ICC Cricket World Cup Warm-up Matches, 2019

South Africa vs West Indies - Match 5

Venue: County Ground, Bristol

Date & Time: 26 May 2019

South Africa 95/0

RR: 7.5 | Match Abandoned


We have two more Warm up games coming up on 27th May! Australia take on Sri Lanka at Southampton and England lock horns with Afghanistan at The Oval. Both the games begin at 1030 local (0930 GMT). Hope we get two full games. Till then, take care and goodbye!

A very frustrating day of cricket comes to an end! Rain played spoil sport in both the Warm up games today. The Pakistan and Bangladesh one did not see even a ball being bowled. Here however, we had the toss which the Windies won and elected to bowl. De Kock and Amla started off in explosive fashion. After around the 10th overs though, rain interrupted and the players were off. It was a long delay but the players did walk out again only for a few balls before rain arrived again. The wait then continued. It did end. The players did march out for a 31-over-per side game again but another drizzle saw the umpires call it off!

So that should probably be it! The inevitable has happened! The players are seen shaking hands and THE GAME HAS BEEN CALLED OFF!

Guess what? We are going off again! The umbrellas are out and the covers have been called on. However, the Windies players are not in a rush to get off so, it might not be very heavy. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

A Russell to H Amla, 1 run.
A Russell to H Amla, A good yorker on middle, Amla jams it out.
A Russell to H Amla, Another bouncer but this bounces way above the batsman's head. Wided.
A Russell to de Kock, Only a single as de Kock guides it down to third man.
A Russell to de Kock, FOUR! It is raining boundaries at the moment. Short and outside off, de Kock cuts it past point and the ball races away to the fence.
O Thomas to H Amla, FOUR!STREAKY! Fuller in length, Amla looks to drive it but gets an inside edge which runs past the stumps and into the fine leg fence. 50 up for Amla. Not the kind off innings we usually see from Amla. Explosive from the word go. 16 runs coming in the over. A very productive one.
O Thomas to H Amla, SIX! Up and over the Slips. Amla see the length to be short he just upper cuts it and from the moment the ball left the bat it was heading for a maximum. First of the innings.
O Thomas to de Kock, Length ball on pads de Kock flicks it to leg side for single.
O Thomas to de Kock, FOUR! Short of length on middle, de Kock pulls it brutally to the mid-wicket fence for a boundary.
O Thomas to H Amla, he batsman opens the face of the bat and helps it to third man. The batsmen have run through for a single.
O Thomas to H Amla, Length ball outside off, Amla drives but misses, the ball goes on the bounce to the keeper.

Oshane Thomas is on!

A Russell to de Kock, FOUR! Perfect response from de Kock. Russell gets too predictable there. He goes short again and de Kock was waiting for it, he rocks back and pulls it through backward square leg for a boundary.
A Russell to de Kock, Russell has his tail up here! He bangs another one short and it is on the body, de Kock once again does well to evade it.
A Russell to de Kock, Good pacey short one on middle, de Kock first thinks of a pull but the realizes it is too quick, he evades it well.
A Russell to H Amla, On the shorter side on off, Amla guides it down to third man and a single is taken.
A Russell to H Amla, FOUR! Crunched! Short, wide and Amla makes Russell pay. He goes back and cuts it past point for a boundary.
A Russell to de Kock, On the shorter side, de Kock pulls it towards fine leg for one.
J Holder to de Kock, The batsman gets an inside edge on that which goes fine down the leg side. One run added to the total.
J Holder to de Kock,BEATEN! Length ball leaving the batsman de Kock looks to run down towards third man, the ball whizzes past the outside edge.
J Holder to H Amla, Length ball outside off, pushed towards covers and a single taken.

Loud cheer from the crowd as the players trudge out! The breakdown of the Powerplays are as follows - 1-6 - PP1, 7-25 - PP2 and 26-31 - PP3! Powerplay 2 signalled by the umpire as we are set to resume the game. Jason Holder to continue bowling from the fourth ball, Amla on strike!

Update 1525 local - Woohoo! Good news! It has stopped raining and the captains have met and discussed with the outcome of it being that we will be having more cricket! The game will be a 31-over affair and play will begin at 1530 local, in 5 minutes from now!

Update 1500 local (1400 GMT) - The update is no update! Nothing seems to be happening here as such. Just a whole lot of waiting while the conditions are still wet.

Update 1359 local (1259 GMT) - Well, well, well... Do not get too excited folks. The match is not going to begin. The covers are coming on again!

Update 1345 local (1245 GMT) - The rain has stopped and the covers are being removed. We are expecting a start in about 10-15 minutes from now i.e around 1400 local time!

1315 Local (1215 GMT) - We are still waiting for the conditions to become better. We have started losing overs. No such improvement yet though...

Well, they go off again! So 7 balls is all they had come out for. This is frustrating for the players and the crowd but that is how one assumes the day is going to be. Let's up once again hope, it is not a long delay and this time, if we come on, we don't go off then.

J Holder to H Amla, FOUR! Half volley to Amla and he puts it away! Full and on off, Amla leans into it and creams it through extra cover. That went to the fence like a tracer bullet.
J Holder to H Amla, Back of a length again and the line is on off, Amla stands tall and defends it onto the ground.
J Holder to H Amla, Lands it on a back of a length on off, Amla stands tall and keeps it out.

Jason Holder to bowl from the other end!

A Russell to de Kock, Defended off the back foot by the batsman.
A Russell to H Amla, Length ball going down the leg stump, Amla pulls it to fine leg for a single.
A Russell to H Amla, Pitching outside off, Amla punches it to point.
A Russell to H Amla, Length ball on middle and leg, Amla looks to fend that away to the leg side but gets hit high on the pads.

The players make their way out to the middle. It is not Gabriel who is going to continue his over, instead, it is Russell who has the ball in his hand.

1146 Local - We have news for you and it is good! The rain has stopped and the covers are off. Play will resume 1150 local.

It has started to pour now! It was drizzling for quite a while but the umpires now feel they need to walk off. On come the covers, let's hope it is not a long delay.

S Gabriel to H Amla, Length ball on the off stump, Amla looks to guide it to third man but gets an inside edge to square leg.
S Gabriel to H Amla, Short of a length, Amla hops and defends it to the on side.

Shannon Gabriel comes into bowl.

S Cottrell to de Kock, FOUR! That was right out of the meat of the blade. A short ball, rank poor one too. De Kock stands tall and pulls this away easily over mid-wicket. No where the ball was going but the boundary.
S Cottrell to H Amla, Back of a length outside off, Amla guides it on the off side for a single to third man. The fielder there fumbles but it does not cost any extra run.
S Cottrell to H Amla, Another punch towards cover by Amla.
S Cottrell to H Amla, That flew off the bat with extreme pace but unfortunately straight at the fielder at cover. Such a good shot to this full and wide ball outside off, but for no run.
S Cottrell to H Amla, Closer to the off stump and on a good length, punched to cover by Amla from deep in the crease.
S Cottrell to H Amla, FOUR! Too short and too easy! Amla has his eyes in now and pulls this short ball away easily over mid-wicket. There was too much time to play that shot. It brings up the 50 for South Africa as well.
J Holder to H Amla, On the middle and leg stump line, glanced fine on the leg side for a run.
J Holder to H Amla, Timed beautifully by Hashim this time but the ball goes straight to the point fielder.
J Holder to H Amla, Back of a length outside off, defended off the back foot by Amla.
J Holder to H Amla, Really full on middle, Amla looks to drive the ball down the ground but the ball goes off the outside half and through point for a couple of runs.
J Holder to H Amla, Good shot. A punch to this length ball outside off which goes wide of mid off. Two runs are taken while Thomas runs back and stops the ball.
J Holder to H Amla, Pushed to the cover region by the batsman.
S Cottrell to de Kock, FOUR! Deliberate shot and smartly played! A bouncer outside off, de Kock waits for the ball to come to him before ramping it over the slips. The ball lands just inside the fence. 14 runs off this over.
S Cottrell to de Kock, FOUR! Shot of the day so far for me. Showing the makers' name! A full ball on middle, Quinton de Kock shows the straight face of the bat and drives it with spellbinding timing back past the bowler. Four from the moment it left the bat.
S Cottrell to H Amla, Another misfield. A length ball on the pads, turned towards mid-wicket by Amla. Lewis there has the ball covered but lets it go through. A single is hence possible.
S Cottrell to H Amla, FOUR! Easy pickings. A really full ball wide outside off, Amla reaches out and just has to put it in the gap which he does so easily. Finds the fence again.
S Cottrell to de Kock, Bowled on the pads and a slightly fuller length than the previous one. Quinton was on the back foot initially and hence misses out. He gets it off the pad and down to fine leg for a leg bye.
S Cottrell to de Kock, What a ball! Back of a length on off, it spits off the surface and bounces awkwardly while also cutting it. The ball catches de Kock on his fingers. He was not ready for that one.
J Holder to H Amla, Kept out on the front foot by HA to end the over.
J Holder to de Kock, De Kock guides this ball on a length outside off to third man for a run. He plays it really well to get it between gully and point.
J Holder to de Kock, Good shot but for no run. On a length outside off, punched solidly towards point by the southpaw.
J Holder to H Amla, Short of a length on middle, tucked towards square leg by Hashim and a single is taken.
J Holder to H Amla, Punched off the back foot without timing towards the off side by Amla.
J Holder to de Kock, Bad fielding. A length ball on off, driven back down the ground by de Kock towards the right of mid on. Oshane Thomas there moves to his right but lets the ball go through. 3 runs are taken till the mid on fielder runs and retrieves the ball back.
S Cottrell to H Amla, Good ball but equally well played! A really full inswinger on middle, Amla drives this back down towards mid on who moves to his left and stops the ball.
S Cottrell to de Kock, Run down to third man for a single by the southpaw.
S Cottrell to de Kock, Another short of a length ball on off, good bounce on that one. De Kock rides the bounce and defends it back down the ground.
S Cottrell to de Kock, On a length outside off, punched off the front foot to mid off.
S Cottrell to de Kock, The batsman shoulders arms to let that one through.
S Cottrell to de Kock, FOUR BYES! That has taken off! A really short ball from Cottrell, bouncer outside off. It takes off after crossing the batsman. De Kock looks to initially ramp the ball but then the bounce was so much and it flies over a desperate keeper who manages to get a glove to it but does not stop the ball.
J Holder to H Amla, Another good leave by Hashim outside off.
J Holder to H Amla, Well left outside off this time by the batsman.
J Holder to H Amla, FOUR! Hashim Amla is looking good screams Sanjay Manjrekar on air and indeed he is. A length ball on middle and leg, easy pickings for the South African legend. He just flicks it away nonchalantly through mid-wicket. The ball is timed so well that the only work for mid on to do was to go and fetch the ball from outside the rope.
J Holder to H Amla, Slightly back of a length again outside off, pushed towards cover-point once more.
J Holder to H Amla, Amla rides the bounce and punches this back of a length ball outside off towards point.
J Holder to H Amla, Outside off, back of a length. Left alone by Hashim Amla.
S Cottrell to de Kock, De Kock looks to punch this off the back foot but fails to time this ball which was short outside off.
S Cottrell to de Kock, Another appeal but a clear inside edge this time. On a length just outside off and coming in, Quinton de Kock looks to drive straight down but gets a thick inside edge onto the pad. There is a stifled appeal.
S Cottrell to de Kock, Defended off the back foot by the batsman.
S Cottrell to de Kock, FOUR! Shot! This is all class and timing. Full outside off, a half-volley almost. De Kock leans and drives this through cover-point. Finds the gap and with perfect timing, that means the ball will easily reach the fence.
S Cottrell to de Kock, Loud appeal but the umpire says no. A length ball on middle angling in, de Kock misses the ball and gets rapped just near the knee roll in front of the stumps. There is a loud appeal but the umpire feels perhaps the ball would have missed leg stump and hence, rules it not out. West Indies do not review. It did look a lot closer on the replays.
S Cottrell to de Kock, Short and wide outside off, Quinton de Kock wanted to cut it away but gets the ball of the under edge onto the off side.

Sheldon Cottrell to bowl with the other new ball.

J Holder to H Amla, Solid defense to this length ball to end the first over. 9 runs off it.
J Holder to H Amla, FOUR! Perfect shot! A length ball outside off, not much wrong with the ball. Amla gets on top of the bounce before just bringing down a straightish bat to chop this past Hetmyer at point. Beats him and reaches the rope as well. Such class.
J Holder to H Amla, Another defense using really good technique. Back of a length on off, Amla gets on his toes before defending the ball back down onto the surface.
J Holder to H Amla, Better ball, on a good length outside off. Well played by Amla though as he allows the ball to come to him and play it off the thickish outside half to point. He removed the bottom hand to ensure the ball did not go in the air.
J Holder to H Amla, FOUR! Off the mark with a boundary! On the pads, easy pickings for a guy of Hashim's caliber. Amla just rolls the wrists and flicks it away through square leg easily for a boundary.
J Holder to H Amla, Corrects his line, bowls this on top of off stump. Amla defends it back watchfully.
J Holder to H Amla, Wide! Poor start from Holder. Bowls this way down the leg side, left alone by Amla. Wided by the umpire.

The West Indies team is in a circle near the boundary rope. They walk in followed by the two South African openers. Quinton de Kock and Hashim Amla to open for the Proteas. Cheers around the ground as the players walk in. Jason Holder has the first new ball in hand. Two slips in place for the right-hander, let's play!!!

South Africa skipper, JP Duminy says that it is important to understand conditions here which will be different to the previous game in Cardiff. Regarding Faf, JP says that the original skipper will be batting but Duminy himself will be heading the team on the field in the bowling innings. Signs off by saying they are just trying different things.

West Indies skipper, Jason Holder says that they would like to field first because it looks like a fresh wicket, make first use of it with the overhead conditions. He feels that the preparations have been solid and they want to take the form into the tournament. Tells that these matches will be an opportunity for guys to perform roles given to them, get used to conditions in England and also their last chance to finalize the playing eleven. He mentions that they have named only 12 players today with Roach, Allen and one more which he cannot recollect missing out.

TOSS - WEST INDIES win the toss and elect to bowl first.

PITCH REPORT - Michael Holding, one of the two pitch experts for us today tells us that the surface looks pretty hard with a little bit of grass but he is not expecting a lot of lateral movement as it is usually like in Bristol. He reminds that there are short straight boundaries here so advises the bowlers to not miss the length on their yorkers. Graeme Smith the other pitch analyst states that the wicket does not look like the best surface he has seen but expects it to play better than it looks. He tells that the batsmen need to work hard early but stroke-making will become easier as time goes. Feels the batsmen need to run hard between wickets especially since the conditions will not be taxing either.

Welcome to this warm-up game between South Africa and West Indies. It is the last and final game that the team from the African continent will be playing before the opening fixture of the World Cup on 30th May against England! They did win their previous game quite comfortably but it was against a weak Sri Lanka side. That said, West Indies might only give a very slightly bigger resistance to the Proteas. The side from the Caribbean is not in the best of form coming into the warm-ups following an unsuccessful tri-series in Ireland where they lost 3 games to Bangladesh. The 2 warm-up games that they have will be very important for them and they face tough opposition in South Africa and New Zealand. A positive result in either game will give them a lot of confidence heading into the mega-event. Toss and pitch report from Bristol to follow...

West Indies Team Squad -Darren Bravo,Evin Lewis,Shimron Hetmyer,Andre Russell,Carlos Brathwaite,Chris Gayle,Fabian Allen,Jason Holder,Nicholas Pooran,Shai Hope,Ashley Nurse,Kemar Roach,Oshane Thomas,Shannon Gabriel,Sheldon Cottrell

South Africa Team Squad -Aiden Markram,David Miller,Faf du Plessis,Hashim Amla,Rassie van der Dussen,Chris Morris,Dwaine Pretorius,JP Duminy,Quinton de Kock,Andile Phehlukwayo,Dale Steyn,Imran Tahir,Kagiso Rabada,Lungi Ngidi,Tabraiz Shamsi

It all looks mixed tale of fortune for West Indies, they outplayed Irish in their matches in the tri-series tournament but were taken aback by Bangladesh in all three matches they played against them in the same series. But with big names like Chris Gayle and Andre Russell's back in the squad the team looks more balanced and the batting depth looks more lethal. The West Indies side looks a vigorous batting side, the only sector concerning them would be their bowling department as they looked blunt in their recent matches. The warm-up game would be a great chance for them to settle their composition. Up against them are the side who are looking all confident with their warm-up game victory against Sri Lanka. They had contributions from each squad member for their victory. They would still like their middle order to fire and likes of David Miller and JP Duminy get valuable practice before the tournament. It will be a heavy-weight clash and have all the ingredients to make this a good one to watch.