ICC Cricket World Cup, 2019

India vs Pakistan - Match 22

Venue: Old Trafford, Manchester

Date & Time: 16 June 2019

Pakistan 212/6

RR: 5.3 | India beat Pakistan by 89 runs (D/L method)


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Imam-ul-Haq lbw Vijay Shankar lbw Vijay Shankar 71810
Fakhar Zaman c Yuzvendra Chahal & b Kuldeep Yadav c Yuzvendra Chahal & b Kuldeep Yadav 627571
Babar Azam bowled Kuldeep Yadav bowled Kuldeep Yadav 485731
Mohammad Hafeez c Vijay Shankar & b Hardik Pandya c Vijay Shankar & b Hardik Pandya 9701
Sarfaraz Ahmed bowled Vijay Shankar bowled Vijay Shankar 123000
Shoaib Malik bowled Hardik Pandya bowled Hardik Pandya 0100
Imad Wasim not out not out 463960
Shadab Khan not out not out 201410
Hassan Ali
Mohammad Amir
Wahab Riaz
Extras 8 (b 0, lb 1, w 6, nb 1)
Total 212 (6 Wkts, 40.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
13-1 (Imam-ul-Haq,4.5), 117-2 (Babar Azam,24), 126-3 (Fakhar Zaman,25.2), 129-4 (Mohammad Hafeez,26.5), 129-5 (Shoaib Malik,27), 165-6 (Sarfaraz Ahmed,34.1),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Bhuvneshwar Kumar2.4 0 8 0 3.33
Jasprit Bumrah8 0 52 0 6.50
Vijay Shankar5.2 0 22 2 4.23
Hardik Pandya8 0 44 2 5.50
Kuldeep Yadav9 1 32 2 3.56
Yuzvendra Chahal7 0 53 0 7.57

Whoosh! Another India-Pakistan clash ends in a forgetful manner. No competition from the Men In Green at all. India move to third while Pakistan are on 7th. Will a different Team In Green have a better outing on a different day? Come Monday, June 17, 2019, Bangladesh take on West Indies in Taunton. Hopefully, we will get a better contest. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

Victorious Indian captain, Virat Kohli, says that the pitch did not make too much of a difference throughout, except for the turn. Bides by his original decision to bowl first purely because of the overcast conditions. Is proud of the templates set by the team in each of the three wins with the batting laying the foundation and the bowlers doing their stuff. Feels that everyone is playing their roles perfectly. On Kuldeep Yadav's two wickets, breaking the century stand, Kohli says that Kuldeep was getting into rhythm with every ball that he bowled and a longer spell helped him. Calls the Babar dismissal a beauty with plenty of drift and turn. On India-Pakistan rivalries becoming a damp squib, Virat says that Pakistan beat India comprehensively in the 2017 Champions Trophy final but other than that, India have always done well against them. Urges fans to watch the game, enjoy but not be too emotional. Stresses that the players treat the contest professionally. On Bhuvneshwar Kumar's injury, Kohli says that it is a slight niggle caused due to improper landing, but is nothing too serious and is hopeful of getting well soon.

Pakistan skipper, Sarfaraz Ahmed, says that they won a good toss but could not put the ball in the right areas and praises Rohit Sharma for playing really well. On the logic behind picking two spinners, Ahmed says that there was some moisture on the wicket and the ball was turning as well and Pakistan's spinners did bowl nicely but credits India for batting better. With the bat, Sarfaraz says that Pakistan were going well with the bat but suddenly they lost a flurry of wickets and lost the game. Hopes to win all their remaining four games and bounce back.

ROHIT SHARMA HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. Rohit says that he is happy with the way India played as a team. Adds they wanted to get on the park and play the game of cricket. Mentions that it was frustrating that their last match got washed out. On his disappointment after getting out, Rohit replies that he wasn't happy with the way he played that shot and feels it was a misjudgement from his side as fine leg was brought up just before that ball (He got out caught at short fine leg attempting a paddle). Tells that it was a good pitch and he wanted to bat for as long as possible. Praises KL Rahul for playing really well and is happy that he took his time to settle down. Further says that they knew the opening spell was going to be threatening and their idea was to play those initial overs safely.

Nothing much to mention for Pakistan in terms of their batting. For the second successive game, they have collapsed from a good position. For India, they have shown their reserve strength, not only with the bat but also with the ball. Kuldeep Yadav showed that he has not lost his form and can pose a threat to any opposition. Please stay tuned for the presentation.

Towards the end, the match became more of a farce, as people were only waiting for the torture to end. The rain came again and this time, one felt for good, with Pakistan lagging behind by 86 runs in the DLS method. However, just like the 2007 final, the umpires decided to have play again and the revised target was 302 in 40 overs, which meant Pakistan needed an almost impossible 136 from 5 overs.

During the chase, before Pakistan could suffer a blow, India suffered a blow as they lost their key bowler, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, to injury. But Vijay Shankar coming in to complete Bhuvi's unfinished over struck gold on the very first ball and claimed the prized scalp of in-form Imam-ul-Haq. Post that, a century stand developed between Fakhar Zaman and Babar Azam but as the saying goes, 'one swallow doesn't make a summer'. The 104-run stand was followed by the complete disintegration of the Pakistan batting line-up. A magical ball from Kuldeep Yadav sent Babar Azam back and as it happens usually, more so with Pakistan, one wicket brought another and soon it was a procession.

In a pressure match, (what pressure match? Ind-Pak matches rarely induce pressure these days) India were forced to use a different opening batsman to replace Shikhar Dhawan. They trusted KL Rahul to do the job and the young man didn't disappoint as he was involved in India's maiden century partnership for the first wicket against Pakistan in all World Cups. After a solid beginning, Rohit Sharma took it forward and hammered a big century and his skipper Virat Kohli also contributed with a fine half century which also made him the fastest batsman to the 11k milestone in ODIs. A powerful batting show powered the Men in Blue to a total of 336/5 in 50 overs and from thereon they were in front.

Done and dusted. Or shall we say squashed and swatted? The day started with one question - Will it rain or will India continue their reign? The answer is - India have made it 7 in 7 against Pakistan in ICC ODI World Cups. They have given a real beating to their arch-rivals and have solidified their position in the points table. Their invincible run continues while Pakistan are in the doldrums, just over Afghanistan.

H Pandya to I Wasim, A swing and a miss to end the farce. INDIA WON BY 89 RUNS VIA DLS METHOD.
H Pandya to S Khan, Played to the point region by the batsman. They pick up a single.
H Pandya to I Wasim, Dropped short, pulled through mid-wicket for one.
H Pandya to S Khan, A yorker now, dug out towards long off for a run.
H Pandya to I Wasim, Short and outside off, Wasim slaps it through the covers. There is protection in the deep, so just a single.
H Pandya to I Wasim, Backs a long way across, Pandya follows him, bowls it outside off, Imad looks to paddle but misses.
J Bumrah to I Wasim, Goes very full this time, Wasim digs it out down to mid off for one. 12 from the over.

Free Hit time!

J Bumrah to I Wasim, FOUR! And Bumrah has overstepped! Bumrah bowls it short and wide outside off, Wasim this time manages to put bat on ball and ramps it down to third man for a boundary. The replays show that Bumrah didn't overstep there. Hmm...
J Bumrah to I Wasim, Almost five penalty runs! Bumrah digs in a short ball around off, Imad tries his best to put bat on ball but misses. Dhoni fumbles and the ball nearly falls onto the helmet kept behind him.
J Bumrah to S Khan, Width on offer outside off, it's punched from the crease to sweeper cover for a run.
J Bumrah to I Wasim, On a good length around off, Imad camps back and lofts it over covers for a single.
J Bumrah to I Wasim, Play and a miss! Back of a length delivery outside off, Wasim swishes and misses.
J Bumrah to I Wasim, FOUR! Hammered down the ground, 200 up for Pakistan! Bumrah delivers it full and on middle, Imad latches onto it and drills it straight down the ground for a boundary.
Y Chahal to S Khan, Eases a full ball down through wide mid on for a couple of runs.
Y Chahal to S Khan, Another aerial shot by Shadab. This time he goes with the spin and chips it over covers for a couple of runs.
Y Chahal to S Khan, DROPPED BY RAHUL! Flighted leg spinner, landing full and outside off, Shadab swings across the line but fails to time it properly. KL Rahul in the deep probably took it too casually and drops a sitter. A couple of runs taken.
Y Chahal to I Wasim, Nicely flighted delivery, full and around off, Wasim tries to play the slog sweep but it catches the inner half and rolls through mid-wicket for a run.
Y Chahal to I Wasim, Forces a full ball down to wide long on for a brace.
Y Chahal to I Wasim, FOUR! Short in length and outside off, Wasim rocks back and clobbers it through extra cover for a cracking boundary. Trying his best to narrow down the deficit margin.
Y Chahal to I Wasim, Wide! Googly but on the shorter side and way wide outside off, Wasim leaves.
J Bumrah to S Khan, FOUR! That is some shot. Outside off, on a length, Shadab backs away and crunches it wide of mid off for a boundary!
J Bumrah to I Wasim, Punches this off the back foot for a run.
J Bumrah to I Wasim, Short and outside off, Wasim flays it hard over point for a couple.
J Bumrah to I Wasim, Perfect yorker, around middle, Imad initially lines up for a slog but at the last moment, adjusts to drag it towards square leg.
J Bumrah to S Khan, Pushes this through mid on for a single.
J Bumrah to S Khan, Full and around off, heaved wide of long on for a couple. 128 more needed from 23 balls.

Jasprit Bumrah comes back into the attack. He has two overs left.

Y Chahal to S Khan, In the air... SAFE! Floated and full, wide outside off, Shadab reaches out for it and goes for the lofted shot. It takes the bottom half and just clears the in-ring fielder at covers. 6 from the over, Pakistan just looking to bat out the remaining overs, it seems.
Y Chahal to I Wasim, Goes down on one knee and slogs it down to wide long on for a run.
Y Chahal to I Wasim, Beaten! Shortish and outside off, Imad rocks back to cut but misses.
Y Chahal to S Khan, Leans forward to a full ball and pushes it through covers for one.
Y Chahal to I Wasim, Short and outside off, this time Imad cuts it to deep point and crosses for a run.
Y Chahal to I Wasim, Wide! Tossed up ball way wide outside off, Wasim allows it through.
Y Chahal to S Khan, Full and outside off, Shadab goes hard at it with his drive and sends it to deep cover for a run.

The Indian players are striding out in the centre. Yuzvendra Chahal to bowl. The umpire has signalled the start of Powerplay 3. A slip in place.

Update 1854 local (1754 GMT) - Good news! The rain has stopped and the covers are coming off. Play to resume at 1910 local and it's reduced to 40 overs. The new target is 302 for Pakistan which means they will need 136 runs in 30 balls. Facepalm.

Update 1843 local (1743 GMT) - The drizzle is still on. The officials are spotted under their umbrellas having a chat. The covers are on. We are hearing that the cut-off time for this match is 1915 local. Let's hope for the best.

DRIZZLING! The players are leaving the field. The groundsmen run in with the hover cover. Pakistan are 86 runs behind the DLS par score at this stage. A commanding performance by India so far and they would like to return on the field to take the remaining wickets and make this victory even sweeter. For Pakistan, this loss will hurt their NRR badly. Another dismal performance against their arch-rivals at the grand stage. Let's hope for the resumption soon. Stay tuned for more updates...

V Shankar to I Wasim, Three dots to close the over. A bit short and outside off, Imad plays it down from the crease but straight to point. A successful over for Shankar!
V Shankar to I Wasim, Gets behind the line of the delivery and pushes it back in the direction of the bowler.