl Mitchell not out not out 724744
Kane Williamson c Adil Rashid & b Chris Woakesc Adil Rashid & b Chris Woakes51100
Devon Conway stumped Jos Buttler & b Liam Livingstonestumped Jos Buttler & b Liam Livingstone463851
Glenn Phillips c Sam Billings & b Liam Livingstonec Sam Billings & b Liam Livingstone2400
James Neesham c Eoin Morgan & b Adil Rashidc Eoin Morgan & b Adil Rashid271113
Mitchell Santner not out not out 1100
Adam Milne
Tim Southee
Ish Sodhi
Trent Boult
Extras 10 (b 1, lb 4, w 4, nb 1)
Total 167 (5 Wkts, 19.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
4-1 (Martin Guptill,0.3), 13-2 (Kane Williamson,2.4), 95-3 (Devon Conway,13.4), 107-4 (Glenn Phillips,15.1), 147-5 (James Neesham,18),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Chris Woakes4 1 36 2 9.00
Chris Jordan3 0 31 0 10.33
Adil Rashid4 0 39 1 9.75
Mark Wood4 0 34 0 8.50
Liam Livingstone4 0 22 2 5.50

That's a wrap to this exhilarating see-saw contest. We have got our first finalist in New Zealand. Do join us on Thursday for the clash between Australia and Pakistan in Dubai to find out the second finalist. The action will begin at 6 pm local (2 pm GMT) but you can join us in advance for the build-up. Cheers!

Kane Williamson, the victorious captain of New Zealand, says that they have played England on several occasions and they knew it was going to be a great game of cricket. Adds that England had a good total on the board but staying in the game was the key. Praises Daryl Mitchell and the character that he has shown throughout the tournament. Confesses that they were probably a little behind the curve but the momentum shifted at the right time. Praises James Neesham and says that it was a valuable knock from him and it was ultimately the deciding factor for them. Shares that they will be watching the second semi-final and are expecting a fantastic match. Signs off by saying that they know they have another challenge coming up and they will focus on that.

Eoin Morgan, the captain of England, says that coming into the game they knew that both sides were really good and credits Kane Williamson and his team for the way they played. Praises his team by saying that they fought really hard in the tournament and even in this game, but it wasn't their day. Says that it is hard to identify the key moments where they lost the game but feels that they lost the momentum in the last few overs. Shares that it was a sluggish wicket and offered a bit to the spinners but England hung in there to put a par score. Credits James Neesham for the way he hit sixes straightaway on this pitch. Finishes by saying that he loves playing for England and he hopes to play the next T20 World Cup in 2022.

No prizes for guessing, Daryl Mitchell is the Player of the Match! The Kiwi opener says that it was a little whirlwind and he is just happy to get the job done in the end. Mentions that the pitch was a little two-paced at the start and the innings by Conway set the platform and Neesham with his hitting from ball one helped them. Adds that they wanted to hang in there and they knew that one or two good overs will help them to get the job done. He signs off by saying that it is cool to have his family here watching the game.

Presentation time...

Earlier in the evening, after being put to bat first, England didn't get the desired start as they lost both Jonny Bairstow and Jos Buttler quite early. The Three Lions struggled for fluency throughout, especially in the first half of their batting innings. Courtesy of the stand between Moeen Ali and Dawid Malan, England clawed their way back and the former made sure to take the total beyond the 160-run mark. However, things didn't go according to the plan for them with the ball in the end overs and they ended up losing the knockout game.

England will be shell-shocked. It was their game to lose till the start of the last five overs and some very average bowling at the death has cost them a chance to play in the final. James Neesham targeted Chris Jordan in the 17th over and New Zealand amassed 23 runs from it. It all went haywire for the Three Lions and that over turned out to be the momentum stealer. The Blackcaps rode the momentum from thereon and demolished the target in the end.

The chips were down in the New Zealand camp. The required rate was alarmingly high. The chance to play in the final was fast slipping away. It was a pitch that demanded application and bravery. Daryl Mitchell showed both the qualities and James Neesham's arrival injected fresh momentum into the chase for the Kiwis. His sparkling cameo brought the required rate down drastically and then Mitchell took over. He stayed unbeaten and steered the Kiwis to victory with 6 balls to spare in the end. Unbelievable.

To be honest, it appeared that it's not the night for New Zealand. Their chase started on the wrong note as they lost two of the most experienced batters in Martin Guptill and Kane Williamson fairly early and cheaply. The 82-run stand between Daryl Mitchell and Devon Conway brought a ray of hope in the New Zealand camp but the departure of the latter put immense pressure on them. Mitchell did spend some time in the middle but he was not at his fluent best and struggled for timing. That was one half of the story, the next half made him the hero.

NEW ZEALAND ARE IN THE FINAL! They have done it. They have avenged their loss against England by knocking them out of the 2021 T20 World Cup. The pain of Lord's, the ghost of Lord's that haunted the Blackcaps has been buried here in Abu Dhabi. What a match! What a victory! Daryl Mitchell has emerged as the unlikely hero for the Kiwis and they are over the moon. The Kiwi dugout is jumping in joy. You can feel the excitement in the air.

Chris Woakes to Daryl Mitchell, FOUR! Mitchell though wants to end it in style and he does so! NEW ZEALAND HAVE BEATEN THE FINALIST OF THE LAST EDITION AND HEAD TO THEIR MAIDEN T20 WORLD CUP FINAL! A high full toss, on middle and leg, Mitchell swings, it goes off the inner half through backward square leg. Boundary. New Zealand win by 5 wickets.
Chris Woakes to Mitchell Santner, Shorter in length and on middle, Santner now pulls it towards deep square leg for one. Singles will do it now for the Kiwis.

Eoin Morgan is in discussion with Chris Woakes. Does the pacer have one more trick up his sleeve?

Chris Woakes to Daryl Mitchell, Five more needed! A short one, on middle, Daryl Mitchell pulls, this time he does not get on top of the bounce. It goes off the top edge but lands well short of deep square leg for one.
Chris Woakes to Daryl Mitchell, SIX! BANG! Daryl Mitchell is in a hurry now to end this. He is just a big hit away! Short and on middle, sits up to be hit. Mitchell nails the pull and it goes over the mid-wicket fence.
Chris Woakes to Daryl Mitchell, SIX! Daryl Mitchell, you beauty! After Neesham's wicket, the onus is now on him and he is providing the late kick. Not good bowling though from England. It is on a length and on middle, this is thumped over the long on fence for a biggie. 12 needed in 10. New Zealand's game to lose.
Chris Woakes to Daryl Mitchell, Good running! Two taken! Shorter and on middle, this is slapped straight down the ground. They take one, go for the second. Complete it.

Mitchell Santner will bat now. We are headed for a thrilling finish, folks. Chris Woakes will bowl the penultimate over. He has been the man with the ball for Eoin Morgan. Can he deliver here?

Adil Rashid to James Neesham, OUT! TAKEN! The googly of Adil Rashid does it! He bowls it shorter and outside off. James Neesham looks to cut it away but gets it from the outer half of the bat. The ball goes aerially to the right of extra cover. Eoin Morgan moves to that side and takes it with ease. 20 needed in the last 2 overs! 
Adil Rashid to Daryl Mitchell, Flatter ball, outside off. Daryl Mitchell slaps it towards long off for one. They think for the second but settle for one.
Adil Rashid to Daryl Mitchell, SIX! All the way! Oh, how the momentum has changed in the last 10 balls! A short ball by Adil Rashid. Daryl Mitchell rocks back and pulls it way over the long on fence. 21 needed from 14 now.
Adil Rashid to James Neesham, Direct hit and Neesham would have been gone! Shorter ball, on off. He cuts it to covers and takes off for one. The fielder misses his shy at the bowler's end so Neesham is safe.
Adil Rashid to James Neesham, SIX! There she goes! Neesham is playing a gem of an innings here for New Zealand! Tossed up, googly and on off. Neesham gets low and slog-sweeps it over the mid-wicket fence.
Adil Rashid to James Neesham, Shorter ball, on off. Chopped to long off. Daryl Mitchell gets in the way of Adil Rashid so he does not take the single. So good to see in such a crunch situation.

Change in bowling. Adil Rashid (3-0-25-0) is back on.

Chris Jordan to James Neesham, Fuller and on middle, Neesham, swings, it goes off the inner half through square leg for one. End of a huge over, the game has changed in the favour of the Kiwis now. 34 needed off 18 balls.
Chris Jordan to James Neesham, That lands in between the two fielders! On middle, Neesham once again looks to loft it over the leg side. Does not connect that well. Liam Livingstone runs to his right from deep mid-wicket. Jonny Bairstow runs to his left from long on but both do not go for the catch. Two in the end. Jordan can't believe it.
Chris Jordan to James Neesham, SIX! BAIRSTOW'S KNEE HAS TOUCHED THE ROPES! That is what he was worried about and that is a maximum for Neesham. Yet another one and he has got New Zealand back into the game. Heart in the mouth stuff for Neesham there. A slower one and Neesham drags his attempted heave shot towards wide long on. The timing is not there. Bairstow runs towards the ball, takes it but starts to fall down on the ropes. Jonny shows good awareness by tossing the ball to Livingstone who has come in from deep mid-wicket. Liam catches it and releases the throw. Meanwhile, Jordan is celebrating the relay catch. The throw is to the keeper's end where the bails are whipped off. Even the run out is to be checked. The focus shifts towards the two umpires who refer it upstairs. The soft signal for the catch is out. Replays though show that the knee of Bairstow has touched the fence and there is no need to look any further. Drama galore.

Is that a catch? The soft signal is out. Hang on, it is a six. Jonny Bairstow's knee touched the ropes while collecting the catch.

Chris Jordan to James Neesham, WIDE! This is not good, not what is expected from Jordan! He is so good at death but that is what pressure can do to you. Looks to bowl the slower one but bowls it well wide outside off. Left alone.
Chris Jordan to James Neesham, FOUR! Thumped! This is a huge over! On middle, once again, the bowler misses the spot. It is thumped down to the long on fence for a boundary. This is outstanding batting from Neesham.
Chris Jordan to James Neesham, WIDE! Pressure getting to Jordan here! Down the leg side. Way down the leg side. Left alone. Morgan has a word with his bowler. 
Chris Jordan to James Neesham, Full ball, on the pads. James Neesham misses the whip. The ball hits his pads and rolls away. Buttler chases it by going towards deep square and they get two leg byes.
Chris Jordan to James Neesham, SIX! Bang! On a length, on the pads. Neesham lines himself up and heaves it way over the mid-wicket fence.

Change in bowling. Chris Jordan (2-0-16-0) is back on.

Liam Livingstone to James Neesham, Loopy and full around off, Neesham drags his attempted slog-sweep to deep mid-wicket. A single to close a terrific over. What a spell from Liam Livingstone - 4-0-22-2!
Liam Livingstone to James Neesham, Wide! Slips a full ball down the leg side, Neesham sees it through to the keeper.
Liam Livingstone to Daryl Mitchell, A bit straighter from Liam, it's worked in the gap at mid-wicket for a single.
Liam Livingstone to Daryl Mitchell, Beaten again! Liam Livingstone is all over Daryl Mitchell at the moment. Dishes out a leg spinner, outside off, Daryl has not picked it, tries to drive but misses.
Liam Livingstone to Daryl Mitchell, Quicker and flatter, full and outside off, Daryl Mitchell tries to play the reverse-batted shot but misses.
Liam Livingstone to Daryl Mitchell, Flighted and full, around off and spinning away, Daryl throws his bat at it but fails to connect.

The game is slipping away from New Zealand. They need someone to play a blinder of an innings here. Can James Neesham do that?

Liam Livingstone to Glenn Phillips, OUT! CAUGHT! Liam Livingstone is doing with the ball, gets his second wicket and removes the dangerous Glenn Phillips. A floated delivery, pitching fuller and around middle, perhaps a leg spinner, Phillips winds up for a big heave over the leg side but gets a massive top edge on it. The ball flies down to long off and Sam Billings takes the simplest of catches. The wheels are coming off for the Kiwis. 60 needed off 29 balls.
Mark Wood to Glenn Phillips, Spears in a full ball around off, Glenn Phillips forces it out to the right of mid on and takes a single. Chris Jordan came up with a good sliding stop inside the ring.
Mark Wood to Daryl Mitchell, Follows the batsman down the leg side with a 151 kph short delivery, Daryl Mitchell plays a mistimed pull to deep square leg for a single.
Mark Wood to Daryl Mitchell, FOUR! The quicker you bowl, the faster you travel. Wood goes short and sharp around off, Daryl Mitchell looks to pull but only manages a top edge. It flies behind the keeper and finds the fence. New Zealand won't mind how they come as long as they come.
Mark Wood to Daryl Mitchell, 100 up! Shortish and around off, at 91 mph, Mitchell backs away to heave it over the leg side but ends up slicing it down to third man for two. Singles or doubles won't do it for the Blackcaps. They need to find the boundaries. 
Mark Wood to Glenn Phillips, Again it's on the shorter side around off, Glenn taps it down to cover-point and rotates the strike.
Mark Wood to Daryl Mitchell, Back of a length, around off, Daryl Mitchell steps back and slaps it down to long off for a run.
Liam Livingstone to Daryl Mitchell, Flatter ball, on off. Punched past covers for one.