ICC Cricket World Cup, 2019

India vs Australia - Match 14

Venue: The Oval, London

Date & Time: 09 June 2019

Australia 316/10

RR: 6.32 | India beat Australia by 36 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
David Warner c Bhuvneshwar Kumar & b Yuzvendra Chahal c Bhuvneshwar Kumar & b Yuzvendra Chahal 568450
Aaron Finch run out run out 363531
Steve Smith lbw Bhuvneshwar Kumar lbw Bhuvneshwar Kumar 697051
Usman Khawaja bowled Jasprit Bumrah bowled Jasprit Bumrah 423941
Glenn Maxwell c & b Yuzvendra Chahal c & b Yuzvendra Chahal 281450
Marcus Stoinis bowled Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowled Bhuvneshwar Kumar 0200
Alex Carey not out not out 553551
Nathan Coulter-Nile c Virat Kohli (C) & b Jasprit Bumrah c Virat Kohli (C) & b Jasprit Bumrah 4900
Pat Cummins c MS Dhoni (W) & b Jasprit Bumrah c MS Dhoni (W) & b Jasprit Bumrah 8710
Mitchell Starc run out run out 3300
Adam Zampa c & b Bhuvneshwar Kumar c & b Bhuvneshwar Kumar 1300
Extras 14 (b 3, lb 3, w 7, nb 1)
Total 316 (10 Wkts, 50.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
61-1 (Aaron Finch,13.1), 133-2 (David Warner,24.4), 202-3 (Usman Khawaja,36.4), 238-4 (Steve Smith,39.4), 238-5 (Marcus Stoinis,40), 244-6 (Glenn Maxwell,40.4), 283-7 (Nathan Coulter-Nile,44.5), 300-8 (Pat Cummins,47), 313-9 (Mitchell Starc,49.1), 316-10 (Adam Zampa,50),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Bhuvneshwar Kumar10 0 50 3 5.00
Jasprit Bumrah10 1 61 3 6.10
Hardik Pandya10 0 68 0 6.80
Kuldeep Yadav9 0 55 0 6.11
Yuzvendra Chahal10 0 62 2 6.20
Kedar Jadhav1 0 14 0 14.00

That is it from game number 14. Australia's 10-match winning streak has been broken. They drop down to 4th in the points table while India move up to 3rd. Monday sees South Africa taking on West Indies in Southampton at 10.30 am local (0930 GMT). A must-win game for the Proteas to turn their horrible fortune around. Until then, ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

Victorious Indian captain, Virat Kohli, says that this was a top win, especially after losing the bilateral series in India. Stresses that the team wanted to prove a point and came out with intent, right from the openers, then towards the death and eventually the bowlers. Cites this as a complete professional performance. Says that one cannot just take things for granted because you have got 350 on the board and you have to bowl well but those extra 30 runs do give a cushion. States further that Dhawan was going well, then he himself was in good touch and then Hardik had a wonderful outing. On Shami's non-inclusion, Kohli says that overcast conditions are a must for him to play while Bhuvneshwar Kumar can never be written off, as was evident in this game's double-wicket over to dismiss Smith and Stoinis.

Australian captain, Aaron Finch says 120 runs in the last 10 overs was a lot and he feels they did not bowl well in the end. He feels they did not get wickets early on. Further adds India had wickets in hand at the end and with set batters out there, run-stopping is tough. States there was not a lot on offer with the new ball but they could have been a lot straighter. Stresses you need wickets against this Indian batting line-up. Tells they assess the conditions and then make a decision, they will assess the conditions of the next game and see what changes need to be made. Admits he hates getting run out, however, he backs his partner's call and such things happen in cricket. On Warner's bizarre knock, Finch says that India bowled really well to Warner and the wicket was not easy to bat on. Ends by saying, Warner is a great player, and today was an off day for him.

SHIKHAR DHAWAN HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. States that the team is very happy with the result and the fact that everyone performed is a great sign for the unit. Feels that India have a very balanced side which includes a good set of fast bowlers. Stresses that the team works very hard in the nets and which is why the results go their way. Agrees that India ticked all their boxes in the game, first putting up a good total and then the bowlers backing it up amazingly. Wants the team to maintain the same form and intensity and keep ticking all the boxes. Thanks the crowd for coming out in numbers to support the Indian team.

Questions will be posed on Australia's bowling, fielding and Warner's batting. The team seemed to lack purpose and it was as if they were not mentally present. They did not have any answer to Dhawan and Rohit's onslaught, or Kohli's punishments or Pandya's whips. Ended up conceding way too many runs. Wonder what might have happened had Carey taken that catch to dismiss Hardik on 0. Here comes the presentation...

The pitch did not have much in it and stayed true for most part of the game. But Australia simply did not have the arsenal to chase down 353. David Warner played a bizarre knock of 56 from 84 balls and the middle order just could not breathe when choked by 'KulCha'. Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Jasprit Bumrah were amongst the wickets, sharing 3 apiece while Chahal snared Warner and Maxwell.

Comprehensive win by India to get their second successive victory in this World Cup. Won an important toss, put up a high total and then bowled exceedingly well to defend. Australia simply did not turn up. Looked ragged and lacklustre but they will take the fact that they managed to bat out their 50 overs and get some runs under their belt.

B Kumar to A Zampa, OUT! In the air... taken! Three-fer for Bhuvneshwar Kumar. It is the slower one on off, Zampa looks to loft it over mid off but does not get the timing right. An easy catch for Jadeja, the substitute. AUSTRALIA HAVE BEEN BOWLED OUT FOR 316! INDIA WIN THE MATCH BY 36 RUNS!
B Kumar to A Carey, Full and on middle, this is hit down to long off for one.
B Kumar to A Zampa, This time he manages to get bat on ball. Guides it through point for one.
B Kumar to A Zampa, Cuts him into half! Length and on off, it jags back in. Zampa looks to keep it out but the ball sneaks between bat and pad and over the stumps.
B Kumar to A Carey, Full and on the pads, Carey works it through square leg for one.

Adam Zampa is the last man in!

B Kumar to A Carey, OUT! Replays confirm that Starc is way short! This is jammed out towards deep cover. They take one. Carey wants the strike so he goes for a second which was not on. Shankar picks the ball up and fires it to the bowler who deflects it onto the stumps. An appeal and the umpire takes it upstairs. Replays roll in and they show Starc has to take the long walk back.

Starc is a goner! Yes, they have gone upstairs to check but he is surely short.

J Bumrah to A Carey, Another slower one! This time Carey gets bat to ball. It goes down to long off for one.
J Bumrah to A Carey, Play and a miss! Outside off again. Carey swings but only connects with thin air.
J Bumrah to A Carey, Could have easily been a 4th! Another slower one and outside off, Carey looks to hit it downtown but misses. It bounces in front of Dhoni making it difficult for him to collect it. He fails to do so. The ball hits the pads and rolls towards third man. Two byes taken.
J Bumrah to A Carey, Lovely deception! Bowls two quick deliveries and then a slower one outside off, Carey is way too early in the shot and gets beaten. Three dots in a row!
J Bumrah to A Carey, Now looks to innovate and play the paddle but misses as it is bowled down the leg side. Not wided.
J Bumrah to A Carey, A yorker just outside leg, following Carey. He looks to hit it but the ball sneaks under the bat.
B Kumar to M Starc, On middle, worked wide of mid-wicket for a brace.
B Kumar to A Carey, Driven through mid on by the batsman. The batsmen have run through for a single.
B Kumar to M Starc, Full and around off, Starc swings hard but mistimes it towards long on. Just a single.
B Kumar to M Starc, Outside off, Starc punches it towards cover. Starc initially wants the single but then changes his mind. Carey has to do a U-turn and scampers back but on the way, gets hit by a Kuldeep Yadav throw on the shoulder. Kuldeep and Ian Gould ask Carey whether he is fine.
B Kumar to A Carey, Flicks this away to the leg side for a single and that is the FASTEST HALF CENTURY IN THIS WORLD CUP. Just 25 balls faced by Carey. Something to smile about for Australia.
B Kumar to A Carey, FOUR! Short and outside off, Carey swings this through mid-wicket and beats the fielder running to his left.

Mitchell Starc walks in at number 10. 18 balls left. Can Australia try and survive? You never know, if in the later stages of the tournament, net run rate might come into play.

J Bumrah to Pat Cummins, OUT! Caught behind. Cummins goes as well. Another slower ball, outside off, on a length, Cummins swings early but only gets a thick outside edge. Dhoni dives forward and takes it nicely.
J Bumrah to A Carey, Full and outside off, driven towards long off for a single to raise the 300 FOR AUSTRALIA.
J Bumrah to Pat Cummins, A slower ball, short in length, Cummins drags it via a pull to mid-wicket for one.
J Bumrah to Pat Cummins, Lovely yorker, outside off, squeezed through the covers for a run.
J Bumrah to Pat Cummins, FOUR! Finally he connects. Cummins has been trying for the last couple of balls to try and guide the ball behind point. After failing in the last over, he finally connects this time, getting it behind point.
J Bumrah to A Carey, Full and outside off, Carey backs away to the leg side and swings hard but only gets a thick inside edge onto his pads. The ball rolls to the off side and the batsmen take a single.
B Kumar to Pat Cummins, Backs away to the leg side and attempts to steer it to third man but misses.
B Kumar to A Carey, Clips this through mid-wicket for a run.
B Kumar to A Carey, FOUR! Terrific shot. A length ball outside off, Carey backs away to the leg side and lofts it over cover for a boundary.
B Kumar to Pat Cummins, A short ball, pulled through mid-wicket for a single.
B Kumar to Pat Cummins, Outside off, Cummins looks to steer it through third man but misses.
B Kumar to A Carey, Outside off, Carey looks to push it to the off side but gets a thick inside edge which misses the stumps and goes towards fine leg. A single taken.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar returns. 7-0-30-2 so far.

J Bumrah to A Carey, Outside off, played through point for a run.

Pat Cummins comes in.

J Bumrah to N Coulter-Nile, OUT! Coulter-Nile departs. Not his day at all. Kept swinging, slashing but not connecting. Finally got a slower ball that he could connect. But sadly for him, he found Virat Kohli to perfection at deep mid-wicket. Kohli is pumped up after that catch. India edging closer to a massive win.
J Bumrah to N Coulter-Nile, A slower ball, outside off, Nathan swings hard but misses. He has not picked the slower one at all today.
J Bumrah to A Carey, Full and outside off, driven through mid off for a single.
J Bumrah to A Carey, FOUR! Very nicely played! Good adjustment. Carey backs away to the leg side and Bumrah angles in a short ball from around the wicket. Now, Alex initially looks to pull but at the last moment, guides it over the keeper to the third man fence!
J Bumrah to A Carey, Outside off, punched through mid off but straight to the fielder.

Jasprit Bumrah is back on. 7-1-45-1 so far.

H Pandya to A Carey, A short ball, pulled through mid-wicket for a single.