ICC Cricket World Cup, 2019

South Africa vs Bangladesh - Match 5

Venue: The Oval, London

Date & Time: 02 June 2019

South Africa 309/8

RR: 6.18 | Bangladesh beat South Africa by 21 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Quinton de Kock run out run out 233240
Aiden Markram bowled Shakib Al Hasan bowled Shakib Al Hasan 455640
Faf du Plessis bowled Mehedi Hasan bowled Mehedi Hasan 625351
David Miller c Mehedi Hasan & b Mustafizur Rahman c Mehedi Hasan & b Mustafizur Rahman 384320
Rassie van der Dussen bowled Mohammad Saifuddin bowled Mohammad Saifuddin 413821
JP Duminy bowled Mustafizur Rahman bowled Mustafizur Rahman 453740
Andile Phehlukwayo c Shakib Al Hasan & b Mohammad Saifuddin c Shakib Al Hasan & b Mohammad Saifuddin 81310
Chris Morris c Soumya Sarkar & b Mustafizur Rahman c Soumya Sarkar & b Mustafizur Rahman 101010
Kagiso Rabada not out not out 13901
Imran Tahir not out not out 101000
Lungi Ngidi
Extras 14 (b 4, lb 0, w 9, nb 1)
Total 309 (8 Wkts, 50.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
49-1 (Quinton de Kock,9.4), 102-2 (Aiden Markram,19.4), 147-3 (Faf du Plessis,26.4), 202-4 (David Miller,35.1), 228-5 (Rassie van der Dussen,39.1), 252-6 (Andile Phehlukwayo,42.5), 275-7 (Chris Morris,45.5), 287-8 (JP Duminy,47.1),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mustafizur Rahman10 0 67 3 6.70
Mehedi Hasan10 0 44 1 4.40
Mohammad Saifuddin8 1 57 2 7.13
Shakib Al Hasan10 0 50 1 5.00
Mashrafe Mortaza6 0 49 0 8.17
Mosaddek Hossain6 0 38 0 6.33
Tamim Iqbal 0 0 0 0 0
Soumya Sarkar 0 0 0 0 0
Mushfiqur Rahim 0 0 0 0 0
Mohammad Mithun 0 0 0 0 0
Mahmudullah 0 0 0 0 0

Finally a contest in this World Cup! After plenty of one-sided affairs, we witnessed equal fight from two teams and Bangladesh managed to outplay South Africa in the end mainly due to their power-hitting at the death. Trent Bridge is the next stop now. On Monday, England will be facing Pakistan at 1030 local (0930 GMT). Do join us for all the action. Cheers!

Bangladesh skipper, Mashrafe Mortaza, feels that the first match sets the tone and it was nice to win. He says they were always positive, carrying on from the tour of Ireland. Admits now that it was nice to bat first and also tells that he was slightly confused what to do if they win the toss but there was a belief that batting could be good as this was the second game on this pitch after England versus South Africa in the tournament opener. The skipper states that the batters batted really well, especially Soumya Sarkar. He also mentions that the surface was good to bat on and one had to bowl in the right areas. Adds that the spinners bowled well also and the pacers finished off the job in the end. Mashrafe thanks the crowd that was behind them and hopes they will be back for the next game as well. Wants the team to perform the same way in all the upcoming games as even the fans at home watching on TV will be rooting for the side to win.

South Africa skipper, Faf du Plessis, says that things in this World Cup have not quite gone according to the plan with players getting injured. Admits that 330 was a bit too much and says that it was not an ideal performance. On the pitch, Faf says that the local staff told him there would be more on the surface than what they got. Adds that they have to take the damage inflicted by Bangladesh in the last 5 overs with the bat on the chin. Observes that at the end of the 45th over, both teams were at the same score, so that shows the extent of the damage. On Lungi Ngidi's injury, du Plessis is tight-lipped as he is not sure and hopes that Dale Steyn recovers soon. On the upcoming match against India, Faf replies that things are not getting easier and they would have to be on their toes and be at their best.

Shakib Al Hasan is the Man of the Match! He rates this win as one of the top wins in his side's World Cup history. He mentions that this is his fourth World Cup and they have done some upsets previously but this is the World Cup that they want to prove something. He states that before they arrived in England, they believed that they can play well and this is the start that they wanted and they were lucky to get it. He reckons now they have to build on this. Shakib admits that having played 2 years with Worcestershire, he knew the conditions well and it also helped playing in the Champions Trophy 2017 here! He tells us that he did not know it was a record partnership with Mushfiqur but says it was a good stand and came at an important time for the team. About the next game, the star all-rounder feels that it will be a big game against New Zealand and that their confidence will be up but the Black Caps are a really good team and it will be important to come back and do the job properly again.

In today's time, a total in excess of 300 has become a norm and teams have chased it down quite often. South Africa started their chase decently with a 49-run opening stand, followed by yet another handy partnership and looked to be on track. Their batsmen kept on getting starts but none managed to play a big knock which was the need of the hour. The top 6 never looked troubled in their stay in the middle and credit should be given to Bangladesh for striking at regular intervals whenever a partnership started to blossom. Mortaza didn't have a good day with the ball but he was very inspirational in marshaling his troops. Mustafizur and Saifuddin provided timely breakthroughs and were the pick of the bowlers. Their fielding was also up to the mark, catching most of the chances coming their ways and overall it's a dream start to their World Cup campaign.

It was a strong batting show by Bangladesh first up to post a big total on the board. Shakib and Rahim played crucial parts with their record century stand and then the late flourish from Mahmudullah powered them to a total which proved to be 21 too many for South Africa.

Bangladesh have thumped South Africa in their tournament opener. What an outstanding result for the Bangla Tigers! Shouldn't be counted as an upset to be fair. A clinical performance. Kudos to them. Kudos to Mashrafe Mortaza, the skipper. Some smart captaincy, some smart bowling changes and the result is there to cherish.

M Rahman to I Tahir, VICTORY FOR BANGLADESH! They are a growing force and this win has confirmed that. A cutter outside off, Tahir steers it down to deep point for a couple of runs. Bangladesh win by 21 runs and their players are delighted! The crowd is also applauding their effort.
M Rahman to I Tahir, Shortish and around off, angling away, Tahir throws his bat at it and connects finally. It goes flying over covers and the sweeper makes the stop in the deep. Two taken.
M Rahman to I Tahir, Change in pace, a cutter outside off on a length, Tahir pushes at it half-heartedly and misses.
M Rahman to K Rabada, Angles in a length ball on middle, Rabada goes hard at it and pushes it down to mid on. One run added to the total.
M Rahman to K Rabada, Very full and on off, Rabada drives it straight to mid off. DOT! Celebrations have begun in the stands.
M Rahman to K Rabada, SIX! High and handsome! A slower short ball outside off, Rabada turns on his back leg and dismisses it over mid-wicket for a biggie. Hmm... still some life left?

33 needed off the last over. Impossible task to achieve mainly with two tailenders in the middle.

M Saifuddin to K Rabada, Too full in length on middle, Rabada brings down a straight bat and lofts it over the bowler's head. The long off fielder cuts it off and a single is taken.
M Saifuddin to I Tahir, The batsman has driven it through mid on. One run added to the total.
M Saifuddin to K Rabada, Aerial but once again it drops safely! Back of a length delivery on middle, Rabada tries powering it over the leg side but gets a top edge. It falls safely in front of square on the off side, between the two fielders, one at backward point, another at covers. Two taken again.
M Saifuddin to K Rabada, A near yorker on off, driven through covers for two.
M Saifuddin to I Tahir, Fullish and on middle, Tahir goes hard at it and the ball goes off the inside half to fine leg for one.
M Saifuddin to K Rabada, A low full toss on off, Rabada goes hard at it and gets it away off the bottom edge. It rolls towards short third man and Tahir calls his partner for a run. KG is late to respond but eventually makes it as the fielder misses his shy at the bowler's end.
M Rahman to I Tahir, In the air... SAFE! Fuller in length and on middle, Tahir tries to heave it over the leg side but gets a top edge towards mid off. Tamim charges from the deep to attempt for the catch but it falls wide and runs behind. Shakib then retrieves it by running back from extra cover. Two taken by the batsmen again.
M Rahman to I Tahir, Back of a length delivery on off, Tahir goes on his back foot and runs it down through backward point for a couple of runs.
M Rahman to I Tahir, In the channel outside off, Tahir flashes and misses yet again.
M Rahman to I Tahir, Another play and a miss! Mustafizur shows his skills and delivers a slower cutter outside off, Tahir tries his best to put bat on ball but misses.
M Rahman to I Tahir, Play and a miss! Angling away from the batsman, outside off, Tahir swings his bat at it and misses.

Imran Tahir walks in. Could be the last man in. Not sure Ngidi will bat.

M Rahman to JP Duminy, OUT! Duminy drags it on and it's heartbreak for South Africa. Joy for the Bangladesh supporters. Mustafizur speeds in and digs in a short ball around off, JP walks down the track to play the pull shot but the bounce gets big on him and he ends up dragging it onto the stumps. Third wicket for the Fizz and the Bangla Tigers are roaring in this match.
M Saifuddin to K Rabada, Beaten! Angling away from the batsman, Rabada tries to play the cover drive but fails to put bat on ball. 11 from the over, 44 needed off 18 balls.
M Saifuddin to JP Duminy, Played to the mid-wicket region by the batsman. One run added to the total.
M Saifuddin to JP Duminy, FOUR! It's not over yet with Duminy still in the middle! Slower delivery, on the shorter side outside off at 104 kph, Duminy cracks it off his back foot through cover-point.
M Saifuddin to JP Duminy, FOUR! Saifuddin delivers a full ball around leg, Duminy clears his front leg and whips it through mid-wicket. The fielder in the deep rushes across to his right, dives and flicks the ball in also but then it rolls back onto the rope.
M Saifuddin to K Rabada, A touch short in length around leg, Rabada stays back and punches it to long off. They cross for another single.
M Saifuddin to JP Duminy, Fullish and around off, JP drives it down to long on for a run.
M Rahman to JP Duminy, Down the leg side, tickled towards long leg for a single.

Kagiso Rabada walks in as slowly as he possibly can. Is the match gone?

M Rahman to C Morris, OUT! Caught in the deep and Morris departs! Mustafizur continues to have a terrific day. Short and around off, it is there to be hit and Morris hits. Pulls this with aplomb and on normal grounds, this would have cleared the ropes. but this side of the Oval is a bit long and Morris finds Soumya Sarkar at deep mid-wicket! Need not be the final nail in the coffin but the target is now looking very steep for the Proteas.
M Rahman to C Morris, FOUR! This time Morris connects! Mustafizur goes for the cutter this time but the length is too short. Morris smashes it through the covers. There is a sweeper in the deep who sweeps the area to his right, dives but cannot get there!
M Rahman to C Morris, This was quick, 138 kph, delivered on a length outside off, angling away, Morris looks to slap that with his feet stuck in the crease. Misses.
M Rahman to JP Duminy, Another slower ball, on a length, outside off, Duminy is early into the pull and mistimes it through mid on for a single.
M Rahman to JP Duminy, A slower ball, around off, short in length, pulled through square leg for a couple.

Mustafizur Rahman is back on. 7-0-44-1 so far.

M Saifuddin to JP Duminy, Rocks on the back foot and slaps it to deep cover-point for a run. 9 from the over, 63 needed off 30 balls.
M Saifuddin to C Morris, Full toss outside off, Morris hits it firmly towards extra cover and picks up a quick single.
M Saifuddin to JP Duminy, The batsman works it down the leg side. They pick up a single.
M Saifuddin to JP Duminy, Width on offer outside off, Duminy throws his bat at it and the bottom hand comes up. It screams through point for a couple.
M Saifuddin to C Morris, Just a run from the Free Hit. Too full in length and outside off, Morris drills his drive to deep cover for a run.
M Saifuddin to C Morris, No ball for overstepping! Once again it's a bouncer that Morris leaves. Would have been a wide anyway. Free Hit coming up...
M Saifuddin to JP Duminy, Goes for a yorker this time but it turns out to be a low full toss on the pads, Duminy flicks it to deep mid-wicket for a run.
M Saifuddin to JP Duminy, Wide called for height! A slower bouncer outside off, Duminy leaves it untouched.
Al Hasan to JP Duminy, JP exposes all his stumps even before Shakib has bowled. The bowler smartly keeps it full and in line of the wickets, Duminy only manages to drag it down to long on for a run. The required rate has now jumped to 12 now.