ICC Cricket World Cup, 2019

Australia vs West Indies - Match 10

Venue: Trent Bridge, Nottingham

Date & Time: 06 June 2019

West Indies 273/9

RR: 5.46 | Australia beat West Indies by 15 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Chris Gayle lbw Mitchell Starc lbw Mitchell Starc 211740
Evin Lewis c Steve Smith & b Pat Cummins c Steve Smith & b Pat Cummins 1500
Shai Hope c Usman Khawaja & b Pat Cummins c Usman Khawaja & b Pat Cummins 6810570
Nicholas Pooran c Aaron Finch (C) & b Adam Zampa c Aaron Finch (C) & b Adam Zampa 403651
Shimron Hetmyer run out run out 212830
Jason Holder c Adam Zampa & b Mitchell Starc c Adam Zampa & b Mitchell Starc 515771
Andre Russell c Glenn Maxwell & b Mitchell Starc c Glenn Maxwell & b Mitchell Starc 151121
Carlos Brathwaite c Aaron Finch (C) & b Mitchell Starc c Aaron Finch (C) & b Mitchell Starc 161711
Ashley Nurse not out not out 191840
Sheldon Cottrell bowled Mitchell Starc bowled Mitchell Starc 1200
Oshane Thomas not out not out 0400
Extras 20 (b 0, lb 9, w 11, nb 0)
Total 273 (9 Wkts, 50.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
7-1 (Evin Lewis,1.4), 31-2 (Chris Gayle,4.5), 99-3 (Nicholas Pooran,19.1), 149-4 (Shimron Hetmyer,27.2), 190-5 (Shai Hope,35), 216-6 (Andre Russell,38.5), 252-7 (Carlos Brathwaite,45.3), 252-8 (Jason Holder,46), 256-9 (Sheldon Cottrell,47.3),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mitchell Starc10 1 46 5 4.60
Pat Cummins10 3 41 2 4.10
Nathan Coulter-Nile10 0 70 0 7.00
Glenn Maxwell6 1 31 0 5.17
Adam Zampa10 0 58 1 5.80
Marcus Stoinis4 0 18 0 4.50

Yet another day ends in the World Cup! The 2015 finalists are topping the table as of now, with New Zealand leading the group. The caravan moves to Bristol, where match number 11 sees Pakistan and Sri Lanka clash. However, there could be a third party intervention. RAIN. There is plenty of it forecast but hopefully, it is proved wrong. Join us at 10.30 am local (0930 GMT) on Friday, June 7, 2019. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

Australian skipper, Aaron Finch, smiles and says that they just tried to hang in there. Mentions that the stand between Carey and Smith took them a little deeper and then the way Nathan Coulter-Nile batted was exceptional. Admits that he was nervous at 38/4 but they hung in there and he considers it outstanding that they got 280-odd from there. Tells that he had to keep taking wickets and steal some momentum from Windies' batting innings. Says that the output of the Aussie top order was disappointing and agrees that they have a lot of improvement to do.

West Indies skipper, Jason Holder, says that he is disappointed as they were well in the game. Rues the fact that there were a few irresponsible shots played. States that there are still many positives from this game. Tells that they dropped Coulter-Nile on 60 odd and he got plenty at the end. Feels that their batters need to take more responsibility. Terms the run out of Shimron Hetmyer costly. Mentions that they still believe in themselves and it's early days in the tournament. Wants to get consistent with their performance.

Nathan Coulter-Nile is chosen for the Man of the Match award! Says that he didn't think he will get that many with the bat. Tells that the plan was to stick around a little bit and admits that the luck went his way too. States that they backed themselves at the halfway mark as they have two world class bowlers in their team. On the surface, NCN replies that the pitch was a bit up and down. Praises Starc for his brilliant spell.

West Indies had plenty of positives. The seamers dismantled Australia in the first hour and a half, then the batsmen showed that they can chase down any total irrespective of whether Gayle fires or not. But if they just manage to play those crucial moments better - for example, not taking the foot off the throat when on top and not throw it away when in a good position. Who is your Man Of The Match? Starc? Or Coulter-Nile? Tough choice. Here comes the presentation...

Positives for Australia? No one performing but the glue showing its effect. Precocious Steven Peter Devereux Smith. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Smith showed what Australia have been missing in the last 15 months. Nathan Coulter-Nile's 92 - showing that Australia's tail can wag. And Starc's 5-fer signalling that he is slowly coming back to form.

1. First innings. Australia 79/5. West Indies let loose their grip and allow Carey and Coulter-Nile to take the game away, with 150 coming for the next 2 wickets. 2. Nathan Coulter-Nile dropped on 61. Australia were 238/6, added 50 more. 3. Second innings. West Indies going nicely at 149/3, needing 140 from 137 balls, only for Hope to run Hetmyer out. 4. West Indies have the match in control at 190/4, needing 99 from 91 balls. Cummins is probably bowling the last over of his second spell. Hope loses patience and brings Australia back in the game. 5. Russell blitzes away, gets the target down to 73 from 68 balls. Finch forced to go to his main bowler Starc. Dre Russ misreads the situation, throws it away due to over-attacking and Australia are back again. 6. 252/6 - 37 needed from 28 balls and Brathwaite and Holder lose the plot, handing Starc a double-wicket over. So if you can see, who was tilting the balance? West Indies, every time. But then, due to their own folly, kept getting Australia back in and eventually, paid the price for it. Of course, had Chris Gaffaney not missed the no ball on the delivery prior to Gayle's dismissal, the scenes might have been totally different.

While we go ga-ga over Australia, West Indies will be gutted with themselves. They had the match in control, only to throw it away at crucial moments. Australia were not necessarily better but they played out the nervous moments nicely. Those are the ones where the game shifts due to the momentum. Let us count.

Credit to Australia for getting their 10th straight win in ODIs. They showed character and nerves of steel when the going got tough and probably slight inexperience from the West Indies helped them. But Australia will not mind, as they get their second victory of this World Cup.

N Coulter-Nile to A Nurse, FOUR! Make it four in a row but still that won't do for the Windies. AUSTRALIA WIN BY 15 RUNS! A pitched up delivery outside off, Ashley Nurse gets on the front foot and strokes it through the gap between mid off and extra cover for a boundary. 16 from the over but they needed 32. Well tried in the end but Australia are the deserving winners.
N Coulter-Nile to A Nurse, FOUR! Hat-trick of boundaries! Nurse is doing well in a losing cause here. Short and down the leg side, Nurse turns and pulls it past the diving short fine leg fielder for a boundary.
N Coulter-Nile to A Nurse, FOUR! Fuller in length and outside off, Nurse drives this time and finds the gap at covers for a good-looking boundary.
N Coulter-Nile to A Nurse, FOUR! Too little too late. Short and on middle, pulled behind square leg and it raced away to the fence.
N Coulter-Nile to A Nurse, Short and going down the leg side, Ashley tries to pull but misses and it deflects off his arm-guard to the thigh pad before lobbing up to the keeper. Carey collects and appeals but the umpire has shut his shop for the day.
N Coulter-Nile to A Nurse, Fullish and outside off, Nurse drives it off his front foot to mid off.

Nathan Coulter-Nile to bowl the last over. 32 needed for West Indies.

M Stoinis to O Thomas, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.
M Stoinis to A Nurse, Brilliant effort and awareness shown by Maxwell! Short in length on middle, Nurse somehow gets on top of the bounce and pulls it to deep square leg. Coulter-Nile in the deep runs across to his left and puts in a premature dive. Still gets a hand to it but ends up parrying towards the rope. Now, the brilliance of Glenn comes into play. He speeds across to his right from deep mid-wicket, gets down low at the right time and flicks it inside. Saves three runs for his team.
M Stoinis to A Nurse, Gets forward to a full ball and drives it back to the bowler.
M Stoinis to A Nurse, Fuller in length on middle, Nurse drives it off the inside half towards wide mid on.
M Stoinis to A Nurse, A yorker this time, around off, Ashley digs it out back to the bowler.
M Stoinis to A Nurse, Good length ball on off, Nurse defends it off his back foot. 33 needed off 11 balls.
M Starc to O Thomas, A yorker on middle at 147 kph, Oshane does well there to have his bat down in time. End of an exemplary spell by Mitchell Starc - 10-1-46-5!
M Starc to O Thomas, Slants in a full ball on off at 147 kph, Thomas is forward and defends it solidly.
M Starc to O Thomas, A corker of a yorker around leg, angling down, Thomas fails to dig it out and it goes behind to the keeper.

Oshane Thomas is the last man in. 33 needed from 15 balls. If West Indies cannot win, can they come close and reduce the defeat margin?

M Starc to S Cottrell, OUT! Stumps are shattered! Starc gets his 6th ODI fifer and is all pumped up. What an impact bowler he is when he gets it right! Cottrell exposes all his stumps even before the bowler has delivered. Starc keeps it in line at 143 kph, Sheldon swings and misses to find his stumps rattled. No Sheldon, you cannot do that against this bowler.
M Starc to A Nurse, Full and fast it is. Angling down the leg side, Nurse fails to flick and it goes off his pads. They cross for a leg bye.

What is the plan? Short ball? Or full and fast?

Square leg comes up.

M Starc to A Nurse, Starc speeds in from 'round the wicket and hurls a full toss outside off, Nurse swishes and misses.

Mitchell Starc to bowl out here. Can he get a fifer?

M Stoinis to A Nurse, Knocks a full ball down through mid on for a run.
M Stoinis to S Cottrell, The batsman works it down the leg side. They pick up a single.
M Stoinis to A Nurse, Shout for an lbw! Not given. Stoinis wanted but Finch is not taking it. A full toss on off, Nurse tries hitting across the line but misses. He is hit on the pads, the bowler appeals but the umpire shakes his head. The replays detect a big inside edge. Good call by Finch who also got some help there from Smith, we feel as they were seen having a word. The batsmen for the record crossed.
M Stoinis to A Nurse, Beaten! Stoinis smartly follows the batsman down the leg side with a fuller length ball. Nurse gives the charge and tries to hoist it over the bowler's head but fails to make any connection.
M Stoinis to A Nurse, Stoinis goes short this time, around middle and leg, Nurse allows it through hoping for a wide. Not given.
M Stoinis to A Nurse, A yorker outside off, Ashley tries his best to dig it out but fails to connect.

Sheldon Cottrell comes in at number 10. It is all upto Nurse now. Get those inside edges, outside edges, some clean shots and who knows, it might be West Indies running home. That is the fun of watching 9, 10 and 11 bat. Never know what to expect when. Marcus Stoinis has been given the ball now. 2-0-14-0 so far.

M Starc to J Holder, OUT! Starc, you beast! Two wickets in the over and this match has completely turned in the favour of the Aussies. He hurls in a short delivery around the rib cage, Holder stands tall to pull but the bounce gets big on him and he ends up gloving it towards short fine leg. Adam Zampa takes an easy catch and this is wicket number 150 in ODIs for Mitch - fastest to reach this mark. Meanwhile, a disappointed Holder walks back leaving his team sinking.
M Starc to J Holder, Full toss again, on the slower side, Holder swishes and misses.
M Starc to J Holder, Nearly a yorker on middle, Holder digs it out at the last moment.

Ashley Nurse is the new batsman.

M Starc to C Brathwaite, OUT! Brathwaite holes out! Starc outsmarts the big guy with a slower one. Looks for a yorker but it turns out to be a low full toss on middle. Carlos though has not picked the variation in pace and is early into the swing of his bat. It catches the toe end and flies straight down to Finch at long on who makes no mistake. The Aussies won't go down without a fight. 37 needed off 27 balls.
M Starc to C Brathwaite, Played to the point region by the batsman. No run.
M Starc to J Holder, Lands a length ball on middle and off, Holder brings down an angled bat and pushes it to the right of the point fielder for a single.

Mitchell Starc returns into the attack.

Pat Cummins to J Holder, Shortish again, angling down, Holder offers no shot and then tries to move away from the line of fire. However, it brushes his left arm and goes down to fine leg. They cross and the umpire gives it as a leg bye. Didn't look like offering the shot but maybe he was taking some evasive action. 10-3-41-2, Cummins completes his outstanding spell.
Pat Cummins to J Holder, Cummins keeps coming at the batsman. Fires in a sharp short ball around off, Holder somehow fends it off on the off side.
Pat Cummins to J Holder, Holder has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery. 39 needed more.