ICC Cricket World Cup, 2019

New Zealand vs Pakistan - Match 33

Venue: Edgbaston, Birmingham

Date & Time: 26 June 2019

Pakistan 241/4

RR: 4.90 | Pakistan beat New Zealand by 6 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Imam-ul-Haq c Martin Guptill & b Lockie Ferguson c Martin Guptill & b Lockie Ferguson 192930
Fakhar Zaman c Martin Guptill & b Trent Boult c Martin Guptill & b Trent Boult 91020
Babar Azam not out not out 101127110
Mohammad Hafeez c Lockie Ferguson & b Kane Williamson (C) c Lockie Ferguson & b Kane Williamson (C) 325050
Haris Sohail run out run out 687652
Sarfaraz Ahmed not out not out 5310
Imad Wasim
Shadab Khan
Wahab Riaz
Mohammad Amir
Shaheen Afridi
Extras 7 (b 0, lb 0, w 7, nb 0)
Total 241 (4 Wkts, 49.1 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
19-1 (Fakhar Zaman,3), 44-2 (Imam-ul-Haq,10.2), 110-3 (Mohammad Hafeez,24.5), 236-4 (Haris Sohail,48.3),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Trent Boult10 0 48 1 4.80
Matt Henry7 0 25 0 3.57
Lockie Ferguson8.1 0 50 1 6.17
Colin de Grandhomme2 0 12 0 6.00
Mitchell Santner10 0 38 0 3.80
Jimmy Neesham3 0 20 0 6.67
Kane Williamson8 0 39 1 4.88
Colin Munro1 0 9 0 9.00

Right then! Pakistan continue to be alive and kicking. Another team which will be aiming to take inspiration from Pakistan is West Indies, as they face India on Thursday in Match 34 at Old Trafford, Manchester at 10.30 am local (0930 GMT). ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

Pakistan skipper, Sarfaraz Ahmed says that the crowd always support them and thanks them. Adds that fielding is a very important part and they have worked hard on it. Adds that whenever they are pushed in a corner, they perform the best. States that it's a complete team effort and praises his bowlers and then the partnership between Haris Sohail and Babar Azam. Terms the batting of Babar Azam as the best he has ever seen and lauds him for the way he handled the pressure. Mentions that it was a tricky target but he was confident of chasing it if they bat out the 50 overs. On comparison with the 1992 WC, Sarfaraz replies that they are not thinking much about it and taking one game at a time. Hopes to keep doing best.

New Zealand skipper, Kane Williamson, says that in the last 3-4 games the pitch has offered something for the bowlers and credits Pakistan for outplaying them on a tough surface. Praises the opposition for bowling in the right areas and nipping a number of guys off but also credits Neesham and de Grandhomme to bring the Kiwis back into the game. Admits that his own team had a chance with two early wickets but then Pakistan's middle order fought hard. Agrees that 250 might have been a difficult score on this track. On taking Santner off when Sohail came on to bat, Williamson says that he was trying to save him for the end. Agrees that this loss is a blip and wants to forget this quickly and move on to the next match against a different opposition on a different pitch and hopes to perform better than today.

BABAR AZAM IS THE MAN OF THE MATCH. Says that this is indeed his best inning, that was required on a wicket which was slow and the track was turning a lot. Stresses that it was difficult to bat on it and hence he wanted to bat 50 overs. On being asked who was more of a threat - spinner (Santner) or seamer, Babar says that the initial plan was to see off the fast bowlers but on seeing the ball turn, Azam says that he and Hafeez thought of playing Santner out, trying to get 3-4 runs an over. Thanks the fans for turning out in numbers, even in Birmingham and adds that they always support Pakistan in England.

New Zealand would like to believe that this loss is just an aberration. They will be pleased with the way their batsmen fought after a poor beginning and will take the batting form of Jimmy Neesham and Colin de Grandhomme as positives. On the bowling front, they weren't necessarily poor but didn't get much off the surface to trouble the Pakistani batsmen. Mitchell Santner was the best bowler for them but he was unlucky not to get any wicket to his name. Had he got a few, this match could have seen a close finish. Please stay tuned for the presentation.

It was a chase well-planned by Pakistan. They lost their in-form openers cheaply but that didn't affect them much. Babar Azam took it on himself to play the anchor role and first with Mohammad Hafeez and then with Haris Sohail, threaded match-winning partnerships. He went on to notch up his maiden World Cup century and stayed unbeaten to see his side over the line.

A thumping win for Pakistan and they have stopped New Zealand's winning juggernaut. Also, they have kept their campaign alive and their eye-catching resemblance to the 1992 World Cup edition is getting more and more interesting.

L Ferguson to S Ahmed, FOUR! PAKISTAN WIN BY 6 WICKETS! Full toss outside off, Sarfaraz gets bat on ball and puts it away through the gap between cover-point and point for the winning runs.
M Henry to B Azam, Angles in a length ball on off, Babar flicks but finds the mid-wicket. So we have the last over, folks. Just 1 more needed.
M Henry to S Ahmed, Scores are levelled! Shortish and on middle, Sarfaraz stands back and helps it in front of square leg for a run.
M Henry to S Ahmed, Played to the point region by the batsman. No run.

Sarfaraz Ahmed comes out for the finishing duties.

M Henry to B Azam, OUT! What an anti-climax! Haris Sohail is run out. A yorker on off, Babar digs it out near the stumps and looks at his partner who shows interest in a run. Azam stutters a bit but Sohail puts his head down and runs. Guptill, in the meantime, also charges to the ball, dives forward to pick it up and then disturbs the stumps. All in one motion. It's referred upstairs and Haris is found short. End of a fine knock nonetheless and his century stand with Babar completely spoiled New Zealand's chances of any comeback.

Is that a run out? Martin Guptill has literally flown in from point to hit the stumps! Has Sohail made it in time? Replays seem to indicate that Haris is short. Yes, he has to go.

M Henry to H Sohail, Fractionally short and on middle, Sohail turns it through backward square leg and crosses.
M Henry to B Azam, Short in length on off, Babar gets on top of the bounce and pulls it in front of square leg for a run.

Matt Henry to bowl...

L Ferguson to H Sohail, Swing and a miss! Shortish ball around leg, Sohail hops back and tries to pull but misses. Pakistan one hit away!
L Ferguson to H Sohail, A low full toss outside off, Sohail pumps it over the infield and gets a couple as the sweeper cover fielder cuts it off near the fence.
L Ferguson to H Sohail, Wide called for height! Lockie follows the batsman down towards leg with a short ball but it goes well over Haris. He tries his best to hook but misses.
L Ferguson to H Sohail, Shortish and on off, Haris tries working across the line but misses.
L Ferguson to B Azam, Hundred for Babar Azam, his 10th in ODIs, first in an ODI World Cup! What a batsman, what a terrific batsman! A real find for Pakistan. Becomes the first Pakistan batsman since 1987 to score a century without opening the innings. He reaches this milestone by slapping a short delivery to deep cover. Completes his single and then takes his helmet out. Raises his bat and acknowledges the crowd. Follows it up with a Sajda.

Get the chants out again...

L Ferguson to H Sohail, Fuller and on middle, Sohail goes deep inside the crease and drills it to mid off for a run. Babar on strike...
L Ferguson to H Sohail, FOUR! Beautiful timing and placement! Back of a length delivery outside off, Haris crunches it off his back foot and places it through backward point. The third man fielder tries to run across to make the stop but he slipped.
T Boult to B Azam, Fuller in length and outside off, Azam connects with his cover drive but finds the fielder. Stays on 99. Babar is feeling the heat here.
T Boult to B Azam, Beaten again. On a length around middle, Babar gets across to work it on the leg side but fails to middle. It hits him on the pads and rolls back.
T Boult to B Azam, Nerves! Azam is beaten on the drive. Fuller in length and outside off, Babar tries to stroke through the line but gets beaten.
T Boult to B Azam, A touch short in length and outside off, Babar mistimes his punch to point.

The crowd is going nuts. Babar Azam is on 99. 'BABAR! BABAR! BABAR!' is the chant.

T Boult to H Sohail, Short of a length delivery on middle and leg, Haris goes on his toes and glances it down to long leg for a run.
T Boult to H Sohail, Angles in a length ball on off, Sohail covers the line and defends it back.
L Ferguson to B Azam, FOUR! Moves to 99 with this boundary! Ferguson tries to test the right-hander with a short ball, Babar rides the bounce and plays a hammer-pull to deep mid-wicket. 9 from the over, Pakistan 14 away!
L Ferguson to H Sohail, The look away pull shot by Sohail. He receives the short ball targeted at him with closed eyes and still pulls it through square leg for one.
L Ferguson to H Sohail, Wide called for height! Ferguson bends his back to go short but it goes way over the batsman.
L Ferguson to B Azam, Digs in a short delivery outside off, Babar leans back and dabs it down to third man for one.
L Ferguson to H Sohail, Excellent yorker around leg, Sohail moves back to dig it out on the off side and calls his partner through for a run.
L Ferguson to B Azam, Very full in length outside off, Azam reaches out for it and squeezes it behind backward point for a run.
L Ferguson to B Azam, Slower delivery, on a length outside off, Babar tries to guide it late down to third man but he is too late and hence misses.

Lockie Ferguson is back on.

T Boult to H Sohail, FOUR! Easily done! A length delivery outside off, Haris knows that mid off is inside the circle and hence chips it over the head of the in-ring fielder for a boundary. 8 from the over, 23 more needed in the last 5 overs.
T Boult to H Sohail, Back of a length delivery on off, Haris leans back and sways away from the line.
T Boult to H Sohail, 100-run stand comes up! What a vital partnership... Angling down the leg side, Sohail eases it off his pads through backward square leg and scampers back for another brace. Pakistan cruising!
T Boult to H Sohail, Fifty for Haris Sohail, his 12th in ODIs and back-to-back in this World Cup. He was warming the bench before that and has grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Short in length and outside off, Sohail cracks it off his back foot through point. A good diving stop in the deep and the batsmen take two.
T Boult to H Sohail, Nearly guides it into the keeper's gloves. Width on offer outside off, Sohail tries to run it down to third man but misses.
T Boult to H Sohail, Beaten! Fractionally short in length just outside off, holding its line, Sohail pushes inside the line and misses.
M Santner to B Azam, Shortish and on off, punched back to the bowler. Babar is not happy with himself. 10-0-38-0, Santner has bowled out now.
M Santner to B Azam, Tries working it on the leg side but fails to middle his shot properly. Ends up defending it back.
M Santner to B Azam, Short ball on middle, Babar pulls it to the right of mid-wicket who dives but only manages to get his hand on the ball. It travels behind and the batsmen take a couple.
M Santner to B Azam, Quicker and fuller ball on middle, Babar pushes it with an angled bat to point.